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The Blanche Report: The Pinata, The Memorial & The Rescue

Another week, another Quebec language issue. The princess must be doing a mad merengue in Mexico at the thought of yet another embarrassing news story on CNN. Or she’s smacking a pinata with all her might hoping that french candies will fall out.

This time a teenager working a summer job in a supermarket was told to speak only in French at all times. That meant during her lunch break and when interacting with other employees. She was allowed to speak English to customers. Whahoo!!! Go crazy!!! The manager of the store denied the allegations. As well, it should be noted that this girl has an English parent and a French parent so she is totally bilingual. 

Zut alors, this bright young woman was quick on her feet. When hauled into the manager’s office for a ‘meeting’, she deftly turned on her phone and recorded the entire conversation. For all to hear, the manager stated that it is ‘the law’ to speak French when at work. Hello? It ain’t the law. You can speak English if you want to. The young women quit on the spot and contacted the proper missives as well as going very public with this story.

The manager has since taken a leave of absence and the head office of said supermarket issued a statement distancing themselves from the store involved. Blanche – da damage is done. Stay tuned for next week’s language gefufelment.

And then there’s Paula Deen. This is a somewhat sensitive topic and we will not use the language nor the letter associated with the word in question that got her into some serious hot water. Suffice it to say the deep south of the United States of America obviously has its own culture, language, innuendos and sense of right and wrong. She may have lost her cooking show and most of her endorsements, but her cookbooks have skyrocketed on Amazon. On Monday her books were down in the 1500’s. By Wednesday her cholesterol killing cookbooks were at number 8. Obviously the land to the south of us is still very divided on the subject that she raised. 

Get this: She was featured in a high-end cruise in January for a week. They had to add another week because of the demand. We can assure you that those going on said cruise are not from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Rather from Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky etc.

We know you won’t believe this, but it’s true. Fifty thousand bumble bees will be honored in a memorial this weekend at the Wilsonville Target where they met their untimely end due to trees that had been sprayed with an insecticide called Safari. Wait!! It gets better!  The event will “memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth.” In case you want to attend the memorial, you’ll have to make your way to Wilsonville Oregon (hence the name of the Target).

Did you notice Obama’s unusual silence re l’affaire Snowden?  Just an observation. It is also interesting to note that the only source of information on this story is coming out of the Guardian in London. As of tonight, the asylum request to Ecuador had not been processed because Snowden, who is believed to be at Moscow airport, was neither in Ecuador nor at an Ecuadorean embassy or consulate as required by their law.  Because Snowdon’s US passport has been invalidated, he is a citizen of no country in the world. It also seems that the government of Ecuador is divided on Snowden. The leftists have embraced him as an anti-imperialist symbol and centrists who fear diplomatic and economic damage.

One thing we can say with certainty. Snowden’s in a heap’a trouble and it ain’t ending anytime soon. 

In case you were wondering, Princess Kate has not yet given birth to the next heir to the throne. That should happen in the next couple of weeks. Remember – doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy –  that child is next in line to the throne.

On June 27, 1976 an Air France plane with 248 passengers was hijacked, by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the German Revolutionary Cells, and flown to Entebbe the capital of Uganda. Shortly after landing, all non-Israeli passengers, except one French citizen, were released.

With the hijackers threatening to kill the hostages if their prisoner release demands were not met, the rescue operation was planned 100 Israeli commandos flew over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) to Uganda for the rescue operation. The operation (on July 4, 1976), which took a week of planning lasted 90 minutes and 102 hostages were rescued. The Israeli commander, Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Elusive Man , The Weed Man & The Strike

About 25 years ago there was a great video game called Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. The rules were simple:  Via clues that had to do with different countries, one had determine which city or country Carmen San Diego was in. Well, for the past few days the entire world is playing the newest version of that game. It’s called Where in the World is Edward Snowden.

As of today, Vladimir Putin said that Snowden is still in the transit zone in the Moscow airport. Putin is making minced meat out of Obama and his administration and probably enjoying every second of it. The US wants him back so badly they are foaming at the mouth. Putin calmly told the United States, and we quote: …”Snowden committed no crime in Russia. He has not crossed into a part of the airport that requires him to show his passport to Russian authorities. Because Russia does not have an extradition agreement with the United States,  Snowden will not be extradited as the United States has requested.” Case closed. Over and out.

Embarrassing, n’est pas?

Montreal has another mayor. His name is Laurent Blanchard. Given his name, we would venture a guess that he’s not Jewish and not Anglo. He was president of the city council’s executive committee since November. Not much else to say except that he says he’s clean. Next.

Part of the construction strike was settled yesterday, but the bulk of the workers are not going back to work before next week at the earliest.
Construction workers on residential job sites across Quebec will be back at work on Wednesday.  Yesterday 45,000 workers from the civil engineering and roads sector reached an agreement. We saved the best part of this story for last.

First of all, the princess is going out of town for a few days so you can be sure nothing will happen until she returns. Then one of her missives, minister for economic development Elaine Zakaïb got her knickers in a uproar when refuting the opposition’s statement that this strike is costing the Quebec economy $1 billion a week. Instead of replying to the question with something relatively intelligent, she said the following: The government has no assessment of how much the on-going construction strike may be costing the Quebec economy. “We have no evaluation. It’s certain that there’s an impact and the economic cost will be calculated when the dispute has been settled.” Yes Blanche, she is one of the geniuses running this province.

Anthony Weiner is in the lead for the mayoralty race in New York.  Imagine – Mayor Weiner. Maybe don’t imagine…

Hold onto your seat for this one. Although Hilary Clinton has refused to say if she’s running for president in 2016, the ‘Ready for Hilary’ unofficial super-Pac has already launched. In case you forgot what a super-pac is, we will remind you: It is a political action committee
that is allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions, individuals and associations. The key word in that definition is ‘unlimited’.

The group opened an online store featuring T-shirts and buttons emblazoned with Clinton’s face and the word “Ready” in block letters. The group is also selling other merchandise, ranging from hats to stickers to iPhone buttons, with its logo. We hope they used a good picture of her. Let the games begin.

Aerialist and daredevil Nik Wallenda of the flying Wallenda family, successfully walked across the Grand Canyon on Sunday night – sans harness. Since Sunday he obviously has had nothing to do, so he thought of another insane feat to accomplish: Walk between the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in New York city. Mercifully, police commissioner Ray Kelly told him to either go fly a kite or find another city for his wares.

Yesterday in Times Square there was a clash between the Weed Man and the Beer Man.

The weed man walks around with a cardboard box on his head and a sign over his chest that said: “I am the weed man. I’m too sexy for you to see me.” The beer man carries a sign requesting “spare change for pot, pizza and beer.” Seems these two dudes got into some kind of scuffle that got the attention of the press and the story wound up on the front page of the New York Times. Only in America.

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Princess, The Strike and The Mayor

It has been a few days since the arrest of both Michael Applebaum and Saulie Zajdel by UPAC, the anti-corruption unit of the Quebec Provincial Police . There are a few things that we just can’t figure out. It seems that the people involved knew about the charges against these two men. Why didn’t they just ask them to appear at SQ headquarters? They and their lawyers would have willingly complied with any request.

Why did they make such a spectacle at 6:00 am publicly humiliating them, alerting the media and causing more bad press – worldwide – for this already beleaguered city? And finally, why couldn’t they wait until after Applebaum’s term as interim mayor to charge him? He wasn’t going anywhere.

We were just wondering …who’s keeping tabs on the anti-corruption unit? We won’t spell out what we are thinking, but in this province anything and everything is possible.

Princess Pauline may not be in such a good mood today. In a poll published in La Presse, it seems that the popularity of her party is now down to 25% of the population, and she is the problem.  If the princess thinks this is bad, wait for the fallout of the construction strike.

July 1 is the official moving day in Quebec. Houses, apartments and condos undergoing renovation or in the midst of construction are frozen in time because of the construction strike. Zippo is happening. But the July 1st moving date is – pardon the pun – not moving.   If one has to be out of their apartment and bought a condo or home which will not be ready, what exactly are they supposed to do?

For those with money there are options. They can store their belongings and move in to a hotel or with friends or relatives. For those who live in low-income housing where space is tight for everyone, their options are not very good, to say the least. We have a suggestion:

Tell the movers to bring all their belongings to the princess’s house and place them neatly it on her front lawn, with each family getting a portion of the grass. Of course all the items must be properly tagged or they could get mixed up. When that’s done each family should pitch a tent near their belongings as that will be their new home until the strike is over and their homes finished. They would only have to bother the princess to use the loo.

As of today, wearing a mask at a riot is a crime punishable with a maximum 10 year prison term.
  Bill C-309 introduced in 2011 passed third reading in the Senate on May 23 and was proclaimed law during a royal assent ceremony in the Senate this afternoon.

The tree-huggers, save-the-whales and save-the-planet civil libertarians were not happy with this bill citing that it could infringe on free speech. Blanche – pass the barf bag. If a person feels strongly enough about an issue that they will take to the streets, why hide behind a mask? Unless of course the underlying motive is rioting, breaking store windows in order to steal, burning cars and causing general mayhem.

Heads are starting to roll over who hired Edward Snowden and gave him top secret security clearance. Seems that not every piece of information he gave to his employer was, shall we say, accurate.

There are huge posters of Snowden all over Hong Kong. Guess ‘people’ want to find him. We also guess that there are enough rich people who don’t want him found and are giving him sanctuary somewhere. Notice how quiet the media is about this in the past few days?

Next week Montreal will have yet another mayor. Who wants this job? Seems that there is no shortage of people who think they can fill the shoes of mayor until November. Could someone please tell all the candidates that if they have, shall we say, a skeleton in the closet, to stay home and not run.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Mayor…

Yesterday morning one could almost hear the city-wide, collective gasp at the news that now ex-mayor Michael Applebaum had been arrested.  It’s not pretty and a profound disappointment to many.  The first Jewish mayor, the first Anglo mayor in over 100 years. And yet – as we thankfully live in a democracy, one is innocent until proven guilty.

Applebaum resigned today and will begin the task of preparing his defense. We can only hope that he is telling the truth when he said he never took a penny from the citizens of Montreal. Unfortunately for him, there have been so many politicians on the take and/or using our tax dollars as personal money trees, that until his trial people are just not going to believe him – or almost any other elected official for that matter.

On top of the Charbonneau commission, we now have a construction strike with the provincial government saying they will not get involved. Both sides say the other side is negotiating in bad faith. 175,000 people are not working, not getting paid and not spending money. Nothing good can come from that. As we have suggested in other impasses: put both sides in a room with a bit of food and maybe a bathroom. Then lock the door and throw away the key until they reach an agreement. You’ll see – it won’t take long.

Through a third party, Edward Snowden is seeking asylum in Iceland. As a U.S. citizen, Snowden would not need a visa to enter Iceland and could immediately apply for asylum. He would be free to live there while immigration authorities decide his case, which could take more than a year, experts have said.

Here’s the kicker:  if Snowden wants to seek refuge in Iceland, he’ll have to get there first. And this is where the U.S. could have a chance.

Interpol will sometimes issue a ‘red notice’ – which is like an international arrest warrant – but keep it sealed so that the person doesn’t know it exists. If he tried to travel, he would be arrested at the airport. If he did get to Iceland, it is unknown if he would be safe. Iceland does have an extradition treaty with the United States, but it is unclear if it would cover any crimes that Snowden might be charged with.

As well, it would be very surprising if Iceland would be eager to engage in any international disputes with the U.S.  In the meantime, Snowden’s still holed up somewhere in Hong Kong. Yesterday he held a four hour long question and answer period. People online were told that the connection could be interrupted periodically if Snowden felt in danger of being discovered.

Remember we keep saying that nothing is ever deleted from your computer, text messages, facebook, emails etc. Well, here’s a sobering fact: Yahoo Inc said U.S. law enforcement agencies made between 12,000 and 13,000 requests for data in the last six months.  Of course the government was looking into fraud and other criminal investigations, but the fact is, nothing save a face to face conversation is private any longer. 

How to balance the right to individual privacy with concerns about national security was brought front and center by Mr. Snowden.  The flip side of this argument was brought forward today by senior intelligence and law enforcement officials in the United States. They said they had disrupted more than 50 terrorist plots around the world through tapping into foreign internet communications and phone records.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Watergate break in – 41 years ago in 1972.

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Mavens, OPM & Falling Concrete

We are weather mavens – tracking storms, monitoring temperatures, checking for thunderstorms etc. Yesterday we learned about a new weather pattern called a derecho.  Loosely translated it means ‘straight ahead’. In physical terms it is an extremely powerful thunderstorm with straight-line winds generally between 58 and 100 mph. The systems span more than 240 miles, and include hail and enough rain to cause flash floods, mini hurricanes and brutally damaging tornadoes.

The current storm is so big that it could affect one in five Americans — about 64 million people in 10 states. Tens of thousands of people will lose power due to high winds.  Some of the states affected are Virginia, Washington, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and to a lesser extent, New York. Just add this to the crazy weather we have had in the past month or so.

Today’s testimony at the Charbonneau construction corruption commission was a classic. Today’s witness, lawyer Pierre Lambert  dumped more than $720,000 cash as evidence at the probe. The money stemmed from what he said were illegal political donations to Laval’s long-ruling municipal party. Yes Blanche, he brought a suitcase full of money and dumped it out on the table.

Lambert was one of the roughly three-dozen people arrested in a massive corruption sweep that ensnared former mayor Gilles Vaillancourt and saw him slapped with charges of fraud and gangsterism. Over the years, Lambert said he received about $2 million from an engineering executive who has already testified that he collected payments from companies involved in collusion.

Lambert said he would get calls from senior party officials when they needed money, in installments of $10,000 or $20,000, and sometimes as much as $100,000. The money was kept in a storage locker and sometimes in his garage. He said he was custodian of the crooked cash until 2012, when the party ceased operations.

Today’s Falling Concrete: Baseball-sized chunks of concrete falling from an overpass in Montreal caused a two-hour road closure on Thursday afternoon. Guess what? After inspecting the overpass, engineers said it was safe. Oh right. Now we feel much better. Especially after what was said at the Charbonneau commission today.

Edward Snowden, the young man who leaked all the NSA information, with apparently more to come, has gone underground. He left his hotel in Hong Kong and is nowhere to be found. Obama best purchase some Mr. Clean, as he is not coming up squeaky clean in this latest scandal to hit his administration. Three weeks ago he said the war on terror is coming to an end. He’s talking from both sides of his mouth. If it’s coming to an end, why listen to American conversations? Cause the war on terror is forever dude. 

In case you forgot, Kate and William are expecting their first child in less than a month. Today was her final solo engagement until way after said baby is born – the next in line to the throne, whether it’s a boy or girl. Just keeping you up to speed on the Royals.

Pamela Wallin, one of the senators being investigated for using your tax money ‘erroneously’ has finally come forward. Doink, we wonder why? Maybe because the auditors are going to dig up the goods on her? Hello!!!!  Auditors are currently going over Wallin’s travel expense claims going back to January 2009, when she was first appointed to the Senate. It has been reported that Wallin has claimed about $350,000 in travel expenses since September 2010. Yes Blanche, she probably used your money.

Again we saved the best for last. President Obama and his lovely wife Michelle are taking a road trip – kind of. They will be going to Africa later this month. Sounds good so far, eh? Hold onto to your hat. This little trip is expected to cost American taxpayers $60 to $100 million. Why you ask?

Hundreds of U.S. Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of emergency. Military cargo planes will airlift in 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bullet-proof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay. Fighter jets will fly in shifts giving 24-hour coverage over the president’s airspace so they can intervene quickly if an errant plane gets too close.

What, exactly, is the point of going if they have to go to all of this trouble to keep him safe? We’ll tell you why. Cause it ain’t his money he’s spending. It’s the old OPM trick – other people’s money.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Parizeau, Snowden & Squares

If we tried to make up a story, it would pale in comparison to the insane machinations of princess pauline. Today she declared that the Quebec Soccer Federation is ‘independent’ and does not have to listen to either FIFA or the Canada’s soccer authority. Here are her words exactly: “It’s autonomous. It’s not subject to the Canadian federation,” says Pauline Marois. “I believe the Quebec federation has the right to establish its own rules.” Oh really.

These delicious words come after the Quebec Soccer Federation was suspended from the Canadian Soccer Association after the province refused to lift its ban on players who wear turbans.

Can we talk? The princess is pandering to the hardliners in her party. By doing so, she is encountering, on a weekly basis, one idiotic scandal after the next. And these scandals are not kept just here in la belle province. They are shared and written about world-wide. At first, we were a bit upset at how she was treating everyone except pure-laine quebecois – those French Canadians who have lived here for generations. But then we said hey, wait a minute – she’s beginning to sound like Jacques Parizeau and continuously putting her foot into her mouth. We await the day when the people of Quebec – French and English – who just want to live and let live – finally take a stand and put a shoe permanently in her mouth.

By now everyone in the world knows who Edward Snowden is. In case you don’t, he’s the dude who leaked the National Security Agency documents about big brother monitoring phone calls, emails, facebook pages etc. As altruistic as Snowden’s intentions were, we don’t completely agree with him or with what he did.

It will not come as a shock to anyone that since 9/11 the world is a very different place. Try to take a flight anywhere and you’ll be confronted with our new normal. One of the reasons that everyone is looked upon as a potential terrorist is because racial profiling is a four letter word. Up until this moment, the ‘nice’ countries won’t do it. 

So  how do the good guys monitor the bad guys? The ones like the two men who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon? By listening to conversations, by monitoring emails, by using algorithms to detect key words and then get to the group that wants to maim and kill us. Yes, they want to kill all the infidels and that’s you and me.

Did Obama cross the line here? Probably. Did he abuse wiretapping and listen in on his opponents? Probably. But this still does not give Snowden the right to do what he did, as big a hero as many are making him out to be.

He claims he did not endanger any single individual by giving out their names. We posit that he endangered the entire world by exposing one of the key defense mechanisms of getting those who want to get us.

This next little ditty is just, well, a tad in the ‘out there’ department. Remember last week we told you that Prince Philip was undergoing some kind of exploratory surgery? Ok. Now read this:

The Queen visited her husband Prince Philip on Monday evening, personally delivering a birthday card as he turned 92.  In her hand she carried an envelope addressed to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip was “comfortable and in good spirits” as he received a visit from his wife at 7pm.

Come on Liz – he’s your husband! Cut a bit of the English and all that rot slack. Uh, ya think maybe Phil is just as happy to be left alone?

Yet another spring, another square, another set of riots. This time it’s Taksim Square in Istanbul. The Turkish Muslim Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is steadfastly refusing to budge on his insistence the protesters leave the square. The protesters are equally set on staying. Erdogan has the resources to move everyone out of there and he’s stopping short of doing just that.  It doesn’t look like anything good will come of this except maybe that the protesters will save the park that was supposedly the essence of the riots. Stay tuned, this is an ongoing, minute by minute story.

Ok – how bad is this weather? Don’t you feel like you want to start to build an ark in your backyard?
Maybe give Noah a call to get the plans? We cannot remember a spring like this. Two days of sunshine – maybe – and a week of rain. Guess it could be worse – we could have tornadoes and hurricanes. Hunker down – one more day of this.

We’ll talk…

The blanche report

However you make your living, you are in the wrong business – you should be trying to get a job with the government. The Canadian government paid a company over $400,000 to ‘rebrand’ the French language radio CBC. When they would announce their name on the radio it would sound very mellifluous – Ici Radio Canada. Ready for their new name? The one that cost over $400,000… here we go: Ici. Yup. That’s it. Ici. It means here. Here is what? A deli? A garage? A dry cleaner? Nope – it’s radio canada. Like we said, however you are making a living, you should think of doing something for the government. Your tax dollars at work – ici.

Here’s what the Obama administration is up to. Hold onto your hat before you start reading. And remember that we have said many times that nothing in writing is safe. Well, add nothing over the phone is safe either.

1. The National Security Agency has been collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top secret court order. Under the terms of the order, the phone numbers of both parties on a call are handed over to the NSA, as are location data, call duration, unique identifiers, and the time and duration of all calls. The contents of the conversation itself are not covered.

2. The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and connection logs that enable analysts to track one target or trace a whole network of associates, according to a top-secret document obtained by The Washington Post. They may sound familiar to you: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple.

Like we said last week – deep throat is going to make a come-back sooner that anyone thinks. If you want to have a ‘private’ conversation with someone, you best find a garage in an obscure building, go the second floor of that garage,  find a very dark corner and then whisper.

Back to the first little ditty – working for the government. It seems that the conservative party has quite the little war-chest stashed away. At times they had over $1 million to dispose of as needed. So that $90,000 that Nigel Wright, then chief of staff for Harper, gave to Mike Duffy did come from his personal bank account. But it appears that he was probably going to get reimbursed from the coffers of the party.

Here are the juicy tidbits about that money: The fund is completely off-limits to the auditor general and even Elections Canada, which monitors party donations but not expenses outside of an election period. Ready for this? More than half of all the cash in the secret PMO stash ultimately comes from taxpayers’ pockets. Individual donors to political parties receive generous tax credits. Parties also receive millions from taxpayers through a per-vote subsidy, which is being phased out by 2015. Your tax dollars at work yet again.

We will remind you how indignant Harper was while campaigning for office, saying that something like the Liberal sponsorship scandal would never happen under his watch. We’ll spring for the napkin because he may be eating his words sooner than later.

And then there’s Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America. Today he admitted that …”Things have got a little out of whack.” He was referring to secretly pulling records on reporters, tapping their phones and intercepting their emails, stating that he was not  that comfortable signing that order. Buddy – you’re the attorney general – you don’t have to sign anything.

He went on to say that he’s not ready to step down quite yet as he has not finished all that he set out to do when accepting this position. We wonder what other machinations he’s going to come up with. He stated that he has spoken to his friend the president and they both agreed that he should stay on. That’s like asking the wolf to watch the chicken coop.

You know that it’s bad for Obama when the New York Times, the leader of the ‘liberal media’ puts out a scathing editorial about him and his administration. Included in that article is the line that the administration has lost all credibility. We wonder how all the bleeding heart liberals who voted for him feel now.

And now for the chocolate conspiracy. The Competition Bureau says criminal charges have been laid against three companies  and three individuals accused of fixing the price of chocolate candies in Canada. The three companies charged are Nestle Canada Inc., Mars Canada Inc., and ITWAL Limited, a national network of independent wholesale distributors.

What we can’t wait for is the gas pricing conspiracy. Be patient, it will come.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila are calling it quits after 30 years of marriage.
“In a totally normal move, the couple announced their divorce on Russian state television after attending the ballet.” Uh, except in Russia, we’re not quite sure where else that’s normal.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Vive la Quebec, Room Service & It’s Gone

So we’re back in the international newspapers again and it ain’t for anything good. BBC news picked up the story about the Quebec soccer federation not allowing sikh boys to play soccer with their turbans on. Brigitte Frot (what a name), the director general of the Quebec Soccer Federation, was asked what would happen if a five-year-old Sikh player were to register to play with his friends.”He can go and play in his backyard”, was the response.

Wait, the story gets better. Frot said that the federation had not conducted safety studies on turbans, as the organization did not have money for one. She went on to say that the federation was taking a cue from Fifa’s turban rules, but the international football organization has no regulations regarding the head covering.

We think it’s official. Princess pauline and her cohorts and just plain stupid. Nothing more, nothing less. Either that or they are bound and determined to stay the laughing stock of the world.

Did you ever go to a hotel and order room service? Probably when you went with your parents or with friends, but it was a long time ago. Well ladies and gents, the party’s over. The 2,000-room New York Midtown Hilton will end room service for good in August, laying off 55 workers and introducing a cafeteria-style grab-and-go restaurant as a replacement. If they were smart, they would add some kosher pre-packaged food to the menu. Blanche, what’s the world comin to if the Hilton don’t give no more room service?  Go git the beer cooler and make soma dem der samwiches. We’re goin on a road trip and the hotel ain’t servin us in ar room after da long drive.

Remember Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s uh, problem? The one with the alleged video depicting him smoking something that was not tobacco? The one that no one can seem to find? Well, according to Gawker, who broke the story, it’s really gone. They got in touch with the intermediary dealing with the dudes who own the video and they confirmed that it’s ‘gone’. How smelly is this story? How slimy is this mayor? Feh.

Laval, Quebec’s third largest city is now under provincial trusteeship. Why? Because the new interim mayor, Alexandre Duplessis, is alleged to have also taken part in illegal party financing. Of course he’s denying the accusation, but in the meantime he high-tailed it out of dodge.

So now princess pauline’s missives are in charge of Laval. Why do we think that the bigger hand is now in the till? The Charbonneau commission is only revving up. Eventually it will get to the provincial level and then – hold onto your hat. Who will be the trustee of the trustee?

Remember Senator Mike Duffy who received a cheque of $90,000 from Nigel Wright, the ex chief of staff of Harper’s office? Wright lost his job over that little cheque. Well guess what? The Senate ethics officer has suspended her investigation on Duffy because she’s waiting for the RCMP to finish their investigation.Guess when the RCMP will finish investigating? We’d say around mid-July when the country is on vacation and no one really wants to hear about Duffy or his cohort Pamela Walin, also being investigated for spending too much money on travel expenses.

Harper has stonewalled this entire fiasco and it looks like his silence is bringing him results. Just keep quiet and eventually people will forget. He must have gone to the same school as Rob Ford…

We will end with yet another Quebec story that is sure to make world news. Quebec health authorities are asking 1,000 colonoscopy and endoscopy patients from a Lévis hospital (in Quebec) to submit to HIV and hepatitis B and C screening after finding out that equipment used in those procedures had not been adequately sterilized. Again it gets better.

It was discovered hospital staff had not been properly disinfecting it for the past eight years. Hello? Anybody home?  It took eight years for someone to discover that instruments were not being properly sterilized?!!!! Again, stupid people are running places that they just don’t have the brains to run.

We’ll talk…