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When You Are Feeling Down Just Remember that Somewhere in the World there is a Moron Pushing a Door that says Pull

One wonders exactly what it will take to make Americans wake up. Certainly not the murder of 27 children and their teacher in their Sandy Hook school. That didn’t make a dent in the NRA. Nor when someone opened fire in a movie theater and killed 12 people. Sadly, the on-air murders yesterday of two young people, one a doing a news interview, the other filming her most likely won’t budge the NRA.

We did hear something today that may have given Americans hope. Alison Parker’s father did an interview on CNN. In a monotone voice he said with 100% conviction that the moment he found out about his daughter’s death he vowed to go after the NRA until his own dying day. He sounded like the real deal. There is not a shred of doubt that it will take someone like that to lobby relentlessly and be focused like a laser beam to change the gun laws in America.

Unless things change, the stakes will keep rising. Mentally ill men who want to go out in a hail of gunfire will keep upping the ante. On air murders posted on the internet and then printed on front pages of newspapers? We shudder to think what’s next.

Did you know people think that Donald Trump wears a toupe? Do you care? Most likely not. Whoever thinks that needs to buy glasses quickly. Who would buy a toupe with such a long comb over?

Well, to prove that it was his own hair, he called a woman up from the audience where he was speaking in South Carolina. She touched his hair (fech) and said that indeed it was his hair. And in case you were wondering, he is still miles ahead of any other candidate in the polls.

By now you must have heard that Joe Biden, Obama’s Vice President is thinking very seriously of running for president.
Well, just by thinking out loud he polls higher than Hillary against any republican candidate.

He’s way behind her in terms of funding as she has amassed a veritable war chest. Ya think Bill came to pay him a visit yet to try to ‘persuade’ him not to run? Perhaps. He doesn’t have much time to decide as the first Democratic debate is in the middle of October and he has to be there if he’s in the game.

There was a new poll that came out regarding the Canadian election. It showed that if the election were held today, the NDP would form the government. Here’s Blanche’s prediction: To win the election a party must win vote-rich Ontario and the parties are in a virtual tie there. That’s where Harper won the last time and where he will either win or come out with a minority government again this time.

We will remind you of the last two election polls that were completely off: Netanyahu was supposed to be trounced and he won. David Cameron in England was supposed to lose big time and he won with a big majority.

Did the NDP peak too early? Most likely. Is Trudeau as good as the polls say he is? Unlikely. Will the NDP take Quebec as they did in the last election? With Trudeau at the helm it could be that those two will split their votes and Harper may come up the middle. We still have quite a way to go.

If Trump thinks America has a problem in people crossing borders illegally, he should check out what’s going on in Europe. Totally out of control. Germany is waiting for about 800,000 refugees, while Greece is getting a few hundred thousand. Like they can afford to take care of them. It seems most of these people are from Syria and North Africa. Where they will wind up and how they will change the face of those countries is anyone’s guess. Who is going to house them, give them medical attention, jobs, food or clothing. Watch this human tragedy unfold. It’s not going to be pretty.

Blanche would be remiss if we did not comment on the insanity of road construction in this city. With all the commissions and police investigations nothing has changed. This entire city seems to be run by different forms of mafia. It cannot be that every year we have to go through the same traffic chaos.

Blanche, the entire road construction industry is made up of morons who have no clue what they are doing or politicians still taking little brown envelopes and stuffing them into their socks. Take your pick. Looks like our new mayor, Denis Coderre is just like the rest of them.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Some People’s Brains are Like the Bermuda Triangle. Information Goes In and Is Never Found Again. Did Anyone Say PKP?

So you’re sitting on a train during your vacation minding your own business and looking out the window when all of a sudden a man starts shooting people. What do you do? Hide under your seat and get shot for sure or take him on. Three Americans, an airman, a National Guard member and their friend tackled this lowlife, beat the daylights out of him and no doubt saved the lives of many people on that train. They were aided by a French-American academic wound up in a hospital from a nasty gunshot wound.

The first guy nearly got his thumb cut off as the arab, who had earlier watched a violent jihad video on phone, had a box-cutter along with his guns. Of course their training led them to intervene nonetheless they are, in the true sense of the word, heroes.

Here’s the wake-up call: We are all on the front line. It is 100% impossible to catch every gun-owning loser watching a jihad video who wakes up one day and decides to mimick what he just watched. If you see something say something has become if you see something DO something. Chilling.

We can tell you one person who is wildly happy today: Stephen Harper.
Why you ask? Well Blanche, because the Duffy trial was adjourned until mid-November, a month after the federal election.

Harper took a shot that two weeks of the Duffy trial at the beginning of a long election campaign will fade into the background once it is adjourned. He’s most likely correct. While people don’t really like the Senate and feel it is a total waste of money, it’s low on the public’s totem poll of election issues.

One of the suburbs here in Montreal has come up with the mother-of-all plans. Once you read it you will most likely agree that they either have way too much money on their hands or someone, shall we say indelicately, smoked a joint before going to a council meeting.

They plan on putting cameras in garbage trucks to make sure people only throw out the ‘right’ garbage. We thought of a few interesting scenarios on this one but the best by far is the following: Ya hate your neighbor and want to get back at him. So in the middle of the night you plant the wrong garbage in his bin and the cameras see it. He’ll get fined and who knows what else. If this sounds idiotic, it’s not as bad as the idea itself.

Thank goodness PKP – Pierre Karl Peladeau, leader of the infamous parti quebecois has opened his mouth again. We thought for a while that he had nothing more to say. Phew. The more he opens his mouth to speak, the further down he takes the bloc quebecois running for some Federal seats and the further down Gilles Duceppe its leader falls.

So what were PKP’s pearls? An independent Quebec would seek to recover its share of national assets such as CF-18 fighter-bombers and Canadian Coast Guard ships. He further added that a sovereign Quebec would also want its share of Canada Post offices and ownership of other federal infrastructure such as bridges. Really now. Wait. It gets better.

He reiterated the idea of an independent Quebec army and said he will open a special institute designed to study independence.

The kicker is…the question of what Quebec is owed from Canada which will be studied by the independence institute.

Anyone remotely thinking of coming here or opening a business has to have their head examined. This airhead better be the last in a long line of flat-line losers bringing down our wonderful province with them.

Whatever truce Donald Trump had with Fox news is over. Last night he went over the line when he said that “The bimbo (Megyn Kelly) is back in town . I hope not for long .” There had seemed to be some kind of truce between Fox and Trump but that totally evaporated last night. He crossed some kind of imaginary line that Fox drew and they are now gunning for him.

Although Trump is really not afraid of anyone, he may find himself on the defensive for the next while. We still believe that the suited, tight-tie board-room republicans are getting ready to do themselves in if he goes much further with his campaign. Unfortunately for them though, John Q. Public is quite liking the brutal honesty with which Trump speaks. Looks like we are in a war of words.

We Live in an Era of Smart Phones and Stupid People. Yikes!

Usually summer is slow in terms of news. This year? Insanity.

Today the Greek Prime Minister resigned and called a snap election for September 20.
It seems he wants to strengthen his hold on power after only seven months in office during which time he fought Greece’s creditors for a better bailout deal but had to cave in. Seriously. Who would want to be the prime minister of Greece? It has to be a thankless job and with all sides unhappy.

The Duffy trial in Ottawa is a serious bore, with minute, mind-numbing details. Given that, it is definitely hampering Harper’s campaign. It’s pretty obvious that people close to the PM lied through their teeth and lawyers are doing serious contortions to try to prove this. One wonders why Harper called the election when he knew very well that this trial would fall out during his tours of Canadian cities. We are guessing that he’s hoping it will blow over in a couple of weeks and the whole thing will be just a bad dream.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to be dogged by that nasty email server business. Now she claims that in fact, emails on the private server she used when she was secretary of state contained material were classified – with a but. She said that the material had been retroactively classified out of an abundance of caution by U.S. intelligence agencies. Now that’s special.

Today, a federal judge has added fresh fuel to the controversy asserting during a hearing Thursday that she violated government policy by storing official messages on a private server when she worked as secretary of state. It will be very interesting to see if the Clintons can get themselves out of this fiasco.

Has anyone seen a picture of Donald Trump’s third wife Melania? The answer is not yet but when they do – vavavavoom. She’s 45 years old and an ex model, 12 years older than his daughter Ivanka. She was born in Slovenia and became a US citizen in 2006. It’s pretty obvious he’s holding her in abeyance until just the right time for her to pop out of a cake singing happy birthday Mr. President, or something like that. Badabing badaboom.

We really don’t like writing anything about Jenner as we don’t like giving him/her any publicity. However when we read that he/she may be up for manslaughter charges due to a car accident last January, before the dresses, high heels and reality show, well, it’s not exactly promoting him/her. Someone died in that accident and it seems it was caused by Jenner going at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions. Of course the question is if convicted where do they send him/her? To a male or female prison? Let’s bet they drop the charges so no one has to deal with this issue.

A second, even bigger, ‘cheat sheet’ exposing the users of the website Ashley Madison has been released. Hacking group ‘the Impact team’ at lunchtime on Thursday released another mine of documents and confidential information to back up their first huge leak.

This whole business is getting much more interesting as the names are being released. They included at least two assistant U.S. attorneys; an information technology administrator in the Executive Office of the President; a division chief, an investigator and a trial attorney in the Justice Department; a government hacker at the Homeland Security Department and another DHS employee who indicated he worked on a counter-terrorism response team.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter confirmed the Pentagon was looking into the list of people who used military email addresses as adultery can be a criminal offense under the Code of Military Justice. Now we ask you, how stupid can people be? Would someone really use a military address and think it was secure? We hope not because it is those people who are seemingly protecting the United States.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

PS… A shout-out to Rabbi David Eliezrie who took Blanche on a ‘nature walk’ last Shabbos while we were in Washington. The nature part of the walk was about 5 minutes through some kind of over-grown vegetation. We climbed over fallen trees and had to balance on a path so as not to fall into what looked like a polluted stream. All of this on a steamy, humid hot day in the nations capital. Let’s just say we’d rather do a mall-walk in an air-conditioned building. We’ll leave ‘nature’ to tree-huggers.

If Only Losing Weight Were as Easy as Losing my Keys or my Temper I would Be Skinny!

The Clinton email investigation is heating up. We have read different sources as to why this is happening. One of the best reasons we have heard so far is that there is no love lost between Obama and Hillary. Note therefore that both the justice department and the FBI are involved in this investigation. So what do you think? If Obama loved Hillary and wanted her to be the next president, don’t you think he would have stalled the dogs until after the election? Now here’s the scoop:

Hillary has little choice but to hand over her server to authorities since it now appears increasingly likely that someone on her staff violated federal laws regarding the handling of classified materials. On August 11, after extensive investigation, the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General reported to Congress that it had found several violations of security policy in Clinton’s personal emails.

The Inspector General assessed that Clinton’s emails included information that was highly classified—yet mislabeled as unclassified. That would be: TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN.

In English: SI refers to Special Intelligence, TK refers to Talent Keyhole indicating that the classified material was obtained via satellite and NOFORN means that the materials can only be shown to Americans, not to foreigners.

We’re certainly not gazing into a crystal ball, but it looks like Hillary’s in a heapa trouble.

And one more tidbit about Hillary. It’s no coincidence that Joe Biden is ‘considering’ a run at the presidency at this precise time. The troops are beginning to smell something with Hillary and will not be caught with, pardon us, their pants down.

So far Harper has dodged a bullet. In Nigel Wright’s first day of testimony, nothing he said undermined Stephen Harper’s insistence that he didn’t know someone else had repaid Duffy’s expenses. There is however, a big elephant in the room which will be addressed during cross examination. Today Wright was pressed further and still did not come forth that Harper ok’d and knew about the $90,000 payment.

Given that everyone knows Harper is a control freak and has what can only be termed a big case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and knew everything that transpired around him, when Wright was asked what he meant in a February 2013 email that Harper was ”good to go” with a repayment scheme that would have seen the Conservative Party repay Duffy’s expenses, Wright said he never told the prime minister where the money was coming from. Stay tuned on this soap opera.

Ever go hiking in a National Park while on vacation somewhere to oh say ‘convene with nature’?
Well, take note. It ain’t the grizzly bears that may do you in during your peaceful love-in with the trees. It is much more likely you won’t make it out of the park due to drowning in a lake or river.

Recently statistics were released as to who dies in nature parks. The first and most obvious feature: 75% more men than women. No need to explain that. Secondly, international visitors are high on the list. Here’s a bit of advice: If you are visiting a foreign country in the next while, stay out of those nature parks. Go visit a big building somewhere.

In case you didn’t know, sizing in women’s clothing is a farce and totally absurd. The same measurements taken in 1958 which equaled a size 12 now are size 6. Who exactly are they fooling? It is very obvious that American women are larger today than they were in the late 50’s.

As we sometimes use retail therapy as a relaxation technique, we can tell you without a doubt that the sizing is not realistic. Did you know that there is a size zero?? Yes Blanche, zero. How much does someone who takes size zero weigh? Is she still alive?

The Chinese devalued their currency the yuan. So what exactly does this mean to us?
Very simplified, here ya go:

1. When the yuan falls in value, goods imported to North America from China become cheaper. And China makes a lot of things from cars and computers to clothing and furniture. That’s good for us, but not for China.

2. Apple, for example, relies on China to make its iPhone and iPad. A stronger dollar compared to the yuan means any income generated in China loses value as it is sent back to North America. Similarly, manufacturing in North American firms becomes more expensive. All this could lead to lower earnings for our companies. And when earnings dry up, so do jobs.

The airline industry has a big problem. And guess what, anyone who flies on a plane has the same problem. Drones.

It’s not funny and extremely dangerous. As well, it is a disaster waiting to happen. So far people have just seen drones while landing. What happens if a drone gets sucked into one of the plane’s engines? Or hits the tail of the plane?

At least 138 pilots have reported spotting drones as high as 10,000 feet, the FAA said. If the FAA gets its way under new rules it proposed in February, no drones would be allowed to fly above 500 feet or over bystanders. The big problem is that these drone operators are very hard to find. Someone has to invent a way to find these dudes and punish them to the full extent of the law. That’s the only way others will be deterred.

We’ll talk…

Blanche’s Correction…

Well, at least we know that people actually read Blanche. Dat’s good news, eh Blanche?

In our last report we erroneously said that Huma Abedin was married to George Clooney. Alas, she is married to none other than the infamous Anthony Weiner of weiner photography fame.

As Blanche appeared at 7:00 pm tonight, the breaking news is that it also appears that Huma had her own account on Hillary’s server which was used at times for government business. So now Weiner’s outta the spotlight (until the next set of pics appear somewhere) and she’s taken over. Quite the dynamic duo.

I Would Like to Apologize to Anyone I Have Not Yet Offended. Be Patient and We’ll Get to You Shortly.

The dust has settled on the recent debates both here in Canada and in the US. The winner in Canada seems to be Justin because he didn’t sound like an adolescent and gave Mulcair the winner line of the night… at the right time. Justin knew his stuff well enough to wait until the absolute opportune moment to give Mulcair a major zinger.

Harper came across as a bit too stiff and, dare we use the word, haughty. He has to come down a notch or two for the next debate. He doesn’t have to act like ‘one of the boys’ but he does have to seem like he cares about the ‘little people from on high.’

The debate in the US was in fact not a debate rather a question and answer period centered around Trump. Many of the pundits in Canada have stated that we are much more tame. While they may be correct watching the US debate was much more fun. In fact, over 24 million people also thought so, the highest rating ever for any non-sports event. Enough said about this till the next one.

A final word about Trump. While he may be running a three ring circus, his message is what people are looking to hear. And that’s why he’s polling at 32%, miles ahead of anyone else. Despite his gaffes, of which there are many, he’s also touching the core of many Americans. In the end, most likely the GOP will dump him, he’ll run as an independent and not get elected. But during this process he will be keeping every other candidate on their toes.

The Hillary Clinton-Email fiasco continues to trail her. She can run but she sure can’t hide. In the latest developments, her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and her former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin (now married to the actor George Clooney), were both asked to produce work-related emails when they were employed by Clinton. Why you ask?

Well, for one thing, they would provide a method of cross-checking the completeness of Hillary Clinton’s document production. Secondly and more importantly it was widely known that Clinton was wary of email. Skeletons, if they exist, are more likely to be found in the writings of Mills and Abedin than in anything Hillary committed to “paper.” Stay tuned to this story. It’s not over by a long-shot.

And speaking of stories to watch, the third installment of the Duffy trial is back on the radar and due to resume tomorrow. This part is going to be the juicy one as Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff is due to testify this week or next. Harper is sticking to his story that he didn’t know about the $90,000 check Wright cut Duffy. Nor, he is insisting, did he say three words to Wright that many are claiming: Good to go.

No question that Harper took a bit of chance calling the election when he knew that the Duffy trial was not over. Leads one to believe either one of two scenarios: he’s completely innocent or he has the mother-of-all-egos and believes he will beat the system. Time will tell.

Sunday was the year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri.
There were the expected riots and looting both Sunday and Monday. Thrown into the fray however is another rather disturbing influence. A group calling themselves the Oath Keepers – all former military, police and first responders — pledge to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They are the extreme of the extreme. On Sunday night they were seen walking around with assault rifles, bulletproof vests and camouflage gear.

Here’s where the gun laws in the US come into play. Missouri allows individuals with concealed weapons permits to openly display firearms, unless it is done in an “angry or threatening manner.” Now who exactly is to say when someone is angry or threatening?

This organization was founded in 2004 and claims to have over 30,000 members. Just how extreme are they? Chillingly so: They refer to Hillary as “Hitlery” and said that Sen. John McCain should be tried for treason and “hung by the neck until dead” for going “along with the program of the destruction of this country.” Welcome to America.

Rick Perry, one of candidates running for President is outta money. He’s asking his staff to work as ‘volunteers’. Let’s see, that may last about 24 hours. Toodles dude.

You most likely don’t know this, but New York’s mayor Bill di Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo despise each other. So much so that they are each legislating, at different times, laws pertaining to the outbreak of legionnaires disease which is currently hitting New York.

Those two dudes need to go into a room and work out their issues. It cannot be very comforting for New Yorkers to know that they hate each other. This legionnaires disease is no small thing and they should be on the same page, standing shoulder to shoulder assuring the people that they are taking care of this outbreak.

And speaking of New York, we were recently there and frankly found the city much dirtier than the last time we visited. Di Blasio is so busy being a tree-hugger that he’s forgetting about the basics. Where’s Rudy Guiliani? Time to come out of retirement.

We’ll talk…

The Great Debates – Round One

The Canadian debate was like watching the grass grow. No audience, boring background and silence between the questions. The American debate was like watching a parade in Times Square.

Mulcair looked stiff and someone needs to buy him a suit that fits. Harper sounded and looked like the Prime Minister. Elizabeth May needs a hairdresser stat and Trudeau looked pretty and wore a very expensive suit. What did they say? Nothing that you already didn’t know.

Trump trumped the American debate. First though we have to talk about his hair. It’s impossible to see where that comb-over begins or ends. It looks like he has yellow fluff on his head. Marco Rubio must be using brylcream and Chris Christie wins for the worst hair day.

Back to Trump. He aced the first question, rendering the pretty blonde Megyan Kelly speechless. We can’t figure out how someone can be pretty, blonde, thin and smart all at once. Must be she bites her nails. But we digress.

When Wallace, a seasoned journalist asked Trump about his shocking comments re Mexicans and other immigrants and what his policy would be, Trump looked him straight in the eye and told him he would never even be asking an immigration question if not for him. He then asked him about the bankruptcies of his companies and again he made minced-meat out of Wallace.

These debates are the opening volleys. Stay tuned for months of this verbal you-know-what.

Don’t you wonder to what level of ignorance and incompetence those in the construction business here in la belle province are?
We’ll tell you how ignorant: There was a new $4.5 million footbridge being built in a suburb here in Montreal. Work had to abruptly stop today because… the bridge’s supports don’t rest on the bridge’s foundation.

Yes Blanche you read that correctly. Not one of the geniuses constructing the bridge, nor those inspecting the work, nor the managers who watch over the workers, nor the engineers who drew up the plan bothered to check to see if someone – anyone – was following the plan. Actually, that’s not even part of any plan. Even we know that in order for a bridge to stay up the supports have to be part of the foundation.

Well, it turns out no one was following anything. Could it be the construction workers are illiterate? Very possible. Here’s the scenario we like the best, someone was paid off and no one cared what the heck happened. Banana republic anyone?

The Bruce Jenner aka Kait business seems to losing momentum and with that lots of money. The reality show that he/she launched is beyond a disaster. The critics have totally bombed it and said what we did from the get-go. If what he/she is doing is for real then get off social media and television and go live your life quietly in some hut somewhere. Right now we don’t believe a word of what he/she is purporting. Watch, in a year Kait will go back to Bruce cause the money will be better there. Ich and fech.

Investigators say they believe the same Russian hackers that carried out attacks on the White House and State Department last year and the attempted penetration of the Pentagon last month were responsible for a major cyber attack that shut down the Joint Chiefs of Staff email for the past 11 days. That means that the over 4,000 people who work in that area have no email access.

In all of the attacks, hackers broke into unclassified email networks by sending legitimate-looking emails than turned out to be malware or “spear phishing” attempts. In April, President Obama’s unclassified emails were among those compromised, along with the State Department.

We’ve been saying this for how long? Nothing is safe except an old-fashioned land line. Guess that’s what they are doing in Washington. Hey, maybe Hillary got it right. She stayed away from the government and had her own personal server. At least she won’t get caught up in this mess.

First a disclaimer: We must apologize to all of our dentist friends. Actually some of them are my best friends. We just could not resist this piece and we’re sparing you the picture.

…There you are, moving your tongue left and right as your own saliva pools in the back of your throat. A gloved finger pulls back your lip and a familiar armamentarium of drills and metal tools sparkles nearby.

…In the age of laser eye surgery, laparoscopic procedures for complex surgeries, gene therapy, and artificial wind pipes made on 3D printers, dentistry still tends to feel a lot like carpentry.

Ask your dentist how far their field has gone and you’ll get an answer that will take an hour. Implants, better dental equipment, better filling material yada yada yada. Ask the patient who is sitting in the chair with their mouth wide open for an hour listening to the high pitched whirring of that drill? We just shuddered. In the end, we gotta thank our dentists for taking up such a thankless, albeit well-paying profession.

Please call all the tree-hugging, whale-saving, climate change people. This piece is for them. Whole Foods is selling a bottle of water for $6 because it has 3 stalks of asparagus in it. They aren’t even saying it’s healthy. They just put it out there on the shelves and all the nudnik minions bought it.

We’ll talk…

Note to Debaters on Thursday Night: If Plan ‘A’ Fails, Remember You Have 25 Letters Left.

You won’t have to worry about what to watch on Thursday night. Here the three candidates running for Prime Minister – Trudeau, Mulcair and Harper will facing off in a debate.  In the US, Donald Trump along with Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich will be doing the same.

Blanche, how long is the US debate anyway? Each of those ten dudes gets exactly how long to talk? And who’s going to stop Trump from shooting his mouth off out of turn? What, you don’t think he’ll do that? Let’s bet. Ya think they’ll toss him off stage if they can’t control him? It will definitely be more interesting than ours. Trudeau cut off his locks to make him look older. While that may have worked, it certainly didn’t make him any smarter. In fact, now that the hair is gone from over his ears, more air can get in. Ouch.

Elizabeth May from the Green Party is upset they cut her out of the debates. Last time we looked she had exactly one seat in parliament. Perhaps she should go hug a tree on Thursday night. Ooooh Blanche,  dat’s nasty.

Seems there is a post going viral that this winter is going to be very bad. It’s a hoax folks, so don’t pass it around. No one can predict what the weather will be this winter. They also can’t predict what the weather will be today as it was supposed to rain all afternoon and it never did. Next.

Traveling anytime soon? Blanche is here to help. Here’s a list of the states with the worst roads in different categories in the US:

Accidents: Idaho
Hazards: Wyoming has the most hazards: construction, animals, potholes, etc
Construction: Vermont wins for the most construction although we beg to differ. Even though Quebec is in Canada, there is no doubt we hold the world record.
Potholes: Washington DC but again, Quebec would win if entered
We saved the best for last:
Roadkill: South Dakota wins hands down. Ich.

Guess who won the bid for the winter olympics in 2022? China. To be exact Almaty, Kazakhstan. To tell you the truth, we didn’t even know Kazakhstan belonged to China. But we digress. What the heck does China know about winter sports? Not much Blanche but the good thing is they have seven years to learn. Like we have been saying, follow the money.

Anyone watching Apple stocks in the past couple of days? Millions of people no doubt. They have taken a tumble on the stock market. We found two good reasons, both of which make sense.

The first is China. A slowing economy and slumping stock market have raised concerns about Apple’s prospects in China. Reports this week the iPhone’s market share slipped to number three in the second quarter (behind Xiaomi and Huawei) vs. the top slot in the first quarter added to those concerns.

The second reason is the Apple watch. The lack of detail is leading to speculation that sales are disappointing, further fueled by reports that Facebook hasn’t developed an app for the Apple Watch and that Apple will sell it in Best Buy, starting this month.

The best advice (no, Blanche is not a stock broker, just practical) is to sit tight and do nothing.