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Black Friday ‘Business’

We read about Jian Ghomeshi being arraigned yesterday and hope that justice will be meted out exactly where it belongs, in the courtroom. What we found strange, and we may be the only one who did, is the visual of Ghomeshi with his two female lawyers flanking him. They may be the most brilliant lawyers known to man, but the fact that they are drop dead stunning women is what threw us. Here he is accused of some pretty gross things and he manages to find the most gorgeous lawyers around.

Again, don’t get us wrong. We’re sure they are brilliant lawyers or he would never have hired them, but that picture…

Could someone please explain to Blanche why if everyone is running home for Thanksgiving to spend time with their families, there are millions of people shopping on Black Friday? They travel great distances to be with their loved ones, sit at a table nicely eating turkey dinner and then transform into some kind of wild creatures to grab a television on sale. In case you didn’t know, this black friday business didn’t start until the 1960’s. This is one of those only in America deals.

Here are some Thanksgiving numbers to mull over:
46.3 million people will travel 50 miles or more from their home by car…
44.8 million people were in the stores on Black Friday by 12:01 am…
46 million turkeys – no explanation needed…
3.55 million people flying for Thanksgiving…

And finally, this really piece of useless information: 2 of a few places in the United State named after a turkey: Turkey Texas and Turkey North Carolina.

You know those people who, because they have so much money, think they can do whatever they want?
They have their only set of rules, kind of like little emperors. Pierre Karl Peladeau is one of those people.

Today in the National Assembly of Quebec there was a vote to increase the daycare fees. His party, the PQ, was voting against the bill. Of course they have no chance of making even a dent in the outcome, but nonetheless for party support everyone showed up for the vote…except Pierre Karl Peladeau. Where was he?

Funny you should ask. He was speaking at a high school in Montreal and took the opportunity, right there and then, to spring the announcement that he will be running for the leadership of the PQ. Can we talk?

We can’t wait to hear what pearls will fall from him.  We hope that he’ll drop more juicy tidbits like he did during the last election campaign on that famous Sunday last February. Remember that fist pump? It turned out to be the beginning of the end of the PQ. You can be sure that right now he’ll be very careful what he says. But as soon as he gets comfortable and itching to run the province, the fun will begin.

Here’s something that will make you just shake your head in disbelief.
Yesterday, the New York Times published the home address of Darren Wilson, the policeman involved in the Ferguson Missouri shooting of Michael Brown. Of course they apologized but even for the liberal, left New York Times this is going to far.

Of course there’s no way Wilson is still living there. Nonetheless, is there not a modicum of decency left in the media business?

In case you’re thinking of booking Hilary Clinton for a speaking engagement anytime soon, here’s what you’ll need aside from $300,000:
Long, flat pillows for back support, a lavalier mic so she can give TED-like lectures, a case of still water, room temperature, to be deposited stage right, coffee, tea, room temp sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, crudité, hummus and sliced fruit in the green room and finally, a computer, mouse and printer, as well as a scanner. And you can’t even ask her a question about Benghazi.

Well, here’s some fun we won’t have.
Doug Ford ain’t running for the leadership of the Conservative party. Now we’ll never get to see the mother-of-all debates – Doug Ford and Stephen Harper. Too bad.

The Pope issued a statement today: He fears an escalation in the Holy Land and is urging tolerance.
One minute. Was he sleeping past few weeks? He just realized there’s an escalation? Tolerance? From who exactly? Israel? Better he should keep quiet then make idiotic statements like this.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Justice is the Conscience of all Humanity

If anyone thought that after the ruling in Ferguson Missouri everyone would go home and go to sleep they must be living on another planet. The community has been itching to get out onto the street for a week, stoked by media’s continuous hype of the story. The fact that the district attorney slowly and carefully laid out the case, explaining that many ‘witnesses’ saw nothing or outright lied and said so when confronted by the grand jury, fell on deaf ears. Including the president of the United States.

About an hour after the verdict came down, Obama took to the airwaves. It was surreal as there was a split screen – half of him talking the other half showing the rioting and looting in Ferguson. He showed no leadership save telling everyone to calm down.

While the police were fending off people hell bent on destroying their own community, Obama said the following: “The fact is in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of legacy of racial discrimination in this country.”

If he wanted to stoke the flames and anger of those in Ferguson and other US cities, he spoke with utter perfection. We have other questions.

Where are their leaders? Where is Al Sharpton and what is he saying? Where is Jesse Jackson and what is he saying? Why isn’t Obama, who ‘made it’ showing some true leadership instead of continuously blaming the ‘legacy of racial discrimination’? It’s definitely much easier for each side to blame the other for the black and white issue and there are no quick fixes. What’s really pathetic is that innocent people who had nothing to do with either Wilson or Brown had their businesses burned to the ground last night. As the title of this blog aptly says, justice is the conscience of all humanity.

Oh and one more thing. It ain’t over yet. The prosecutors could try again and the Justice department may also wade in.

Here in Quebec it’s about time that the police investigating the police farce come to an end. The most recent case in point is the five year old boy who was killed when a Quebec provincial police officer, racing at breakneck speed ‘following’ someone who was under investigation for white collar crime, hit the car the child was in. It seems that yesterday an eye witness came forward, saying that she saw the whole incident and the father never saw the police car until he was hit.

The Quebec justice minister has ordered a second independent prosecutor to investigate the car crash. Good thing because this is one case where the real truth must be found and justice must be meted out.

Don’t you wonder how much it really costs to run the bixi bike business? They tell us that it costs $2.9 million a year to keep the service running, as part of a partnership with the STM. Right. In 2019 we’ll find out the true cost. Maybe.

Cordere said bixi bikes are a ‘signature of Montreal’. Really now. How about these  signatures of Montreal:  Sherbrooke, the mountain, Beaver Lake, Crescent. Since when did a bike become a signature? Especially with people riding around without helmets, sitting ducks for nutball truck drivers. Quite the signature, eh?

How about this – instead of worrying about bixi bikes, let’s talk about falling concrete from overpasses. Yes Blanche, yet another chunk of heavy debris, maybe concrete – smashed into the windshield of someone driving on Highway 40  Sunday night. It cracked the window on the driver’s side and mostly likely scared her silly. Transport Quebec is ‘investigating’. No wonder they want to focus on bixi bikes.

Not to make anyone nervous, but the season’s first big snowstorm – a nor’easter no less – is set to hit the east coast tomorrow, on the biggest traveling day of the year. It’s set to hit on the day before American thanksgiving when everyone and their uncle Harry goes somewhere to eat turkey. Right now the forecasters are not sure how much snow will fall. It’s anywhere between 3 inches and a foot. Stay tuned and stay away from airports.

There’s a university in New Jersey that doesn’t seem to know what to do with all their endowments. Kean University has purchased a $219,000 conference table. No Blanche, we never heard of the place, but they obviously have money. A spokesman said, “the table should be viewed as a ‘conferencing center’ because it includes electronic equipment, storage for the equipment and lighting, and is more than the conference table itself.” Right. Next.

Tomorrow November 26 is six years since the horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai, where Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg were murdered along with seven other innocent Jews. Who doesn’t remember sitting in front of their computer at 3:00 am on those horrible nights hoping for some good news…which never came. Ach.

Former radio host Jian Ghomeshi withdrew his $55-million lawsuit against CBC. Ghomeshi is expected to pay $18,000 in legal costs to the CBC. Quel surprise.

We’ll talk…

Morris in the Rocking Chair – Back and Forth, Back and Forth

First some news from Israel:
Ashkelon mayor Itamar Shimoni raised the ire of leftists on Wednesday after he ordered to temporarily stop the employment of Arab construction workers who are tasked with building protected spaces in educational institutions in the city. The mayor explained that the increased presence of Arab workers in close proximity to educational institutions is potentially harmful to residents’ security, and therefore their employment will stop until the tense security situation improves.

Ya like that the leftists weren’t happy? Time for the leftists to rent a moving van so they can get to the right faster.

This next piece will no doubt make your blood boil, but it’s better to know exactly what we are dealing with. In an unprecedented gesture of hostility towards Israel, the Jordanian Parliament on Wednesday opened a cabinet meeting with a moment of silence for the two Palestinian terrorists who slaughtered five Israelis in a Jerusalem synagogue a day earlier. Wonder what the leftists have to say about this?

So much for global warming. Buffalo is literally drowning in snow, if one can drown in snow.
In a normal winter they get about 84 inches of snow. In the past week they already have 72 inches with more coming. Wait, it gets worse. It’s warming up next week, quickly. Where exactly is all this snow going to melt? We don’t even want to think about it.

If anyone ever tried getting a green card to work in the United States, or even a work permit, you know the bureaucratic misery you went through. Well ladies and gents ya shoulda taken a rowboat from Cuba or walked across the Texan border in the middle of night. Tonight Obama is going to grant work permits to millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States and to protect them from deportation.

Yup. If you came in illegally, broke the law and lived off the system for five years you’re getting the mother of all prizes from the prize of a president. He’s one special dude eh?

Wait, his intelligence gets better. Most of those he is speaking to tonight are Hispanics. Well, tonight are the Latin Grammy Awards which are very widely watched. Seems they are breaking away from the festivities to listen to what potus has to say.  Guess they’ll have double happiness tonight. (potus=president of the united states).

We won’t write more than one or two lines about this. Are men so egotistical that they think they can do anything they want to women and get away with it because of their position in life? We are referring, this week, to Bill Cosby. Jian Ghomeshi opened a can of worms way bigger than anyone ever thought. We are pretty sure there will be other shoes dropping in the next while. Those men make us nauseous.

All you texting addicts take note. Seriously. A study released this week found that looking down at your cell phone is equivalent to placing a 60-pound weight on your neck. Ouch.

The antidote? Neck bridges. Some kind of oddball exercise that helps your neck. Best you start googling this exercise on your computer which is on your table and find out what to do. Otherwise millions of people will be walking around with the permanently hunched necks of a severe introvert.

In the incredibly shrinking man department, Jetblue airlines said Wednesday it will reduce leg room and add bag fees for fliers who buy tickets on base fares. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly. If you find an airfare at a low price  and can actually save some money, you’re going to get punished for booking it.

The airline will reduce average legroom from 34.7 inches to 33.1 inches—still allowing it to add 15 seats to its standard A320 aircraft beginning in 2016. Guess who’s not flying Jetblue?

Can someone please tell the government in Ottawa to make up their mind about the Champlain bridge. Either rename  the new bridge – and find that name yourselves – or leave it as is,  but stop going back and forth like Morris in a rocking chair. Make up your mind and move on.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk

Again and Again and Again We Mourn Together

Truthfully, we would rather not do a Blanche report tonight. Waking up to the news this morning of barbarians who call themselves arabs butchering men with axes, meat cleavers and knives while they were davening in shul is beyond barbaric and beyond words.

26 children now have no father.

Instead of showing some signs of remorse, the palestinians were rejoicing in the streets – in Israel. Those are the same people obama wants Israel to talk ‘peace with’. For those liberals who voted and continue to support obama, here are some of his remarks: Both sides should remain calm at this ‘difficult time’. Nauseating. He doesn’t care about Israel, doesn’t get that Israel is on the front line of the global war against the savages who want islamic rule worldwide. He lives with blinders and people who keep him supplied with chewing gum and a phone to take selfies. Certainly not the person who the democratic world can look to for leadership.

Israel is alone in this fight. Once they grasp that reality perhaps they will take whatever measures are necessary…whatever measures.  If they have to evict Israeli arabs, so be it. The Israeli arabs are ‘angry’ now. Oh really. If they’re so angry let them move and live with their arab brethren in say, Syria. Oh wait. No one is waiting with open arms for them? Pity.

Seems Israel is going back to evictions, which stopped a few years ago. They are evicting all of the families involved today and razing their houses. Not enough. The whole neighborhood knew. The whole neighborhood bears the responsibility.

In two days this will be old news if it’s not already. Until we defend ourselves with blocked ears to what the world has to say, we will continue to wake up to horror stories.

And finally, we must go on. We must take very serious precautions in our schools, synagogues and Jewish institutions. The ‘it can’t happen here’ syndrome is over. But we must not,  shall not, cower in fear or become paralyzed with grief.

We don’t have to wait long to see how obama will react to the verdict in Ferguson Missouri. It’s coming to a theater near him very shortly.

As the nation waits to hear whether a white Missouri police officer will face charges for killing unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, the FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country that the decision “will likely” lead some extremist protesters to threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents. Electrical facilities or water treatment plants could become targets. In addition, so-called “hacktivists” like the group “Anonymous” could try to launch cyber-attacks against authorities.

Good luck to him on this one. Wonder if he’s going to say Michael Brown could have been his son. He hasn’t yet, but the verdict is still not in. Let’s bet.

Bet you didn’t hear about this little ditty: A White House oversight committee demanded answers Monday about a suspected cyber-attack that has shut down the State Department’s unclassified email system. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly. The email system of the great and powerful state department has been shut down.

Hackers are believed to have broken into the State Department network in late September or early October, around the same time as a wave of attacks on other US government networks.

Cyber intruders broke into an unclassified email network used by staff of the Executive Office of the President, who make up President Barack Obama’s immediate circle of aides.

At the same time Chinese government hackers are thought to have targeted the computer networks of the US Postal Service and compromised the data of 800,000 staff. Someone is not doing their job properly down south.

Lucky internet researchers in Russia will soon get to test drive a state-created Wikipedia, which will serve as a counterweight to the “untrustworthy” open-source original. Got that? Russia doesn’t trust Wikipedia and is creating their own version.

The new and improved faux-kipedia will presumably spin Russia’s many quirks into positive developments. Faux-kipedia is only the latest part of Moscow’s plan to correct perceived misrepresentations by the international media. Let the games begin.

Ya think the weather’s bad here? Try Buffalo. Yesterday they got 3 feet of snow. And it’s the middle of November.

Here’s a dude that needs to get a life – and quickly. French (and of course Jewish) tourist Yonathan Souid is a 23-year-old who was caught trying to scale the Brooklyn bridge on Sunday — the third such attempt this year.

The NYPD quickly spotted Souid and ordered him down. His excuse: There was no sign in French saying he couldn’t climb the bridge. Honestly. With what’s going on in the world these days, this dude is really skating on thin ice. He may find himself thinking long and hard in a jail cell for about a year.

As Canadians, we are very proud of our prime minister, Stephen Harper. He may not be the leader of the biggest country in the world, but he is the biggest fan of Israel. He is also dignified.  Obama would be wise to take some lessons from him. Here’s what he said today:

Canada condemns the barbaric act of terror against a synagogue in West Jerusalem. Our thoughts & prayers are with the people of Israel. That’s it. Simple, to the point and honest.

We’ll talk…

The one-of-a-kind sweet Juicy Fruit® gum that’s been bringing the fun for more than 100 years.

Ok – who do you know that chews gum? It may be popular but it’s rather a dizguzting habit. Don’t you think one looks like a cow chewing its cud? Obama certainly doesn’t think so. He was caught spitting out his gum (ich, fech and pech) while attending the East Asia summit in Bali.

It seems he also chewed gum during the World War II commemorations, while with Putin and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Well, at least he wasn’t taking a selfie as he did at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. He must have been chewing juicy fruit as he needed to have some fun. Ya can’t buy class, even if you’re the president of the United States.

Yesterday in the early afternoon emergency crews  had to rescue two window washers who were trapped on a hanging platform dangling from the 68th floor of the new World Trade Center  in lower Manhattan. We can’t even imagine.

How did they rescue them? Using a diamond saw, emergency crews cut through the thick glass of a window on that floor and then pulled the two dudes into the building. As the rig hung in mid air at a sharp angle, the savers communicated with the window washers via a portable radio lowered by rope from the roof. Imagine that conversation? Let’s start with don’t look down. Wonder if their mothers know what they do for a living.

Anyone remember Arafat’s wife? Anyone care what she says, where she goes or what the heck she does with the gzillions of dollars she and her ‘beloved’ ripped off from her own ‘people’. One minute – she ain’t no arab. She’s white and blonde.

The interview prompted Blanche to go git the barf bag. Mrs. Arafat has decided not return to the Gaza Strip or West Bank because she would feel like a guest there. That would be the good part.  Then  they would lynch her. But wait, she said that given the chance to do it over, may not have married arafat. Easy to say now that she has all the money and lives like a queen in Paris. Special, eh?

Science fiction is no longer science fiction now that Philae has landed on a comet somewhere in the universe. The robotic lander named Philae (which took 10 years to get to its destination) touched down on a comet on Wednesday. No mean feat. It came to rest on its side in the shadow of a cliff, according to the first data beamed home from the probe.

Philae is lodged against a high cliff face that is blocking sunlight to its solar panels. If they can’t move it in about 48 hours, it will lose all its power as it needs the sun to recharge its batteries. Moving it could risk toppling the lander over, or worse, knock it off the comet completely. In case you were wondering, the entire mission to date comes in at $1.58 billion. Expensive data. But everyone says we need it, so we guess we do.

In case you were wondering what the best bureaucratic job is, we’ll tell you: Quebec’s delegate to New York City. You get an apartment, endless restaurant money, go to parties and ‘openings’ and just have a grand old time at the expense of the ‘little people’, which would be us who foot the entire bill.

Well, the current delegate, Dominque Poirier was removed because it seems she had no business expertise. How about she was removed because she was put there by princess pauline? And how about who needs a delegate there altogether? We have a Canadian ambassador and that should do just fine.

How’s this for strange bedfellows? If Doug Ford (bro of the illustrious Rob Ford) decides to run for the Progressive Conservative party in the next federal election and gets the nomination, Stephen Harper will have to cozy up to him. We’d like to be a fly on the wall to listen to that conversation. “Hey Steve baby, waz up?” Hehehehehe.

Hot off the press: Remember that breach of security at the White House? When some loser got all the way into the building until he was stopped by an off duty agent? Vell it seems that the Secret Service’s alarm systems and radios failed to function properly, and that because of construction on the fence around the White House, Secret Service officers did not see the intruder as he climbed over it. Now that’s pretty pathetic.

Here’s the juicy part: A Secret Service officer was stationed on the North Lawn with an attack dog, but the officer did not realize that an intruder had made it over the fence because he was sitting in his van talking on his personal cellphone. Uh oh. Wait, it gets better or worse: The officer did not have his radio earpiece in, and had left the second radio he was supposed to have in his locker. Ya think he still has a job?

People here in la belle province are crying that we have no money, that business is not good, that we need to get the economy moving. They’re full of it. Right to the top.

When people shop they pay tax on whatever they are buying. And that tax money is what it the government is looking for. So far so good, right? That’s if you live in a normal place and not a quasi banana republic. Here they continuously shoot themselves in the foot.

Large American stores like William Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm have all come to Quebec. Excellent.  Ah, but here’s where the genius bureaucrats earn their big bucks: Because these American companies have only English websites, they cannot put up a website here in Quebec because it has to be in the mother language. Can we talk?

Do these missives live in point-au-pic or St. Louis de ha!ha!? Most likely. If people are shut out of the website here then what will they do? Why go on the American site and buy what they want there and simply ship it here. So we don’t get the tax dollars plus they anger the stores that came here and the people who try to shop there. Dumb and dumber.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

It’s the Old Diet Trick

Remember French architect Roger Taillibert? Come on. Ok, we’ll tell you. He’s the architect of the Big Owe aka the bottomless money pit that is called The Olympic stadium here in Montreal. Well, he’s back. He says that he can and possibly already did create a design for the new Champlain bridge. Can we talk?

It’s one thing to build a cement stadium with a roof that leaks incessantly, cement pieces that come crashing down and is beyond ugly inside. But a bridge? Let’s just say ya can’t make a mistake. There’s no oops, we didn’t take into account the cold weather and a railing falls into the river. If Taillibert is still in Paris he should stay there. And if he’s here, please have someone buy him a one way ticket back home.

Got your snow tires on yet? Minnesota got over 2 feet of snow in the past couple of days. It’s coming…

Did you know it’s singles day in China and the shopping online is compared to both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Get this: Alibaba, the online shopping site in China akin to amazon, ebay and other sites put together made, in one day, a startling $9 billion. Yes Blanche, you read that right. To put this number into perspective, it takes Amazon a month or so to make that kind of money. Jack Ma, who owns alibaba made it in 24 hours. The buying power of the Chinese consumer is staggering.

Remember Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? The flight that  disappeared off the face of the earth on March 8? It seems at the end of this year the plane will be declared officially lost and then the families will be ‘compensated’. On many levels this is horrific. For the families there will never be closure – they will never know what happened. And how exactly can a family be ‘compensated’ for their loss?

It seems that Australia is still searching for the plane, although – pardon the pun, it’s completely off anyone’s radar.

In the ‘quel surprise’ department, researchers are reporting that just about everyone starts gaining back weight after a year or so of dieting. They needed a report for that? They could have called Blanche and we could have been the entire research project.

Dr. Mark Eisenberg of Jewish General Hospital/McGill University in Montreal and colleagues reviewed major studies looking at four of the most popular and medically lauded diets: Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and the Zone. “Despite millions of dollars spent on popular commercial diets, data are conflicting and insufficient to identify one popular diet as being more beneficial than the others.” Really now?

As someone who has been on three of those four diets, we can attest that although we lost weight on all of them, we also gained it all back and then some. Metabolism, genetics and habits play a huge part of the yoyo dieting industry. And of course, there’s the emotional component. Hey, maybe Blanche can start the Blanche Diet. Eating without guilt.

In the ‘random Jewish facts’ section here ya go – some ditty’s about  Alaska:
…Western lawman and sheriff Wyatt Earp and his Jewish wife Josie ran a saloon in Nome.
…Russian-born Jew Abe Spring was the first mayor of Fairbanks.
…Ernest Gruening, who served as governor of the Alaskan territory from 1939 to 1953, became one of Alaska’s first official senators when the territory was turned into a state in 1959.
…Four of the state’s legendary mountains are named after Jews.
…Alaska Airlines helped airlift Yemeni Jews to Israel.

Bada bing bada boom

We’ll talk…

The World Trade Center Rises Again

Guess where 50,881 people were this past Sunday? Running the New York city marathon. Can we talk? Blanche, can you imagine running with 50,000 people – in all shapes, sizes and modes of dress? Close your eyes, the sight is just too much.

The bathroom issue was solved by portable toilets every mile (don’t even try to imagine what those looked like). But the smell of 50,000 sweating bodies? Spare us. We cannot figure out what the fun is in all of this. And who won? Well, there were two winners – one man and one woman  both from Kenya. Morris the accountant, Ethel the eyebrow plucker and Fishel the lawyer came in hours after the two Kenyans.

Pierre Karl Peladeau is finally getting married to Julie Synder, the mother of his three children. In case you live on Mars, he’s the non-candidate candidate running for the leadership of the PQ. While we’re pretty sure he still wants the country of Quebec for his children, we’re certain that he knows which side his bread is buttered on. He obviously knows that living with Synder won’t go over well with, shall we say, his religious friends. He’s gotta be married to run, ergo his blatant announcement.

In the ‘It’s about time’ section, Israel’s cabinet has approved a change to its criminal code allowing prison sentences of up to 20 years for people who throw rocks at vehicles. The ‘people’ in question are arabs throwing rocks at cars. Of course 20 years is the extreme case. Five years seems to be the norm as opposed to the few months that was meted out until now.

Today the storied World Trade Center opened it’s doors after that fateful, horrific day, 9/11, thirteen years ago.  The Conde Nast magazine empire, with titles like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, moved in with 2,300 employees spread among 24 floors. Brave people.

We watched a video on how the building was constructed. Cement was used to bolster both the banks of elevators and stairwells. This building is the best revenge to those who wish to destroy our way of life.

If you use Highway 20, one of the heavier traveled roads in Montreal, count your lucky stars. Construction work to repair an overpass over Highway 20 west of Montreal has unearthed a serious structural problem – a large crack in the subsurface of the bridge. Blanche can we talk? Every time we are stuck under an overpass at a red light we can’t help but look up. And what we see ain’t pretty.

Most of the time the bottom of the overpass looks, well, old and crumbly. We tried waiting before the overpass when the light turned red, but the honking behind us was rather embarrassing. Best pray when you drive.

Can people who want baseball to return to Montreal give it a break?
Until that monstrosity Big O is imploded and a new stadium built downtown, the Americans who run baseball ain’t looking at us. They’re not even glancing in our direction. Big whoop that the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Cincinnati Reds here in April. Do people think that if we can fill the Big O we’re getting a team here?

Until we have a viable downtown stadium there’s nothing to talk about. Point finale.

When is ‘that’ interminable trial going to be over here on Montreal. The whole thing is nauseating from beginning to end.

On July 24, 1967 Charles de Gaulle, then President of France stood on the balcony of Montreal’s city hall and addressed the thousands of adoring fans: First he shouted Vive Quebec. He took a breath and then… Vive Quebec libre. The crowd went wild and we have been paying ever since with the likes of princess pauline, drainville and peladeau.

Well, it appears that the current president of France wants to follow in De Gaulle’s footsteps. François Hollande compared Quebec to resistance fighters. Yes, you read that correctly. Sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Saying things to stir the pot. Mercifully, it looks like no one is really listening to him or his ilk any longer.

Holland said this in the National assembly in Quebec City. If we were Montreal’s Mayor Coderre, who is next up to receive this dude, we’d give Holland some duct tape to shut him up. What a loser.

Today is a big day down south. It is the US Mid Term elections. What? You don’t care? You’re not following? Doesn’t matter. If Obama gets the whopping that we hope he will, it will be worth it.

Anyone notice how many squirrels have been, shall we say, eliminated lately? If we lived in Mississippi we’d have supper for days – roadkill. Did we just write that? Dizguzting.

We’ll talk…