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An Incredible Wedding in Israel

Today in Jerusalem, while we were having lunch, a young couple got married. They are not just any couple. Sarah Techiya Litman married Ariel Beigel having invited the entire world to their wedding, postponed after Palestinian terrorists murdered her father and brother on November 13. Today is November 26. Sarah got up from shiva last week and got married today. The couple said they hoped multitudes will come to make us happy and indeed that is what happened.

Montreal was represented by Rabbi Fishman of the Beth Tivkah in Dollard and twelve of his congregants. They are to be commended for their courage and determination, deciding on Shabbos that they would be going to join hundreds of other Jews from all over the world to help bring joy to the bride and groom. Mazel Tov to the whole world and may this young couple know only of joy and happiness in their lives. Their faith and strength gives the entire Jewish world faith and strength.

Today is Thanksgiving in America. It comes with turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, a few greens beans and pecan pie for dessert. It also comes with Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in Manhattan. Along with the 3 million people who lined the route were mobile cameras and police helicopters, specially trained police dogs sniffing for traces of explosives, officers patrolling on horseback, radiation detectors to seek out evidence of a dirty bomb; teams of plainclothes officers mixing unobtrusively with revelers spread along the two and a half miles of the Manhattan parade route between 9 a.m. and noon.

The world will not be held hostage by terrorists. For now we will have to live with all the extra security but make no mistake. There are billions more people in the world than the few thousand who seem to be terrorizing everyone. They will get their just desserts one day. We must pray that it is much sooner than later.

We have been saying this for years: there is gas fixing or collusion in quebec. Today it was revealed that we here in la belle province pay the highest gas prices in – ready? – all of North America. We hope you are not surprised by that.

You may need the barf bag for this next bit: The actual price of the gas is about 55 cents per liter. Everything else is tax. So let’s see, when we pay 1.21 per liter the tax is 66 cents, more than the gas itself. Nauseous yet?

If someone out there can explain why the prices go up at the exact same time, the exact same amount at every gas station, we would like to know. One thing we can tell you, the government is not letting go of this cash cow anytime soon.

Where the heck are they spending all this money? It couldn’t be on infrastructure because until a couple of years ago, no one ever did anything about that and now they are trying to fix a whole city in ten minutes. Couldn’t be that they used it for the new hospitals because they are a complete disaster. Certainly not for snow cleaning because in some residential areas the snow never gets cleaned.

Let’s see now. Ya think maybe people have bank accounts with, shall we say, some extra money? Or maybe a safety deposit box where they can dip in when they are short of money. Something smells here Blanche and it’s not coming from us.

Donald Trump is slowly but surely looking less and less likely to get that elusive presidential nomination. If he does manage to eek it out, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

In today’s disaster he openly mocked a reporter who suffers from arthrogryposis, a rare musculoskeletal disorder. He did not like that the dude differed with his opinion that New Jersey residents had celebrated while watching the Twin Towers fall. You understand they were not white americans? We don’t have to spell this out, do we Blanche? But we digress.

As he spoke, Trump launched into an impression which involved gyrating his arms wildly and imitating the unusual angle at which this gentleman’s hand sometimes rests. Did he apologize? Not a chance. He criticized the paper this man writes for. Ya can’t buy class.

Another day, another nutball jumped the fence around the White House. Those secret service dudes either need a higher fence or more people to watch said fence.

Don’t know about you, but Blanche cannot keep up with Trudeau’s travels these days.
He goes from one country to the next like you cross the street. Yesterday he was in London bowing to the Queen, today he’s in Malta, in two days he’ll be in Paris. One thing that was rather interesting about the Queen business was of course it was not his first time meeting her. He was there with his father decades ago. Even the Queen was impressed with that.

It also seems he learned from his last trip – oh that would be last week – to drop the selfies. Haven’t seen one unless we missed it.

We would be remiss if we did not comment on Black Friday.
Blanche, can you imagine that people camp out on their holiday to save money on something they most likely don’t need? Or that hordes of people run to buy socks and underwear, aka interhoisen,in Target when they can get the same stuff next week for $2 more? We cannot imagine putting a toe into a store tomorrow, unless of course you’re looking for a visit to the hospital when someone steps on it. Insanity.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Some People Are Not Just Missing A Screw. The Whole Freakin Toolbox is Gone.

It’s official. The parti quebecois and its leader live in a very dark, backwater bubble. With the world living on edge, Brussels shut down, Paris shaking, Israel in turmoil, Russia and Turkey now on the brink of something ugly, the separatist party in Quebec is still busy with creating their own country. There are no words.

Both the princess (marois) and now PKP (Peladeau) have surpassed the idiot chart, moving to imbeciles. They are so insular, so busy with themselves and the demented dream of their own country, they have totally missed what is happening in the rest of the world.

Before they start talking about their own country, may we suggest that they get their ducks in a row. Can someone send them a memo that in the past couple of weeks the world got a lot smaller?

To keep up with what is happening, along with their fiefdom, they will need an army with an intelligence arm (now there’s an oxymoron) and definite borders (a sticky point). Who they will share their intelligence with is anyone’s guess. Maybe they’ll use a weegie board to communicate with Rene Levesque. He seemed to have all the answers. They are an embarrassment and look like amateur buffoons.

In case you were looking to read something not scary, here’s a tidbit to ponder: Today is World Toilet Day. Blanche, honestly you’re dizguzting. Maybe people are eating while they read this. Well, once we started we may as well give you the whole shpiel.

It appears that as of 2014 about half a million people in the United States do their ablutions out of their home. You won’t be surprised to hear that most of those people live in Alaska. Can we talk? Can you imagine how cold that terlit seat is?

One more thing. We just couldn’t resist. Compare this to the latest terlit that has a heated seat with adjustable temperature, night light, automatic odor filter and remote control among other features.

Back to our insane world. Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane early this morning after apparently giving the pilots ten warnings “in the space of five minutes” that they were flying over Turkish airspace—a charge Vladmir Putin has vehemently denied. What else is he going to say?

After the pilots ejected it appears the Turks shot and killed one of them. The whereabouts of the other pilot are unknown. Lovely people all of them.

The U.S. State Department issued a Worldwide Travel Alert. It’s not a ban. It’s an alert. We are not going to mention soft targets, of which there are many, to spook everyone. In case you were wondering why this advisory was issued now, it’s because tomorrow, Wednesday, is the biggest travel day in the US – the day before Thanksgiving. The advisory is more for people traveling outside the United States, encouraging them to register with a US embassy wherever they go. Now doesn’t that make you feel safer? Not.

We’ve said this many times: Margaret Thatcher was right all along. The EU is in a huge mess. Those open borders and free entry at airports have been one of the biggest detriments to their safety. They are working overtime to close all those loopholes but dearies, the damage is done. Those who wanted to get in are already there. It may be harder for them to move around, but the lax security was a huge mistake.

Trudeau’s liberal government held a press conference today with no less than five cabinet ministers present:  Usually one dude comes out, makes an announcement and Bob’s your uncle. Not so today.

They obviously found safety and comfort in numbers – pardon the pun – when they announced that instead of bringing in 25,000 ‘refugees’ from the middle east by December – uh, that would be in about a week – they have dropped the number to a mere 10,000. Seems they cannot vet so many people so quickly. No kidding.

Now get this: There are 12 cities in Quebec and 23 in the rest of Canada taking in those coming here. In other words, half the cities getting the refugees are here in la belle province. Interesting, n’est pas?

They also finally came out with what it will cost to bring them in: About $678 million over six years. Blanche, dat sounds like a ballpark figure. By any estimation it will cost a few hundred million more. Wait, you’ll see. They were sicker than we thought, poorer, they only speak arabic, they need more mental healthy help, yadayadayada.  At least the government woke up and realized how unrealistic it was to bring in 25,000 people…in the dead of winter.

Today the Charbonneau commission’s report was finally revealed. (In case you don’t know what this commission did for $50 million – it was the official Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry or, a public inquiry into potential corruption in the management of public construction contracts. How much is that mouthful worth?

So what did the commission say? Well, of the 60 recommendations, Madame Charbonneau devoted an entire chapter on the contract to build the super hospital. That means it was corrupt from top to bottom. Former senior managers at the McGill University Health Centre were given far too much discretionary power in the planning of the $1.3-billion superhospital – a situation that allowed corruption to take root and thrive. Read Arthur Porter. In other words, people pocketed gzillions of dollars and the hospital is just short of a disaster.

It was also revealed today that dudes who own the snow clearing companies in Montreal sit in a restaurant and decide who’s getting which areas, what they will charge and how much it will cost each company to tow the line. That’s called collusion. Hey, wait a second Blanche, isn’t this exactly what the Charbonneau commission was looking at? Oh, right, it was only in the construction industry.

Guess what? It’s embedded in Quebec’s culture and even with a $50 million report will not now or ever root out the problem. Crooks breed crooks who breed more crooks. And this province is king of the crooks.

We’ll talk…

Duct Tape can’t help stupid people but it can muffle the sound.

Today was horrific in Israel. Two men died in synagogue this morning…while praying. Three others were murdered as their car was stopped in traffic. Did anyone read about those murders anywhere online except on Israeli news feeds? Were any buildings lit up in blue and white? CNN posted something only because one of those tragically murdered was an eighteen-year old young man from Sharon Mass.  It’s business as usual – arabs stabbing or running over Jews, another day in Israel.

When the world will wake up and realize that what is happening in Israel, on a daily basis, is coming to a theater near them, they will incredulously shake their heads  and ask themselves why no one came to Israel’s aid. They will ask themselves why their ‘leaders’ continuously asked Israel to refrain from retaliating. And they will come to realize that arabs are taught to first hate the Jew and then hate everyone else which is exactly what is happening right now. Wake up world.

Leaderless. Yes Blanche, that’s our world today. We saw the best two sentences that describe Obama, the absentee leader of the free world: Obama’s exemption from reality has expired. He must either commit to leading the free world to victory or step aside so someone else can.

As for our erstwhile leader Justin, the best way to describe him is pathetically embarrassing. Amid the slaughter of people at concerts and restaurants, he found himself in Turkey at the G20 meetings. He had a choice to make at this summit. Continue to allow the media to focus on his new moniker of sexiest world leader or act like a prime minister, look the press straight in the eye and tell them this is not the time to focus on superficiality. He failed miserably, taking smiling and fun selfies with his adoring followers. Ya can’t buy class.

The lack of leadership goes well beyond Obama in the US. FBI Director James Comey said on Thursday there was no credible threat of an attack on US soil similar to the ones last week in Paris and that his agency had taken terrorism investigations “up a notch.”

He went on to say that the threat focuses primarily on troubled souls living in the US who are being inspired or enabled online to do something violent for ISIL and that they have stopped many people last year. Can we talk?

Why can’t these people just keep their mouths shut tight. We certainly hope he’s right but wouldn’t it be better just to let sleeping dogs lie. If there’s no threat, wonderful. But people still have to be vigilant.

Ben Carson’s campaign is going from bad to worse. The New York Times printed an article last week that Carson is having a hard time grasping the foreign policy issues. In a very weird statement, his campaign alleges the Times took “advantage of an elderly gentleman and used him as their foil in this story…[in] an affront to good journalistic practices.” Whoa there.

They just called their own presidential candidate an old man, a senior citizen, someone who’s mind is old and possibly can’t remember everything. By the time Carson finishes talking to those around him, he actually may become much older.

Get this one Blanche: The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would require the director of the FBI, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence to personally sign off on each Syrian refugee entering the United States. Accountable anyone? Lest you think this will stop obama aka alfred e. neuman from bringing in those ‘poor syrian darlings’, think again. The White House, which has promised to veto the bill, has called the Houses’s demands “untenable.”

It looks like obama will have to leave the virtual golf course in his office for five minutes to tend to business. Oh wait, that would be after he tells Netanyahu to take it easy on those innocent stabbing victims in Israel.

In case you’re still in the mood to travel, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a safe place, Blanche will provide you with the most on-time airlines known to man for this week:
Delta wins the prize with an 85% punctuality record. In second place is Alaska Airlines – hey, that’s a good place to go, followed by Hawaiian Airline, also not bad. Dead last is Spirit airlines, with United in third to last place. Now that was helpful, eh Blanche? Well, kind of. Ya still have to get there.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Nauseating, Pathetic, Delusional ‘Leaders’. Blanche, go git the Barf bag.

Blanche just returned from a short jaunt to New York, most likely of no interest to anyone reading this. We are reporting on  what we heard and saw firsthand. New Yorkers are nervous. Soft targets have become the newest buzz words. The truth is, as we saw for ourselves, New York is a soft target. While there are police in some strategic locations, as things stand now, they are not equipped with enough manpower to cover the subway system, bridges and other places where masses of people congregate on a daily basis. Never mind the restaurants, theaters and concert halls.

Everyday since Friday night something about terrorism is in the news. Today’s report was that two soccer games were cancelled in Germany due to a very credible bomb threat.

Unless it is happening behind the scenes, we wonder if any country has contacted Israel to pick their brain.  They have lived with these kinds of threats for years and have learned how to avoid most mass attacks by deploying armed guards at cafes, theaters,  shops,  every  train station and mall entrance. As distasteful as it may sound and appear, there is no other solution to what awaits North America.

A former Mossad chief reiterated as well how important intelligence gathering is, something France failed at miserably. We wonder what it will take to make the world recognize that little Israel holds the key to trying to living a normal life in these times instead of walking around waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And then there is Obama. The best word to describe him right now is pathetically delusional, cut off from reality. In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, he’s still having an issue calling those who massacre people at concerts terrorists. He’s also insistent on bringing in syrian ‘refugees’ while about 25 states have said they will not take anyone in.

Officials of the FBI, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said Director James Comey has put a brave public face on the bureau’s fight against ISIS that masks significant tensions behind the scenes with the Obama administration.

Bureau officials are deeply worried they don’t have enough resources to track a growing number of radicalized Americans inspired by the Islamic State, with more possibly entering as President Obama opens the borders to thousands of Syrian refugees. It gets worse.

The bureau is frustrated that the White House and Justice Department have not pressured Congress to act more quickly to force technology companies to help break the encrypted communications of suspects, fearing political appointees have been too deferential to a politically connected, well-monied industry.

“We have suspects we’ve been tracking that have gone dark, because we can no longer follow their encrypted activities.” If this doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster, we’re not sure what does. We hope and pray we are wrong.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the raw sewage business in Montreal ended Sunday night. Phew. It took 89 hours to fix the rotted metal. Something smells here, pardon the pun. Was Blanche the only one to see how corroded those metal thingys were? Did anyone see how big that interceptor was? Are we to believe that it was fixed in just over 3 days? Why do we think that it wasn’t done quite right or perhaps inferior materials were used? Remember these words in a year or two when oops, something broke down there again.

Ben Carson, the retired neuro-surgeon running for president better have made provisions to get his old job back or risk being bored out of his mind next November. He’s way, way over his head. Last week he wrongly asserted that China had intervened militarily in Syria and then failed, on national television, to name the countries he would call on to form a coalition to fight the Islamic State. Another genius running for office.

And speaking of the presidential race, Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisana is outta da race. As he put it, it’s not my time. Good thinking dude. Some of your friends might consider the same path.

We would be remiss if we did not go back for a moment to Europe.
First we must yet again make mention of how right Margaret Thatcher was to keep Great Britain out of the EU. It turned out, as she predicted, to be a disaster. Blanche, why do you keep bringing up the same things over and over again? It’s enough already. Because at the time she was vilified by her party and they – almost all men – were dead wrong.

It has just been learned that a dragnet across Europe widened on Tuesday to include a second fugitive suspected to have taken part in the Paris terrorist attacks, as officials tried to make sense of a torrent of emerging intelligence about the planning and execution of the attacks. If there were borders where people needed passports, perhaps, just perhaps, the terrorists would not be able to move so freely from country to country. Ya think?

We’ll talk…


There is a lot of talking following the massacre in Paris. There are also many, many questions, but the top two are: How could French intelligence have failed so spectacularly? How could the terrorists have kept this military precision operation under the radar?

For the past couple of years a few of us, quasi political pundits, sit together to discuss world politics. One of the items on the table was always not if the terrorists would strike again, but when. Every milestone date – 9/11, July 4, Labor day, the Thanksgiving parade in New York,  etc we would say is this the day? The answer was always the same: They won’t strike when people expect it. They will strike suddenly and on soft targets. Sadly, our little political group was exactly correct. All of the targets were soft and the date chosen was a regular Friday night in Paris.

The biggest question now is what are the western democracies going to do? It has become very clear that the terrorists are not a rag-tag operation. They are sophisticated, well-armed, intelligent and very ready to die for their cause.

We are at war. It is not only a war that kills people, it is also a war of mind games. The enemy is trying to destabilize the world and doing a very good job of that. There is no doubt that the uppermost thing on everyone’s mind tonight is who and where is the next place they will decide to strike.

Until the ‘good guys’ get their act together and realize that we are fighting a world war, which means that all countries must band together to defeat the enemy, they will have the upper hand. It is time to stopping all the talking and take action. If we want to save democracy and the world as we know it there is no other choice.