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Git The Barf Bag Ready Blanche…

It looks like Israel has identified some of the kidnappers of those three boys. The parents of one of those kidnappers said their son was a family man with a wife and three children. The mother of the kidnapper chillingly then said, if her son did take part in the kidnapping, she was proud of him and hoped he would continue to evade capture, both by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces. Not much to say after that except those people are simply animals who hate us more than they love their children.

Wait, we have more nauseating news. Did you know that the Palestinian Authority grants all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary from the PA. Yes Blanche, you read that right. And all those bleeding heart liberals who feel ‘badly’ for the poor arabs, like that loser Obama, continue to give money to places like Gaza  to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Doesn’t Obama find it odd that an infrastructure never got built? Don’t they wonder where their money goes?

Now here’s the scale of payment:
$400 per month for those who have served up to three years. In addition, the P.A. covers the living expenses of the prisoners’ families. (the average salary for a regular worker is $640 per month)

$3,429 per month for those serving more than 30 years.

Upon their release from prison, they also receive a grant based on how many years they served up to a maximum of $25,000 or possibly $50,000.

For this Blanche, there is no barf bag big enough.

We’re keeping you in the loop as to how Hillary’s book is selling. It’s not. They’ve sold about 85,000 copies. Sounds good until you hear that they thought they would sell a million copies the first week. It looks like Simon and Shuster is going to be taking a serious haircut on the $14 million they advanced dear Hillary.

And now for a Blanche scoop: It seems that the air conditioning system in the new hospital is sick and it’s not even open to the public. It was powered up in the past few days to make sure all systems were working. Guess what happened? It made such a racket that anyone living in the area couldn’t sit outside. Can we talk?

That new hospital, built by SNC Lavalin has been fraught with fraudsters like Arthur Porter, skimming gzillions off the top. Whadda think that they used inferior equipment for the air system? What are the chances? Certainly better than Hillary’s book is selling. Stay tuned to this story. It could get very interesting and very hot in that building, if you get the drift.

Today, more and deeper cuts were announced at Canada’s radio national station, the CBC. Employees held a noontime demonstration decrying the cuts. Hello??? Why don’t they advertise like everyone else and actually generate an income? Why do our tax dollars have to pay for a radio station? CBC needs to get a life, get in the game and get advertisers on the air like every other radio station has to do. The time has come for their hand to exit our pockets.

The soccer world cup got a bit (pardon the pun) more interesting after the dude from Uruguay was banned from playing for four months for biting his opponent. Yes Blanche, he took a big bite out of his opponent’s shoulder. Ich.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. New York’s highest court ruled that no one can ban people from drinking 40 ounces of coke or any other beverage in one sitting . So next time you go to the big Apple and order a massive drink, know that you won’t get a ticket nor will anyone yank it out of your grasp.

Another story that we will begin to follow in earnest is Scotland’s referendum on September 18. They want to secede from  Great Britain. We signed up for updates etc and will keep you posted on this story.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Know Your Enemies & Do What Must be Done

Here’s what we’re dealing with: Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal on Monday noted the kidnappings, but denied his group being behind them. While Mashaal offered no details other than to say that “something happened in the occupied West Bank,” he lauded the abductions,noting, “If it turns out the kidnapping really happened, I welcome it.”

As we have said before, until the arabs love their children more than they hate us, there is nothing to talk to them about, those ‘peace talks’ are a complete sham and Netanyahu should give the finger to the rest of the world and do whatever it takes to find those boys. So far, the IDF has not been successful.

Not that anyone here really cares, but from news reports it seems that Hillary’s health issues are far more serious than she is letting on. That would actually make sense given her reluctance to announce her candidacy. We are not going to give you the gory details. Suffice it say her heart is part of the problem, as is clotting.

Yes Blanche, those geniuses who escaped from jail in a helicopter two weeks ago are firmly entrenched back in their little cells. As one would have thought, they did not run from the country. Rather they holed up in a swank apartment in old Montreal with about $100,000 cash at their disposal. Who woulda thunk it?

Don’t you think that if they were are already planning such a daring escape, by helicopter no less, they would have taken the plan to the end and figured out where they would be staying while the police were hunting them down? Didn’t they think that maybe, just maybe, someone would recognize them if they hung around here?

They obviously had help from the inside because not only were they not handcuffed and shackled on the day they escaped,  mysteriously there was no video of the episode. So one would think that those same insiders would help them stay outside the prison gates. Goes to show ya can’t buy brains.

You heard it here first.
Watch out when you fly with a carry-on. It seems that some airlines are shrinking the size of the carry-on you can bring on board and you don’t find out till you get to the check-in. There, they have one of those ‘put your suitcase in this metal form business’ which is considerably smaller than the one that was there a few months ago.  If your carry-on fits, you can take it on the plane, of course with a hefty fee. If not, it goes into the hold of the plane and you pay even more money, plus lose all that time waiting for your bag.

We don’t know about you, but this whole world cup business is quite the yawn. Firstly, we don’t understand how the teams stay in or are eliminated. And those fans?? Meshugah. We thought hockey fans were nuts. The soccer fans are completely ballistic. The sun sets and rises with their team. Today Italy lost and are out of race for the cup. We are pretty sure that there will be a national day of mourning tomorrow in Italy.

So what did we learn from the Charbonneau commission into bribes and money-laundering so far?

We learned about gifts of hockey and concert tickets, golfing holidays and fancy kitchen appliances in exchange for political favors, about straw-men and shell companies and socks stuffed with cash, about ridiculously inflated water meter contracts and the difference between cement and concrete, and what really goes on at political fundraisers and who pays for all of it. Us loser tax-payers.

So are things any better? You be the judge: car repairs and badly-built bridges and highway overpasses are still falling down; sinkholes and potholed roads never seem to get any better, no matter, how many times they have been repaved. Basic maintenance is backlogged, allowing major systems to deteriorate, because of all the emergency patch-up work that needs to be done in a hurry.

Someone besides France Charbonneau is making lotsa money from this commission. What will come of it? Let’s bet. We say nothing. Once it’s over it will take five years for the commission to render its report. By that time, all those who have been receiving cash in their socks will be retired, sitting in Fort Lauderdale reading La Presse and laughing.

We’ll talk…

No Shortage of Lowlife Politicians…

Unfortunately, there is no update to the kidnapped boys in Israel. There are a few scenarios that Israeli intelligence seem to be following:

Some sources say that hamas in Turkey is behind the kidnappings. Others that perpetrators of this crime are a very small group, not affiliated with any larger group. Yet another scenario is that they are still a small group within a larger group. They have either been instructed or on their own ditched their cell phones, have no internet connection and have simply vanished from the communication grid. This coupled with the fact that the kidnappers had over five hours to get out of Israel before anyone made a move is not good news. In five hours they could have crossed the border into Gaza, Jordan, Sinai or even Egypt.

Four out of Israel’s five intelligence agencies – Shin Bet, the Military Intelligence Research Division, Unit 8200 and Mossad have been assigned to listen to chatter all over the Arab world. They have also spread out a multilevel eavesdropping net of secure sources, agents and collaborators on the West Bank and Gaza Strip  and have come up with nothing. Or if they have come up with something, they are keeping it completely under wraps.

It will not take long for the world to move onto other news. It will be up to the Jews of the Diaspora to keep this story alive.

Other News Connected to the Kidnappings:

Shimon Peres, the current Israeli Prime Minister has the  ability to make people’s blood boil. He met with the parents of the kidnapped boys and told them he would make sure to bring greater attention to this when he visits with Obama on his upcoming trip to the US. Can we talk?

Have you heard a word from Obama about the kidnappings? Have you heard a word from his pumped wife Michelle? No you haven’t because they have not said anything.  And very shortly Peres is going to shake his hand and give him a hug? Obama opens his mouth to comment on the most idiotic, inane things but when three children are kidnapped in Israel he can’t find ten minutes to issue a statement?

Peres is pandering for his approval? We don’t need his approval. He has shown his colors and with whom he sides, in between his multiple vacations and golf games. He is not a friend of the Jews and Peres’s overtures are beyond infuriating. Between going to the vatican and putting his arm around Abbas and now going to the White House to pant in front of Obama, he’s a big loser.

Ban ki Moon, the UN ‘head’ wins the most ludicrous comment of the week. On Tuesday he issued the following statement: The U.N. has “no concrete evidence” that 19 year old Eyal Yifrach, and 16 year old Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha’ar were “actually” kidnapped by terrorists last Thursday as they hitchhiked home for the Sabbath from Gush Etzion.

Israeli public radio quoted Farhan Haq, the spokesperson, as saying the United Nations also does not have an independent investigative unit that could even confirm the incident.

Blanche, get the barf bag.  Have you read enough to know that  the world does not give a rat’s about the Jews. This fact coupled with people like Peres brings us yet again to the only conclusion we can come to:  G-d has to save us – from the world and from ourselves.

Keep on praying for those children and the IDF, saying psalms, giving more charity, doing more mitzvahs . It’s the only thing we have now. Yaakov Naftali Ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, Eyal ben Iris Teshura

In the wake of the abduction of three Israeli teens, a new emergency app dubbed “SOS” has been launched by Hatzalah, which enables users to immediately send out a distress call and their exact location to United Hatzalah and the police.

In the case of an emergency, users of the app are able to send their GPS coordinates and their precise location to Hatzalah 24/7 dispatch center and to the police, with just one swipe of a smartphone.

In addition, the app is designed to notify family or friends of an emergency by using contact information that the user inserted into the system during registration. What is the world coming to?

Pauline Marois is mostly likely still in shock after the PQ’s trouncing. After today’s poll, she may need mouth to mouth – hahahahahaha!!!! Imagine? Never mind. Don’t imagine. But we digress. The party is now below the 20% line, at 19% support, and the CAQ is 10 points ahead of it, firmly in second place at 29%. The Liberals stand at 39%.

But the more startling news is that one in ten people under 35 years old support the PQ. And, only half of separatists do.

The news gets better, depending of course on who you are. Bernard Drainville, the genius behind the charter of values fiasco, is thinking of running for the leadership of the PQ. We can’t wait. It will be the final nail in the coffin for that party.

On Monday June 30 late in the afternoon, Rob Ford intends to go back to his office after being in rehab for a couple of months. He may have a bit of a problem. It seems the locks were changed while he was away, ostensibly to make sure no one went into his office. Right. Stay tuned to this one. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if the locks were changed or not. If he can’t get into his office, he’ll do the following: Take 50 steps backwards, lean a bit to the left and with all his might, break down the door with his shoulder.

This Dr. Oz dude has gone from a reputable doctor to one of the biggest snake oil salesman known to man. It seems that he’s promoting a magic potion that if taken makes one lose weight. Oh really? And why is he the only one selling this stuff if it’s so good? Why isn’t every nutritionist, doctor, clinic etc promoting this magic business? Because Blanche, it’s not true! Ya can’t lose weight drinking a potion and then eating chips, pizza, chocolate, cookies and cake in front of your television or computer.

There’s a simple formula to losing weight. Ya have to burn more calories than you take in. One day he’s going to regret lying to people. That probably won’t be until he has made gzillions of dollars selling his magic potion. Ich.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

We Need to be Saved from Ourselves

Netanyhu said yesterday that Hamas has crossed the line. Does he mean it? Will he actually do something or yet again fear to do what really must be done to stop the lunacy in Israel because of what the world will say?

We can give you a long list of what Israel has done to provoke these kidnappings. That won’t help. We need to look our enemy in the eye, show no fear to them or anyone else who might be ‘upset’ that we are playing hardball.

What should Israel do?

…Cut off all the power from Gaza and the West bank. That would mean no gas, no atm machines, no cooking
…Arab children are sick and need to go to Israeli hospitals because they never built their own? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.
…Shut down their internet and all lines of communication
…Put a general curfew in place – three hours a day to buy food from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm. After that, no one goes outside or they will be shot.

Will this kidnapping finally make Israel take charge of their own destiny? We have to pray not only for those three children, but for those in power to finally do what must be done.

What Can We do Here in the Diaspora?
Slogans make people feel good. Rallies make people feel good. Listening to ‘leaders of communities’ ramble on at rallies makes them feel good.

The time for trying to make each other feel good is over.  It is now time for each person to do something.

The children who were kidnapped are our children.  As a Jewish people, we unite in the face of adversity.   Together we must beseech Hashem to listen to our voices – as one cry – how much longer – ad mosai – will you let your children suffer?

Do a mitzvah you have never done before.
Sit down at your kitchen table and learn Torah.
Give tzedakah – charity every day.
Say tehillim – psalms till your teeth break from the words.
Light Shabbos candles if you have not yet done so.
Go to shul on Shabbos and pray together with your community.

And before you do anything, invoke the names of those children –  Yaakov Naftali Ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, Eyal ben Iris Teshura and the over 20,000 soldiers now searching for them.  While you’re at it, ask Hashem to give our leaders some wisdom, especially when they are in power.

This looks like it is going to be a long, drawn out affair, so know that whatever you take on is for the long haul.

Arab MK Hanin Zoabi who sits in the Knesset in Israel, said today that the kidnappers are not terrorists. She went on to claim that the kidnappers had a right to fight Israel by kidnapping children because “they have no other choice”. There is now a movement to have her not only ousted from the Knesset, but deported. We hope someone actually gets this done.

You heard it here first last week when we told you that Hillary’s book Hard Choices was most likely a big yawn. Guess what? Nobody’s buying it. The book sold 60,000 copies the first week. Simon and Shuster, that mongo publishing house was hoping for 150,000 copies. Uh oh.

A source from S&S said, “Sales were well below expectations and the media was a disaster.”

It has been reported that one million copies of Clinton’s book were shipped weeks before the June 10 publication date. They will be lucky to sell 150,000 total lifetime. Meanwhile, she’s laughing all the way to the bank with her close to $14 million advance. Her run for the president could have taken a giant leap back from this book. Time will tell.

Here we go again. It seems that there was collusion or corruption in the snow and garbage removal industries. Let’s see Blanche, a few guys went to a nice restaurant in Old Montreal. After a meal with wine and a delicious dessert they decided who would get which snow clearing contracts and how low their bids would go. So the first guy would get downtown for no less than one price. The second guy would get the Plateau again with a price ceiling. You get how it works?

The city is now adopting some measures to examine the way contracts are awarded. Now don’t you feel better?

Mark today on your calendar as the first day of protests in this province that will last for a long, long time and most likely will make the student protests look like a joke.

Bill 3 is the proposed legislation that would see municipal workers and cities evenly splitting the cost of the pension plan deficit. The municipal pension plan deficits now stand at nearly $4 billion across the province. The new bill could make city employees pay more, and some retirees may also be on the hook for pension shortfalls.

So what did the municipal employees do today? In Old Montreal, hundreds of city employees – including firefighters and police officers  crowded onto the steps of Montreal City Hall and spilled onto Notre-Dame Street and Place Jacques-Cartier. The started a fire using their uniforms. As well they were in many other parts of the city, blocking traffic, blaring their sirens and causing havoc.

Can we talk? The party’s over. There’s no money to pay people one third of their salary for 30 years. The province is broke. All those years of political uncertainty have finally caught up with the pure laine – from Rene Levesque to Pauline Marois. They can have all the temper tantrums they want. Ya can’t take blood from a stone. And ya can’t do a direct deposit when there’s no money to deposit.

We’ll talk…


Hashem Understands All Prayers in All Languages

On Thursday night, three young men, children, between the ages of 17 and 19 were kidnapped near Chevron in Israel.

We pray collectively as one Jewish people and as mothers and fathers that these children be returned safely to their families. We pray for the Israeli soldiers who are searching for these children.

Hashem understands all prayers in all languages.

If you want to say psalms: 18, 19 and 20.
You can pray for them when you light your Shabbat candles.
You can pray for them any way you want to.

Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devora
Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim
Eyal ben Iris Teshurah

Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon (aka Helicopter)

Don’t say we didn’t post it first. Those dudes who escaped from the prison in rural Quebec by helicopter for sure had someone on the inside helping them. First we heard that their threat risk was lowered so they didn’t have to wear shackles. Today we found out that in fact a judge cannot issue such an edict. ‘Someone else’ made the decision to allow them to go out into the yard, sans shackles and handcuffs. Zut alors! Then they were able to jump onto the helicopter! By the way, it took 48 seconds for them to jump on, buckle up and take off.

Two things are happening here: The first is that the whoever is feeding the justice minister information from her own department is either a rookie or a pea-brained bureaucrat who can’t find their way out of a filing cabinet.

The second thing is that the Justice department has no friends in that prison. Everyone in there is afraid for their job. Truthfully, as they are unionized we are pretty sure that if a few people are let go, they will be handsomely rewarded with compensation payments.

The United States left Iraq in December 2011. It took three years for the place to completely disintegrate. The Sunni fundamentalist fighters called Isis are so radical that they are making AL-Queida look tame. One of their spokesmen said that 60 per cent of the Iraqi population, “are a disgraced people”, accusing them of being “polytheists”. To you and me that means infidels and if someone is an infidel they don’t deserve to live.

We feel terrible for the US families who lost their children fighting there, obviously for nothing. It took three years for the tribal warfare to start up again, with a vengeance. Obama is making some gestures that the United States might get involved. He should stick to chewing gum and let the tribes fight it out themselves. They are retaliating for what they did to each other for the past 500 or so years. He’ll never understand that mentality.

Remember how many years it took the city to redo Park Avenue? Years and years and years. Remember when they had to re-dig up a street because someone put a water main in wrong, or something like that? Well, those same geniuses are about to dig up the main street in Montreal, St. Catherine. They say it will take about three years. Right. Tell it to the marines.

They are about to kill all the stores along that street. Why must they dig up the entire street in one shot? Why can’t they hire someone with a speck of an iota of intelligence and perhaps do one block, finish it and then move on to the next block. That way most of the stores can stay open and the job will be done right the first time. Maybe…

Ever hear of Uber? Interesting concept. It’s a cross between a cab and a car service. You join up, give your credit card on file and if you need to go from one place to another you simply call them up and within 7 or 8 minutes tops there’s a clean car at whatever corner you’re on. They already know where you want to go because you told them when you called for the car and you don’t need any money as the amount is automatically registered.

The cabbies in London are having a meltdown over Uber. They went on strike for a day and guess what happened? Uber’s usage was up by 850%. Next tactic should be to emulate Uber – be more polite, don’t take only cash, know your way around the city and get on some kind of computer system to field calls.

Keeping you up-to-date on Edward Snowden. Although he is physically still stuck in Russia, he gives talks and interviews in the U.S. via a telepresence robot that shows his face in real time and allows him to see his interviewers.

Reporter Julia Prosinger recounted an incident at the ACLU offices in New York City when her epilepsy triggered and Snowden, Skyping in from Russia, knew exactly what to do.

When he saw Prosinger about to faint, he quickly told his ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner, to catch her before she could hit her head on the metal filing cabinets. He also made sure that Wizner put the reporter in the recovery position and brought her a glass of juice. How did he know what to do? Snowden was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 28. Small world, eh?


The Gum-Chewing President

Don’t you love how Hillary is playing cat and mouse with the public while laughing all the way to the bank? She is launching her book, probably a big yawn, but who cares. Write it and they will pay. Her publisher Simon and Shuster has already doled out between $8 and $14 million in advance of her book launch. She charges $250,000 per speech, her beloved up to $750,000. We’d love to figure out how much that comes to per word. Money they don’t need.

The big unanswered question is will she run for president of the United States. As long as she doesn’t answer  her people keep collecting campaign money ‘in case’ and she keeps her opponents guessing and slightly off balance. If nothing else, she is one very smart woman.

We do have one piece of advice for her: get a new wardrobe person. The shocking blue pant suit she wore last night when interviewed by Diane Sawyer was simply frightening dawling. Fech…

Yet again Quebeckers are the brunt of  world wide jokes this time due to the helicopter escape from a prison yard of three rather nasty men awaiting their trial. If it would have been the first time people would be kind of in awe how this happened. Blanche, it’s the second time in about a year. Don’t you think that after the first time the justice minister (then PQ) would have insisted that either some chicken wire or something of the sort be built over the prison yard? It’s not expensive and gets the job done.

Unfortunately for us, the PQ were too busy with their charter and other stupidity to take care of the real business of this province. We have no doubt that many other little ditties will be happening as a result of the complete breakdown of any semblance of governing while princess pauline was in power.

Oh yes, up until a week before those dudes escaped they had to be shackled when they left the building. Tout a coup someone said the shackles could come off. Whadda ya think ? Someone on the inside had something to do with this? And where are these lovely people? By now most probably in either Venezuela or some other South American country.

And while we are on the subject of the princess, did you see her at her farewell party over the weekend? Harumph, she intimated, let them eat cake. We are right and the majority of the province who literally threw them out of power are all wrong. Her own people lied to her, not showing her the last poll taken where it was obvious they were going to lose the election. How shocked she was and still is. Guess that’s why she always looks like a deer in the headlights. Duhhhhhh. They all deserve each other.

Ever hear of overkill? Putting spikes on a windowsill or on the ground so homeless people can’t lie down is overkill. How about going to a homeless shelter and trying to make some kind of deal with the place? Like maybe add more beds? Thank goodness we have a mayor who acts and doesn’t just talk. He was incensed saying, “The spikes were an affront to human dignity.” He’s a good guy our mayor.

Guns, guns, guns. It’s enough already.
Every week we hear of another mass shooting. There are two main issues to be dealt with. The first is mental illness and the second the readily available guns that shoot 100 rounds a minute.

The killing in Moncton last week was beyond tragic. The young man who perpetrated this horrific act had caring parents who knew he was ill. The father, who has friends in the RCMP, spoke to one of them. He said he was worried about his son. You know what the answer was? Nothing we can do until your son commits a crime or does something drastic.

Well, that young man did something very drastic and now three families have no father, no brother, parents lost their sons. If a parent feels that something is so wrong that they fear their child, who has a mental illness, is going to do a terrible thing, don’t you think there should be something in place to try to avert it?

No one is going to get anywhere with the NRA (National Rifle Association). They have an impenetrable lobby group and are very well connected most likely to the highest office. So the guns will be there. Perhaps it’s time for the medical profession to step forward, along with others who know they have a friend who is terribly ill. The key here is to have someone not only listen and nod their head, but actually do something. We wonder what it will take till that happens.

Did anyone see Obama chewing gum at the 70th anniversary of D-Day? At Mandela’s memorial he was taking selfies. Here he’s chewing gum. Guess what? Ya can’t buy class, even if you’re the president of the United States. Ich. What a moron.

A Deep, Debt of Gratitude…

Today Quebec joined the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg as one of the few jurisdictions in the world to allow physicians to administer lethal injections to suffering patients. It’s called euthanasia, a hugely contentious issue. We have one question on this: how can we, as human beings given the gift of life, arbitrarily decide when to end life. Just as the gift of life is Divine, so to the end of life should be Divine.

What we found particularly distasteful were congratulatory comments made by an PQ member of parliament. “I want to congratulate ourselves as parliamentarians,” Carole Poirier said before the vote. “Quebec is a beautiful society, and again today Quebec has just shown that we are really, really a different society.”

Although the Liberals supported this bill, it was the PQ member who was joyous about it. They have zero class. Ich, ich, ich.

Another zero class individual is Obama. He swapped five terrorist for this dude Bergdahl, who it seems was AWOL at the time of his disappearance in Afghanistan. The town where this dude is from had to cancel their welcome home party because of so much hate mail. There are many, many Americans very angry at Obama for what he did.

In an interview given yesterday, one wonders if Obama remembers that he is the president of the United States of America, “Because of the nature of the folks that we were dealing with and the fragile nature of these negotiations, we felt it was important go ahead and do what we did.”

Folks???? Terrorists are not folks!!!!! Terrorists are nasty, mean, despicable, lowlifes. Folks go shopping at Walmart.  What a loser.

Just when you thought Rob Ford’s life couldn’t get any nuttier, punkt! his sister pops up. It seems that at one of the ‘last straw’ events in her brother’s wife took place in her basement. Someone took a video of Mr. Ford smoking something that looked like, shall we say, not a pipe that normal people smoke. Then, someone else took that video and made what is called a ‘frame grab’ picture. It’s when they take one millisecond of a video and freeze it into a picture.

Turns out that frame grab was Rob Ford, caught red-handed. Now someone is trying to sell that picture over the internet.  He will not disappear any time soon, nor it seems, will his family.

The Six-Day War: At precisely 8 a.m. on June 5, 1967, virtually the entire Israeli air force streaked into Egyptian airspace simultaneously. Some aircraft entered from Israel’s Negev desert to the east, some directly from major Israeli bases to the northeast, and hundreds from the Mediterranean to the north and northwest.

Within minutes every military airfield in Egypt was under attack. By the end of the first morning of the Six-Day War, the Egyptian air force had been destroyed on the ground. The Syrian air force was destroyed that afternoon.

The war opened with shocking suddenness, and ended only six days later with much of the Arab world’s military might, and all of its political illusions, in smoking ruins. Not much to comment on this as things have gone downhill, instead of uphill for Israel.

Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on Juno beach,  that were a turning point in the Allies’ defeat of the Nazis in World War Two. More than 156,000 troops waded or parachuted onto French soil on June 6, 1944. Nearly 4,500 would be dead by the end of the day.

Prince Charles, as colonel-in-chief of the Parachute Regiment and heir to the British throne (he hopes), led the tributes to those in the first wave of air landings shortly after midnight on D-Day.

Wearing a field marshal’s uniform, he chatted at length to veterans, most of whom are in their 90s and many of them confined to wheelchairs. We owe the heroes who lost their lives that day a debt of gratitude that we can never repay.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen to you…

Ever hear of Fifa? It stands for The Fédération Internationale de Football Association. It’s the organization that decides where the soccer world cup will be held every four years. Guess where the 2022 games are being held? Qatar.

Do you know how hot it is in the summer in Qatar? No Blanche, how hot is it? About 50 Celsius. To those of us who speak English that’s 122 Fahrenheit. At those temperatures, it’s too hot to stand under a tree, never mind run around a soccer field in the sun.

Qatar has no soccer fields, no one really plays soccer there and the heat would make it impossible to play. So who chose Qatar?  Let’s guess the people who got little envelopes.

Ah, but the chickens are coming home to roost as the world woke up and realized that something wasn’t kosher in Qatar – pardon the pun. (As if anything is kosher in Qatar.) Watch this story. It’s going to get very interesting as you’ll find out many of those middle-aged fifa employees aka ‘entitled men’  had gzillions of dollars placed into their bank accounts by sheiks and other wildly wealthy arabs to secure Qatar as a venue.

Heeeeeeeeee’s back. Rob Ford will be ‘out of rehab’ on July 1. Can we talk? Really, does anyone think he was in rehab? How about he was in a fat farm losing weight so people will think he cleaned himself up? He was recently seen celebrating his birthday with a family dinner at a local bar (we rest our case) and doing mundane tasks around town like picking up dry cleaning. Rehab? Give us a break.

In case you didn’t hear, there was a prisoner swap over the weekend. Obama was beaming. An American by the name of Bowe Bergdahl was traded for five rather nasty terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay. He had been held somewhere in Afghanistan for five years. So what’s the problem? Seems before getting caught, Bowe was busy. According to one source, “There’s a lot of reporting that he wasn’t taken in battle, he seems to have deserted or at least gone AWOL, he may have cooperated with the enemy after they captured him, soldiers died trying to find him.”

Stay tuned for yet another battlefront Obama will be covering.

This could be the mother-of-all make-work projects in la Belle Province. Painting lines for crosswalks, bikes and car lanes. Here’s how it works: First it snows all winter. Then the snow melts. So far so good. Here’s where it starts costing you money for ‘unionized workers’.

After the snow melts and before they paint the lines, they have to clean the streets. Once they clean the streets they can start painting. Now guess how long it takes to paint? Correct! Six months. And then it snows again, the lines get covered up and they start this exercise all over again next year. Your tax dollars at work.

Yet another nasty poll for the Parti Quebecois.  Supporting them automatically includes the dream of having their own personal little fiefdom and is coming from those close to entering a seniors home. The youth of this province, who used to be their staunchest supporters, could care less about their own country.

The youth of today are people of the world and a lot smarter than their predecessors mainly due to the fact that they have access to much more information, most of which is in English – perish the thought. So when Peladeau got up and bleated that he wants his children to have their own country, he was obviously talking to a brick wall or those in the ‘home’.

We have not heard nor seen Drainville, Lisee and of course princess pauline in a long while and with the help of the youth of Quebec, we won’t ever have to see – or listen to them again.So long, farewell, auf weidersehen to you:)

Those riding bikes all over the city while sneering at those in their cars are not as lily white as they appear to be.
It seems that many of them are texting and riding at the same time, of course without helmets. They obviously don’t think they are going to live a long and productive life if they ride with one hand, look down at their phones and weave in and out of traffic. If you still drive a car, beware. They are certainly not paying attention to you.

We’ll talk…on Thursday night very late.

Happy Shavuot