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Correction – Uh Oh

Blanche, if we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times – sports is not your thing.

In case anyone out there is having conniptions, the teams in the super bowl are in fact New England Patriots vs the Seattle Seahawks. Ya wouldva thought yer watching da wrong game Blanche.


The Michelle Brouhaha

Instead of honoring the Auschwitz survivors, Obama decided to go to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the brutal, repressive King Abdullah, who presided over the Shariah regime in that country. One thing we can say, Obama is consistent about his treatment of the Jewish people, which includes definite visuals.

There’s a big brouhaha about Michelle. She went with her husband to Indonesia, which is a muslim country requiring women to cover their hair, which she did. She then went with him to Saudi Arabia, also a muslim country and refused to cover her hair.

We have a question: Why did she go with Obama at all to Saudi Arabia? She obviously went angry. How about this scenario: She should have gone to honor the Auschwitz survivors and let her beloved go kiss the king’s you-know-what in Saudi Arabia.

And speaking about muslims, there’s an imam in Montreal who wants to open an islamic center. Problem is, he’s a radical imam, preaching that women can’t be independent, democracy is incompatible with Islam, music must be forbidden, and he’s criticized the World Cup for clothing players wear. He’s also the imam of the  jihadist Martin Couture Rouleau. He’s the one who ran down and murdered one of two soldiers.

Iran is encouraging its terror allies to pursue the assassination of Netanyahu’s children by publishing personal information about them, including photographs of the kids. According to an article entitled ‘The File of the Zionist Children’, Netanyahu’s children are acceptable targets for assassination due to their affiliation with top Israeli leaders. The article contains detailed biographies and pictures of Netanyahu’s children, Avner and Yair. Similar profiles of Olmert’s son, Shaul, and Sharon’s children, Gilad and Omri. In case you didn’t know, one of Netanyahu’s sons is now in the army.

Now here’s something that could bring out the barf bag. Remember Obama just stated that he’s going to tax the rich 1% to save the 99% poor people (that would be us). Well, we found a place where he can start. The top 20 colleges in fund-raising brought in more than $10 billion. That means that 28.6 percent of the total was given to fewer than 2 percent of schools.

Here’s a small breakdown fer ya: Harvard wins the prize with $1.16 billion in donations. Stanford was second, with about $930 million. Last year’s total university donations topped $37.5 billion. Why you ask? So the rich can stay rich. Obama will never win this one. Hey wait a minute, didn’t he go to Harvard?

This Sunday is the super bowl. The Green Bay Packers will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks. Here are some useless facts:
…Cheapest seat in the nosebleed section: $800 (no kleenex provided)
…Most expensive seat: $13,888
…The average ticket will be about $5,000
…The 2014 game attracted a record 111.5 million television viewers. That’s about one person per 63 people on the planet.
…Ads are going for $4.5 million for a 30-second spot. That’s $150,000 per second.
…The game will be broadcast in 180 countries.
…Next year’s super bowl game is in San Fransisco.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

The Mother-of-All Storms…Not

All that we were missing was the CNN reporter hanging onto a pole in the middle of the ‘epic historical snowstorm’. Don’t worry, one genius reporter was standing with a yardstick measuring the snow. Yes, Boston got 15 inches of snow. But New York got about seven or eight inches which in Montreal may cause traffic jams, but does not shut down all the bridges, transportation system nor bring out an 11:00 pm curfew.

Who’s to blame for this fiasco? Well, from the looks of it, the weather people thought the mother-of-all weather bombs was about to hit the northeast. Turns out it veered slightly to the left or right and New York was spared. We saw that the weather people apologized to the public. Now that’s just plain idiotic. We don’t want to bust their bubble, but even weather people, with all their sophisticated equipment, are not G-d and therefore their predictions can be wrong.

In defense of the governors of NY, NJ and MA, we will say that in general people are pretty dumb. Even if they hear a storm is approaching they think they will be able to drive through it, of course without winter tires. Those people usually get stuck somewhere on a highway (far from an exit) and have to be rescued. The moral of the story is listen to the weather, don’t panic on the titanic and be sensible.

Obama is a piece of work, eh? He doesn’t show up in Paris for the once-in-a-lifetime solidarity march with dozens of world leaders, but runs, literally runs to Saudi Arabia with a delegation of no less than 27 people to pay his respects to the family of late King. Actions speak louder than words and Obama’s actions tell the world exactly where he stands, who he is friends with and who he could care less about. Figure it out for yourselves.

And speaking about the White House, it looks like the secret service dropped the ball again. The  White House was locked down a few nights ago after an officer on the south grounds of the White House spotted a drone, described as a two-foot wide “quad copter,” flying above the White House grounds before crashing on the southeast side of the complex. The officer saw the drone flying at a very low altitude. Can we talk?

Isn’t there a no-fly zone over the white house? Yes this drone was very low but shouldn’t there have been provisions put in place in case of just such an incident? How do they know this wasn’t a trial balloon to see if they could break through security, which they deftly and quickly did. Maybe the next drone will have explosives. Even with those shmancy sunglasses and dark suits, they just can’t seem to get it right.

The intrigue into the death of the Argentinian State prosecutor Alberto Nisman reads like a pulitzer prize espionage novel.  He was found dead in his apartment late on January 18 with a gunshot wound to his head and a 22 caliber pistol by his side along with a single shell casing. We are presenting a timeline of this story which is a tad on the long side but will give the full picture of the deaths of 85 innocent people when the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires was bombed in 1994. The Jewish world should be watching this story closely on many levels.

…July 18, 1994: Eighty-five people are killed and hundreds more injured when a van packed with explosives detonates at a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires.

…September, 2004 : Prosecutor Alberto Nisman takes over the investigation into the attack. He is tasked with cleaning up an inquiry that had been plagued by allegations of evidence suppression and bribery.

…July, 2005: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, joins other high-profile figures to call for justice for the victims of the bombing.

…October, 2006: Nisman brings formal charges alleging that the government of Iran directed the attack, and that Hezbollah militants carried it out.

…March, 2007: Interpol issues arrest warrants for nine people in connection with the attack, including eight Iranians. No arrests have been made.

…May, 2008: Nisman calls for the arrest of former Argentine president Carlos Menem for attempting to obstruct the investigation into the attack. Menem and the judge who led the investigation prior to 2004 are later charged with corruption but have yet to stand trial.

…February, 2013: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announces a joint Argentine/Iranian inquiry into the attack. It is vehemently opposed by Jewish groups and the Argentine judiciary, including Nisman, and is later struck down as unconstitutional.

…January 14, 2015: Nisman accuses Kirchner of conspiring with Tehran to protect Iranians involved in the bombing.

…January 19, 2015: Nisman is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head just hours before he is scheduled to testify before the Argentine congress about Kirchner’s involvement.

…January 20, 2015: After public demonstrations over Nisman’s death, which the government declared a suicide, Kirchner posts a rambling letter on Facebook arguing that Nisman had attempted to “sidetrack, lie, cover up and confuse” the investigation and weaken her government.

…January 22, 2015: Kirchner reverses her position and says she believes Nisman was murdered by rogue Argentinian intelligence agents.

…January 26, 2015: Damian Pachter, the journalist who broke the story of Nisman’s death, reports that he has fled to Israel because he was being followed and feared for his life.

We’ll talk…

Even dogs want Hillary for President. Arf. Arf.

You  heard that Netanyahu was invited to speak to the US congress? He is going there in March at the behest of Congress, not Obama. Well ‘folks’, Obama is not pleased, to put it mildly. In fact, he’s pretty ticked off that he only found out about this visit a few hours before it was made public. So what do you think he did? Correct, he’s refusing to see Netanyahu. Talk about pouting.

The official reason is that it’s too close to the Israeli election and the US doesn’t want to interfere. The real reason? Obama doesn’t really like Netanyahu anyway plus he’s embarrassed by the whole deal. Can you say lame duck?

We were debating how to word this next ditty. Brady’s balls didn’t seem right. Oh wait, did we just write that? Ok, it’s out there. What a ridiculous geffufelment.

The footballs in the game last Sunday night between the New England Patriots (Brady is the quarterback) and the Indianapolis Colts is becoming a whole big deal. The issue at hand is this: Did someone take some of the air out of the footballs used by the Patriots during the game? If so, it seems that softer balls are generally considered easier to throw and catch, especially in the rain. The Patriots are going to the super bowl anyway. Brady said he didn’t do it. Today at a press conference he said, “This isn’t isis. No one’s dying.” Really. Last Sunday’s game is over, the whole deal is something like .02 of a pound of air and nothing’s going to change. Move it along.

Then there’s the genius sportscaster in Australia who asked one of the top tennis players in the world, Montreal’s Eugenie Bouchard to do a twirl in her tennis outfit. This, after she had just won a grueling tennis match. Did he ask about the tennis match? No he didn’t. Instead he put Bouchard on the spot, she didn’t know what to do so she twirled around like a six-year old showing off her ballet outfit. That sportscaster needs to go back to sportscasting school tout suite. Either that or he’s a tad, shall we delicately say, misguided.

 The word incompetent has just taken on a new meaning. Imagine, you’re the dude who decides what gets cleaned first in Montreal during a snowstorm. You hear the forecast: snow, rain then freezing rain. Let’s see, um, do cars drive on the sidewalks or do people walk on the sidewalks? Wait. You have trouble making a decision because your snow cleaning people can’t do both at the same time.

Yes, you read that correctly. They cannot plow the streets and put salt or rocks on the sidewalks at the same time. What? Are you kidding? Do we live in Alabama where they get snow once every six years? Or in Montreal where we have what’s called winter where we can get snow for about six months.

We can’t believe the mayor was not embarrassed to even say this. Just goes to prove that brains is not a criteria for being a bureaucrat.

Blanche has become famous. Both our picture and what we said at the Outremont council meeting recently were written up in a blog done by a French Canadian man in Outremont who has nothing to do with his life except to follow Jews around and harrass them. He takes their picture and writes about every itty, bitty weensy detail of their lives.

How about this: he should get in touch with the mayor of Montreal who can put him to work figuring out how to salt the sidewalks and plow the streets at the same time. That way he could take pictures of all the people falling on the ice while the cars go speeding by.

Hillary Clinton is about to start collecting housefuls of money. Her team, or those who desperately want her to become the first female president have opened a website called You can check it out for yourself.

You can buy anything from a grassroots tour #ready poster which could have the worst picture of Hillary known to man to a button that says don’t text and drive with that same picture to a lucky dog hoodie that says I’m ready for Hillary. In case you want to buy the dog hoodie, it comes in small, medium and large for $21. Only in America.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

The ‘Intelligence’ of Americans

We always knew that Americans don’t really follow the news, but this is ridiculous. Yesterday was Martin Luther King day. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Of course you must be wondering the same thing we are. Why isn’t Martin Luther King day on April 4? Then we thought, well maybe January 19 is his birthday. Close. His birthday is January 15 so they celebrate the day on the third Monday of every January. But we digress.

A news team went on Monday asking the following question: What do you think of Martin Luther King’s death, making it seem as though he just passed away at the age of 93. One answer: “This is the first I heard about it, I didn’t watch the news.” Then they asked someone what they thought about King being the first Afro-American man to walk on the moon. Ready? ““What can I say? He was a good man and a good role model for African American astronauts. There’s nothing really to say here except now you can understand how  Obama was elected for two terms.

We don’t want to harp on Obama, but really, since princess pauline left the scene, he’s been the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight is the famous state of the union address. Of the many things he will propose is a new $500 second earner credit to help cover the additional costs faced by families in which both spouses work — benefiting 24 million couples.

Doesn’t he sound like he’s the best friend of the ‘folks’? Get this: His proposed credit wouldn’t even cover the tab for two at a Hawaii restaurant where he and beloved dined on New Year’s Day. It’s $295 per person and doesn’t even include wine.

There was a new Pew poll done about what Americans think about Obama. Here are the results: A good man but incompetent. We are guessing the good part depends which folks you belong to.

Living in Montreal, we are the furthest thing from Toronto maple leaf fans. For starters, they always think they are better than we are. Well, the leafs have hit rock bottom. Aw shucks. They are so bad that their fans are throwing their leafs sweaters onto the ice. The dudes who tossed their sweaters are getting fined over $100 each and can’t go back into the Air Canada center for a year. No loss there, eh?

Remember Monica Lewinsky? Remember the blue dress. Never mind. That’s not what we want to tell you. She has been nominated for a National Magazine Award for her Vanity Fair essay commenting on her relationship with Bill Clinton. Can we talk?

If we were her we would have changed our name long ago. She can’t get a proper job, people still look at her askance and all she did was… Meanwhile, Clinton is laughing all the way to the bank and doesn’t give a rats about her. Something’s wrong with this picture, wouldn’t you say?

If you think Paris has issues, don’t bother going to Belgium either. Looks they are in even worse shape. It seems that the country’s public schools are becoming “Jew-free” zones because of harassment.

In one public school, the last Jewish pupil, identified only as Sarah, posted a picture of herself holding the Belgian flag alongside the Israeli one in summer. She received 288 abusive comments, including threats, on Facebook, also by classmates and other pupils she did not know. In September, she began attending one of the Brussels region’s three major Jewish schools but the harassment’s continued. We sincerely hope this is not coming to a theatre near us.

Europe’s Cooked and Done

Belgium is the latest country to deal with a terrorist cell. Today they took out three men who they think were about to attack a police station with heavy armaments.

Did you know that Belgium is a jihadist recruiting hub? People think that part of the reason are the open European borders. Anyone can go virtually anywhere in Europe without a passport check. They would do well to perhaps set up some borders and monitor what’s happening over there.

Quel surprise. Target is packing up and leaving Canada. Seems they lost their veritable shirt here and are about to close all 133 stores. One thing is certain, this cannot only be the fault of the ‘small village minded’ Canadian shoppers. We never stepped foot in a target store here as we heard the shelves were empty and the service was non-existent. We are pretty sure we’re not alone.

A huge part of the issue is that those in charge of expansion did not do their homework. And guess what, they don’t know everything. What?? Americans who don’t know everything? Can’t be.

This quarter it seems they will lose $5.4 billion due in large part to their Canadian operation. It’s going to cost them $600 million to leave, but as the saying goes, your first loss is your best loss.

So there’s a ‘new’ study that came out on weight gain from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego . Here ya go: If one eats only during an eight to twelve hour period they will gain almost no weight. If they eat whenever they want, oh, say in the middle of the night, they will gain weight. What a revelation.

We must be doing something wrong. We could have said that without going to school for a gzillion years. But we didn’t and those that did are now laughing all the way to the bank.

There’s a muslim guy who owns a coffee shop in East London.
He put up a chalkboard sign outside his cafe with the words je suis charlie. Before he knew it, someone was in his store threatening to kill him if he didn’t take the sign away saying it offended him and his community. Europe’s cooked and done.

The Oscar nominations were revealed today. We’re not movie aficionados so we can’t comment on that. But what we can comment on is the fact that those in charge there are basically being called racists as not one black person is up for an Oscar. The media, both newspaper and social, are sounding like the KKK. Not pretty on either side.

And then there’s the genius who is running for the leadership of the PQ here in Quebec, Pierre Karl Peladeau. He’s one person who has to be thankful every minute that his father was born before him. Those who cling to him like lemmings must be hoping for little money droppings. Yesterday, he published the premier’s home address and personal phone number on facebook.

Now we ask you, can he be that naive (we’re being nice here, in case you didn’t pick up on it) to think that it’s ok to do that? This, brought to you from the same spoiled brat who yelled at a newspaper reporter for calling him on his cell phone.

Zut alors! We’re following the Queen on twitter and poof! she tweeted that she wrote two books.

We invite our readers to check out our op-ed piece in today’s Montreal Gazette. Here’s the link:

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

What’s the Point?

The Jews who were murdered in Paris were buried in Israel today. There’s nothing to say. It’s beyond heart-wrenching. Life means nothing to those who killed them. No matter how much suffering we endure, we thank G-d everyday that we were born Jews and not the other way around. We bring light and better the world. They bring darkness and do nothing to better the world. One day we will find out why such people exist. Until that time, we must continue to live our lives and not cower in the face of evil.

So why didn’t Obama go to Paris? It couldn’t be that he was watching the football game on Sunday. After all, he’s POTUS. Maybe he was making a diet lunch for michelle. She must be tired from spending so much time in Hawaii. Or how about this, the flights were full. No, that can’t be because he has his own private airline.

He didn’t go because he didn’t want to go. He didn’t go because he doesn’t like that the prophet was depicted in a cartoon and said as such in 2012 as he told the U.N. General Assembly in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”—and slandering Muhammad is exactly why those cartoonists were slaughtered in their offices last week.

Despite the fact that Obama didn’t show up, the day of solidarity took place and he’s the one left making excuses for his now familiar abysmal behavior

The cover of this week’s Charlie Hebdo,  already widely seen on the Internet — will be published on Wednesday in a print run of up to three million copies, compared with a typical print run of 60,000 copies.
It shows the prophet displaying the slogan that has become the symbol of resistance to Islamic militants: “Je Suis Charlie,” or, “I am Charlie.” He is shown weeping under a headline that reads: “All is forgiven.”

One of Egypt’s highest Islamic authorities warned that the new cartoon would exacerbate tensions between the secular West and observant Muslims. Death threats circulated online against the surviving staff members of the newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.

Muslim organization urged French Muslims to “remain calm and avoid emotive or incongruous reactions incompatible with dignity,” while “respecting freedom of opinion.” Freedom of opinion is coming at a very high price these days. Including on this computer.

There are two sure-fire ways to get yourself immediate mainstream media attention: Allude to terrorism, and do it on Twitter. Hackers from wherever took control of the social media accounts of the U.S. military’s Central Command on Monday, posting threatening messages and propaganda videos, along with some military documents.

Contact information for senior military personnel was publicly listed. The accounts were taken offline. No one really knows if this was the real deal. Given that, we’d still be nervous if we knew someone had all our information.

Did you ever get covered with glitter at a wedding? It’s impossible to get out of your hair and clothing. Well, there’s a new little trick that one can send to, uh, say someone ‘special’ in your life. It’s called a glitter bomb and comes out of Australia. For $10 some loser down under fills an nondescript envelope with glitter. It gets addressed to your ‘friend’ and when he or she opens it, presto! the glitter bomb is released. We wonder if one has to live upside to think of this.

Last night we attended a council meeting in the City of Outremont. In a nutshell, they want to impose a limit to when people can put and take down their sukkah. Not more than three days before or three days after. We were able to ask a few questions. Below is a part of a letter we sent to the Montreal Gazette, which we were not surprised was not published. After we sent our email last week to the editor, Lucinda Chodan – and received no reply, we didn’t think she would like to see our name again. It’s a bit long, so we won’t be insulted if you don’t read it. Nor will we know! Hehehehehehe!!!!

…Most sukkahs are small affairs, holding a table and a few chairs. The point is they don’t bother anyone. They go up for the duration of the holiday and come down afterward.

For reasons that remains a mystery, the city of Outremont has put a time limit on when Jews can build their sukkah and how long they have to take them down.

The law on their books is fifteen days from the beginning of the holiday until the end. That may sound normal, but if you take away the seven days of the holiday and the Sabbath when we do not touch the sukkah, one is left with about 3 days at either end of the holiday.

There was an amendment to this law to give seven days on either side of the holiday. Then there was another amendment to give three days on either side.

Here’s the point: Why is there a time limit at all? What’s the point?

No other city in the world has such a restriction. The sukkah goes up, the holiday comes and goes and the sukkah comes down.

I recently attended a council meeting in Outremont and asked the following question: Why are you creating an issue when there is no issue? And if you are creating this issue then level the playing field. Give the same three-day window for Christmas trees and all the lights that people use to decorate their homes.

It would do the City of Outremont well to quietly drop the subject and remove all the by-laws having to do with Sukkot. The eyes of the world will be on that community in a negative way if they keep bringing this up. There is simply no point to the exercise and a complete waste of everyone’s energy, which would be much better spent on building bridges between people.

We’ll talk…

Blanche aka Agatha Christie

Today we were a detective a la Agatha Christie. We were listening to the CBC at 6:45 am this morning and later in the day to CJAD. On both radio stations we heard an interview with Lucinda Chodan, editor of the Montreal Gazette on the same subject: Why the Gazette did not publish any cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. The answers given by Chodan, one in the morning and one in the afternoon had completely different facts and different tones. We emailed Ms. Chodan on her 180 degree turn and are awaiting a reply. Below are the facts in two parts:

Part 1: When asked by the CBC’s Mike Finnerty why the Gazette did not publish a Charlie Hebdo cartoon Ms. Chodan answered and we quote directly from the interview at the 1:00 minute mark: We don’t publish any photos, images or pictures of the prophet Mohammed.

The announcer pushed her further asking even today, when all the French newspapers were publishing the cartoons? Ms. Chodan responded that she contacted the Vice President in charge of all editorial functions of Post media as to what to do. The announcer then asked if perhaps the situation today changed their policy. Ms. Chodan replied, “Absolutely not.” At minute 4:53 Ms. Chodan said they didn’t publish the cartoon because of their philosophy of respect to the muslim faith.

Now imagine our surprise when we listened to Ms. Chodan interviewed on the Aaron Rand show this afternoon. When asked why the Gazette did not publish the cartoon the response was that as of last night it was supposed to have been published but there was a breakdown in communication.

Part 2: On the CBC Ms. Chodan stated that it is the Post Media policy not to publish any images, photos or pictures of the prophet Mohammed out of respect for the muslim faith. Well, on page A4 of the National Post, you can find many cartoons from Charlie Hebdo, depicting the prophet Mohammed.

The Gazette and the National Post are both owned by Post Media. So what is the policy? To publish or not? And who decides? And if the policy is not offend muslims, does it only apply to Gazette reading muslims?

Summary: Something’s amiss in America. What happened between 7:00 am this morning and this afternoon that made Chodan do complete 180 degree turn? Which version is true? Is she afraid of the Muslim community?

Having spoken to someone in the media business, whose company decided not to post any cartoons of Mohammed, we were given a stark dose of reality. The decision of the company was a conscious one as they value their employees and are not interested in attracting the ire of any radical lone wolf with a machine gun. The sad reality in our world today is that he is not wrong. It is not something beyond our imagination.

Lise Ravary, a journalist writing for La Presse, the National Post and the Gazette was working from her home today when suddenly her computer screen saver changed from her family pictures to pictures of those killed in Paris and others on al-qaida hit list. To say she was unnerved would most likely be the understatement of the year.

As always, our Prime Minister Harper got it right. The international jihadist movement has declared war on the world, on democracy, on freedom of speech and anyone who values openness and tolerance. This week it was Paris, two weeks ago Har Nof, a week before that a cafe in Australia.

Much of the other news of the past few days pales in comparison to what happened in Paris. Given that, if we do not carry on, the evil these people are perpetrating will paralyze us. Blanche, let’s get to work.

There’s a hedge fund headquartered in Moscow called Blackfield Capital CJSC.
Their youthful founder, 29 year old Kim Karapetyan has vanished into thin air along with $20 million. What is interesting is that none of his 50 or so employees knew anything until three, shall we say, goons, barged into their upscale offices demanding to see the owner. Everyone then realized that they had not seen him for quite a few days. He’s still MIA as is the $20 million.

Obama should be living in Russia. It’s obvious that he wants a socialist state. One wonders what he will come up with next and one is never disappointed. Today he proposed that everyone get two years of free community college. While that may sound very altruistic, it’s also delusional as the costs are prohibitive.

It is expected that 9 million students would participate saving them up to $3,800 a year. That would place the cost at $34.2 billion. The federal government would pay three quarters of that. Where’s he getting the money honey? One guess. John Q. Public.

A last word on what is really on everyone’s mind: Terrorism persists because terrorism works. Terrorism works because we let it. Below is an excerpt of an excellent, albeit long article on what happened in Paris. It gets to the heart of the issue and will hopefully, in some small measure, give you hope that all is not lost:

Terrorism works. But it does not have to. Terrorism reduces us to the sort of society that we claim to despise. But it does not have to. The ideals we espouse when times are calm—justice, understanding, rationality, proportionality, a love of peace—are the ones that we must cling to most tightly when things get scary. If we discard them, we have lost the game from the start.

We cannot control the terrorist. We can only control our response. Let that response be just, and wise, and proportional. Let that response embody the best of who we are, and not the worst. Terror is momentary. A loss of our ideals can last forever.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

The Sidewalk Skating Olympics

We are in what’s termed ‘dead week’ in the travel business. Translation: you can go on a cruise for a week for about $270 per person. Yup. Ya read that right. Wait, you want to splurge? A seven-night Caribbean cruise on Holland America costs over a thousand dollars during the holidays, but drops down to just $400 a person on January 4.Go crazy.

One has to feel badly for the Queen.
She’s 88 years old, been Queen for 63 years and her delightful children are still giving her heartache. Prince Charles did his number when he married Diana, who he was obviously not in love with. He needed an heir to the throne and she provided the charming Prince William. Harry, his brother is a tad on the wild side but he’s out of the running anyway now that little Prince George is around and another one is on the way. But we digress.

Just when the Queen thought things were getting better and she could relax wham, another scandal in the palace. Her son Andrew is being accused of, shall we delicately say being intimate with someone much younger than himself. As well, it appears that he’s not keeping the best company, hanging around with a convicted pedophile…before and after he was convicted and went to jail.

Tomorrow she has to haul her 55 year old son into her office and reprimand him. In case you forgot, he’s the one who married and then divorced Sarah Ferguson. Their daughters are, shall we say, not the prettiest chips in the box. Blanche, pass the dark glasses.

There was yet another shooting of police yesterday in New York.
These were undercover cops. Di Blasio, hizzoner in New York went to visit one of the injured policemen who was less than happy to see him. We have been following this story pretty closely and have heard on more than one occasion that all Di Blasio has to do is apologize for the remarks he said after a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer, whose chokehold contributed to the death of Eric Garner.

Whether or not that police officer was guilty was not the issue. What was the issue were Di Blasio’s comments which incensed police by making the issue personal, saying he fears for his half-black son, Dante, and Dante’s potential future dealings with police. In case you didn’t know, Di Blasio is married to a black woman and his son is black with an afro the size of Texas. Or at least it was the size of Texas when Di Blasio was running for mayor last year.

Da mayor is not gaining any ground with the police in New York. Being stubborn is not going to help him either.

Guess where Obama is going in January?
No, Blanche, not back to Hawaii. He’s going to India. In his lust for travel, it seems he doesn’t want to miss one country before his time as prez runs out and he loses Air Force 1, his personal, freebie airline.

The problem is while in India he’s attending India’s Republic Day Parade. You can just imagine how many people will be there. Gzillions. So how is the Secret Service going to watch him? Now that’s a very good question seeing as they couldn’t protect him in his own house a few months ago.

The secret service will position surveillance satellites to track each and every movement that Obama makes. Besides dozens of secret service agents, teams of Marines and other special forces will provide ‘fool proof’ protection for the president which includes sharpshooters on rooftops and dogs. Can we talk? What’s the point of this? The cost must be in the hundreds of millions of dollars so Obama can look good? We’re happy to be canucks, eh?

Even if you don’t understand a word of French, you will certainly enjoy this video. A CBC reporter decided to skate to work yesterday. You’ll get a pretty accurate picture of what it’s like living in Montreal during a mini ice storm which we had here two days ago, with poor if any salting or, as they say here, rocking.

It’s pretty well impossible to walk on any sidewalks. Literally they are skating rinks. Copy and paste the link into your browser and enjoy. It’s only 3 minutes long and he starts skating at the 34 second mark. The Montreal sidewalk skating olympics.

Bush Vs Clinton Again? We’ll know very soon.

Here in Montreal, the ‘other’ holiday last week shut down the city. It was literally deadsville. Thank goodness New Year’s day is a little more civilized and we don’t feel like we’re living on a farm in Nebraska with the wind whipping the snow across the street. Well, the wind is whipping the snow across the street but we don’t live in Nebraska.

On Tuesday we reported that there was a news media outlet that was supposedly the next target of hackers a la Sony. Turns out Billy-Bob from Tennessee (not his real name) said it was just a joke. Can we talk? A joke?

He needs to have his computer taken away from him for a very long time. Instead of revoking his license, revoke his computer privileges. What a dork.

We have many friends reposing down south in Florida and received news today that the internet was down for at least 18 hours. The Miami Herald reported it was due to a car accident around 1:15 am, but we heard from a reliable source that  their outage began at midnight. As well, we went on the Atlantic Broadbent site and the comments confirmed our facts.

In case you didn’t know, today is the day to watch football down south. One can only imagine Bubba’s frustration, to put it mildly, that his games were unavailable to him. Plus all those commercials that were paid for (handsomely) and not watched. Wonder if anyone will ever know what happened. It will definitely have to come from a source not connected with Atlantic Broadbent.

Jeb Bush is the son of one president – George Herbert Walker Bush (president 1989-1993) and brother of another, George Walker Bush (president 2001-2009).

This past week, Mr. Bush, Florida’s former governor was a busy dude. He resigned all of his corporate and nonprofit board memberships, including with his own education foundation. Why you ask? Because if he’s going to run for President of the United States, he must divest himself of all his business interests.

Now get this: If he wins the presidential campaign and Hillary wins her campaign it will be a Bush-Clinton race again. Yes Blanche, put your hands over your eyes and pretend it ain’t so.

And speaking of presidential nominees, Hillary will have to decide pretty soon if she’s running or not. Let’s bet: We say she runs. Even if she  loses to someone like Jeb Bush she will still look like a hero as the first woman to run for president. It’s a win-win situation. And then…she will be able to charge $500,000 instead of $250,000 for a speaking engagement.

If you’re bored these days we found something for you to occupy your time. Some ex-Korean dude who is angry at his country is planning to fill 100,000 balloons with that movie called The Interview and let them go over North Korea. Of course the weather has to cooperate or those balloons may wind up back where they started and that would be a pity.

Back to being bored. If you’re interested, look up Park Sang-hak and maybe give him a call. We’re pretty sure use an extra pair of hands.

Be happy you don’t live in Wyoming. This morning it was -48 fahrenheit. In case you didn’t know, at -36 Farhenheit and Celsius meet. So how cold was it in Wyoming? So cold that the politicians had their hands in their own pockets. Hehehehehe.

Over a million people watched the ball drop last night in Times Square.
It was freezing cold, there were no bathrooms, they were miles from the ball and had nowhere to go inside and get warm. We are guessing that the drawing card for this rather unappealing activity is watching the clock tick to midnight surrounded by complete strangers. We must be getting old.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…