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Today’s 1st Anniversary? Pasta-Gate. And Now We Have Facebook-Gate…

So whadda ya think? Marois and her losers are all on one page or there is dissension in the ranks? Does the OQLF – office de la langue francais follow up every nutball who rats on their fellow citizen? Are all the bureaucrats who work for the government mindless robotic idiots? Hard to tell.

The most recent business to get one of those  famous OQLF letters is in a place called Chelsea Quebec. Not enough French on her facebook page. Yup, you read that right. They’ve started spying on your facebook page.

If we were that woman we would call every newspaper in the United States, CNN and Foxnews and tell them she has a follow-up to pasta-gate. It’s called facebook-gate. Finally,  we would tell princess pauline to take the letter and put it where the sun don’t shine. The businesswoman will get fines? Keep sending them to the US media. One thing the princess doesn’t like is looking like she’s a crazy fanatic. Hmmmm.

We don’t want to bust your bubble, but better you know this little tidbit of information. Remember the hoopla when Target announced it was coming to Canada? Guess what? We’re never getting the great prices they have in the Target stores in America. You can figure out the reasons yourself: taxes, duties, shipping take your pick. The bottom line is that we were hosed big time.

Not only that, but someone didn’t do their homework before coming here. It was only after all the stores were opened that they found out importing goods here was complicated, resulting in empty shelves. Don’t you wonder which genius executive, getting a hefty six figure salary no doubt, couldn’t open up a computer and do some research? Of course it’s the least of our problems, but nonetheless it stinks.

We would like to make mention of a very small editorial in the paper today. Yes Blanche, the English paper. We must give credit where it is due – to Blanche’s brother! What happens if Hy Smith walks into a store and the owner says Bonjour Hy!

For those Americans reading this, the newest idiotic edict from the brainless government here is that Bonjour Hi will no longer be allowed because hi is an English word. Of course the minister for Montreal Lisee says it won’t happen. They keep playing this game. Someone from the government says something and someone else says the opposite. As we stated at the top, not sure what’s really going on here.

So will Hy and the owner both go to jail? If so they will be in good company with the Jewish brain surgeon who wouldn’t take off his kippah.

Things are definitely heating up in the Ukraine and Russia.
Putin is not liking what’s happening there and has brought out the troops – literally. They are hovering around the Crimea along with planes and other things necessary to squash those in Kiev who have ousted his friend Yanukovych.

As we said in our last report, Yankovych is holed up somewhere in a sanatorium in Russia no doubt guarded by Putin’s army. It was reported today that the Russian troops stationed in the Crimea were told to send their families home. Doesn’t bode well for the simple people who are home.

There was a poll taken among democrats as to who they would like to see running for President in 2016. Hillary won with 82% of dems in her favor. Of course she’s not exactly running against a genius – Joe Biden thinks he also wants to run. We looked up Bidenisms and reams of his gaffes came up. We picked one: You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.” But then we found this one and couldn’t resist: “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.” –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair… Not much more to say here.

We will leave you with something to think about. Last week when Canada’s men’s hockey team won the gold medal, Marois could not bring herself to congratulate them properly. She could only congratulate the men’s hockey team, omitting the word Canada. Well, last night some of those players were playing hockey here in Montreal. Before the game they were introduced and guess what happened? All 20,000 people present at the Bell center sang the Canadian National Anthem in both English and French without anyone leading them. Despite the government’s attempt to divide the population, it seems some of them still have their wits about them.

If you have a second tonight, go to facebook and type in Quebec Government London Office. You will notice that the site is 100% in English. Quel Horreur! Now click like. On the left side you can comment on why it’s ok for their site to be in English for business and not even bilingual. Have a good time.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk

It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

The Bank of Montreal and The Boston Consulting group said that Montreal needs more control over its affairs if it is to thrive. No kidding. Someone needed to make a study to figure this out?

They concluded that over the past 15 years, the GDP is over 30% lower than other major Canadian cities and the unemployment rate is 2% higher. One of the recommendations is that Montreal should be given control of its infrastructure, urban development and income sources, including having special taxation powers, similar to those of Toronto.

Can we talk? Does anyone think that madame marois and her narrow-minded missives give a rats about Montreal? Only if it furthers their own agenda. If not ladies and gentlemen, go buy a life jacket cause she doesn’t care if we fall into the St. Lawrence. In fact, she would probably stand there and sneer while we all got wet. Ich, ich, ich.

Finally, at long last something has come back to bite princess pauline in her behind.
Remember two years ago when she marched proudly with the student group Asse? When she proudly wore their red patch and banged pots and pans with them to denounce the Liberal government wanting to raise tuition from $2,168 to $3,793 between 2012 and 2018. Those protests brought down the government.

Well Blanche, that same group is still around and they don’t like the charter of values that the princess has tabled. The group has issued a statement calling the charter a “smokescreen” that aims to “hide austerity measures” adopted by the PQ government.

It gets better. The group said that they will oppose Marois and all austerity measures in the next provincial election. They would not divulge what measures they plan to take to express their opposition to the PQ. However they have scheduled a rally against the charter and its “underlying racism” on March 21 and another larger protest on April 3, likely just days before a provincial vote.

Let’s see now, whadda ya think? Is that pinched ugly face is going to march with them? What’s she going to do? Call out the army? Pass a law that they can’t protest? This is going to be a very interesting showdown to watch. Stay tuned. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Former president Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev on the weekend, by helicopter no less. He obviously knew the jig was more than up. No doubt his dear friend Valdimir (Putin) is helping him hide somewhere. Do you think Putin is also nervous now that his friend is wanted for murdering civilians last week? Of course Putin is much better insulated than his Ukrainian friend, but nonetheless he has to be looking over his shoulder.

Some people never grow up. One such individual is Jane Fonda. She’s almost not worth writing about except that we were duped by her years ago and now she’s whining about getting old – it’s enough to bring out the big barf bag.

Remember her exercise video many moons ago? The one where she said just do what I do and you’ll look like me! Surprise. She was taking all kinds of pills and who knows what else to keep her looking the way she did. That exercise video was nothing more than a money-making machine for her. Now she’s crying cause she’s getting old? If someone can tell me one thing she did to better this world – for real and not to serve her own purpose we’ll eat our hat.

In case you were wondering, winter is still here in all its glory. It’s freezing cold again and getting colder. To make matters worse, the weather wondermen are predicting a particularly cold spring, with winter lingering around far too long.

One of the sidebars of such a winter are potholes. We happened to be in New York the past couple of days and encountered one pothole so big that we thought our teeth were going to fall out. In another instance, there was a giant pothole  off an exit that it caused a massive traffic tieup on the 87.

Lest we think that here in Montreal we are king of potholes, know that these road craters are everywhere.

Slip Slidden Away…

The PQ finally revealed their budget today, but the election is still not called.

Remember two years ago when the Liberal government tried to raise the tuition for university students? Well, in this budget the princess raised the tuition of babies. $7  day care will go to $8 this year and $9 next year. Whadda ya think? The two-year-olds will start wearing a red patch like marois? They’ll take to the streets like marois? Start banging pots and pans like marois? No, but maybe their parents will. Hey – they should call marois for tips on how to demonstrate as she was right in the thick of things then. What a fool.

They also ticked off doctors who have a signed contract with the government that they are to get a 9% increase annually. Today they found out it will be a measly 3%.

Then of course they said they would balance the budget by 2016. Today we were walking on Park Avenue and some very interesting dudes walked past us. The whiff they left behind almost made us as high as they were. It’s obvious that princess pauline and her missives are smoking something as strong, if not stronger.

We heard a very astute political pundit say that unless the government showed some restraint, Quebec was about to be downgraded in New York. That would mean the interest rates would rise and the world would not look at us favorably. Doink! New York and the rest of the world already figured out Marois and her missives long ago.

Canada’s women’s hockey team won the gold medal today as did Canada’s women’s curling team. Hockey we understand. Curling? Ever pick up one of the stones that they throw? Guess what? They’re stones and weigh a ton! Kudos to all of them.

Remember we told you that Hillary looked great? Uh oh. There’s a picture of her today with a subtitle about how haggard she looks. If she does choose to run for president, she better have a very thick skin. I don’t recall too many male presidential candidates under such a close microscope, do you? Isn’t it about time people started looking at the brains of a person first as opposed to their physical appearance every second? Baby, we’ve got a long way to go. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. For the Americans in the audience, the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

What is happening these days in Kiev in the Ukraine has been simmering for a long time. Although communism fell decades ago, it has not fallen out of the heads of those who run the country. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with Putin in Sochi to discuss the Kiev issue. It’s pretty obvious what the result of their talks was.

The people were promised change by their president and not only did he not deliver, he bulldozed everyone in his quest to solidify his own personal power. It will take many generations to change the mindset of communism and many lives will be lost in the interim as we are witness to in the past couple of days. Or, as in middle east countries, things will just never change. Time will tell.

You’re gonna love this. Guess what Posh Stow and Go is? You’ll never guess in a million years. It is New York’s first members-only day storage and bathroom facility, with memberships that allow you to pay-as-you-poo – pardon us. Hehehehehehe. Keep on reading.

Posh Stow and Go’s facilities include private powder rooms with automatically flushing toilets, as well as some individual, soundproof rooms with luxury showers. Here’s how it works: You pay a $15 annual fee, then you choose a “package plan” in various increments: $24 for three days or $60 for ten days, for example. It’s really geared for tourists who are petrified to use any loos in New York. As a loo aficionado we’ll give you a tip. Hotels have the best loos and there are tons of hotels in New York. Unless of course you decide that you need a shower punkt in the middle of the afternoon.

And speaking of germs, here’s something to think about next time you fly.
Avoid the coffee and tea on airplanes. EPA tests have shown high amounts of bacteria in airplane water tanks. The problem is, coffee and tea onboard is often made with…you guessed it, airplane water. Unfortunately, those drinks usually aren’t hot enough to kill the bacteria. Ich.

Watch out for the ice tomorrow morning. Supposed to be freezing rain all night. Slip slidden away… like our beautiful city.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk

Bye Bye Miss American Pie…(and chocolate cake)

In our never-ending quest to, shall we delicately say, lose some of our ‘baby fat’ (hehehehe) and of course be healthier (yawn, what else is new), we are embarking on a personal challenge – to be able to bicycle all over Montreal by the summer. That means of course getting into shape and we are not talking pears.

As such, we have asked an exercise aficionado to take us on as a project, kind of like a pet. You know, be strict but don’t beat us, reward when warranted etc. A cheering section from the Blanche Report would be wonderful, although we will not share intimate details such as our weight (perish the thought). Rather, we will keep you abreast of our exercise progress. Should you wish to join this project, feel free to do so in the comments at the end of the email:)

If you believe the polls, Quebec is on its way to being the capital of all the banana republics in the world.
Princess pauline seems to have surged ahead in popularity, seemingly guaranteeing a majority government. This has no doubt put Couillard and the entire liberal party into a major tizzy.

Blanche is not yet panicking. This particular poll is an internet poll, not human to human, much easier to skew. As well, in the last election everyone predicted the liberals would be obliterated and they got 50 seats. As well, no one predicted that the NDP would score so high in Quebec in the last federal election. So we can calm down a bit. However…

If Couillard does not find some leadership skills and a few very capable people to surround himself with in the next very short while, he will take what appears to be a sinking ship to the bottom of the river – with no life jackets. We suggest that he ask our very outspoken mayor, Denis Corderre to help him. Corderre is a seasoned politician and the only one not afraid of Marois. He will not re- act – rather he will go on the offensive. Someone has to take the reigns of the upcoming election race and switch around the dynamics from the PQ to the liberals. If anyone has Couillard’s number, could they please call him and give him this message?

What’s up with CJAD’s website? Were they hacked by princess pauline? They’ve been offline for days and have said almost nothing about it on the air. Strange…

Vice President Joe Biden needs a filter for his mouth. Either that or someone right beside him with a piece of masking tape at the ready. Recently he claimed that if you blindfolded a person and put them in New York’s LaGuardia airport they would feel like they were “in a third-world country.” He may be right but as the vice president of the United States of America one would think that if he needed to make such a derogatory comment, someone in his entourage could have contacted the general manager of the airport directly.

Jinnah International airport in in Karachi, Pakistan is in a third world country and zut alors, has a third world airport, ranking 146 out of 186 in some airport list. So does Ethiopia as it too is a third world country.

If Biden had done his homework, he would have known that La Guardia airport was constructed in 1947 and handles about 25 million passengers per year. How about being that being the cause of most of LaGuardia’s problems — the airport just isn’t equipped to handle the traffic. There’s talk of a $3.5 billion expansion, but that’s a long time away. Best advice for Biden? Stay away and stay quiet.

Be happy you’re not living in New Jersey. Wait! Some people who read this do live there. Well, now you’ll find out why your streets are so slippery. 40,000 tons of rock salt destined for New Jersey is being held up at a port in Maine by red tape. A spokesman for the government said that there was a ship in Maine that could carry the entire load to the Port of Newark within days but could not do so because it did not sail under an American flag.

An old law enacted in 1920 states that any shipment going directly from one port in the United States to another be carried on vessels built in the United States and operated by an American crew.

Ready for the solution? A large barge was dispatched to retrieve 9,500 tons of salt. It will take several trips to transport all 40,000 tons, which could take weeks. Wait – it gets better. Its first trip has already been delayed by a winter storm pummeling New England, forcing the barge to take refuge in Providence Rhode Island.

Can someone please tell Obama to get involved here? What’s he doing anyway? Or maybe Michelle should try to do something. Oh, but that would mean she would have to cover up her arms with a sweater or even a coat, as it’s pretty cold in New Jersey. She must have a coat dawling. Slip sliden away…

Whether or not Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016 something’s up. She obviously had some work done – very well we might add. Plus she changed her hairdo. Everyone is still sitting around waiting to see if Chris Christie will come out of the GWB scandal unscathed. If he does and she runs it’s gonna be lotsa fun to watch.

We’ll talk…

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends (sing along!)

So whadda ya think? The PQ is punishing the Jewish General Hospital for standing up to them when they said they will not follow anything to do with the charter? That it basically won’t exist in their four cubits. Most likely.

One of the headlines in today’s paper was that the city’s cancer care budgets will be cut. The government has ordered the Jewish General and other Montreal hospitals to stop treating off-island cancer patients. The new rules are to take effect on April 1. Rejean Hébert, Quebec’s health minister claimed that the volume of cancer patients at the Jewish General has decreased, and therefore, its budget must be lowered to reflect this “reality.” People are told to go to their local hospital in Laval or the south shore. The health minister claims that they had just as good care as the Jewish.

The director of professional services at the Jewish General suggested that the opposite is true, saying JGH “is currently treating volumes of patients beyond our capacity, and (we) do not have the resources to continue in this manner.” Wonder who you believe, eh?

Despite this edict we can assure you that if Marois or any of her missives were diagnosed with cancer they would take a helicopter to the Jewish to avoid the traffic on the bridges or falling concrete from overpasses. They could not get there fast enough because they know that the Jewish has the absolute best care in the city. It kind of goes with the schooling of many of their children. For the ‘masses’ only French. For the ‘elite’, private American schools to get them ready to tackle the business world, whose language is English.

We have some advice for you. If you have anything but a 514 area code on Montreal you best change your number. Either that or don’t get sick.

Today there was snow in 49 of the 50 states down south. Not storms everywhere, but enough snow to count.  Of course Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico have snow only in higher elevations, but still, it’s snow. Lest you think we are joking, 11 inches of snow piled up in parts of east Tennessee, even into parts of northwest Georgia. Huntsville, Ala. picked up from 4 to 7 inches of snow. No snowplows there, that’s for sure.

Blanche, remember when da infamous mayor Drapeau said “The sun will melt the snow”? Well, his wish finally came true la! Da sun will melt da snow down dere.

Did you know that Scotland is trying to become an independent country? They want to break away from Great Britain and are holding a referendum next September. Our own little princess pauline went to visit the First Minister of Scotland (that’s what he’s called there) because she is so enamored with his separation idea.

Well, today Scotland got a bit of a wake-up call. Here’s the quote: Britain warned Scotland on Thursday it would have to give up the pound if Scots voted to end the 307-year-old union with England, declaring the currency could not be divided up “as if it were a CD collection” after a messy divorce. It’s called a dose of reality. Go find a firm, tight seat belt. This could be coming to a theater near you.

No question that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is a party dude. He wants the bars to open at 6:00 am during the olympic hockey games so people can have fun while watching. Today he bet on the Norway Canada game. If Norway lost he would change his name to Fjiord. Good thing Canada won. Or, if Ford were cheering in Norwegian he would have said stor. (means great in English). There, ya learned something new today:)

An investigative program called Enquête has uncovered a money trail suggesting that almost $1.5 million in suspected kickbacks ended up in Swiss bank accounts of a former Federal Bridge Corporation boss, shortly after SNC-Lavalin was awarded a $127-million contract in 2000 to refurbish Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Let’s guess about other kickbacks say in refurbishing overpasses, underpasses, sidewalks, streets, tunnels, other bridges and anything else you can think of? The question is did these little envelopes stop changing hands or are people just finding other ways of doing business – getting by with a little help from their friends? We think the latter. It is very hard to change a culture that has been ingrained for decades with one inquiry.

Here’s something to ponder: How much money in kickbacks do you think will change hands when they build the new Champlain bridge? That project is a dream come true for lotsa people in the construction industry.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

Let The Games Begin

The olympics are underway and Canada is doing rather well. Problem is there are not very many people in the stands to cheer on the athletes. The organizers are blaming the ‘russian mentality’ for half empty venues. Basically they are last minute people and it ain’t working here. It takes too long to get through security and by the time they do, the events are over.

The other interesting thing to note is that the temperature there is 15 or 16 during the day. In English that’s 60 degrees. Last we looked, these are the winter games. Whadda ya think – someone was paid handsomely by the Russians, aka Putin,  to have the olympics there? Um, let’s see now. Yes.

Fifty years ago last Sunday night we sat in front of our small wooden-boxed TV and watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Fifty years ago! We couldn’t even hear them sing because all we did was sit on the floor and shriek. It wasn’t even that their music was so good. It was their hair, long and almost covering their eyes. A drastic change from the clipped, clean look of the time.

Looking back, those times were as innocent as we were. Remember when you left your house and you were gone? No cell phone, no way of reaching anyone unless you had a dime to make a phone call. But we digress. Truth is, we wouldn’t want to go back there. No time like the present, even if we have to deal with that witch princess pauline.

Ah yes, Pauline Marois – what a fine piece of work she is, eh?  That sick hyena-like laugh she has makes us cringe. Ich.

Her latest edict is forcing people to go to hospitals in their ‘area’. But what if the Jewish General Hospital has the only piece of equipment that can deal with someone’s cancer? Too bad. Die. Can we talk? She is doing this to her own people. She and her missives have proven over and over again that they stop at nothing to achieve the end game.

A while ago we told you what the end game was. Last night we went to an excellent town hall meeting at Federation. The panelists, David Johnson, Lise Ravary and Tommy were articulate and on the pulse of what is transpiring here. The end game? Another referendum. This is their last kick at the can. If they lose it’s over for a few generations. And so ladies and gentlemen, they will go to any lengths – and we mean any lengths – to achieve their goal. The games are just beginning and we all pawns.

Remember our ice storm? It seems that something similar is on its way to Atlanta Georgia. Trouble is they are not equipped at all to handle any ice. The governor learned from the last storm and has already placed much of the state  under a state of emergency. The weather channel is predicting the potential for a ‘historic’ ice storm. Hope someone is telling them to store water, canned goods, batteries and a radio and most importantly, cash. Remember here when none of the ATM machines worked? If you didn’t have money you were a gonner.

Today was Phillip Couillard’s day to shine at the opening of the National Assembly. Unfortunately, before he could even walk through the door, one of his, shall we say, less bright fellow Liberals shot him in the foot.

Verdun MNA Henri-François Gautrin was forced to apologize for saying in an interview that he believes Marois is headed for a majority government victory. He didn’t stop at that statement though. Gautrin said he’s had a look at the electoral map and believes ridings which went to the Coalition Avenir Québec, aka the CAQ, last time will slide back into the hands of the PQ, thus assuring their victory.

If you google this dude he looks like he just came out of a dryer – or a bar. Certainly not the brightest chip in the box. He’s not gunning for Couillard’s job, that’s for sure. Couillard is soon going to be dubbed Joe Biffelstick. That’s the little guy who walks around with a perpetual cloud over his head. Unfortunately for us, Couillard is all we have right now. Toast anyone?

And finally, Shirley Temple passed away today. She’s now sailing on the Good Ship Lollipop…

We’ll talk…

Pauline vs Couillard – Are We Toast?

Welcome to Blanche’s new home! It has been a long time in the making.  My new bff Sarah, (who is the brainchild behind the scenes) and I  are very happy with the results, which we hope you will be too. Blanche, as you can see, is well-dressed, complete with pearls. We love her red hair buffon:)

One of our new features is that you can comment directly on the blog. Blanche definitely wants to hear from her readers. Let her know what you think of her new look dawlings.

It looks like princess pauline is about to call an election. The date? The first day of Passover which is a Jewish holiday.   No mistake here ladies and gentlemen. She and her little missives will stop at nothing to win. They will do anything, including selling their mothers and children to win the election. She has also started to float the independent issue. That’s where her bread is buttered. In the hinterland where they speak zero English, never saw a Jew or an Arab, still don’t understand why they pay Federal tax and think they would do just fine living in a banana republic. True if you want to live in Cuba, which we don’t.

The Liberal leader Phillip Couillard has the personality of a dead fish and unless he has a quick lobotomy, nothing’s changing in the next couple of months. We’re stuck with him – the wrong person at a crucial juncture in our history. He has obviously surrounded himself with utter losers who cannot read between any lines and are dispensing the worst advice possible. The only thing we can do is pray that somewhere there’s a phone booth with someone inside changing getting ready to save us.

The trials and tribulations of the press covering the Sochi games continue. There are some in the media who are making fun of them, saying they are spoiled brats. There’s a big difference between a spoiled brat and someone paying $600 for a hotel room that looks like a war-zone.

Here are a few more tweets:
To anyone in Sochi: I am now in possession of three light bulbs. Will trade for a door handle. This offer is real:

Good news , I have Internet , bad news, it’s dangling from the ceiling in my room…

Still waiting for “preparations” on hotel room to finish. Hoping they’re origami-folding toilet roll, rather than, say, putting the roof on.

It also seems that there are no tourists in Sochi, much to the chagrin of Putin. Between terrorist threats and the tweets about those nasty hotels and stray rabid dogs, who exactly is he expecting there?

Finally, there’s the new terrorist threat on planes: some kind of bomb business in toothpaste. Someone best have a lot of mints if they take away everyone’s toothpaste. Feh.

Don’t get sick in Montreal. And if you do, make sure you don’t have to call an ambulance.
It seems that there aren’t enough of them to go around. Takes them about 20 minutes to get to a call. One minute princess pauline – how about taking that $480 million you earmarked for ‘youth’ and buy some ambulances that may save lives. Oh right, but it won’t get her votes. Never mind. Let them eat cake. Or better, let them die.

Phew – you can rest easy. The city’s construction crews have finished repairing all the overpasses and other places where concrete can fall on your car – G-d forbid. Can we talk? And you believe them? Not for a second Blanche cause it’s the same crews that made the those overpasses and watered down the concrete in the first place. Welcome to la belle province.

There’s a new hotel opening up in London called The Shard. It’s very, very high.
So high in fact that if anything ever happened you best be in good condition to hold onto the rope that the helicopter will be dropping to get you. Plus the entire building is glass – floor to ceiling. If you’re afraid of heights, stay away or buy some eyeshades.

The weather has been such an issue of late we decided to check out the old Farmers Almanac to see what the summer may hold. Guess what? It’s going to be hot with some rain. I’m not a farmer, I don’t milk cows and I can say the same thing. Nothing special there, that’s for sure. There’s one good thing about all this snow and ice and cold. Walking is very interesting – tiptoeing so as not to fall on the ice. That’s gotta be making the muscles in my legs stronger. See, you can always find something good in what appears to be cwappy.

So whadda ya think? We’re toast if the princess calls an election? Or Couillard will be like the scarecrow and get his brain back.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…