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The Blanche Report: The Talks, The Heist & The Verdict

Perhaps we are very over simplistic. For sure we know almost nothing about the inner machinations and negotiations going on in Israel. We have only one question: Why is it that the ‘peace’ talks could not begin until over 100 murderers/terrorists, who killed, maimed and destroyed people’s lives in Israel were freed?  Is that the way to begin ‘peace’ talks? 

Below is a link to the story of a young woman who was the victim of one of the terrorists set free. Just copy and paste it into your browser. You will understand, as much as we can here in the diaspora, a taste of what some Israelis are going through:

The heist of the century took place over the weekend in Cannes. Over $136 million in diamond jewelry was stolen in a brazen heist. A lone man wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a briefcase, strolled into a diamond exhibition at the Carlton hotel, threatened staff and visitors and filled the case with jewels and diamond-encrusted watches before walking out. Poof! He was gone before you could say there he goes. What a way to make a living.

We must clarify something we wrote in the last blog about Anthony Weiner. What he did is gross. But by not stepping aside from his bid to be mayor of New York (he has gone from first place in the race to fourth) and getting the psychiatric help that he obviously needs, he is making himself the poster boy of all that ails America.

His sense of entitlement, his complete lack of judgment in not understanding what he has done is the problem. His wife is no better than he is. Her desperate need to be the ‘first lady’ of New York is not only blinding her to how truly ill her husband is, but shows her own lack of judgment. Their behavior is, as my late friend’s mother was wont to say – dizguzting. They are acting like spoiled, self-indulgent adults who see only what they perceive is good for themselves. Feh. Feh. Feh. Blanche – could ya find someone in New York ta tell dos two brats ta high tail it outta da city – and fast.

In case your day was not confusing, we’ll give you something to be confused about. Bradley Manning, the dude who gave wikileaks all its information, finally found out his verdict today. The trial was not with a jury, rather with a female judge who heard all the testimony and ruled.

Now for the confusing part: He was acquitted of aiding the enemy — the most serious charge he faced — but was convicted of espionage, theft and nearly every other count for giving secrets to WikiLeaks, a verdict that could see him spend the rest of his life in prison.
Legal minds struggled to absorb the meaning of a ruling that cleared him of the most serious which would have carried a potential life sentence, but convicted him of 20 of 22 counts that, together, could also mean life behind bars – like 136 years. He will find out his sentence soon. Get it? Either way he’s spending most of his life in prison.

In the meantime, Julian Assange doesn’t think even though Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge, the verdict is good. Doink! No kidding. And look who’s talking – mister-I’m-spending-the-rest-of-my-life-in-the-Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

What’s with all the train crashes this summer? It appears that the rail industry has to get a hold of itself and put some very strict rules and regulations in place – and people to enforce them. They seem to be completely out of control with no one at the helm.

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Stadium, The Weiner & The Ambassador

The Olympic stadium is a bad smell that just won’t go away. We read – yet again – that the roof is deteriorating. Now that’s a surprise – not! That place is the root and mother-of-all corruption scandals. People who were involved in the construction of that building walked away with gzillions of dollars in cash. They probably had to make a new version of socks and pockets in their pants to hold all the money. Zut alors – after a few years, the concrete started falling and the roof had holes. It was fixed in 1999 for $30 million only to cave in a year later under the weight of a snowfall.

And today? The brainwave Alouettes, Montreal’s pathetic excuse for a football team, is crying because they need the big Owe if they want to hold the Grey Cup here in 2017. Ah, but the roof is again causing problems. It has thousands of holes and will cost you over $500 million for repairs which won’t last anyway. If no politician in this city stands up and says that no one more cent should go into that stadium then the entire administration of Montreal is corrupt and they should pay personally for those repairs.

As for the Alouettes – did you ever hear their new coach speak? He sounds like he just got off the bus from Louisiana or wherever he came from. He makes absolutely no sense when he speaks. That is obvious as the team he is now coaching is at the bottom of the barrel. If they don’t win tonight he may need another bus ticket back to wherever he came from.

Someone has to save New York from Anthony Weiner and his wife. It is obvious that they deserve each other. He’s a pervert and she’s an opportunist who, it appears, will do anything to get her obviously sick husband into Gracie Mansion – the home of the mayor of New York.

Aside from all the lewd and completely disgusting details which are now appearing in every form of media, it is a huge embarrassment to New Yorkers that this twit of an individual will not take his name out of the mayoralty race. It was revealed today that, yes Blanche, there’s more stuff coming. Doesn’t Weiner have even a modicum of self-respect? Ich.

Edward Snowden got good news and bad news yesterday.
The good news is that he finally got some clean clothes after spending a month in the same pair of pants and shirt, not to mention other clothing – feh. The bad news is that although he was granted some kind of asylum in Russia, he still cannot leave his new home at the airport. Documentation takes time and no one is rushing in Snowden’s case.

One of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial has decided that she needs to speak out. 
Miss B29 wants to remain anonymous by not giving her last name, yet put her face on Good Morning America. Not the brightest chip in the box.

She is saying that Zimmerman got away with murder. Ah, but she was one of the six jurors who found him not guilty, saying there was not enough evidence to convict him.  Now she feels badly and wants to apologize to Trayvon Martin’s mother. Can we talk?

Something more than meets the eye obviously happened between Zimmerman and Martin and the younger man was killed. But – if there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman and the jury found him not guilty, then move on and keep your mouth shut. Unless of course you are out to make some money off the whole ordeal, which she probably is or she would not have let her face be shown.

Guess how old Caroline Kennedy is? Fifty-five. She’s part of the lucky children’s club. (It’s actually not called that, but for purposes of being discreet, we will leave it to your imagination to figure out the real word). Yesterday she was nominated to be the ambassador to Japan, a plumb position. Other than Paris or London, Tokyo is not a bad place to stay for a few years. Given the circumstances of her youth and although she is a tree-hugging, whale-loving, save-the-world gal, she’s pretty normal. We’ll keep you posted re the position.

On July 25, 1978 the first test-tube baby, Louis Brown, was born in Oldham, England.

Good Shabbos,

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The Blanche Report: The Prince, The Mayor & The Tuna Sandwich

With the eyes of the world virtually upon her, Kate gave birth to a baby boy. A few memorable moments:

…How the young couple managed to get into the hospital through a side entrance without any of the hundreds of journalists even sniffing the car.

…For four hours after the baby was born, the world did not know. No twitter, no facebook, no emails, no instagram, no nothing.

…When the couple left the hospital, William came out with the baby in a car seat, buckled him in the back of the SUV, his wife got in the back with the baby and William drove off. Of course there’s plenty of pomp and ceremony as only the English know how to do, but somehow this couple is managing to find their own ‘half normal’ path. Diana’s influence is certainly coming to the fore.

We wish them well – they should all be healthy and try to let this child live as normal a life as a future king can possibly live.

Weiner’s a weiner. The New York mayoral candidate had to face the music yet again when it was revealed today that he was busy on the phone – under the pseudo-name Carlos Danger – talking to someone he met online – for no less than six months ending last summer.  We will let your imagination figure out what busy means. The woman in question said that she really thought ‘Carlos’ loved her. Hallo? On what planet is she living?

He also sent, via email, ‘pictures’ of the southern parts of his anatomy. All of this happened after he resigned from Congress  – for doing the same thing with multiple women.  Guess what? Weiner’s not resigning from the race for mayor of New York.  And guess what else? His wife l.o.v.e.s. him and is standing by her man. Really and truly only in America. The man clearly has issues – if you get the drift.

In case you haven’t heard yet Blanche, ya can’t bring your tuna sandwich to La Ronde. You have to buy your lunch there. Ah, but what happens if you can’t eat the food there? Say you’re kosher, or on a diet or whatever. Nothing doing. Unless of course you smuggle that tuna sandwich into the park in your purse or under your shirt.

We did a bit of investigation of our own. Six Flags owns La Ronde and they have a policy site. Here’s one of the questions from that site:

May I bring my own food and beverages into Six Flags Great America?
No outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed to be brought into Six Flags Great America. However, we allow each guest to bring in one bottle of water and exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs to include food allergies and baby food/formula. Guest should contact Park Security or Guest Relations when they arrive at the Park for approval to bring in special dietary foods. The special dietary food containers will be marked and dated to clearly show that they have been approved for entry into the park.

Sounds like the food police, eh?

Used to be, long ago, that when a kid wanted to go into professional sports,  hard, dogged work and determination was what was needed. And his talent had to be real. Today, professional sports looks like it’s rotten to the core. When you watch someone who plays really well, all one can think about is how much of those performance enhancing drugs did that dude take?

Baseball is the latest organized sport to be hit with multiple allegations of drug-enhancing superstars getting the boot. There’s superstar on the Milwaukee Brewers by the name of Ryan Braun. He got caught and is now out for the year without pay. The bigger name however is Alex Rodriguez, aka ARod of the New York Yankees. He’s their super-super star and it looks like he may get a lifetime ban.

Someone best be telling the young athletes coming up in the ranks that until professional sports cleans up its act, the playing field is not equal.

Ready for this one? Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. What next?

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Protests, The Bankruptcy & The Package

100 protests in front of 100 federal court buildings in 100 cities will take place at noon Saturday. Some of the cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. These protests are being initiated by Al Sharpton who continues to stoke the fires of the Zimmerman trial.

On Tuesday night, a flash mob of 40 to 50 teenagers invaded the busiest and most tourist-centric part of Hollywood, smashing windows, stealing cellphones and assaulting passersby. The police described the incident as a ‘rolling crime wave’. The excuse for the flash mob was the Zimmerman acquittal.

There is no easy or fast solution to the deep, divisive and very old problem of race relations in the United States. One thing we can say with certainty: rioting, looting and attacking innocent people will not solve this issue. It will only exacerbate people’s stereotypes. Communication and education would go a much longer way to bring the two sides together. The only one Mr. Sharpton is helping by instigating the 100 protests is Mr. Sharpton’s political career. Feh. Feh. Feh.

The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court today, making it the larges city in the US to do so. The bankruptcy lays the groundwork for a historic effort to bail out a city that is sinking under billions of dollars in debt, decades of mismanagement, population flight and loss of tax revenue. Guess see the USA in your Chevrolet is really a thing of the past.

Yesterday, ex mayor of Montreal Michael Applebaum received a severance package of almost $268,000. Put aside the fact that he’s under investigation. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. What is mind-boggling is the fact that government employees receive these gross amounts of money upon retiring. In case you were not aware, your tax dollars are supplying those little packages . What we want to know is what makes them entitled to these kinds of huge payments? As we have been wont to say recently, the best kind of business to be in these days is the government business. Guaranteed income for life and, as we see, very nice and generous goodbye presents.

Here’s one description of the newest Rolling Stone Magazine cover:
Sultry eyes burn into the camera lens from behind tousled curls. A scruff of sexy beard and loose T-shirt are bathed in soft, yellow light. Ok, now guess who’s on the cover? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers who set off those horrific bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon. Remember those bombings? Remember that little 8 year old boy who died? Remember his sister who’s limbs were blown off and many others who suffered the same fate? Those people’s lives are forever altered.

Rolling Stone magazine has a history of confrontational covers. Their line to the media is that Tsarnaev looks like any other nineteen year college student. Their story depicts how both his parents and the system failed him. Their mission is to awaken the public to keep their eyes and ears peeled for others that could follow in this young man’s footsteps. We don’t buy it. This guy caused pain, grief and agony in a place that they knew families congregate. He doesn’t deserve any attention at all. Zero. Lock him up and throw the key into the ocean.

As of this blog, Kate has still not given birth.
England is literally holding their breath in anticipation. The new baby industry that will be born with this child is guaranteed to make lots of people lots of money. Especially if she has a girl who would be the first in line to the throne.  Stay tuned.

We are probably echoing the sentiments of most people when we say we have had more than enough of this oppressive heat wave
. Us Canucks are hearty stock and the heat makes us wilt, to say nothing about perspiring. And in case you didn’t know, Montreal is one of, if not the only city in North America whose buses are not air conditioned. Away donc la!

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Trial, The Birth and The Ship

As tomorrow is Tisha B’Av, a fast day which ends at 9:20 pm, we are sending out the Blanche report today.

We are not commenting on the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. It is what it is. What we will note is that right now just as the temperature is heating up, so are the massive demonstrations all over the United States – from Florida to California to Atlanta to New York. So far they are not too violent, but if the heat continues and the numbers rise, watch out.

We also have a suggestion for Zimmerman: He  should find a way to hook up with Edward Snowden. He was a lot safer behind bars. He may technically be a free man, but he’s a virtual prisoner wherever he is staying.  Once Snowden finds a place to live, he will also be a recluse and misery loves company.

And speaking of Edward Snowden, it seems that he has enough information to cause more harm to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever done. This was brought to light by Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who first published the documents Snowden leaked.

Greenwald issued what can only be construed as a veiled threat – that if anything happens to Snowden, all of this information will be leaked in one fell swoop. Guess what? If nothing happens to Snowden and he goes off into the sunset to Venezuela, he’s still a huge threat as he is still the holder of all that information. Like we said in the first item – Snowden and Zimmerman are both toast.

Did you know that Camilla, who’s married to Prince Charles is also a psychic? She predicted that Kate and William’s baby will be born this week. Uh, can we have a few moments with Camilla? There’s a due date so one doesn’t have to guess. If the baby is late, then one can rest assured that within a week the baby will be born. We think she (Camilla) may be been referring to the fact that her birthday is on Wednesday July 17 and (read this next sentence with a strong British accent) “Wouldn’t it be nice if the little one was born on my birthday Charles?”. Get the woman a cuppa tea.

Remember the Costa Concordia? It’s that ship where the captain was showing off to his girlfriend and slammed the ship into a reef off the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio in January 2012. Well, it’s still in the water over there, lying on its side.  Experts say they  have one chance at getting the ship upright and float it away to the mainland for demolition. The attempt is expected to take place in September but the operation to right the ship has been running over budget and behind schedule because of the enormous technical challenges faced by the salvage team. Over 400 engineers have been working on the salvage operation. You can imagine the cost – or not imagine.

In the meantime, the captain is charged with manslaughter, abandoning ship, which was carrying some 4,200 people between passengers and crews, and causing the shipwreck. What a loser.

In case you don’t read the business page, Loblaws purchased Shoppers Drug Mart (in La Bell Province we call it Pharmaprix) for a cool $12.4 billion. Just keeping you in the loop.

Easy fast

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Press Conference, The Trial and The Comptroller

Edward Burkhardt, president of the company that owns the Montreal Maine & Atlantic railway finally showed up in Lac Megantic yesterday. Suffice it to say he did not give command performance. We did some of our own investigation and went on the RailWorld Inc website, which is the parent company of the Montreal Maine railway. The website looks like Burkardt talks – cold and impersonal and a bit childish.

He never went to see those who are living in shelters, he did not bring a translator to a town that is 99% French speaking, he blamed the engineer for not setting the brakes properly when no one knows what caused this horrible accident, he spoke in a matter-of-fact manner with zero compassion when what he should have done was be sensitive to the agony the residents of that town are going through. Basically, if someone could get a hold of the video of the press conference, it could be used in a class on what not to do or say during a crisis.

In the past few months Hillary Clinton has given 14 speeches charging more than $200,000 per speech. We used our trusty calculator and figured out that she made around $3 million. Nice. While deciding whether or not to run for president, she’s amassing a small fortune and quietly lobbying for herself all over all over the United States.

Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman is accused of killing Trayvon Martin last year. His trial has been running for the past couple of weeks in Sanford Florida and tomorrow the jury will begin deliberation.  What a coincidence that just this week dozens of Miami police officers went through riot training  just days before a verdict is expected.

Officials in Florida are asking that people try to hold back and not provoke others to engage in potentially violent mass action. In case those attempts prove futile,  investigators with a local federally-funded fusion center are already combing through internet posts and other social media in an attempt to be on top of any activity before it gets out of control. We suggest that everyone batten down the hatches – and quickly. Sounds like no matter what the verdict, there’s going to be trouble.

Remember we told you about Eliot Spitzer running for comptroller of New York?
Well, it seems that he means business and has the money to make sure he gets what he wants. He announced his candidacy on Sunday night and has until tonight to collect the signatures of 3,750 Democrats to qualify for the Sept. 10 primary. Guess what? He is paying canvassers as much as $800 each per day to scramble all over the city for those signatures. He is trying  to pull off in four days what typically takes months of campaigning. Stay tuned.

Looks like there’s another drug scandal brewing in baseball.
Alex Rodriguez is expected to be questioned Friday by Major League Baseball officials as the MLB continues its investigation into Biogenesis, the former anti-aging clinic in Miami that is alleged to have given Rodriguez and other players performance-enhancing drugs. If they find out that he or any other players took those drugs, it’s a 100 game suspension. The players certainly won’t miss the money, but it puts yet another stain on professional sports. Looks like Lance Armstrong may have some company.

Good Shabbos,
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The Blanche Report: The Fire, The Tree & The Client

Who knew that it is the norm in the railway industry to leave the motor on, the doors unlocked and the conductor asleep in a hotel? Something is very wrong with that picture as was tragically and graphically illustrated this weekend in a small, sleepy town in Quebec called Lac-Megantic when oil cars derailed in the center of town. One cannot fathom the sheer terror of waking up to rivers of fire racing toward people’s homes. Those who woke up and were able to literally run for their lives were indeed the lucky ones.

We, as many other people, live not that far from railway tracks where one can see the trains rolling by daily. Whoever thought to look what they were carrying? Crude oil is but one of the products. Poisonous gasses and other highly flammable materials seem to be the norm. The biggest issue is that it appears this industry is not regulated by any inspectors. Did you know that federally regulated rail companies don’t have to share information with the municipalities they run through. It is a sad commentary that on the lives of innocent people, changes and safety measures which should have been implemented long ago, may now finally take place.

Remember client number 9? We’ll jog your memory. His name is Elliot Spitzer and when he was governor of New York a short five years ago, he was caught, shall we discretely say, with his pants down? (Blanche…really,  puns are funny but this one is dizguzting.) After being discovered he skulked out of office and disappeared – until this week. Guess what? He’s running to be state comptroller of New York! Wait –  the story gets better. One of the ‘madams’ with whom he was ‘friends’ (hehehehe), is running against him for this position!

Yes Blanche – first it’s Weiner and now Spitzer. Ya gotta love those New Yorkers – they just forgive and forget.

Read more here:
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This next little ditty is one of those you-just-won’t-believe-it stories. Five men from Indonesia were trapped in a tree for five days while hungry tigers circled them, drooling and growling. While tigers can climb trees, it is believed the men had lodged themselves onto slender branches that would not have borne the wait of a tiger. Nu, so how did they get rescued? A holy man uttered a special mantra – a mind-calming chant that orginates from ancient India. After hearing a few bars of the chant, the tigers turned around and went back into the jungle – poof just like that. True story.

Edward Snowden is still holed up in the airport in Moscow. He must be getting pretty bored by now. Seems he may be going to Venezuela, not exactly the most democratic country in the world, to put it mildly. How he’s going to get there is another story as he cannot fly over any airspace with an extradition treaty to the US as they will intercept the plane. One of the suggestions given is the scenic route: Sending a plane along an elaborate Arctic and Atlantic route to avoid any airspace save Russia’s and Venezuela’s – about 7,000 miles.

The problem with that scenario is not many planes can fly that long without refueling. Gulfstream V-series jet could do it, but those planes cost tens of millions of dollars and may need refueling anyway. Hope he has rich friends somewhere cause Russia is getting mighty tired of him.

The Blanche Report: The Coup, The Vacation & The Flag

The calm before the storm is about to take on a whole new meaning. We are referring to the events that continue to unfold, at a very rapid rate, in Egypt. Although the muslim brotherhood’s leader is now under house arrest, its ranks decimated and many more arrests taking place as we speak, no one believes for a second that the bro’s are going to just give up. The thinking is that right after their Friday prayers things will be hitting the fan in a very big way.

Given the fact army that has the country pretty well sealed up, it could be a pretty violent day tomorrow. The new dudes in charge don’t look like they will tolerate very much in terms of resistance.

Another angle in this drama concerns Obama. It was noted that he was ‘troubled by Morsi’s removal’. He did not call what happened yesterday a coup because that would mean that the $1.3 billion dollars in US aid to Egypt would have to be ‘revisited’. Did you know that the US gave so much money to Egypt to prop up the muslim brotherhood?

And finally, we think that the ambassador to Egypt, a woman by the name of Anne Patterson should re-think her travel plans. She was sent there 4 months after Morsi – the now-under-house-arrest leader of the muslim bro’s took power. Those now in charge view her as an ally of Morsi. She’s very vulnerable. We would remind her of another ambassador who was vulnerable by the name of Christopher Stevens who was killed in Benghazi last September 11.

So what’s up with Hydro? Forest fires hundreds of miles away are causing power outages in Montreal? Here’s what a spokesman from Hydro said today: “Once again, the smoke from the forest fires up north that have made us lose one of the transmission corridors coming from James Bay. That’s despite all that we have done over the last little while to protect the network.” Uh oh, we smell a rat.

Do we need another commission to investigate possible corruption, collusion, kick-backs, envelopes passing hands, restaurant meetings etc? Looks like it. What a crock.

Edward Snowden has become the most elusive celebrity of the month. Where is he? In the transit area in the Moscow airport? In a capsule hotel in said airport where rooms are rented by the hour? Did he find an underground escape route? Did he dress up as a woman and high tail it out of there? One thing is certain – his options to flee to another country are running out. And it looks like he may have overstayed his welcome in Russia. He’s in big twouble Blanche.

Now here’s something innovative – talking!
Ferrari issued a directive to its employees to cut down the number of group emails they send and talk to their co-workers instead. Look someone in the eye and have a conversation. Bravo!

We think that CNN has finally outdone themselves.
On their website there is a litany of articles about Egypt. That’s fine because right now it’s hot news. What is ridiculous is the following article: Should tourists still visit Egypt? Have they lost their marbles? Who in their right mind would vacation in Cairo now? Even reporters are laying low. Someone has to save CNN from themselves.

Today was July 4 – Independence day in the United States of America. We happened to have been in New York crossing the George Washington bridge and there, hanging in all its splendid glory, was the biggest American flag we have ever seen, billowing slowly in the hot, humid air. Our neighbors to the south definitely have their issues, but they also have one thing that we could perhaps take a lesson from  – the fierce sense of patriotism that they display with great pride.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: The Escape, The Mouth and The Plane

Breaking News: It seems that Edward Snowden has left his new home in the transit area of the Moscow airport and is en route to Bolivia. In case you were wondering – or not – here’s the partial list of countries that Snowden has applied to for asylum: Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Iceland, India, Italy and Nicaragua. Nothing is certain in here unless we actually see a picture of Snowden getting off a plane.

One more thing: the capital of Bolivia is not La Paz. It is Sucre.

More breaking news, this time from Egypt: Although it’s not spring, the Arabs are rising again in Tahrir square.
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  – that would be the army – late on Tuesday (Egypt time)  made clear that it would stick to an ultimatum it gave to Morsi on Monday, urging him to respond  – read step aside – to a wave of mass protests within 48 hours, or face an intervention that would effectively subsume his government. That means a coup.

Update: Morsi said in a speech tonight that he will not resign. Best you not vacation in Egypt for a while. Things are going to heat up – quickly.

Michelle Obama put her first lady foot into her first lady mouth.
During a discussion with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania she said, and we quote: “… living in the White House as like being in a “really nice prison.””

While we can certainly empathize that her privacy is gone for now,  saying that living in the White House is like a nice prison is immature, petulant and certainly nothing that her daughters should be reading.

She lives in luxury, travels the world in a private plane, wears designer clothing, hobnobs with whoever she desires etc, etc. We need not elaborate. Suffice it to say that she sounds like she never rose to the position of first lady. She should read some books about Eleanor Roosevelt and other first ladies who clearly understood that their standing was temporary and rose to the occasion. Shame on her.

The new airplane from Boeing – the Dreamliner should probably be renamed the Nightmare. Let’s start with the plane itself: It has a capacity of up to 290 passengers and an ability to fly up to 8,500 miles (a third of the way around the Earth) on one tank of gas. It is  20 percent more fuel-efficient than any aircraft ever built. Nu, what’s the problem?

In January it was grounded due to battery problems – smoking and other things that you wouldn’t want when flying over the Atlantic. It re-emerged in May and last week there were four ‘incidents’.  One of said issues was a problem with the power supply to the air-conditioning system. Over 100 passengers were delayed over 8 hours and then shuffled off to another plane. The saga goes on, but lest we bore you, suffice it to say Houston – we have a problem. May we humbly suggest that the name is jinxed and they should quietly rename it.

One more little ditty about traveling in the summer. One would think that without snow and ice things would be humming along tickety-boo. Think again. Last week over 400 flights were cancelled or delayed due to weather issues. See the USA in your Chevrolet sounds pretty good. At least you’ll get there.

We’ll talk…