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The Blanche Report: Bullies, Cowards & Pickpockets

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and the motto of the day is shop till you drop. Something is wrong with this picture…

Here in la Belle Province of Quebec the hits just keep on coming. Just when you thought  – what else could happen – the stuff hit the fan again.

Bernard Drainville scheduled to a debate at Concordia today. About two hours before the event he got wind that there would be some kind of demonstration (no kidding) and he feared for his security. His ministry called Concordia asking that they guarantee nothing would happen. Who exactly can guarantee 100% security? No one unless you are a seer. So Drainville cancelled.

Did Drainville and his missives think that if they booked a debate in an English speaking university in the English speaking part of Montreal that people would line up like sheep to bow down to him? Did they think that no one would show up protesting the most racist bill in the history of our country? The lack of foresight is simply staggering.

Drainville is a bully and fits in with all the other bullies he works with. That was shown perfectly today when for half a  second he thought he might actually have to fight for what he believes in. As all bullies do, once confronted, they back down. One more thing. We think that Drainville should walk around with a turban or kippa for a few weeks. Or better – let his wife walk around with a hijab. He’ll quickly understand what lack of security means. What complete and total losers – the whole bunch of the them.

The English Montreal School Board became the second major institution to stand against the proposed charter of values when it passed a motion Wednesday stating it has no intention of implementing a ban on the wearing of religious symbols by public-sector workers. They,   like the Jewish General Hospital, have kahoonas.

On the other hand Suzanne Stein Day, speaking for the The Lester B. Pearson school board, largest English school board in Quebec said: “There’s nothing worse that I would have to do than to tell an employee they can not wear a hijab or a kippa. I can’t imagine ever having to do that, and I will go to every length to avoid that, and to jeopardize a great teacher we may have in our school for silly, silly reasons like this.” Shut up.

If there’s nothing worse that firing someone for wearing a kippa or hijab, then take a stand and don’t be a coward! Such people do not belong in positions of authority if they are afraid to dispense authority. Ach…

How many times have we told you – quit your job and go work for the government. Yet another bureaucrat had his hands in your pocket – kind of like the ultimate pickpocket. It seems that Charles Lapointe the now ex Montreal Tourism chief,  has given the new mayor of Montreal his first major migraine.

Mr. Lapointe’s base salary was $398,000 – higher than the highest paid bureaucrat in the Quebec government. When he resigned or his ‘term’ was up, he gave himself a nice little severance package: 2 years salary totally $654,000. Nice eh?

Wait, it gets better. He claimed a $10,800 annual automobile allowance when Tourism Montreal was already furnishing him a car and chauffeur. He sometimes paid four times the government’s permitted price for hotel rooms on business, was once reimbursed twice for the same conference expense and was refunded $39,700 in meal expenses without explaining the purpose of the dining.

Lest you be shaking your head we have even worse news. There is no end to this as we have the highest number of bureaucrats in North America who all think that your money is their money. Stay tuned for more of them float to the top of the water like dead fish.

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year. For our part, that would be the one day we would stay out of the stores. It’s the Canadian in us – we don’t like hordes of people breathing down our neck. Things however are getting out of hand as many stores opened today – Thanksgiving – getting a jump on Black Friday.

That means people did not celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Rather they ran like lemmings to buy presents for the next holiday or had to serve the lemmings.

How about this: Preserve Thanksgiving for families. Close all the stores until the day after at noon. That way the everyone gets to celebrate with their families. Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts have already banned stores from opening on Thanksgiving. It’s time other states woke up and stopped worshiping the almighty dollar.

Notre Montreal! Let’s Take Back Our City!!!
Happy Chanukah and Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Kahoonas, Girders & Forever and Ever Pensions

Finally a leading Afro American has stepped forward to condemn the knockout game. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the so-called knockout game in which a person is randomly assaulted, while another person films it with their phone or other device is not a game at all. In fact, he said a lot more than that and we quote:

“Anyone caught taking part in the “knockout” game will face charges ranging from aggravated assault up to third degree murder, but that’s not all. You’re also hurting another human being for no reason at all. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior, it will not be tolerated here in the city. We will do everything we can to both prevent, but if someone does engage, we will catch you. You’ll be prosecuted, and your life will be changed dramatically.” Hurray for Nutter.

At long last someone with kahoonas not afraid to stand up for morality. Blanche, do me a favah and call dat president Obama. Tell him to git in touch with dat mayor of Philly. Maybe he could knock some sense (pardon the pun) into da president’s head.

Denis Cordere, Montreal’s new mayor is another dude with some serious kahoonas. His newly-elected city council quickly passed a resolution today, opposing the PQ’s secularism charter (formerly known as the Charter of  Values now with a 28 word title – but we digress). Princess Pauline and her missives must be having apoplexy today. What exactly are they going to do now that the mayor of the city that is the engine and money-maker of the province just flipped them the bird? Sit back and watch the show.

Don’t know about you, but that emergency super-girder which is supposedly going to hold up the Champlain bridge, doesn’t do much to allay our fears. We won’t even say what they are, but we have a feeling that everyone is thinking the same thing. To add to the excitement, winter is arriving.

In case you were wondering about the logistics, one of the ‘officials’ in charge explained that the emergency beam weighs 75 tonnes and is going to sit it on top of the existing beam that already has cracks in it. “It’s a very delicate operation” he said.  Oh really. Like everyone thought it was like a walk in the park. Doink. Ladies and gentleman, if the super-girder trick doesn’t work, you can erase the Champlain Bridge from your vocabulary, which we have a feeling some people have already done.

Edward Snowden is back in the news. British and U.S. intelligence officials say they are worried about a “doomsday” cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud. The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied intelligence personnel, seven current and former U.S. officials.

What does doomsday mean? If anything happens to Snowden, someone out there in cyber-heaven is going to leak all of this highly classified information. Let’s take a bet that for the foreseeable future, no one will touch him with an eight foot pole.

Possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making a small fortune these days. Hillary took home a hefty $450,000 fee for addressing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Global Financial Leadership Conference last week in Naples, Fla. Not bad for an hour talk.

You may have missed this little ditty a couple of days ago. Canada Post warns it will need a significant cash infusion by the middle of next year to meet pension payment obligations estimated at $1 billion. We keep asking the same question. Why do government employees – at every level of government –  win the lifetime pension lottery just because they worked for the government? It just does not make any sense.

Listen for the rumors that will begin shortly. To save money home mail delivery will be cut to alternating days or one or two days a week. All to pay – forever and ever – government pensions. 

Notre Montreal! Let’s take our city back!

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Target, Knockout & 50 Years

The Headline: Target Is Off Target

Target stores in Montreal are not doing well. Their total profit dropped 47% as a result of poor sales in Canada. Target is blaming us Canucks saying we don’t know how to shop! Hello?? Who doesn’t know how to walk into a store to buy a pair of socks?

What they are not saying and which we have heard many times, is that the shelves are not stocked. Read: They are empty.  How do they expect sales when there’s nothing to buy? May we suggest that they find out who the merchandiser is and follow that person. They may find that the job is not getting done. Duh.

The Headline: The Old What Did Harper Know and When Did He Know It Trick

The RCMP has now taken charge of the Duffy, Wright, Harper affair. We will jog your memory. Harper says he did not know that Nigel Wright, his ex-chief of staff, wrote a cheque of $90,000 to Duffy to cover his housing expenses. Emails differ from Harper’s story. Mr. Wright said in a Feb. 22 e-mail that he had “the go-ahead” on repayment, but that “I do want to speak to the PM before everything is considered final.” An hour later, he wrote in an e-mail: “We are good to go from the PM.”

So did Harper know or not? Is he telling the truth? The RCMP are relentless and will eventually get to the bottom of the story. What we want to know is why people write potentially incriminating emails knowing they will be found. Pick up a phone and talk. Unless of course you are a Nixonite and recording all your conversations. In which case you are toast.

The Headline: Time for African-American Leaders to Step up to the Plate

There’s a new game in American cities: knockout. The object is to target unsuspecting pedestrians with the intention of knocking them out cold with one punch.

In the past couple of weeks, Brooklyn residents have been the target of African American teens doing this. Twelve year olds walking home from school punched in the face, grandmothers punched in the head while carrying groceries. Last Sunday night a young man crossed paths with a group of about 10 black males, all in their late teens and early 20s, when one of the group suddenly punched him in the face. No words were exchanged but the punch was videoed, which in the end is the object of the game. 

As victims came forward, the police finally realized that something serious was going on. There was a meeting of minds between the black and Jewish community in Brooklyn to try and stop this ‘game’. It has also come out during the week that this ‘game’ is taking place in many American cities.

Where are the leaders of the black community? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Barack Obama? Why are they not stepping in front of a microphone and condemning these attacks? Why aren’t they going into high schools and telling their children this is not the way a civilized society behaves. And then tell them how one does behave.

Bleeding heart liberals best not come forward excusing the poor children who are sucker punching innocent victims because they have no father or are poor or had a bad life. When do people become accountable for what they do? As the first black president,  Barack Obama has failed his own extended family and done precious little to teach them right from wrong. He’s so busy with obamacare that he forgot where he came from. Feh.

The Headline: Oops – Boeing 747 Lands at the Wrong Airport

A Boeing 747 jumbo jet that mistakenly landed at a small Kansas airport not far from the air force base where it was supposed to land has, on its second attempt, successfully reached its destination. The 747-400 landed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita some time after 2 p.m. ET Thursday after spending the first part of the day on the runway at Col. James Jabara Airport, where it had mistakenly landed the night before while on its way to McConnell to deliver parts for Boeing’s famed new 787 Dreamliner.

Could someone please pass the pilot the compass on their iphone. Obviously the one on the plane doesn’t work properly.

The Headline: Rob Ford Strikes Again

A trainer who consulted with Rob Ford as recently as Tuesday night on a health “game plan” was convicted in the U.S. for steroid trafficking and is currently in the midst of a 12-year ban from coaching in Canada for administering steroids. Ford says he is working with a team of ‘professionals’ about his weight and no, he is not in any alcoholic treatment program. 

His trainer says Ford’s problem is what he eats. Oy.  The best that Toronto can hope for is that he spends lots of time in the gym. At least he will be away from the media.

The Headline: JFK – 50 Years

Friday, November 22, 1963: Doctors pronounced the President dead at 1:00 pm central time. Two hours and eight minutes after President Kennedy was shot on Elm Street in downtown Dallas, twenty-seven people crowded into Air Force One’s stateroom to witness Johnson’s swearing in.  Lady Bird Johnson stood on Johnson’s right, a dazed-looking Jackie Kennedy stood on his left.

He repeated the 35-word oath, in a low, broken voice: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  The new president ordered the plane and its grief home to Washington.

Monday, November 25: The funeral caisson was followed by Black Jack, the riderless horse symbolizing the fallen master. Black Jack was generally known to be calm and settled. During his career, he participated in more than 1,000 funerals. That day he bucked and misbehaved through the entire procession.

An estimated 1 million people lined the streets from the Capital to Arlington National Cemetery. They were silent and still as statues.

Shortly before midnight at the White House, once Charles de Gaulle had left and the Duke of Edinburgh had left – once everyone had left, Bobby Kennedy turned to Jackie and asked, “Should we go visit our friend?” Jackie took some lilies of the valley from a cup on a hall table, and the brother- and sister-in-law drove back to Arlington, which was now empty and dark. 

No matter what Kennedy did or did not do as a President, no matter if he was good or not that great, America forever lost some of its innocence that day. Let’s hope the 50th anniversary of that day passes quietly and with dignity.

Notre Montreal!

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Weasels, Glitches & Train Wrecks

Headline: Couillard The Weasel: Did you feel the bump? Philip Couillard, the weasely  leader of the liberal party just threw you under the bus.

To garner votes in the the Quebec hinterland, he changed his ‘over my dead body’ charter tune. Last week he said no one in Quebec should be prevented from working for the state due to religious convictions. Today he ran into a rat-hole somewhere and came out singing a new song. Police officers, judges and prison guards have to follow the no hijab, kippah etc business.

Last week, the only muslim woman in the national assembly,  Fatima Houda-Pepin called Couillard on his statement that his party would decide if they would allow a muslim woman in a chador in their party. Fatima had a huge temper tantrum and publicly wiped the floor with Couillard. Instead of actually being the leader of the party, he caved in. Can we talk?

Couillard set himself up. When was the last time you saw a woman in a chador except in a shopping mall, let alone in the national assembly. Now he had to save face, which he did not and give in to Fatima. Everyone was afraid the Liberals were weak and now we know it’s a fact. Ladies and gentlemen – we are on our own. 

Headline: from the London Telegraph: Crack-smoking, binge-drinking mayor Rob Ford says he is ‘not perfect’ but denies he has an alcohol problem. Proud to be a Canadian, eh?: Good thing you were not in Ford’s way yesterday. En route to deck someone he thought was ‘harming’ his brother Doug during a council meeting, he had a head-on collision with an older woman (a city councilor no less). She went flying (you could imagine hehehehehe) and wouldn’t you know it, Ford himself caught her, but not before she smashed her lip.

Today’s Ford train wreck has two chapters: He was interviewed on the Today show and Matt Lauer, the host asked Ford what he would have done if he had been in one of his drunken stupors and someone called at 3:00 am telling him that there had been a terrorist attack in Toronto. Ford had no answer because there is no answer and that’s the reason he should step aside.

Tonight Jason Kenney, Canada’s Immigration minister and obviously spokesperson for the Prime Minister, said in parliment, “I think Mr. Ford has brought dishonour to public office and the office of mayor and his city and he should step aside.” Get in line. It ain’t over cause the fat mayor didn’t sing yet.

Headline: Obamacare’s Never-ending Computer Glitches: Although Obama is ‘confident’ that his computer system will eventually succeed, he conceded that they will have to remarket and rebrand to bring back the public’s confidence in the program. He sent out the big gun today – Michelle. Seems that all this bad publicity is also bad for donations to the Democratic party. Michelle didn’t hold back – does she ever?? – write big checks.

Headline: 50 Years Since the JFK Assassination: This Friday, November 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. It happened on Friday, November 22, 1963.   We were in gym when the news hit. Where were you?
Instead of going into the story, which one can read all over the internet, we’ll recap the main players (aside from JFK and his wife Jackie) for those who were born after or who need a refresher.

John Connally had been governor of Texas for 10 months at the time of the presidential visit. He and his wife, Nellie, were seated in the front of the Kennedys’ limousine in the motorcade. Connally sustained bullet wounds to his chest and wrist and was admitted to hospital in critical condition, but survived. He died in 1993.

Lyndon Johnson was vice-president of the United States. He and his wife, Lady Bird, participated in the motorcade in a separate car. Johnson automatically became president of the United States after Kennedy’s death, but could not execute any of his presidential authority until he had taken the oath of office. He did so on board Air Force One before the entourage returned to Washington, flanked by his wife and Jacqueline Kennedy. He died in 1973.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a former Marine who was employed at the Texas School Book Depository. He was reported missing from work shortly after the assassination and was arrested at the Texas Theatre following the shooting death of police officer J.D. Tippit.

Oswald was charged with murder in both deaths. He told reporters that he denied both charges and referred to himself as “just a patsy.” He was shot and killed by Jack Ruby while he was being escorted out of the Dallas Police Department during his transfer to county jail on Nov. 24, 1963.

Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald at close range while Oswald was being transferred from the Dallas Police Department to county jail. Oswald died from his wounds. Ruby said he had killed Oswald to spare the Kennedy family from having to return to Dallas for a trial. He was convicted of murder, though the conviction was later overturned on appeal. He died in 1967 while awaiting a second trial.

Abraham Zapruder very nearly didn’t have his video camera with him when he watched the Kennedy motorcade drive through Dealey Plaza, but his assistant persuaded him to go back to his home to get it. He shot a 26-second film of the motorcade’s trek down Elm Street, capturing the assassination on tape. His film was used as part of the investigation and he sold the rights to Life Magazine, which reproduced some of the frames as stills. It wasn’t publicly seen in its entirety until it was aired on Good Night America in 1975. Zapruder died in 1970.

Breaking News:  The company that owns Ogilvy’s and Holt Renfrew is going to combine the two stores into one.  Holts will be moved into Ogilvy’s, and Ogilvy’s will be expanded into the building that used the house the Hotel de la Montagne. It will be called Ogilvy’s. Wonder how many people are going to lose their jobs?

Poll Question: Where were you on November 22, 1963?

Reminder: Notre Montreal Rally this Thursday November 21 – noon – McGill College and de Maisonneuve. LET’S TAKE BACK OUR CITY!

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Chutzpah, The Launch & A Muzzle

Finally an institution with chutzpah has stood up and gone eyeball to eyeball with princess pauline and her little missives. The Jewish General hospital said it exactly as it is and we quote: …the plan by the current Government of Quebec to ban overt religious symbols in the clothing of healthcare employees is discriminatory and deeply insulting to public-sector workers.

They went on to say that…“Since the bill is inherently prejudicial, there is no point in taking advantage of any clause that would grant us temporary, short-term relief.”

What is not included in ‘short-term relief’ is the fact that institutions like the Jewish would not be allowed to hire anyone with a yarmulka or hijab during their ‘relief’ period. What we want to know is what the princess would do when and if large institutions completely ignored her – law and all. Come in with police and haul doctors wearing kippas out of the operating room? Small minds think that if they don’t tell you the whole story you will just buy whatever they are selling. Perhaps that’s true in point au pic where they are still asking why they are paying federal taxes.

Marois and Rob Ford are making Canada look like the Cuba on a good day.

And speaking of Montreal – hold this date: Thursday November 21 noon at McGill College and de Maisonneuve. At long last Notre Montreal is launching.

What, you ask, in Notre Montreal? Something you should be involved in. Physically it is a pin depicting a new flag for Montreal. In reality it is an inclusive symbol created for everyone who loves Montreal to celebrate and protect an economically strong and multicultural city that is open to the world.

The Jewish General Hospital opened the door to publicly ignore the charter. Now we can all actually do something about it. Being the hermit that we are, we checked the weather for Thursday – zero chance of rain. 

There’s a great news show on every morning called Morning Joe featuring Joe Scarborough and some very heavy hitters in the news world. Everyday this week they have started their show with a Rob Ford clip. Everyday this guy outdoes himself from the day before.

Yesterday paled in comparison to what he said today, which absolutely cannot be repeated here. It was, as my late friend’s mother was wont to say, dizguzting. To top it off, he paraded his wife out when he apologized, yet again, for his totally and completely out of control behavior. Before he gets ‘help’, someone should put him out of his misery and buy him a muzzle. And his wife? Can we talk? He either bounces her off walls or she’s a Russian who slaps him around with a frying pan. Nothing in between.

In case you didn’t know, CNN and every other major news organization worldwide is covering every press conference live. Yes, Blanche, they break from their regular programming to cover what Ford has to say the moment he says it.

We could not resist this: Bill Clinton said President Obama should keep his promise and let people keep their health plans. Next Toronto’s mayor will ask President Obama two questions, what was he smoking when he made that promise and does he have any left. Hehehehehe.

When we went to school everyone bought Scholastic books, the world’s largest publisher of children’s educational reading.
Well, that changed this week. They claim that ‘accidentally’ they printed a book with a map of the middle east – completely elimanating Israel. Don’t support them.

Of all the countries sending ‘aid’ to the Philippines, one country will actually make a difference there – Israel. The Israeli army dispatched a mission consisting of 148 specialists who will provide medical as well search-and-rescue services in Tacloban, the Philippine city worst hit by last week’s deadly storm. An advanced multi-department medical facility, equipped with approximately 100 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel, will be rapidly established in the city of Tacloban to provide medical care for disaster casualties.

How is it that Israel always knows how to get to the people who need help and the united nations just can’t get it right, after paying out gzillions and gzillions of dollars to their ‘experts’. Can you say corrupt?

Here’s one contract that you want: fixing the cracks the beams holding up the Champlain bridge. According to government sources, work will be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the current problem is fixed. What they really should have said was that work will be done for the next 10 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until a new bridge is built. Overtime and double overtime for Jean Guy and his friends. Fort Lauderdale here we come!

Notre Montreal!

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Scary Drivers, Bobbleheads & Our Own Little Poll

This afternoon, an 80 year old woman hit the gas instead of the brakes and plowed into a daycare center. Mercifully no children were killed.

Can we talk? How many times have you seen elderly people shuffling to their car, looking as though they can barely find their way out of an elevator, let alone get behind the wheel. Once they find their vehicle, till they get in, get the seat belt on, start the car and begin to drive it can take 10 minutes. How, we are constantly wondering, do these people renew their drivers license? Doesn’t anyone check to see if they have any peripheral vision left? Or if their reflexes are working at all?

From today’s accident it would seem not.

Who would you rather have for your premier – the crack-head Rob Ford or the racist princess pauline?

That was the question Sugar Sammy put out in on his facebook page two days ago. His post went viral and he received so many nasty messages that he had to take it down.

We will do a poll which you can answer and we won’t go viral, nor will we shut down. Here’s what we thought: We would much rather have a crack-head than a racist leading us. At least the crack-head can go to rehab. The bigot is bigot forever.

Ah, yet another blatant fabrication by princess pauline and her little missives.The public is ‘invited’ to submit written briefs on the secularism charter bill, that will go to public hearings in the new year. People have until December 20th to submit their brief either by email or mail.

Really and truly – do you think that if you write something negative it will actually get published? If you do, we have swampland for you in Mississippi. We are as close to living in a banana republic as one can get without the formalities.

And while we’re on the subject of total idiots, here’s a good one for you. This past weekend at their convention, the PQ’s national council overwhelmingly adopted an “emergency”  resolution to require the party’s candidates to sign a “solemn” pledge that if elected, they will not wear ‘conspicious’ religious symbols in the national assembly.

We may stand corrected, but it seems that in the national assembly there is only one face color – white. And since 1970 there have been more than a thousand PQ candidacies for the Assembly. Not one of those candidates has worn a religious symbol.

Who are they kidding? At this point we can’t even believe that the white, roman catholic french Canadian farmers buy this stuff.

President Obama lied.  He claimed over twenty stacks of bibles that Americans would get to keep their health plans once Obamacare went into effect. Not so. Millions of people have received cancellation notices. And as the new plan only accepts about 11 people per day due to never-ending computer glitches, there’s trouble in river city.

Hundreds and hundreds of people stood in line today for hours and hours. Why? Because a Rob Ford bobblehead doll went on sale and everyone wanted one. The doll is not quite a replica of their mayor – it seems they have a vision of what he would look like about 100 pounds lighter. Baboink, baboink, baboink.

What is going on in the Philippines after the worst typhoon in history is unimaginable. And what happens in these corrupt countries is always the same story.

The water and food is sitting somewhere in warehouse but for some reason never gets to the neediest people. Bribes must be given to certain people for things to start moving. The world is asked, as they were for Haiti, to contribute money but the money finds its way into corrupt official hands, again never reaching the people. The united nations are the people to step in here but they seem to be missing in action. These poor people don’t have a chance.

And now for the poll: Which would you rather have as your leader: A crack-head or a bigot?

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Disgusting People, Train Wrecks and Fat Thighs

So the charter was tabled today in the Quebec National assembly. The new title is so ridiculous it is not even worth repeating.

We found the day to be a tad on the depressing side until we heard the new mayor of Montreal, Denis Cordere speak. Instantly we perked up. He outright gave princess pauline the middle finger telling her that Montreal is defined by diversity – it will not be split by diversity. Without plainly saying it, he inferred that Montreal is the economic engine of Quebec and as long as he is mayor it will remain that way. She has met a force to be reckoned with. Let’s wait and see if she or her missives lob a missile back.

In the meantime, have you ever listened to or met such a nasty, vindictive, hate-spewing person as princess pauline? No one is fooled by her twisted words. Ich, ich, ich.

Mayor Rob Ford’s sideshow just keeps growing. Another video surfaced today showing him not three sheets to the wind – but 30 sheets. He was completely and totally inebriated, spewing expletives so fast that when the video is shown, (we did not watch it)  all one hears is beeping.

He obviously has issues far, far beyond drinking and substance abuse. There is no way that he can be running the city of Toronto in any normal fashion. Don’t you feel as though you are watching a train wreck happening before your eyes? The man needs to be hospitalized, never mind rehab.

Here’s how the Jewish World Review described Ford: …Rob Ford has an overeating problem and an alcohol problem and a cocaine problem, which in Canada is known as a hat trick.

The Sochi olympics have finally made it to the news.
Unfortunately the news was not great, no great surprise.

Luge teams at the Sochi Olympic track this week have been hit by electrical failures, disrupting their training and hotel living. USA Luge was in the middle of a training session Monday when power at the track was lost. Although it was a daytime session, power is still critical for timing and safety purposes.  Canadian coaches and athletes said they have been dealing with power and water interruptions as well, and have resorted to using candlelight in their hotels at night.

Today a three-man crew took the Olympic torch to the International Space Station on a Russian rocket on Thursday, ready to send it on its first space walk in a showcase for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Unfortunately they were the butt of many jokes re lighting or not lighting the torch in space, what would happen if they did light it etc. So far, those games are looking like they could be the most expensive fiasco in more than a century.

Guess how old Prince Charles is? He’s turning 65. Imagine waiting 65 years for a job that you may never get? His mother, The Queen is still going strong at 87. As he’s turning pension age, he announced that he will be donating his pension to charity. Doink. Now that’s a no-brainer.

After reading this you will wish you had worked for Michael Bloomberg, New York’s ex mayor. His most-trusted NYPD bodyguards will hit the jackpot when he leaves office next year — retiring with cushy pensions and starting new, high-paying jobs for the billionaire media mogul. A source close to Bloomberg said he gives them plum jobs to keep their mouths shut. Nice, eh?

Most people have heard of Lululemon, the yoga athletic clothing company. While we are not a gigantic person, we are also not petite. Going into a lululemon store is something we avoid as their clothing is made only for thin people. When we sent an email to the company asking if they were planning to make some fuller sizes the response we received was basically tough luck. Ya don’t fit, don’t shop.

Well, they are now in the news again (last year for the mistaken see-through leggings) and just don’t seem to understand consumer relations. When questioned about pilling issues, the founder said that new problems of pilling and sheerness with the company’s yoga pants might be his customers’ fault. “Quite frankly some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for it. It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there.”

We will put it more bluntly: if your thighs are too fat the material will rub and then pill. They claim their yoga pants are not meant for running. We claim that their customers are going to get tired of their attitude. Their stock is down 9% from last year.

Notre Montreal will be launching soon. We will keep you posted and informed.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Blanche Report: Rob Ford (oy), The Senate & A Memorial

Today, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine. This after he lied for months saying a video showing him smoking something was a fabrication. Mysteriously that video disappeared until the Toronto police resurrected it last week using forensic technology.

In his first press conference of the day he admitted that he has been in a drunken stupor more than a few times, cannot remember when he took the crack cocaine, admitted he has a substance abuse problem with alcohol and other drugs and that despite all of this he will not step down as mayor of Toronto.  He’s kidding right? No Blanche, he’s dead serious. For the first three minutes at his second press conference he appeared to be a tad remorseful and had everyone thinking that he would step aside for a while to get some help. Not a chance. He did an about face, basically flipped his middle finger to everyone, turned around and walked back into his office.

Who exactly will be working with him now is anyone’s guess. Only the provincial government can actually oust him.  He’s certainly too big to pick up. Uh, can someone please remind this dude that he’s running the city of Toronto and as such is a public figure who is supposed to be above the law, not below it. We wonder if he’s going to call one of his ‘friends’ to get him a little ‘something’ to calm him down a bit. Oh wait – he said he’s not going to do that anymore. Riiiiggghhhttt.

Last night in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus New Jersey a man fired multiple gunshots. It’s a mall that we frequent, that many people we know frequent.

At 9:30 pm, just as the mall was closing, people heard shots being fired. One can only imagine what they were thinking – Nairobi Kenya and the West End mall attack. People ran for cover anywhere they could, waited until the police told them it was safe to come out and were escorted outside.

The perpetrator was a 20 year old male who legally owned a gun which he sawed off to resemble a machine gun. Sick, sick, sick. When will the United States get it? When will senators and congressmen and women stand up, once and for all to the NRA? When will money not mean more than a life?

The senate scandal is over for now. Tonight, in an unprecedented move, three of its members — Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau — were tossed out of the chamber, cutting their salaries and use of office resources. The suspensions are to last for the remainder of the session, likely until the next federal election in 2015. It is the first time in Senate history a senator has been sanctioned in this way over expenses without being convicted of a criminal offense.

If the last time you flew you felt a bit tighter in the seat, it’s because the airlines are making those seats smaller. You don’t have to go on a diet.

To put things into perspective: A movie theater seat is 25 inches wide; a seat on a train is 20.5 inches; a stadium seat 19 inches. A seat on an airplane – where you can find yourself sitting for six or so hours – 17 inches wide. Blanche go git the spanks. We’re gonna havta sit in dose skinny seats on da plane, ich. And Blanche, don’t be makin any samwiches fer da trip. No eatin on da plane or ya won’t fit in da seat.

New York city has a new mayor. Yup, Michael Bloomberg is gone. His name is Bill de Blasio, and he’s a Democrat. He is married to an African American and was able to connect with an increasingly diverse electorate. One such way was to electrify voters with a television commercial featuring his teenage son, Dante, who has a towering Afro.

Chris Christie, a republican, has been re-elected governor of New Jersey. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 700,000, Mr. Christie won decisively, making impressive inroads, exit polls found, among younger voters, blacks, Hispanics and women — groups that Republicans nationally have struggled to attract.

On the first day of the Hebrew day of Kislev (this year Monday November 4)  was the yarzeit of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivky Holzberg, Chabad emissaries and four other holy Jews, who were murdered in Mumbai five years ago.

What made this year especially poignant is the fact that the Holzberg’s young son Moishy is now old enough to say kaddish (the special prayer recited for the dead) for his parents, which he did yesterday. Not much to say except that G-d should never take His eyes off that little boy.

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Special (and short) Blanche Report on Municipal Elections

Although Denis Cordere is the new mayor of Montreal he is certainly not the most popular with only 32% of the popular vote. As of this writing, it does not look as though he will have a majority in council as 33 seats are needed and so far he has 27 seats with most of them counted.

Melanie Joly, who was not asked to participate in the first debate, came in second with 26.5% of the vote. Imagine that, eh?

Louise Harel, the beauty who wanted a municipal language police in Montreal lost her seat.

William Steinberg was re-elected mayor of Hampstead with all but one of those he endorsed. Ari Kugler lost to Warren Budning.

A rather unsavory campaign was run in Outremont. It seems, shall we say politely, that not all of the ‘tribe’ wanted Mindy Pollack to win her seat. Despite trying to smear her, she won.

More details in Tuesday’s blog along with some exciting news.

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The Blanche Report: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE

So the municipal elections are finally upon us  – this Sunday to be exact. No matter what the weather, no matter how much you like or dislike who is running, it is your duty to vote.

There were certainly a few memorable moments floating around during the weeks leading up to the election. Bergeron’s idea of putting streetcars back on the streets of Montreal is certainly up there. Cordere’s dude – an ex Mayor Tremblay man –  who is now under investigation for fraud, was also a winner.

So is the idea of building a $27 million underground hockey arena in the little town of Hampstead, mercifully not presented by the incumbent mayor. He has his feet firmly planted on terra firma.  If that arena ever materialized, every house in that area would be paying about $700 per year for 20 years. Ouch. Watch out what who you vote for. Ya never know what will follow such extravagant dreams – always with OPM – other people’s money. Same old, same old even if the face is new.

Why is it that politicians think they are above the law? Remember a few months ago there was a video allegedly showing the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, shall we say, sniffing something that wasn’t roses? And then remember that mysteriously if you are the police or miraculously if you are Rob Ford, said video vanished? Well, it has resurfaced. Toronto police announced on Thursday that they had recovered a video that is alleged to show the city’s mayor, Rob Ford smoking something – and it wasn’t cigarettes. Uh oh. Twouble coming.

Seems that the digital video file was recovered through a forensic examination of a hard drive recovered during an investigation of Ford’s driver (of a car that is).  Mr. Ford was indignant when the press tried to ask him questions. He’s carrying on as though nothing happened. He could have the mother-of-all-sense of entitlement.

This weekend, the Conservative party is having a huge convention.
Unfortunately for Prime Minister Harper, they may be clapping for him, but they are also talking about him. He thought that by this time, the three senators (Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau) would have been long gone from the senate. Things did not pan out as he planned because Duffy is fighting like a maniac.

We decided to find out what purpose the senate fills in our lives. In a nutshell, they help make and form the laws we live by. Pretty important, n’est pas? So what’s the problem with the senate?

It’s a place where, if your friend gets elected to a high office and you supported him for years and years, he gives you a prize – a senate seat. It’s a lifetime job with a nice salary and even nicer perks. What can be done about this patronage? Make sure that senators are elected just like everyone else is. Until that happens, we will have scandals like the one we are witnessing now.

Edward Snowden has a job. Although we don’t know where exactly in Moscow it is, one thing we can say with certainty – it’s in the computer industry. (Rocket scientist, n’est pas?) He still lives a life that we wouldn’t want for half a second. He has to sneak out of his guarded, secret location only at night and often in disguise, as he still fears that he will be snatched by the Americans.

And while we are on the subject of Snowden, we must say that he’s becoming a real pain. He is slowly leaking out the National Security Agency secrets, tidbit by tidbit, the latest one that the Pope was spied upon. Here’s the deal: There are some very bad people out there who want to harm us – the infidels. Without being able to listen into their conversations, the good guys would be really behind the eight ball. Yes, the NSA went to far and the government has admitted such.  Nonetheless, Snowden is wreaking havoc, causing the left of left Obama to begin apologizing to those who may not exactly be our friends.

For the umpteenth time we are pointing out that the Sochi olympics, which are now less than 100 days away, seem to be the best kept secret of the decade. Why is no one talking about them?

Keep your eye on Hillary Clinton. She’s been speaking all over the place at a cool $200,000 – $250,000 per gig, slowly amassing a small fortune. As well, it just came to light that all of the senate democratic women have written her a letter encouraging her to run. One thing we can say for sure – she’s one shrewd politician with a new haircut. Hehehehe

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