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Get Smart Where are You??

Looking for a job? We have one for you. Head of the Parti Quebecois.

There was a new poll done and it seems that only 20% of people in Quebec would vote for the PQ. Ah shucks – not!

This weekend they have a ‘private’ meeting to figure out what went wrong in the election campaign to make their own people run for the hills or Liberals. Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall and watch them duke it out? It’s you, no it’s you, no it’s you.

We say that the buck stops at the head and the head was princess pauline. As the saying goes, when it stinks from the head it stinks all the way down. Ya think she’ll be there? Not a chance.

Finally some really good news is coming out of Montreal’s city hall. Today our mayor Coderre met with Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau and confirmed that a bill will be written giving Montreal special status. What does that mean? Having been part of Critiq, a group that’s focus is the economic re-growth of Montreal,  we have some inside info for you.

Hopefully it will lessen the stranglehold on big companies wanting to send employees here to work. Maybe someone will wake up and realize that those people need to be able to send their children to an English school for the few years they are here. Doink!

It will also mean that if, G-d forbid, we ever have to go through another PQ meltdown/rant, Montreal will not be affected. Those idiotic little missives from the office de la langue francais will no longer have the right to go around measuring pasta words or ice cream flavors on spoons to make sure french is written bigger or to their liking.

May we take this opportunity to suggest that you check out critiq’s website and perhaps join. They have been pushing for city status long before it was a popular thing to do and the more people they have on their list, the greater their influence on those who make decisions.

Traveling by plane from Montreal may get very interesting in the next few weeks.
The ‘unionized’ blue collar workers are not happy with their break time. They get 15 minutes and sometimes it takes them that amount of time to get to a place where they can take a break. Seems there are no little huts along the runways for them to take a snooze. That’s a reason to strike, eh? We wish we worked for a union.

If you haven’t heard of Donald Sterling in the past few days you must have been in Cuba or camping somewhere. He’s the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. He was taped uttering some pretty crude and gross racial slurs. Considering that 75% of all basketball players are African American, he’s not the brightest chip in the box. Goes to show money can’t buy you brains or morals. Lest we digress.

Today he got punished from the league. He was banned from life and has to pay a $2.5 million fine. It was also suggested that the owners get together and ‘persuade’ him to sell the team. For some reason, the media keeps publishing the most awful pictures of this dude. Wait! Maybe he’s not that good-looking to begin with. For sure he farbs (dyes) his hair. Good riddance to him. No loss there.

And now for some travel information. Want to avoid getting pickpocketed? Here ya go:
The Zip It Gear Pocket Sock is a sock created for men and women that has a large enough pocket to hold cash, credit cards, and an ID. The zipper will not set off any metal detectors and is a good spot to hide important items that you wouldn’t want stolen.

The Sanuk Pick Pocket Shoe prevents anyone from stealing your ID or money. The sandal-shoe hybrid contains a hidden pocket that can hold your ID, money, credit cards, or key. You understand that the sole of these shoes comes apart and you store your money there. Get smart where are you?

UnderTech UnderCover Travel Safe Shorts are part of an endless line of pickpocket-proof clothing for men and women. This is in reality a pair of underwear (pardon us, hehehehehe) with 8 hidden pockets. Don’t say we didn’t keep you safe.

The Ukraine is quickly descending into a civil war. One city after the next are being overrun by pro-Russian thugs. It’s getting very ugly over there and we wonder what the 35 or so Chabad houses are doing. They were very successful and very popular. It looks like they may have to leave for a while…hopefully a short while.

Everyone is complaining about our weather. Stop complaining.
Did you see those killer tornadoes in the United States in tornado alley? Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa were all affected. That’s about 70 million people. At least with a snowstorm we have warnings and can sit and watch till it stops. Tornadoes just come in like a speeding freight train so fast that people just have time enough to run for cover in some basement. The pictures show scenes of utter devastation. We hope this ends for them quickly.

We’ll talk…

The Party’s Over

Premier Couillard was not in his post for 24 hours and already there was a demonstration in downtown Montreal. Not just any demonstration though. This was the unions out to give a clear message to the neophyte premier. Don’t try to impose a ceiling on our pensions…or else.

We have said this many times before: What gives unionized employees the right to a lifetime pension, plus their provincial and federal pensions?  Why are they entitled and we are not? And where exactly is this money supposed to come from?

We hope that Couillard will not blink and stand his ground. This province is dead broke – behind the eight-ball $3.1 billion. It  needs a massive boost to get it going again and the crybaby unions are demonstrating? Get a life. No one owes them anything. The party’s over dudes.

In the papers today, many people were bemoaning the fact that Couillard’s new cabinet was only 33% female. “But he said it would be 40% female”, they whined. Is it us or are people just plain dumb?

This is one of the most important cabinets of our lifetime. What is more important: putting the best, most intelligent and qualified people in key positions or putting a woman into a position that she won’t be able to handle? The answer is obvious. Next.

Then there was some brainwave out there who started an online petition that our new health minister, Gaetan Barrette should lose weight. It doesn’t look good that the health minister is fat. Here’s a newsflash: It doesn’t look good when anyone is overweight, especially for the person who is carrying that weight. Does anyone think calling people fat might be hurtful? Does it occur to anyone that perhaps, just perhaps, the health minister, who is a doctor, might actually do a good job and help the health-care system?

What doesn’t look good is when people think they are doing others a favor, publicly no less, pointing out how fat someone is. As the health minister himself said, it is akin to bullying. And bullies are usually people with low self-esteem who must put others down to make themselves feel better.

In case you were wondering what Obama is up to, read on. Truthfully, for this one we are at a loss for words. He was in Japan today and met ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Asimo is a robot. He looks like a robot, acts like a robot and is not a human being. Got that? So what does Obama do? He bows to the robot. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly, Obama bowed to a robot because he was in Japan and that’s what the Japanese do. The the leader of America is pathetic. Good luck to all the winners down there who voted for him.

Everyone with half a brain knows that the ‘peace talks’ in Israel are useless.
Netanyahu obviously has to play the game with Obama or he’ll wind up getting the colder part of the cold shoulder.  Yesterday however, was a game changer.

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah announced  they’ve agreed to reconcile. In case you didn’t know, the Hamas manifesto calls for the total destruction and annihilation of Israel and all the Jews that live there.

Make no mistake. Hamas and Fatah despise each other and would kill each others mother without blinking an eye. There is obviously more to this than meets the eye. Given this, let’s see what John Kerry can come up with next week. We’d like to see the United States negotiate with a country that wants to see them wiped off the face of the earth. Uh, one minute. Obama’s the president, right? Ya never know Blanche.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!!!

Bravo!!!! to our Habs who swept the Tampa Bay Lightening 4 games to zip! We’re going to the second round of the playoffs.

On Sunday night before the third game of the hockey playoffs between Montreal and Tampa Bay, Ginette Reno a very famous and beloved French Canadian singer, came out onto the ice in Montreal wearing a Montreal Canadiens Jersey. It was her first foray singing since suffering a heart attack in January.

She sang with no musical accompaniment, simply belting out O Canada. The first verse was in French and all 20,000 or so fans sang along enthusiastically. It was the second verse of the national anthem, sung in English, that rendered the place deafening. It was as if the population, both French and English, were telling the Parti Quebecois that we live in the country of Canada, in the province of Quebec and are proud of both.

The price of gas in Montreal has risen to 153.4 per liter. For those who don’t quite understand this price, it’s over $6.00 a gallon. We just read some of the excuses: The Canadian dollar has been falling lately; that reduces the buying power of a barrel of oil; the price of oil is going up; Usually, prices go up in the spring, just in time for the summer buying season.

We did a bit of research and found out that in Ontario, where they share the same Canadian dollar and the price of oil is also going up, the price per liter is 111.5, approximately, $4.85 a gallon.

Is it not about time that we stop getting hosed on gas here? We have written this before: when every station changes its prices at the same time to the same price, something is amiss in America. Does Blanche have to be the one to do an undercover expose on the gas prices here or is there a journalist out there who will step up to the plate?

Those lowlifes in the PQ just don’t get it. Those who managed to keep their seats were sworn into the National Assembly in Quebec city today. Before the swearing in they had the Canadian flag removed from the upper chamber. When the Liberals will be sworn in tomorrow, the Canadian flag will be flying proudly.

Blanche, ya think those losers really believe that if they take down the Canadian flag the country will disappear? They remind us of babies who, when they hold their hands over their eyes, think that everyone else can’t see them. Feh.

Did you notice that many election signs are still hanging onto posts? The parties have till midnight tomorrow to take down their signs or we assume they will be fined. The funniest was the green party’s signs, still up two weeks after the election. Green is obviously just a color to them or they would have made sure to get those signs down long ago. They are certainly not saving the world, the environment, the whales or the trees.

Guess which is the worst airline in the US? Spirit. Poor service, poor communication, poor quality. Now read this part: Spirit has become the most profitable U.S. airline in terms of its operating margin and return on invested capital. Spirit’s 16.2 percent margin is highest among U.S. public airlines, as is its 26 percent return on capital.

Guess what Spirit says about the complaints about them? The passengers just have misunderstandings with the airline. Nice, eh? They attract passengers with the lowest prices. And for that you get the smallest seats, the most cramped planes and pay for everything from water, carry-on bags to your seat assignments. Flying just ain’t what it used to be Blanche. Ach.

We’ll talk…

Don’t Let The Door Hit Your A.. On the Way Out

Did you see the picture of princess pauline crying as she gave her final speech? Blanche, pass the extra large barf bag. Many people are softening and feeling sorry for her because she lost not only the election but her own seat.  We should have sympathy for her now that she’s down and out. Here’s a little bulletin for those people: No one should feel sorry for someone who’s sole ambition was to destroy a wonderful place for their own personal, distorted dream  and to be the president of the fiefdom that would result from that dream.

During the 18 months she was in office she had one goal in mind – get elected and call a referendum on the separation of Quebec.  Lying through her teeth saying she wouldn’t have a referendum until the ‘time was right’,  she went about achieving her goal like a bulldozer running over ants. That charter of values was beyond racist. Her absolute disdain for the public and media will go down in history. Now she’s crying? Pathetic.

The only reason she’s crying is because she will no longer be invited to the inner sanctum of those who still harbor their distorted desire.  She will now have to leave that to the lowlifes who led her on the wrong track, Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau. What will she be remembered for? Being a steely, beady-eyed, cold and divisive politician, giving women who aspire to be politicians a bad name in the process. Don’t let the door hit your a.. on the way out.

Yet another piece of concrete fell from an overpass, narrowly missing a car. Some genius from the transport ministry said – and we will quote verbatim: “We’re not talking about structural integrity here, we’re talking about concrete that was on the surface. So if there’s concrete that’s loose, we remove it.” Now don’t you feel much safer?

Mr. Couillard is inheriting much more than 18 months of the princess’s bungling. He’s getting generations of corruption, banana republic construction, kickbacks that boggle the mind and an infrastructure that is collapsing. We do not envy his job one iota.

Let’s say you didn’t like your job and you tried to think of the most idiotic thing you could to get yourself fired. That’s exactly what PKP (Pierre Karl Peladeau) did yesterday. He’s vacationing somewhere in Europe and wrote a column which was printed here in the French papers.  His topic? April 17 should be a day of mourning here because of the signing of the Constitution Act by all provinces except Quebec which took place on this date 32 years ago. The flags should fly at half mast and we should all be mourning.

Whadda ya think he doesn’t want to spend the next four years listening to Jean Guy and his wife Paulette from St.Jerome complain dat da trees in their yard need cutting?

It got even better when his good friend, the interim premier said there was nothing wrong with asking for a day of mourning. The rest of the missives ran as far as they could from PKP. Ya think they can’t stand him and know that every time he makes a statement the popularity of the almost defunct party drops like a stone in the polls? We really wish he would keep dropping these little pearls of wisdom. They are fantastic for us.

Hillary Clinton is going to be a grandmother in the fall.
The truth is, we thought that Chelsea wasn’t even married anymore. Guess we were wrong. In reading the story, we discovered that Chelsea and her husband Marc live in one of the nicest apartments in Manhattan. It cost them a cool $10.5 million and is one of the only apartments in New York to stretch for an entire block, from 26th to 27th street just below Madison. We saw pictures of it and yes, Blanche, it’s for fainting.

After all this time, we realized that Obama is just never going to behave like a president. He just doesn’t get it. He tweeted yet another selfie, this time with Joe Biden. Biden’s a buffoon and Obama is an oaf. What a combo they make. The dynamic duo. Not!

Something very chilling is happening in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, very reminiscent of pre-war Germany .
Jews have reportedly been told to ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces and to provide a list of property they own as well as being ordered to pay a fee or face the threat of deportation.

There are probably a few thousand Jews that live there, as well as a very large and thriving chabad house. In fact, there are 35 chabad houses scattered all over the Ukraine. What will happen to them is anyone’s guess. Truth is, what happened here in Quebec in a few short weeks is nothing short of a miracle. Blanche, you know that G-d does still perform miracles? Our election was supposed to be called for April 14 which would have made it the first night of Passover. As everyone knows, it was changed for the week before, for no ‘apparent’ reason. In the blink of an eye, G-d can make things happen.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Sinking Ships, Sad Days and Breaking Out of Boundaries

You will get much pleasure from this story. Earlier this week Anonymous OpIsrael broke into the Israeli Education Ministry’s website, as well as the websites of the Israel Postal Service and the Central Bureau of Statistics. What did Israel do?

An Israeli Elite Force gained access to the computers of 16 Anonymous members and was able to capture screenshots and photos of the anti-Israel hackers with their own webcams. The Israeli team then published the information in a Dropbox document via their Facebook page, saying, “Anonymous, next time do not mess with us.”

The file included the names of the attackers, their countries of origin, and usernames and passwords to various websites they use. Most participants were based in Malaysia and Indonesia, while others were from Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Hey, one minute,  why didn’t Obama call Israel to help set up Obamacare? Those websites would certainly have run, not better, but just run.  Oh wait. He’s doesn’t like Netanyahu, the prime minister of the only democracy in the Middle East. Pity.  President Obama cannot think out of his own small little cocooned world. And obviously neither can his ‘advisors’.

This Tuesday will mark a sad day in the US. It is the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Who can forget those few days when no one knew who had perpetrated that heinous act?

After looking at 13,000 videos of the event, those in charge identified the two brothers. For a couple of days no one knew where they were. They surfaced at MIT, killing a guard in a bid to steal his gun. The brothers then hijacked an SUV with the police pursuing them. The younger brother ran over his older brother, killing him while managing to escape a huge number of police cars. The search for the last Tsarnaev intensified dramatically. Watertown Mass was flooded with law enforcement conducting a block-to-block and house-to-house search.

The city of Boston was placed under lockdown. People stayed home, hunkered down. The subway stopped running, while the Bruins and Red Sox postponed their games.

The search stretched all day long, continuing into darkness, with no luck. In the end, it wasn’t a cop who found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; it was a guy going outside for a smoke.

The only way to conquer and eradicate evil is with goodness and kindness. If we all do our part, evil will have no place in our world.

We are burying this next piece because we are certain that most Quebecers would rather not see the name Marois again. However, as we said in the last blog, she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What’s the princess doing now? Refusing to transfer power over to Couillard. When the PQ won 18 months ago, Charest did the normal thing, called her up on the night of the election and two days later, poof! there was a transfer of power. The PQ is sneaky and slimy right to the bitter end. The big question is why they are holding off transferring power over to the Liberals?

Our deep throat suggests that perhaps they are, shall we say, getting rid of  (read shredding) incriminating papers, notes etc, anything that they feel will make them look even worse than they do now to the public.

We have a tip for the missives over there. You misread your own people completely. No one is going to be fooled by the machinations you may be up to trying to save yourselves. For the next very long while, your ship has sunk and you’re all on it together. May we suggest you enjoy the ride? Either that, or everyone better have a life jacket cause they’re all going to try to throw each other overboard.

Ok boys and girls, we’re going to have a science quiz. Can anyone give the definition of a total lunar eclipse? Wait a second before reading the next sentence. Maybe you’ll remember – hehehehehehe.  A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the Earth and the moon are in perfect alignment so that the Earth’s shadow completely covers the surface of the moon.

We’re having one this Tuesday night at 1:58 am. So if you’re just finishing your seder or better yet, walking home from a seder, glance up to the sky. You can look at a lunar eclipse, but not a solar eclipse.

Don’t think we are obsessed with the weather, but it’s just been crazy this year. Seems that tomorrow it will be 23 Celsius (in English, about 75 Fahrenheit). On Wednesday it’s going to drop to -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit). We’d say turn the heat off but that’s probably not such a good idea for Wednesday. Blanche, ya think spring is ever going to come? Or are we going from winter directly into summer with the bugs, heat and humidity?

Why must we re-enact our freedom from slavery in Egypt every year? It’s an old story already. Everyone knows that on Passover we were freed from slavery and left Egypt. Here’s a short insight:

The Hebrew word for Egypt is mitzrayim, which means boundaries.

Every year when we re-enact the seder, we are trying to leave our own personal Egypt and boundaries. The boundaries that slow us down, that constrict our spiritual growth, that keep us from reaching out to someone that we know we should. Each person has their own personal boundary.

So how do we leave  Egypt? How do we break out of our personal boundaries? By trying to make ourselves small and humble like the lowly matzah, so we can fit through any bars and fly past any cloud.

May we merit to celebrate Passover in Israel with all of our loved ones, in a world filled with peace, in a world where there is no illness and war will be eradicated forever.

Have a happy, healthy and meaningful Passover,

We’ll talk on Thursday…

Na na na, na na na, hey hey, goodbye

While watching the total meltdown of the PQ, princess pauline and her missives on Monday night, we thought it was as sweet as it gets. We were wrong. It’s getting better by the day.

Today Lisee, one of the main men behind the charter,  said he didn’t really feel comfortable with the it.
Oh really?
Ever hear of the intuition of rats when they know the ship they are on is sinking? He’s a rat. If anyone believes him for a millisecond they belong in his corner. He’s trying to save his himself from being associated with losers and liars. His words are hollow and empty.

Drainville is another one who should sink to the bottom with that ship and another one who now says he always intended to compromise on the charter of values. What a crock. He’s a weasel and trying to save his political skin.

He’s trying to distance himself from one of the most mismanaged political campaigns in history  and doesn’t want to look like one of its main architects, which he was. How will that look when he tries to run for the leadership of that party?

Here’s a little secret for him: Ya can run buddy, but ya can’t hide. Those pictures with him and a beady-eyed smiling marois holding up that famous chart of a kippa, hijab etc will haunt him for the rest of his life.  A picture is worth a thousand words. That picture is worth a million.

Princess pauline herself has been hiding way in a hole (albeit a multi-million dollar one) like a rat for the past three days. She didn’t even surface today for a cabinet meeting to recap the monumental loss of her party. Oh my goodness, could the princess be upset? She is a disgusting human being.  No matter how upset she is, it pales in comparison to what she did to her own people for the past 18 months.

Yesterday we heard  that it was not only the Anglos and Allophones who despised her. Her own people couldn’t stand her holier-than-thou, bow down and kiss my feet  attitude. No one is bowing down and kissing any part of her anymore. Well, except her husband Claude, who it appears  dyes (farbs) his hair.  Not only is he too old to be a blonde, the dye job is bad.  For such a rich guy we wonder if he has a mirror in that condo of his.

And while we’re at it, he doesn’t have enough money to fix his teeth? Maybe he likes to whistle at the princess. Hehehehehe.

Wait Blanche, there’s more good news. Hopefully, our new premier will do away with one of the most stupid, small-minded and ridiculous bureaucrats that we pay for. We are speaking of the missives at the office de la langue francais – the oqlf. Today they got quite the rude awakening.

Best Buy, Costco, The Gap, Old Navy, Guess, Walmart and Curves won an appeal in the Quebec Supreme court allowing them to continue with their current signage. We will remind you of yet another beauty in Quebec, Lise Beaudoin. In 1998 she expressed concerns about that those signs might threaten the French face of Quebec. The only threat to Quebec is her face.

It will be very interesting to see what Couillard does with these bureaucrats. They are nothing more than a blight on earth, serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Pointe finale.

One more sweet little ditty on quebec politics and we’ll move on. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving:)

Today Francois Legault of the CAQ offered Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau to join his party. How nice is that? Just when you thought things couldn’t get any nuttier here, they do. Legault better watch himself. If the people who just voted 70% against any referendum get wind that he’s outwardly moving in that direction, he may have to hook up with the princess and claude in their rat hole somewhere.

First some background on the next piece: Throwing shoes at a politician is extremely offensive in many countries. The bottom line is (pardon the pun) a shoe is dirt and throwing a shoe on someone means throwing dirt on that person.

Ok. Now armed with that information, read on. Hillary Clinton was speaking today at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (probably charging them a cool $250,000 ) in Las Vegas, when someone threw a shoe at her. Not only was she physically quick and dodged it, she was quick on her feet in her retort. Given that, the picture of her on Drudge was b.a.d. Not sure why he’s out to get her, but he is.

We don’t usually comment on the passing of politicians, but today is different. Jim Flahtery, who just a few weeks ago resigned as Canada’s Finance Minister passed away today. What is different about this man was that he was an honorable, dedicated and exceptional servant to his country.  He was liked and respected by everyone – both here in Canada and abroad.

It is very rare when someone who just retired from being a minister passes away and the flags in Ottawa are at half mast, parliament is shut down for the day and the Ontario parliament also closed down. Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP, almost broke down speaking about Flaherty.

Given the low life’s in this province, we can take heart that there were and are still some honest, decent people in government.

As Passover begins on Monday night, we’ll be sending out a Blanche report on Sunday night.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

More Recap and Yes Blanche, There is Other News

Recap of the Election
The body was not yet cold and the vultures were already hovering. We are speaking about the fact that the princess lost her seat last night and before she could go on stage to quit, Lisee, Drainville and Peladeau were all vying for her job.

The consensus seems to be that Peladeau was, shall we say, high on something. He had either been drinking or taking whatever rich, spoiled men take. Perhaps he did the same thing on that fateful Sunday a few weeks ago when he was brought out like a king on a platter. His words and raised fist proclaiming he wanted a country of Quebec for his children was the beginning of the unraveling of the PQ.

Drainville almost blamed money and ethnics for the PQ disaster. He got the crowd yelling we want our country, we want our country. Of the three stooges, he seems to be the most delusional. PKP wants to be the king and Lisee the president of their own little fiefdom. Drainville wants them both beheaded so he can take the reigns. Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall and watch that show? It will probably be a series – hehehehehehehe.

What does a party that got such a beating from their own people do now? Our personal best case scenario is they will simply implode because they won’t be able to find common ground. There are comprised of left of left militants, right sit-on-the-fencers and everything in between. But their biggest issue is that they are all getting old. Young Quebecers  are very aware that the world is a small place. Do these brainwaves think that the youth in this province want to be held back speaking only one language? Hardly. They all use facebook, twitter, snapfish, instagram etc. And they all speak English.

And speaking of English, Couillard held his first press conference today. What a breath of fresh air. The man is normal, something we haven’t seen in a politician here in a very long time.  He spoke about being bilingual. During the campaign he said he had met many, many parents who all want their children to speak both French and English. What a revelation! Not only that, but they want more English in their schools beginning in grade 6. Bilingual is no longer a four-letter word.

Make no mistake. Those who want their own country will find a way to worm their way back up that slippery ladder of separatism. But it will never be the same after this monumental defeat. The people have spoken, very loudly, and made their voices heard. No referendum, no talk of separatism. It’s over for at least four years and, not that we have a crystal ball,  probably for a lot longer than that. Enjoy the peace and quiet for now.
More News
This next piece is nothing short of sweet revenge.
Remember those student riots two years ago? Remember when some of those students got, shall we say a little over exuberant and threw smoke bombs into the metro, causing thousands of people to have to leave the system? Well  today they had to present themselves in court to find out that in July they will learn when their trial will be held. We hope they they are kept tied up in the court system for a very long time.

And speaking of student riots, looks like they may be making a comeback onto the streets shortly.
Obviously the bad weather is keeping the children at home. We heard one of their ‘leaders’ on the radio saying that they still want free tuition and free books. We are guessing that if the government threw in a free car the children wouldn’t object. It is going to be very interesting to see how Couillard handles them. One thing we can say for sure. You will not see him marching on the streets banging pots and pans. What a beauty that pauline was, tabernak.

Oh yes, one more little moment from last night to savor. Both ex student leaders, Martine Desjardins and Leo Bureau-Blouin lost in their seat races last night. Now they have no friends at all. The students think them traitors and the PQ is on life support. Aw – hehehehehehe.

Things are not boding well for that missing Malaysian plane.
The pinging has stopped and if the plane is anywhere in the vicinity of the searchers, it is more than a mile under the water. It will be almost impossible to find it as it is even too deep for even unmanned small submarines. Those devices would have to crawl along the ocean floor and it would be like finding a needle in a haystack the size of a country.

This piece will send chills down your spine. You know that tiny padlock icon that sits next to many web addresses? It means that your most most sensitive information — like passwords, stored files, bank details, even Social Security numbers is safe. Well, it’s not and the system is broken.

This next part will be a bit technical, but it’s worth the read: The vulnerability involves a serious bug in OpenSSL, the technology that powers encryption for two-thirds of web servers.

The bug, called Heartbleed, allows attackers to access the memory on any web server running OpenSSL and take information like customer usernames and passwords, sensitive banking details, trade secrets and the private encryption keys that organizations use to communicate privately with their customers.

What makes the Heartbleed bug particularly severe is that it can be used by an attacker without leaving any digital crumbs behind. This is not going to sit well with those who like to shop in their pajamas, do their banking at 2:30 am in their underwear or just plain shop online instead of shlepping to a store. Beware.

We’ll talk…

First of Two Reports Today: Recap of the Election

One of the things we were wondering about last night is who exactly is Philippe Couillard? Does he have a family? A wife? All was made clear this morning in the paper. He has three children, was divorced and remarried his present wife Suzanne in 2002. He comes by his intelligence honestly. His father had a PhD in biology and was a university professor and his mother has advanced degrees in law and political science. All of which speaks volumes about how he ran his campaign. He refused to stoop down to the lowlife tactics of the PQ. He kept himself and his integrity intact.

Blanche has a theory which applies in life: people who bully and  can only express themselves by putting other people down  think they are fooling everyone around them. They are not. People see right through them. They are usually also not very bright as they cannot think past the present nor do they really understand the repercussions of their words and actions. Wait till the PQ starts the infighting to find a new leader and re-brand themselves.

Marois and her missives, Drainville, Lisee (who is touted as being very smart) and PKP fall into this category. Negativity, bullying and racism make work in the short term, but in the long term it will come back to bite you – you know where.

Couillard is obviously in another league of intelligence compared to his opponents. But he must beware of something that plagues the Liberal party. Arrogance. They have a tendency to take power and in a very short time become arrogant, thinking themselves above the fray. That’s what happened to Charest and company.

Couillard should pick his cabinet carefully and stay away from the old guard. He’s new and fresh and he should surround himself with new, fresh and clean people.

The Charbonneau commission is beginning again today and it seems that there are some Liberals who are about to get nailed. Watching how Couillard reacts will be very interesting.

And finally we sincerely hope that the mayors of Montreal and Quebec City keep up their pressure to give those cities special status. This will ensure that if we ever go through what we just did vis-a-vis the charter poop, those cities will be spared economical punishment.

We’ll talk later…

How Sweet It Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did the Liberals win, but it was a landslide. And if that wasn’t enough, the beady eyed princess pauline is finally gone. She lost the election and lost her seat. Just to put this election into some kind of perspective, this is the worst popular vote the PQ has had since 1970.

A few key moments stand out:

We must thank that loser Abitbol for outing the PQ on what would happen if someone got caught wearing a hijab. It was Abitbol who said they would be fired within the year. May we suggest that this Passover she take herself out of exile – the PQ – and join the ranks of those who sincerely want to just live together in peace. Somewhere her wires got very crossed.

Then there was Legault from the CAQ who also lost big time tonight. He was so sure of himself after that last debate, when he sounded more evil than Marois, that he said he had already formed his transition government. He is an outright racist and anyone who ran with him should be hanging their heads in shame.

His speech tonight sounded like he was staying around for a while, but he’s going to be sitting in the National Assembly looking like exactly what he is – a total loser.

Racism and stepping on other people’s basic human rights is something that goes on in Cuba, Saudi Arabia and other countries of that ilk. We strongly suggest that those who supported the charter all be put on a charter plane (pardon the pun) to one of those lovely countries for, oh let’s say a year. Let them live what they wanted everyone else to do. They are all despicable people who got what they deserved.

We have much to be thankful for tonight. We live in a democracy where the people made the right decisions, despite what the so-called leaders tried to do. All we want is to live together in peace, make a living for our families, put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Now we will be able to actually do this without fear-mongering delusional ‘politicians’ trying to drive wedges between us.

And sorry for the late report. Just when you need something it doesn’t work. Perhaps the princess got hold of my wordpress and didn’t want me to send anything till she left. Who knows.

We’ll talk…

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIBERAL MAJORITY

We’re back in business. The population has spoken and will not tolerate xenophobics and racists.

We’re waiting to see princess pauline, with those beady little eyes, come out and speak. Maybe she’ll blame money, ethnics, hijabs and kippas for her decimation. Let’s see if she resigns tonight.

Many of her little missives have lost their seats. We’ll send another blog later in the night. With this program we can only send out blogs on the hour. And the best of all – Marois lost her seat.

We’ll talk…