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I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends

We cannot figure out how most of the world is forming a negative opinion about what is going on in Israel despite the facts backed up by pictures. The bigger issue on the table that the rest of the world seems not to get is this: Israel, one of the smallest countries in the world, is on the front line defending the ideology of democracy, where we are free to live however we choose. The alternative is ugly to say the least. Just look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Paris – shall we go on?

There is no doubt that the killing of over 1000 mostly women and children is terrible. There is also no doubt that the deaths of almost 60 young men of the IDF is beyond a tragedy.

The difference is our governments feel the pain of the families of our soldiers. If anyone thinks for half a second that hamas cares one hairbreadth about the deaths of their people, it is time to take the needle out of your arm. hamas leaders are not even living with their people. They are safely ensconced in Qatar. Those that are on the ground are putting the most vulnerable people directly in the line of fire.

Tomorrow there will be another 72 hour ceasefire. We hope and pray that although the rockets may stop, Israel will not cease in its effort to ferret out every tunnel in gaza.

Blanche is trying to save the world, the trees and the whales. Like good citizens we recycle all of our glassware. Zut alors! What do we find out today? Since the main recycling plant closed in April 2013, only 34 per cent of Quebec’s recuperated glass has been recycled.

Yes Blanche, your glass jars and bottles are being used for roads etc. But wait. You’ll feel better when you read this: A spokesperson said that the province is working to ensure that glass recycling picks up across the province. Your tax dollars at work yet again. Incompetent and unaccountable bureaucrats produce  mismanaged cities.

On the front page of today’s Gazette there was a picture of a policewoman speaking to a cyclist, trying to make the latter understand that bicycles and cars must share the road.

Last week we were driving on a residential street. We made a full stop at our stop sign and looked left and right along the bike lane. No one in sight. We started to go and poof! out of nowhere a cyclist zooms right in front of our car, shooting us a look like this: you’re polluting the planet and I’m saving it and I hate you.

Can we talk? Can someone please inform those on bikes that if the driver of a car, truck, tractor, dump truck or bus does not make eye contact with them, then the chances are we did not see them. Can someone also please tell those who are saving the world that cars, trucks and buses are much bigger than bicycles? Oh, and one more thing. Can someone inform them that if they don’t wear a helmet and get hit by anything bigger than another bike they are going to get very seriously hurt?

Here’s a flash: Cyclists are not saving the world. They are cycling to their destination and getting exercise. They may take up less room on the streets, but many of them do not obey the rules of the road and wreak havoc for other drivers. Rant over.

In case you forgot about the Malaysian airlines flight 17 that was shot out of the sky, we will keep you in the loop.

Two weeks after 298 people died, investigators have finally been able to get to the sight because of a temporary lull in the fighting in the Ukraine. One cannot even fathom what they are seeing, nor do we really want images. The stench must be unbearable and the sight grotesque. Whoever those investigators are, there is no doubt they will need some counseling when they are done.

In case you thought the wackos of the world all live in Colorado and take pot, you’re wrong. A few weeks ago someone climbed the Brooklyn bridge, took down the American flag and replaced it with a white flag. Guess who did it? The POT party – People against tyranny. Go know. What ever happened to occupy wall street? Oh right. They moved to Colorado where pot is legal and came back to New York, slightly high, to climb the Brooklyn bridge. Special, eh?

Pray for the soldiers defending Israel and the rest of the democracies in the world.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…


Likely between the seventh and eighth hole on the golf course Obama told Israel that there must be an immediate cease-fire.  We wonder if any of his ‘advisors’ told him about the tunnels and plans that hamas had to infiltrate Israel during Rosh Hashana and that Israel has to take care of business before listening to his ‘advice’.

Let’s see, where should Obama go visit – Ashkelon, Sderot, Ashdod? Unless he himself has 40 seconds to run to a shelter, he will never understand what Israel has been living through for the past number of years. All he knows is that the ‘poor people in gaza’ are getting killed.

In fact, it is terrible that children have no where to run for shelter while Israel bombards them with rocket after rocket. The problem is, instead of building shelters, roads, hospitals, schools and apartment buildings, their parents were building tunnels. All of the cement, electricity, steel and anything else sent to them from many countries to rebuild their infrastructure was diverted to those tunnels. So now, with G-d’s help,  they won’t have the tunnels. Unfortunately for the arabs, they also won’t have an infrastructure.

It is obvious obama is not overly capable of dealing with the foreign crises going on in the world. When he finally gets around to making a statement it is usually weak and leaders like Putin don’t listen. Blanche don’t ya think he’d rather take his wife and go on a prolonged speaking tour where he’ll make truckloads of money with none of the aggravation? Too bad for him that he has to wait till 2016. Hehehehehe.

A few days ago there was a woman sitting in a subway train here in Montreal with a chirping bird in a plastic bag.  It appeared that she was plucking the bird  (which she was) called a ptarmigan – and eating it raw. People on the train were having conniptions.

Turns out she was given this ‘delicacy’ from her aunt (and waited two years for it no less) and was indeed plucking it in preparation for cooking it when she got home. When was the last time you plucked a bird, did something to make it not live and then cook it? Not for us city-folk. Just put the cooked food on a plate in front of us and we’ll take it from there.

Oh yes, a ptarmigan is a largish bird that is eaten in the north and the woman is an Inuit.

Just reminding you that you heard about the summer polar vortex here first. Tonight the temperature is going down to the high 40’s in the country. Dat’s cold for da summer Blanche.

Yet another ‘chinese man’ sitting in his basement in his ‘interhoisen’ – underwear, has caused havoc by hacking into the US defense department. The latest break-in is a bit more dangerous than the other ones – plundering the tech behind Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Some 700 files were pillaged amounting to 763MBs, including Word documents and spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and executable binaries, Krebs reported. Sick people in this world with too much time on their hands.

Are we crazy or is the city of Montreal run by absolute and total buffoons who spend as much of  your money as they want on whatever they want. Yesterday we found out that 19 metro stations are getting name changes like this: Mont Royal is changing to Avenue du Mont Royal. Really, does anyone give a rats, after forty or so years, that the grammar is not correct on these signs? The answer is no.

Wait, it gets better or worse, depending on how you view this: Square Victoria metro stop is tacking on both the article “du” and OACI to the stop’s name to reflect the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization. OACI is the UN agency’s acronym in French. So they have to change the signage and re-record the messages.

Guess, just guess how much this one stop is costing you? $125,000. Are you kidding me? $125,000 to change a sign and re-record a message? Where the heck is our new mayor? Why isn’t he having a complete meltdown over this?

We guess this: It really costs $3000 to change all of this and that’s pushing it. The balance of the money will be shared between the sign company, the manager of the signs in the city, the person who makes the recordings, the person who starts the recording, the person who hangs the signs and the person who nails the sign into the wall. Absolutely, positively, completely, a total waste of your money. Signgate.

Pray for the soldiers in Israel who are fighting for all of us.

We’ll talk…

Bloomberg For President

On Tuesday ex New York mayor Michael Bloomberg took himself to Israel on an El Al flight to Israel, giving the finger to all the governments that issued a no-fly order, ‘fearing’ to fly there. He said what everyone was thinking – there was no reason to close the airport in Israel. It was a political move aimed at the heart of Israel’s tourist industry. He should be running for president. He’s clear headed, not afraid to look someone in the eye and say the truth, still has some hair and most importantly, has gzillions of dollars.

The no-fly order was lifted today by all the airlines. Guess everyone woke up and realized what is really going on.

More news about Israel. A rocket was fired at Eilat today, possibly aiming for the airport there.

You are going to hear about a UN shelter in gaza that got hit by guns and rocket-fire today with many casualties. The Israeli military said it could have been a rocket fired from Gaza that fell short of Israel and exploded. By tomorrow morning you are going to hear a very different version of this coming out of the arab media.

The alerts on our iPhone were going off continuously this afternoon. Ashdod, Ashkelon and the entire area is still being bombarded.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey will push for Israel to be tried at an international criminal court if it kept up its assault on Gaza. Another lowlife in the world.

Yet another plane, this time from Air Algerie, went down today.  At first, every newscast we heard was fearful that it was blown out of the sky. Who would have thought such things a few months ago. It turns out there was bad weather and tragically everyone on board was killed in the crash.

You don’t have to live in Quebec to appreciate these next two tidbits. Morons live everywhere. It’s just that we’re lucky here and get to see what they do:)

New sidewalks were poured recently. The problem is, every few feet there is a huge electric pole the size of a tree trunk blocking the sidewalk. You can’t push a stroller around them and certainly cannot maneuver a wheelchair. Only someone with the intelligence of a tsetse fly would pour cement around hydro poles that need to be removed.

It seems that ‘someone’ is digging them in the next few days. Oh wait! Once they are removed, new cement has to be poured over the holes left by the poles. Like we said, no shortage of morons around.

Six years ago, a huge cement slab fell off an overpass onto a few cars here killing five people.
Yesterday, Quebec’s Order of Engineers said it would not lay blame for the incident because so much time has passed since the overpass was constructed in 1970, making it difficult to investigate. So much time? The overpass, its construction and follow-up maintenance is the responsibility of the government. And they are walking away with a shrug?

Can we talk? Don’t you wish you had a job where if you screwed up you were not accountable? How about this: Take a sample of that cement and see if it was watered down. Then go back and see who supplied it. If the company is out of business then the government is responsible as they were the ones who hired that company. Oh wait a minute… Don’t forget those were the heydays of corruption, money in socks, vacations on yachts etc. No wonder no one remembers what happened.

It is beyond disgraceful that the families involved received an answer like this from a government agency and Couillard should do something to make amends to them asap.

Don’t forget to stay alert here in Montreal.  Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…


So what do you do? Report anti-semitic incidents and risk others joining in or let them pass quietly? In the past 24 hours there have been three incidents that we know of in Montreal. The first was yesterday afternoon when a visible Jew was sucker-punched on Queen Mary. The assailants fled into the metro.

The second was in the Van Horne shopping center this morning when a woman was parking her car. A man started yelling that she was a stupid Jew. He started with the wrong person. This woman is a friend of mine and does not shy away from doing the right thing. She got out of her car and started yelling in the loudest voice she could, “Did you call me a stupid Jew?” Of course a small crowd gathered and the man left.

The third incident happened at the Shell gas station on Van Horne and Decarie. Two visibly Jewish young men were filling their car when the arab attendants started yelling and harassing  them.

We called the Shell customer service line (which is in South Africa) and they already had received many calls about people boycotting that station.

There is no doubt that what is happening in Israel will spill out to the rest of the Jewish world. Paris and London are prime examples. We guess that the best thing one can do at this point is be aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk with your head down texting (you shouldn’t anyway). Look up and see who’s around you. And report any incidents to the police even if they tell you not to file a complaint. They will most likely increase their presence in Jewish neighborhoods.

After the first piece you’ll love this one. The Pew Research Center did a survey of 3,217 adults in June, asking respondents to rate their feelings toward various religious groups on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being coldest, 100 warmest and 50 meaning they have neither positive nor negative feelings. Jews won the popularity contest.

We rated 63, slightly ahead of Catholics (62) and evangelicals (61). Buddhists, Hindus and Mormons prompted neutral ratings, from 48 to 53. Muslims were given the worst rating, at 40. Go know.

Here’s another dilemma: If one had plans to go to Israel do you go or postpone your trip? It’s a tough call. It seems that the world made up their mind for you. All flights to Israel are on hold for the next 24 hours. It’s a wait and see situation. Although the party line is  that rockets fell too close to the airport for comfort, we also have no doubt that the world is completely spooked by the Malaysian plane that was blown out of the sky.

The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza due to ongoing hostilities.  “The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens consider the deferral of non-essential travel to Israel and the West Bank and reaffirms the longstanding strong warning to U.S. citizens against any travel to the Gaza Strip.  This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning issued on February 3, 2014.”

Don’t you wonder who’s going on vacation in gaza? Anytime?

There is no doubt that pro Russian rebels not only tampered with evidence of the Malaysian plane, but most likely disposed of whatever they didn’t want anyone to see. 
As of today, those wanting to examine the sight were still being fired at by the rebels. Those dudes are not afraid of anyone or anything and most likely are funded by Putin, although he denies this. It’s another place where we would not suggest vacationing.

Although we don’t want to leave you with a sad story, somehow this piece, as you will see, is uplifting. 

Nissim Sean Carmeli obm, was one of the IDF soldiers who died this past Sunday. He was from South Padre Texas. Although his family spends half the year in Israel and his two sisters live there, his funeral was going to be sparsely attended.

In Israel, he became a passionate supporter of the Maccabi Haifa soccer team and attended games whenever he could.

When a picture of him draped in the team flag surfaced on social media, team officials urged fans to attend the funeral. “We have a huge request of you all,” they wrote on their Facebook page and in WhatsApp messages. “Come and pay final respects to a hero who died so that we can live. It’s the least we can do for him and for our people.” The team also chartered buses to return mourners to back to the city center.

There were 20,000 people at his funeral. As most who were interviewed said, “It’s the least we can do.”

No matter where we live, no matter what language we speak, what customs we observe, what kind of yarmulka we wear, what foods we eat, we are one people united from one end of the world to the other. And we care for each other…in life and in death.

We’ll talk…

The World is Upside Down

Israel was pounded all day with incoming missiles, as per the red alerts on our phone. As of Thursday night Israeli time, Israel has gone into Gaza on the ground. They really had no choice if they are to ferret out the arabs shooting missiles at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sederot, many other places deep in Israel and earlier today, the Golan Heights. Israelis living close to the gaza border were ordered to stay in their shelters tonight.

It was reported that arabs were storing their missiles in a united nations school. Why are we not surprised.

No matter what anyone says about Israelis, the IDF is by far the most humane army in the world. Before going in on the ground, they dropped close to 100,000 leaflets warning people in gaza to leave their homes. As well, hundreds of thousands of citizens from all over Gaza received recorded phone messages warning them to vacate villages. No one else does this. Of course those living in gaza have no where to go as their ‘brethren’ from surrounding countries are not exactly welcoming them with open arms.

In more news about Israel, we read that Obama is urging Israel to be more ‘humanitarian’ with the arabs. Has anyone heard Obama tell those firing missiles into Israel day and night to be more humanitarian? One minute. Do the arabs send leaflets before firing their missiles? No they don’t. Obama always backs the wrong horse. Always.

Who shot down that Malaysian airline with 295 people aboard with a surface to air missile? In an eerie posting on social media, which was quickly taken down, Igor Strelkov, the commander of the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic, appeared to have boasted about the incident. He allegedly wrote: “We warned you not to fly over our sky.”

Air traffic controllers confirmed the plane was flying in open airspace, about 1,000 feet (300 metres) above a restricted zone.

“It raises questions about why the plane was in an area it had been advised not to fly through,” a spokesman questioned. “Did it stray into that area by accident or did the pilot decide it was a risk worth taking, perhaps as a fuel saving measure?” Or, as we could not help think, perhaps the pilot sabotaged his own plane. We may never find out.

Malaysian airlines is still reeling from the missing jet that went down somewhere in the world near the Indian ocean and has yet to be found. Let’s just say that even if the seat were  free, there’s not a chance we would go near that airline.

Mike Duffy, Canada’s most beleaguered senator, is in deep dog doodoo and there’s a good chance he’s going to take many people into that doodoo with him. Two days ago a woman from Peru came forward to say that she was his daughter. Hallo. Yes, her mother was some kind of drug mule and Mike Duffy is listed on her birth certificate as her father. Of course she didn’t do it for the money…right. Tell it to the marines. If she did, she’s barking up the wrong tree as Duffy was charged today with no less than 31 charges including bribery which comes with a prison term if convicted. His money will now be going toward his defense.

Duffy of course claims he is innocent. No matter what, Harper looks bad here, having chosen quite a few ‘winners’ for senate positions. Duffy is an astute, old-time reporter. We bet he has some juicy tidbits about the inner-workings of the Harper government. Stay tuned. This is going to be the mother-of-all soap operas.

So are you noticing the summer polar vortex? It’s pretty chilly outside. If you’re planning to go south or to the midwest for your vacation, bring a warm jacket. From the midwest to the south the temperatures are more like autumn than summer. The days won’t be too bad, but at night it’s going down to the high 40’s.

Remember Tiger Woods? Yes Blanche, he’s still playing golf. Well today he played in the British open and lost it. Seems he was getting ready to swing at a ball and many people were taking pictures. He stopped his swing, turned to the crowd, swore at whoever could hear him and kept going. Seems he still needs some anger management classes.

Summer is supposed to be slow for news items. Not so this year. One thing we can tell you, now that the world is focused on the Malaysian plane crash, no one will be looking at Israel for a few days. We hope they go in and do what they have too without the eyes of the world scrutinizing them.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk

Red Alert

Thanks to Jerry, one of our loyal readers who lives in Texas (and grew up in Mississippi), we downloaded an app called Red alert. It allows one to know when missiles are being fired into Israel in real time. One can also choose which sound the alert will have. We chose the siren that the Israelis hear. We can only tell you that the 36 times we heard that siren today, we jumped a mile. Unsettling is the operative word here. One can only imagine what it is like to live under that constant barrage, day and night.

Ashkelon is getting battered as are many other towns in the south and the Golan Heights in the north. As hamas rejected the ‘peace plan’ put forth by Egypt today, Israel’s options have opened up. We would still like to see them shut down Gaza – no water, electricity, transportation etc.

Tragically, the first causality of a rocket attack occurred today when a 37 year old man, who was distributing food to the soldiers was mortally wounded. An elderly woman died last week of a heart attack while running to the shelter.

The simplest task like going to the store has now become dangerous. Camps are closed and children are stuck at home as playing outside, especially in the south is just too dangerous. Working must be very difficult and taking public transportation almost impossible. From here all we can do is pray for the safety of our people and the soldiers protecting them.

Edward Snowden is back. He leaked a fresh set of documents that show how the UK intelligence agency can manipulate online polls and debates, spread messages, snoop on YouTube and track Facebook users. Some of the most interesting capabilities of the tools  include the ability to seed the web with false information — such as tweaking the results of online polls — inflating page view counts, censoring video content deemed “extremist”.

Here’s a small sampling (note that they all have names):
BIRDSTRIKE: Twitter monitoring and profile collection
SPRING-BISHOP: Finding private photos of targets on Facebook
BOMB BAY: The capacity to increase website hits, rankings
SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE: Perfect spoofing of emails from Blackberry targets

Had enough? Nothing is private out there. Stay on your landline.

Don’t you love self-righteous people? You know the ones who invoke the ‘don’t you know who I am’ clause? Jean Francois Lisee, the ex minister for Montreal for the Parti Quebecois smugly stood in front of the cameras today. He is accused of flying back and forth to Paris no less than 11 times while he was minister. Why you ask? To have some yummy french bread and butter? Mais non Blanche. To visit his wife who was working there at the time.

Christine St-Pierre, who took over his position following the election in April, called him on this. Last week, she questioned whether he had dipped into the public purse to take all those trips. She asked the obvious question: Had he planned personal trips and then tacked on business meetings to justify the cost?

Lisee can be as mad as he wants to. Unless he can prove that those trips were not taken using OPM – other people’s money – aka our money, he better have a very good plan b.

You’re gonna love this one. Bud Seligson, the baseball commissioner, says Montreal has a good chance of regaining their baseball team. He was impressed at how many people showed up for the exhibition games. What he neglected to say is that we won’t get one until a new venue for this team is built somewhere downtown. No one is going back to the biggest white elephant known to man, aka the Big O. And who exactly is going to foot the bill for a new stadium? Ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist. It’s the old OPM trick again (where’s Get Smart when you need him?).

We suggest yet again that they set up thousands of chairs around the big O and charge $100 per chair to watch it blow up. That money could go towards the new stadium. Or it could go to pay off all the people that need to be paid off to build it.

Tonight there’s a mayoral debate in Toronto. We watched a bit of it live via the internet. Believe it or not, when Rob Ford spoke, quite well actually, he got a huge ovation. He definitely sounds mayoral.

The next candidate David Soknacki,  looked like an overdone wet noodle and sounded like he was talking with helium in his throat. His suit was hanging on him and he forgot his tie in his car. John Tory looks and sounds like a mayor. He may have nothing to say, but at least he has hair and knows how to dress.

Stintz is the women Ford made lewd remarks about. Her mode of dress tonight was not very good – at least in Blanche’s eyes. Sleeveless dresses belong either in Michelle Obama’s closet or in a bar. Not on someone running for mayor. Olivia Chow, the late Jack Layton’s wife may have what to say but she’s hard to understand and has a weak voice. We are very happy we are not voting in that election.

We’ll talk…

Winter in July?? Say it ain’t so Blanche.

Sirens are going off in Israel 24 hours a day. Hamas has upped their missile status as they are now able to hit deep into the heart of Israel. Jerusalem was hit twice, Tel Aviv numerous times and the Eilat beachfront has been evacuated due to a suspected incursion. No one is allowed to leave their hotel.

Tonight it was reported that ISIS, who said they would not get involved in this conflict, were seen firing missiles from Gaza. As always in these encounters, the arabs embed themselves in schools, hospitals and heavily populated areas. That means that they are firing their missiles from a school yard, regardless of the fact that Israel will find out where they came from and retaliate on that spot.

Earlier this afternoon Israel dropped leaflets on Gaza border towns telling over 100,000 people to evacuate immediately. Sounds like Israel is going in on the ground. Jews value life, arabs do not. Hard to fight a war with people like that. We have one weapon on our side that no one else has. G-d. Let us pray for the safety of our soldiers and for our family and friends living through days of fear and uncertainty.

Edward Snowden’s one year visa to stay is Russia is up at the end of July and he has applied for another visa. He has kept a very low profile while in Russia. His whereabouts are kept secret for his own protection and his movements furtive. What a life, eh?

Does Rob Ford honestly think at this point people are going to vote for him? The latest in a string of fordisms is one of his lowest. While in ‘rehab’ he verbally attacked people in his group session to the point that he was banned from attending. It turns out as well that he may have been drinking the entire time he was there. So really all he did was lose some weight. Whoopti do.

The best is that he says his addiction is really a disease ergo he’s not really responsible for his actions. Ya can’t have it both ways dude. If you have a disease in which your judgement is affected, then ya can’t hold a public office like mayor because your actions are skewed by your disease. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

We happened to watch part of the world soccer tournament. Can we talk? Are the fans out of their minds, cause if they’re not, they have some serious personality issues. Hello??? It’s a game. Their lives do not depend on their team winning or losing. It is obvious that the fans must lead pretty boring lives if they have to resort to the antics they do when their teams win or lose.

Remember when you last boarded a plane the flight attendant asked everyone to turn off their electronic devices? Well ladies and gentlemen, you will now be asked to please turn on your device. Especially when going through security. So now  while someone scans your body and, oh by the way, sees you naked, you will have to keep your phone on.

Imagine the scene: Lilly and Morris are going through security. Lilly dropped her phone way to the bottom of her purse and Morris has his phone deep in his pocket. The agent tells them to find their phones and turn them on. How long do you think that will take? Yes Blanche, a while. Behind Lilly and Morris are Irving and Ethel. Same story. Behind them are Yankel and Bertha. You get the picture. Those long security lines are about to become impossible. You were warned. Get there early.

The weather is back in your life. Remember this winter’s polar vortex? Well, it’s making a summer appearance. Yes Blanche, it’s going to get pretty cold next week. Seems like the high will be in the teens and at night it’s going to get mighty chilly – down to single digit numbers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. And get a blanket for your tomatoes.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Israel Still Needs Our Prayers…

Finally an article that depicts Obama for exactly who he is using a fantastic analogy: A box office fiasco called Hope and Change. A massive blockbuster that did not deliver the goods, cost trillions of dollars, was the disappointment of a lifetime for many and will depict Obama  as the absolute worst president in the history of the United States.

His latest failure is the middle east. Through John Kerry he had hoped to be the ‘one’ to make peace in the area. Not only did that not happen,  he is in the top five who are responsible for the escalation in bombs dropping into Israel today. In case you didn’t know, Israel is getting bombed all over the country, including Tel Aviv where the iron dome intercepted the missiles.

To get Abbas to the table, the American team asked Netanyahu for a confidence-building measure—either freeze settlement construction or release Palestinian prisoners. He chose the latter and the results are evident. For sure many politicians in Israel are beyond infuriating. But Obama just doesn’t get it. One cannot make a democracy out of countries held together by feuding tribes. He’s in way over his head and we have no doubt that he wishes it was 2016 so he could get the heck outta the White house and start collecting bucketfuls of money on a speaking tour.

Let’s also pray that when the arabs ask for a ceasefire and promise to be good, Israel will show some strength and only stop hitting gaza et al when they are good and ready.

Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Rob Ford is one of those people.
For a seemingly ‘smart guy’ he’s pretty dense.

He now has a ‘sobriety coach’ (also a reformed substance abuser – we wonder where they met?????) accompanying him on his campaign stops. Seems that there are a few people (to say the least) who would rather see Ford in another country. Those dudes are protesting loudly wherever Ford stops to talk, making his life pretty miserable. Not only that,  they are shirtless, mocking Ford’s nasty shirtless exchange with a jogger on Canada day. Today his sobriety coach kicked one of those protesters. Uh oh.

Doug, Ford’s brother is poo-pooing the protesters. We figure it won’t take very long before Rob Ford lands a punch on those annoying him. It’s exactly what they want and will most likely get it from someone with a fuse the length of your fingernail.

Blanche is allergic to roller coasters. Shooting along a very narrow track at breakneck speed, open to the elements with little or no protection is not her idea of a fun time.

Yesterday in California a roller coaster hit a branch on the track while going full speed. You can guess what happened next. The ride derailed and the thrill-seekers were left hanging, literally,  for hours and hours. People had to be rescued one at a time. One can only dream how they had to climb out of the ride, somehow make it to a ladder and then climb down from waaaaay up on the top. If that was us, we would have to be tranquilized.

Guess how many hours are wasted in traffic? Depends on the city. The worst: Milan – 33.8 hours a year. Montreal at 21.6 is worse than New York at 21.3. No surprise there. What these stats don’t tell you is how much damage is done to cars from potholes. For sure we would win the prize there.

The GOP, Grand Ole Party aka the Republican party in the US is selling the domain name .gop. They though that ‘normal’ republicans would create nice .gop names. Uh oh. How about or or our personal favorite, is not available. Just thought you should know about this. hehehehehehehe.

We prayed for Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, of righteous memory. Now is not the time to stop praying. The IDF called up 40,000 reservists. Reservists are married men with children. As well, thousands of people have been fleeing to their bomb shelters all day and night because close to 200 rockets have been fired at our small country. Israel still needs our prayers and mitzvahs. Don’t stop now.

We’ll talk…

See The USA In your Chevrolet

Do you have a fat dog? Oy – is that politically incorrect? Ok. Do you have a dog that is overweight? If so we have a solution – a fat farm for dogs.

Yes Blanche, your furry little friend can go on a five-day-long fat farm program that includes everything from “pawlates” and “doga” classes (canine versions of pilates and yoga) to “treadmill trots.” Activities are followed by organic granola treats. The camp’s itinerary also includes nature walks and swimming. Can we go too?

Obama continues to outdo himself in making the most infuriating and uneducated comments. We are beginning to wonder exactly who his dearest and closest friends are. Obviously they are all like-minded people in their common disdain for Israel.

Yesterday a palestinian teen was found murdered in a Jerusalem forest. The immediate conclusion was that it was a revenge killing. If you recall, it took Obama a few days to react to the kidnapping of children in Israel. This incident? Instantaneous reaction: US strongly condemns the heinous murder  in Jerusalem. US sends condolences to his family and Palestinian people. Perpetrators must be brought to justice. US paying close attention to investigation.

In fact, the boy was well known to police sources in Jerusalem, adding “it’s a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years.” There is no information yet confirming that Jews were behind the vicious kidnapping and murder.

His ‘brilliant’ secretary of state, John Kerry echoed Obama: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the despicable and senseless abduction and murder… It is sickening… There are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.”

Contrast that language with Kerry’s initial response to the kidnappings of the Jewish boys: “The United States strongly condemns the kidnapping… We are still seeking details on the parties responsible for this despicable terrorist act.”

One can only hope that Netanyahu will do whatever is necessary to find those responsible for the death of those three boys – without a hint to Obama what he is planning. Imagine, Obama doesn’t support the only democracy in the middle east. The man is in way over his head.

Unless you’re preparing to watch the July 4 fireworks somewhere, no doubt you have heard about Montreal’s Eugenie Bouchard who is now in the finals in the Wimbledon tennis championship. So who is she and what’s with the name Eugenie that is causing many pure-laine French Canadians to become apoplectic?

She lives in Westmount and has a twin sister named Beatrice (as well as two other siblings). If Eugenie and Beatrice sound like familiar names they are. Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York have two daughters with those exact names. Zut alors. Turns out Eugenie’s mother is a huge fan of the royals in Great Britain and gave her twin girls the same name as Andrew’s girls.

Now about her French lineage. Although her parents have French names, they seem to be kind of, perish the thought, Anglos. Eugenie herself speaks in English. Her father’s name is Michel but he wants to be called Mike. Now here’s the best and of course juiciest part:

A fan asked her if she could speak French with a real ‘French accent’. Here’s her answer, verbatim: “I think my accent is more of an English one because I don’t speak in French much. But at least I don’t speak with a French accent, which is good.”

Now what do you think the hard-core French Canadians thought of that? We’ll tell you. Not much.They don’t like her and don’t care if she wins Wimbledon or not. She will have the last laugh here.

In case you are not nervous flying, we’ll give you a chance to get nervous. Terrorists are plotting to use new stealth bombs in laptops and even humans to bring down a US-bound passenger plane, it is feared.

Airport security was increased across the UK, US and other countries amid fears al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed a new explosive that can bypass current checks.

Most likely or G-d willing, nothing will come of this latest threat except very long lines to get through security. See the USA in your Chevrolet…but make sure it’s an old model that wasn’t recalled. Hehehehehehehehe.

Good Shabbos

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Moving On Despite Our Sorrow…

After seeing some photos of the funerals of those boys, one could easily be rendered kind of paralyzed, not wanting to do anything, which is exactly how we feel tonight. But that’s not what we must do nor how we must react. We must carry on even though our hearts are heavy. Nothing will be gained from our inactivity. Just as many took on mitzvot in the hope of beseeching Hashem to find those boys, so must we keep doing those mitzvot in their memories.

As bad as you thought Obama was before those boys were found yesterday, you may want to punch the computer after you read this. David Efune, editor of the Algemeiner, a reputable Jewish newspaper, compared what David Cameron of Great Britain said yesterday to what Obama said. We won’t bore you with the entire exchange, rather cut to the chase:

Obama: “The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this senseless act of terror against innocent youth. …I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation.”

Cameron; “This was an appalling and inexcusable act of terror perpetrated against young teenagers. Britain will stand with Israel as it seeks to bring to justice those responsible.”

Not much more to say. Obama is completely over his head in everything he is now doing, unable to show any leadership at all. From Nigeria to Iraq to his serious immigration issues to putting out a statement that just cannot hide his disdain for Israel. He is a disgusting human being.

Can someone explain the sloppy work of the construction workers in this city? Maybe it’s too hot for them to work. Maybe they’ve had one Molson too many. Maybe they need bigger sandwiches. Maybe they need to be watched like little children. Maybe they don’t know what their doing.

Last Friday while digging on a street over the Viger tunnel, someone ‘accidentally’ drilled too far down and drilled right into the roof of the tunnel. This caused mass chaos during the Friday afternoon rush hour as the tunnel had to be completely shut down.

Today some other geniuses were working on Sherbrooke and hit a gas line ‘by accident’. One can only imagine the chaos that ensued there.

Perhaps these men need to, shall we say, focus on their jobs? What a revelation.

In case you were wondering, the US lost to Belgium in the world cup soccer match. We happened to be listening to US radio today and the sportscasters were trying to explain to the rules and basically how the game is played to a population pretty well ignorant of the game. Now that they’re out, time will tell if soccer will take hold. One thing is for certain: It’s the cheapest sport around. All you need is a pair of shoes and ball.

Rob Ford is officially back in business. He came out – pardon the expression – at Toronto’s Canada day parade and was met with both glad tidings and jeers of ‘you’re an embarrassment to our city’.

Before walking in the parade he gave a 20 minute apology about his abominable behavior over the past year. Words are easy to say. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. In case you’re wondering, he did lose weight but is still rather stout. Nice way of saying he has a lot more weight to lose.

Can someone please explain to Blanche why people are still buying GM cars? That company has have the poorest quality control known to man. Yesterday they recalled yet another 8.2 million vehicles, including almost 700,000 in Canada, again over faulty ignition switches.

The latest recalls involve mainly older midsize cars and bring GM’s total recalls in North America to 29 million this year, surpassing the 22 million recalled by all automakers last year.

These recalls are no joke. If you have items other than your car key dangling from your key chain it could cause the ignition to turn off. Imagine you’re driving along the highway and suddenly your car just stops going.

We wonder who’s minding the store over there. There is certainly no one who knows what’s being put into their cars. Oh wait. They did know but hid it for about 13 years. That deserves jail time, not money given to families who lost loved ones due to GM’s negligence. Why do we think Obama is also responsible for this?

A baby bear, aka a cub, was rummaging through the garbage somewhere in New Jersey and found one of those large plastic cookie jars. Not one to leave a crumb behind, the cub put its head into the jar. Whadda ya think? His head got stuck and he had to be rescued. Thankfully things worked out well and the cub has its head still intact.

Happy end of Canada Day
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