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Houston, We Have a Problem

We watched the full NBC- Edward Snowden interview, the first time Snowden has been interviewed in person since he left the Moscow airport. It was fascinating. What struck us, which we already thought, is that Snowden is highly intelligent, very articulate and most likely one or two steps ahead of the US government.

Snowden was as candid as he could have been without revealing personal details. Although the entire interview was riveting,  Snowden uncorked a couple of chilling insights.

The first is that not only can the government read all your emails, they can watch you writing them. In Snowden’s words, they can get into your thinking process, watching you type, backspace, rethink your words etc. The other very chilling moment was when Brian Williams, the not so intelligent interviewer, pulled out a phone, indicating he was advised not to bring his personal phone to Russia, asking Snowden how much can the government find out about you and your phone.

Snowden said that at any moment the government can turn on your phone, listen to your conversation, take a picture, basically do whatever they want. That’s when Williams revealed that he was checking the Rangers Habs score. Imagine Blanche, the Montreal Canadiens made it onto the Edward Snowden interview.

Watching Snowden was as close to a Watergate moment as one can get. We have not been so intrigued by someone since then and we were not disappointed. Snowden is now stuck in Russia, mostly like for the rest of his life, if they will allow him to stay.  The jury will remain out on this, possibly for many years to come.

Do you know who sings the American anthem for the Rangers in New York? We’ll tell you. A dude by the name of John Amirante. Take a good look at him.  It could be that he’s wearing the world’s worst rug on his head. Yes Blanche,  Mr. National Anthem is wearing a toupee the size of Texas, thick, bushy and slightly pushed off his head. Perhaps someone could gently suggest that he spring for something that looks less like the bristles of a broom.

The city of Montreal unnveiled its new bicycle safety plan to the tune of $10 million.
Can we talk? We were driving downtown today and hardly anyone was wearing a helmet. One dude was riding right in the middle of a very busy street, weaving in and out, no helmet, no mirror and not really looking behind him. Are these people out of their minds? Guess who wins if a bike collides with a car, never mind a truck? The cyclist just has to get tapped by the car and he’ll go flying, headfirst off his bike.

How about the city pass a law that all cyclists have to wear helmet? It certainly doesn’t cost $10 million. Geniuses.

Michelle Obama is at it again. Well, at least she’s not on vacation. Today she had a piece in the New York times warning that the House of Representatives may pass a bill mandating white potatoes be included in what low income families can buy with their food stamps. White potatoes? Perish the thought. These people should be eating fruits and veggies, never mind white potatoes.

Last time we looked, the United States was a free country. What the heck is she doing mixing into someone else’s kitchen? This woman is obviously very bored or she has a serious case of fomo – fear of missing out – on what other people do with their money.

Are we the only ones who think the Champlain bridge will never get built? Between the fights over the tolls and now the possibility of a light rail instead of the bus lanes, the haggling is out of control.

We can only say this: they better not be using the same people who bought the new trains for our metro system. First they were too wide for the platform and they had to enlarge some stations and now we find out there’s not enough electricity to run the trains. Ooops, we’ll just stick our hand into the taxpayers pocket and use OPM – other people’s money to add more electricity to the system.

We have zero faith in anyone doing anything about that bridge. We also have not much faith in the bridge itself. Houston – we have a problem.

Please note: Shavuot begins Tuesday night June 3 and ends Thursday night June 5. Therefore Blanche will be reporting next week on Monday night and late Thursday night.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na… We’d best be singing this for the Habs Tonight!

Could be your nails will start to grow again after tonight’s game.  If the Habs lose you won’t have to bite them anymore. They will put their skates in a cupboard and take out their golf clubs.

Sunday night’s game was hard to watch as the team seemed to be a tad on the tired side. Either that or New York was too overwhelming for them – the city not the team. Let’s hope they can make something from almost nothing tonight.

The kidnapping of that day-old infant from the hospital in Trois-Rivieres is pretty scary.
The woman who took the baby was wearing some kind of official uniform complete with an ID badge. How exactly was the woman who gave birth supposed to know she was a fraud?

The bigger question is where did this obviously deranged woman get the ID?  Did she steal it? Was she able to make it herself? Did the ID have a picture on it?

Anyone can be wearing a uniform and it’s hard to distinguish who’s who in the zoo. But ID? Impossible to know if it’s legit unless there’s a picture. And if there wasn’t a picture, then someone best institute that procedure while the powers that be mull over what to do with the bigger picture.

Who knew Montreal had a deer issue? Such is the case in the Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park. It’s way out east, but still part of Montreal. Yes Blanche, that little park has forty-one hungry deer with not enough vegetation to feed them all. Uh oh.

If you were a hungry deer what would you do? Simple. You’d leave the park and go to a ‘grass and leaf restaurant’ in the neighborhood! And that’s exactly what they are doing. Eating all the shrubs and grass in the front and back yards of people’s homes. Seems the authorities want to tranquilize them and move them to a forest somewhere way outside the city. Good idea.

This piece will not make you happy.
Owners of iPhones and iPads, for now mainly in Australia, have been targeted by a hacker who is freezing the devices and demanding a ransom of up to $100 to unlock them. It appears that the hacker, who goes by the name Oleg Pliss, has managed to exploit the Find My iPhone feature which can track and remotely lock stolen devices.

Imagine you’re talking to someone or sending an email and  your phone suddenly locks itself. You can’t unlock it with your password because this lowlife Oleg, most likely wearing his ‘hemdel’, undershirt and interhoisen ‘underwear’ somewhere in a basement in Uzbekistan wants to earn some money and he has chosen you as his new employer. Upside world.

Perhaps you should plan to go to San Francisco in the next few days. An anonymous man has been dropping wads of cash around that city and apparently has no plans to stop anytime soon.

The money stasher, who uses the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, has been leaving envelopes stuffed with $20 and $100 bills around the city since Friday, tweeting out the locations in a social-scavenger hunt that has thousands captivated. Only in America.

In case you were wondering how Rob Ford is doing in rehab, wonder no more. According to his brother Doug he’s doing ‘just fabulous’. He lost weight, is obviously not drinking or taking any, shall we say, illegal substances and as he’s out of commission, his mouth is also not working overtime.

Don’t worry said Doug, once he’s out of rehab in a few weeks he’ll be back in the mayoralty race. Spare us.

We’ll talk…


It will be a nail-biter again tonight. We are referring of course to the Habs playing the Rangers in New York. If our team played like they did the other night, your nails will start growing really quickly as we may lose this series in 4 games. Oy – are we sounding negative?  Stop that Blanche!

Maybe the new rookie goalie will stop some shots. And maybe the team will score some goals instead of hitting the goalpost or missing altogether. Keep the faith dude. Go Habs Go!

Can we talk about bicycles? Really talk? We don’t know about you, but very often while driving we will be faced with a kamikaze cyclist. You know the kind that shoots you a dirty look because you are actually driving a car, polluting the world, spending money on gas and most importantly, in his or her way. They blow through stops signs and red lights as though those signals don’t exist, which of course they do. What really gets us is the amount of cyclists who do not wear helmets. That’s like playing russian roulette with your brain.

In one of Montreal’s suburbs (the Plateau), they are putting in another 20 km of bike lanes to the tune of $1 million. Don’t dream about taking your car there or if you do, be prepared to wait for those who feel they are saving the world, whales and trees to whiz by you.

President Barak Obama seems to be hitting rock bottom. He had no luck with Putin and the Ukraine fiasco, veterans are livid with him because it came to light recently that over twenty-three veterans died due to delays in care (which is absolutely disgusting) and his party cannot seem to come to a conclusion on who is running to replace him. So what did he do? He spent the week focusing on sports. Yes, Blanche, you read that correctly. The president of the United States spent the week going from sports event to sports event.

What we want to know is why there are no pictures of Michelle. She’s the sports aficionado, with those pumped arms. Ya think he’ll show up for the Rangers game tonight in New York? We hope not because whenever he goes there his entourage causes the mother of all gridlock.

In case you were wondering what ever happened to Edward Snowden, wonder no more.
NBC has snagged an in-depth interview with him to be aired on Wednesday May 28. Yes, Snowden is still living in the mother country – Russia.

Perhaps you should not be eating when you read this next piece. Between 16 and 20 million bees swarmed a highway in Delaware after the truck that was carrying hundreds of beehives overturned.

First of all, who knew that beehives went anywhere by truck? Second of all, if they are transporting millions of bees, don’t you think they should have a net or some extra protection in case something like this happens. Imagine driving along the highway with your window open, singing away when suddenly you’re driving into a wall of angry, thirsty and tired bees? Ich and ouch.

Does the name Jill Abramson ring a bell? She was the editor of the NY Times who was abruptly fired a couple of weeks ago. There was lots of speculation as to why she was let go. Today, one of the more plausible reasons was touted.

When she went into that position, one of the eight newsroom masthead editor jobs was held by a woman. By the time she was let go, five of those eight positions were held by a woman and she was in the process of hiring a sixth.

We are not accusing anyone of anything, but it just doesn’t look good to hire people because of their gender. People should be hired – both men and women – by their performance, experience and ability.

Abramson will surface soon, no doubt with a fantastic job somewhere, paying tons of money. Then she’ll sue, then she’ll write a book, then she’ll be very, very rich!

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

An Eye for An Eye? Call Bettman.

Don’t you find it odd that PKP fell off his bike on Sunday and no one in the media got even a whiff of it? What’s the big secret? He didn’t want people to know that he’s not going to be in the National Assembly today? Who cares, he’s the opposition party.

If there were any, shall we say, extra details, they will come out, but we guess that we’ll have to wait till some reporter does their homework.

How depressed did this city become once we found out that Carey Price is out for this series?
Of course it didn’t help that the coach came out almost crying. The dude who smashed into him, Chris Kreider, seems to have a history of ‘accidentally’ hitting goalies. It’s the third goalie he has put out of commission this year.

We are not one for retribution, but this guy Kreider needs to have a lesson taught to him and it ain’t comin in the form of writing a hundred lines, I won’t smash into goalies. He needs someone to teach him to never do this again or, even better, the National Hockey league and Mr. Bettman should take a look at the videos of the goalies he has injured and suspend and fine him. Dirty players are exactly that – dirty.

The ‘super beam’ that seems to be holding up the Champlain bridge could not be replaced with something more permanent this weekend. It was too windy for workers to work. Look forward to the bridge closing for another 3 days shortly so they can get this work done. Oh yes, drive over the bridge very quickly…

General Motors has made yet another recall today. 2.59 million cars because front safety lap belt cables can ‘fatigue’ and separate over time. In a crash, a separated cable could increase risk of injury to front seat passengers.

Doesn’t it look like they know way more about problems with their cars than they are letting on? Information is on a need to know basis as they are dribbling out these recalls, and obviously as the drivers of their cars they think you don’t need to know.

Maybe John Q. Public should refrain from buying GM cars until they get their act together. Unfortunately that could take a while because they withheld information about other recalls for about ten years. It could take them a couple of decades to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That person making ‘anonymous calls’ to the language police has woken up again after the election. He decided that the Blue Dog bar on St. Laurent blvd does not conform with the french language because the words Blue Dog are written out in the shape of a dog in, perish the thought, English.

Honestly, it’s enough already. Let people make a living and get on with their lives. It’s high time to bury the language police with a state funeral, n’est pas?

Guess who lost his job? The president of Target Canada.
No surprise there although he’s probably the scapegoat in the whole fiasco of Target’s dismal performance in Canada.

Since coming here they have lost $1 billion. Can we talk? Their marketing looked like it was done by a truck driver in the blue mountains of Kentucky. There was no merchandise on the shelves and the prices were higher here than in Plattsburg. They must have thought we just got off the boat – dos Canucks are not shopping savvy. Someone in head office didn’t do their homework and we can bet that it was not the guy who was fired.

We’ll talk…

Ole Ole, Ole Ole, Ole Ole, Ole Ole:)

If nothing else, the Habs are uniting our bruised province. Today Francois Legault, head of the CAQ got up in front of his caucus wearing a Montreal Canadiens shirt, praising them and using them as an example of how not to give up no matter what obstacles one is facing – like bullying bruins. He happens to be right.

The Habs were definitely the underdogs in this series. It was through sheer force of mind and of course the best goalie Carey Price, that we beat Boston. Couillard then got into the act also cheering them on. Doesn’t take much for people to have something in common, eh?

Can someone please explain the millions of car recalls to Blanche?
When we make, oh say a cake, we have a recipe and follow it exactly. Poof! The cake comes out perfectly. Why can’t the car makers get it right? Why must there be recall after recall? Try the ignition switch ten thousand times before putting it into a car.

This recall had to do with brake lights, headlamps, power brakes and windshield wipers. General Motors will take a $200 million hit this quarter, on top of a $1.3 billion hit in the first quarter, mostly to cover the repairs. We wonder – does anyone take responsibility for this? Is anyone accountable? Is anybody home there?

So a report came out last night (ten minutes before the start of the hockey game) about the police tactics in last spring’s student riots. Did you know all that fun and games cost you $26 million? What? No one told you? And who paid for all those red squares? Wait! Maybe princess pauline! That’s why she wore it then!

As you might guess, it did not make the police look very good. Coralling – forget it. Pepper spray – forget it. Stun grenades – will maybe a bit much. Whatever. The little darlings who rioted for weeks at that time have probably graduated and moved on with their lives, leaving us to foot the bill. Oh yes, remember why they were rioting? Because the government want to raise tuition from $2,168 to $3,793 between 2012 and 2018. As you can see, the increases are ridiculously small. In the end the students brought down the Liberal government and the rest is history.

The newest disease to hit the media is called MERS. It’s short for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. The center for disease control is likening it to SARS, although it is not as contagious. The powers that be seem to be nervous that if this disease hits a place with poor health care, it will spread like wildfire. The reason you are hearing about it now is because someone brought it into the US via Saudi Arabia and various stopovers. Just keeping you in the loop.

Oy vey. Remember just before Rob Ford left for rehab, (or so he says that’s where he is) he made some really disgusting comments about Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz. Well, today she spoke at a women’s event and let loose like you wouldn’t believe.

“The one thing I don’t have is a belief system that is misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic, rude. I don’t break the law on a regular basis.”

Wait, she got better: …”It is not good enough that you have a track record of achievement of things you didn’t actually do on your own. You’re not the role model for my children, you don’t represent me, I don’t think you’ve earned the right to continue to be our mayor.”

Let’s bet we hear from Ford tomorrow or even later tonight. There’s no way he’s going to take that sitting down. Or lying down if he’s really in rehab. Hehehehehe

The 9/11 museum opened today in New York. About six months ago we watched a documentary on the making of this museum, which to some families was very contentious. Today we watched a short clip of the finished product. All we could do was weep.

They managed to salvage odd pieces of the world trade center. The stairs where thousands of people were able leave the building. A mangled ladder. That piece of building that we all remember standing at the end of the day. A room filled with over 3,000 pictures of the souls who perished on that day. It is hard to look at on a computer screen. Being there must be heart-wrenching. It will take time till we muster up the courage to go.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

It’s The Old How Bad is it Joke

How bad is it? It’s so bad that they are worse off now than when we had the election, down to 19% popularity. We are speaking of the illustrious and blind parti quebecois. If they are a party that was founded on the ‘dream’ of a country of their own, then don’t you think they should be yelling this from every mountain top? Unless of course no one on the bottom of the mountain is listening, which obviously they are not.

Young voters are running from them like the plague and that doesn’t bode well for them. As it stands now,  all they will have left to vote for them are senior citizens and few radicals here and there.

Gilles Duceppe, the one who scored highest in the polls if he became party leader, today said he will not seek the leadership. Duh, we wonder why? They are now left with the three stooges – Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau to take the helm. The longer the in-fighting, the better off we are all. Our best hope is that they will simply implode.

We wonder how many times the buck will stop until somebody will step up to the plate and take responsibility for this story. Did you know that the new ‘super hospital’ will have 100 beds less than we have now in all the hospitals? They are admitting to 100 less beds. Our guess is that it’s probably more than that but they are afraid to say the real number.

Now why do you think there are less beds? Poor planning? No. Somebody couldn’t count? No. There are less beds because, and we quote, “we want a willingness to develop medical services closer to the people.” Did you understand that? Neither did we. They are saying that they want primary care services transferred from the new hospital to local hospitals.

Are they saying that if one has open heart surgery, after a few days in the hospital where they were operated they will be transferred to let’s say Lasalle where for sure their doctor will not be seeing them?

This whole thing sounds like the mother of all Quebec projects. It reminds us of the people who built the metropolitan where the entrance and exits are in the same lane, 20 feet apart from each other. Did the same geniuses build the new hospital? Or was there so much envelope taking that there was not enough money for extra beds? We will leave it to your imagination to figure out the answer. For sure you won’t read it in the paper for a very long time.

Tomorrow night both the Habs and Boston are playing for their lives. The odds against Montreal winning are 9-1, better than they were a while ago, at 20-1. We listened to the game last night and frankly, odds don’t take into account a fired up team. Odds are based on what looks good on paper and previous playing. Our only fear is that because this last game is in Boston, not in Montreal where the fans are the best in the world, the momentum may not be in our favor. It will be a nail-biter. Wait to do your manicure till Thursday:)

In case you were wondering about Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles clippers and a rather crude individual, wonder no more. He put his foot very far into his mouth last night when interviewed on CNN. If you thought his last comments were bad, they were mickey mouse. He was speaking about Magic Johnson railing on that he had aids (he does not, he’s hiv positive) that he had, shall we say, spent time with hundreds of American women and what exactly has he contributed to society. Johnson is one of the people who wants to buy the Clippers.

Sterling then said, ready? – that he when he found out Johnson was ill, he prayed for him in his synagogue that he should get better. After last night’s performance, Sterling sealed his fate.

It seems that very quietly, the world is getting together to save those young girls in Nigeria. The most important country that is getting involved is Israel. If anyone can find them, it will be Israeli intelligence.

The group that took them is a radical islamist group called Boko Haram. This group makes Al Quaida look good. They believe in a version of Islam which makes it “haram”, or forbidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society. Pretty nasty and scary.

We’ll talk…






This includes voting in elections, wearing shirts and trousers or receiving a secular education an they view Nigeria as a state run by non-believers even when they had a muslim president. Pretty scary…

Where Fools Rush In and Need to Get a Life

We watched Ginette Reno belt out the national anthem on Tuesday night before the Habs game. So did some dude who happens to be a councilor in a suburb of Montreal. When we tell you that Reno sang her heart out, we are not kidding. Unfortunately, Mr. Gloutnay (what a name, eh?) did not feel the same way. He stupidly put out a message on facebook (thinking it was private – only to his ‘friends’) bemoaning the fact that Americans are subjected to ‘watching this fatty who can’t sing’.

First of all, the fact that he didn’t know that his post was public makes him a fool. Second of all, calling people ‘fatty’ on social media that is read and then forwarded to thousands of people makes him not only a fool and but a bully.

One thing we have learned from doing this blog: Getting elected to a public office has nothing to do with brains. A monkey can get elected in some ridings. It’s what you do once you’re there that counts. Mr. Gloutnay is the poster boy for loser, dim-witted politicians. He should leave and then enroll a course in social media followed by a few months of therapy in why bullying just shows that the bully has low self-esteem. He needs to get a life. Ich.

Didn’t you think that when Marois left we would be spared the idiocy of the office de la langue francais? Fuggedaboutit. The Quebec government, aka Couillard and the liberals, are appealing a recent court ruling that major retailers don’t have to translate their trademarked English names into French.

The companies involved are Best Buy, Costco, Gap, Old Navy, Guess, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and Curves. All we can say about this is – IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY! Find something else to spend our money on.

In case you didn’t know, and most likely you didn’t, the White house was locked down for the second time in three days because of breach of security.
Today two people threw things over the north and south side of a fence at the same time. May we humbly make a suggestion? Michelle Obama has had a lot of time to work out and is obviously ripped – meaning she has very strong arms as she’s always going sleeveless. Maybe she should be head of security. She’s tall and can see over fences, fast because she works out so much and vewy vewy strong. Hehehehehehehehe.

Where in the world is Rob Ford? In rehab? Uh, no one is sure. It seems that when one is in rehab, their cellphone is taken away from them, to be used at very specific times. Makes sense.

Well, it appears that Rob Ford has either full access to his cellphone or he’s monopolizing the phone wherever he is. Mr. Ford has been calling a Toronto Sun columnist, his bro and it seems other people at will. Of course his brother Doug says he’s in rehab, but his brother Doug has, shall we say, not always been exactly exact when it comes to Rob.

Stay tuned to this one. If Ford never went to rehab someone will find out and although he seems to be able to squirm out of every crisis so far, this one may just be too much for his fan club to handle.

Good luck to Les Habs tonight! And stay off the streets if they win, if you get the dwift:)

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

She’s Baaaaaaack:) hehehehehehe

Guess who’s back? Come on, try to guess. Ok we’ll tell you. Monica Lewinsky. Remember her? We won’t go into graphic detail but she spent some time in the oval office shall we say, not exactly working with then President Clinton, rather on President Clinton. Oy vey, did we write that? Well, it could have been massage therapy Blanche. Hehehehehehe.  Anyway, let’s get back to why she surfaced.

It seems that she wants to help other humiliated women out there as she is one of the only ones who can fully understand their plight. And she wants to liberate herself from the past.

Now she may be telling the truth, but, as Perry Mason said, tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t you find it odd that the closer it comes to Hillary declaring her run for the Presidency, Lewinsky pops up to save the world?

Ya know what we think? She’s still angry at how she was treated and waited it out until she felt it was the best time to get back at the two of them. Of course she could have waited until Hillary declared her presidential candidacy, but we have a feeling there’s more to come at that time.

As we thought, the PQ have started pointing fingers at each other as to who is  responsible for their decimation at the polls. Not only that, Mr. Drainville, the author of the now infamous charter of values, thinks that people still like that insane document.

Lisee, another beauty probably trying to run for the leadership of the PQ, has started distancing himself from Drainville, saying that he thought Drainville actually asked the justice minister about the legality of the charter, when in fact, although we were told (and lied to) that he had, Drainville spoke to some lawyers and probably those he had a coffee with to see if the charter would fly through the courts.

They all deserve each other and we say they should all sail out to an island somewhere together and stay there…forever.

‘Some’ people want to know where Rob Ford, Toronto’s illustrious mayor is vis-a-vis his rehab.
Who cares where he is? Will it make a difference in someone’s life if they can track him down somewhere in Wyoming?

What we found more interesting is that one of the Toronto city councilors spoke with him and said, “He sounded like he was in good spirits, I think he was getting better.” Getting better? He’s been there for 3 days. How much better can he be getting in 3 days? He probably needs 3 years of intense therapy to figure out why he is self-destructing. Unless one is a medical specialist on hard-core abusers, they should keep quiet.

It used to be called global warming. Then it was changed to climate change. The new buzz word floating around is climate disruption. Blanche is going to weigh in on this with something very simple: Right now the weatherperson cannot predict the weather for the next day, let alone a few years from now. The wind shifted, the clouds moved, we can’t control the winds – you’ve heard all the excuses.

How then, is the newest 840 page climate change document put out by the White House going to change anything? It won’t. It’s one of the biggest gaffs going and lotsa people, including the infamous Al Gore, are making gzillions of dollars off this shaft.

About 300 teenage girls, writing an exam in a Nigerian school were kidnapped about 3 weeks ago.
We heard a very interesting news report on this story. It seems that the powers that be in that area of Nigeria were warned not to use that school for anything as it was a target for militants. The warnings fell on deaf ears.

And don’t you find it strange that the Nigerian government cannot find the resources to find those girls? Why didn’t they ask another country to help them? World pressure is forcing them to do just that. They have turned to the United States to help locate those girls. For sure people in Nigeria know where they are. 300 people taken captive are not easy to hide. How many government people are involved in this? Probably quite a few given the reluctance to do anything about the plight of these young girls. Disgusting story from beginning to, hopefully a quick and safe ending.

Guess who else may run for mayor of Toronto, aside from Olivia Chow? Doug Ford, Rob’s bro. Someone has to step up to the plate and save those people from themselves.