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Trump: I’m Not Special. I’m a Limited Edition

In case you were wondering if Trump is out of control wonder no more. He’s out of control. When asked last night in an interview if he was pro-life he said yes. When asked if women who have abortions should be punished and say, oh go to jail , he also said yes. Then he took a step back and said, ok, maybe the doctors should go to jail. Then he said maybe they should both go to jail.

He was also asked how high the wall between Mexico and US would be. Right now we’re at 35 feet. Blanche, dats a very high wall. And finally, today he met with the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Not that’s a name, eh? What exactly were his parents thinking? But we digress.

Trump’s meeting no doubt had to do with the fact that this week he said he would not pledge in advance to support the eventual GOP nominee. Read: if I’m not the nominee I will run as an independent. That would almost 100% ensure a victory for Hillary as the votes would be split between the Republican candidate and Trump.

Frankly, all Hillary has to do is sit back and watch the GOP show. Once she gets through the email business, which looks like it’s coming to an end, she’s basically home free and will most likely move back into the White House next January.

If you think you have problems, you don’t hold a candle to Brazil. In less than six months the summer olympics are supposed to be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, which translated means River of January. Don’t say Blanche doesn’t make your life interesting.

This next bit of news may sound familiar to people living in la Belle Province: funding for the construction of a major venue has been blocked while authorities investigate allegations of corruption. Seriously? Corruption? Quel horreur. Brown envelopes? Shoddy work? Watered down cement? Blanche, what are you saying?

Lest you think athletes will be competing in a park think again. Seven of the nine venues are complete. It’s just that someone woke up, a tad late, to discover many hands in the till so to speak. Corruption coupled with the dreaded Zika mosquito and the pollution in the waters where people will have to swim and sail are making these games less than desirable. Let’s face it…the entire olympic business is one big corruption scandal.

There was a good article in today’s paper about the Ghomeshi affair. Not to sound repetitive, but this story is not going away anytime soon due to the myriad of levels. In Blanche’s correspondence with the author a very interesting point emerged.

Firstly, did you know that Ghomeshi’s female lawyer is being vilified by feminists for taking the case in the first place. That, in and of itself is ridiculous. Does that also mean women judges should recuse themselves from rendering a verdict?

What we are reading between the lines is the frustration of women. In that regard they happen to be correct. The real villain here is the CBC management who had complaints from women against Ghomeshi for years and did nothing about them. Instead, they chose to protect their ‘star’. Two of those executives have been fired, but frankly, that’s not enough. The CBC themselves should have to come forward and first and foremost apologize to the women who endured even a day of abuse – emotional or physical.

Ghomeshi’s next trial is about the workplace, the CBC to be exact. Let’s wait and see what happens at that trial, who gets called to the stand and if the prosecution will do their homework and dig up information they missed the first time around.

We could not help but share these next few nutball quotes from Donald Trump.
Honestly, if this is all America can come up with to run for president we are all in trouble:

1. Says he consults himself on foreign policy. “I have a good brain.”
2. Calls for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country
3. Says two of three most important functions of federal government are providing health care and education

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

No Shortage of Sorrow…

Istanbul’s synagogue  is understood to be the most probable target of the allegedly impending isis attacks, which has a community center and school attached to it. Sources said that this is a more than credible threat. This is an active plot, adding the information gathered from the operatives indicated an imminent attack that could be in the next 24 hours or next few days.

We are guessing that the school and synagogue is closed for now but we may be wrong. For sure intensive security measures are being put in place, including undercover and covert round-the-clock terror measures. G-d should protect them, those living in Israel under this kind of threat 24/7 and Jews worldwide.

Citing security concerns in the region, the Pentagon and State Department are ordering the dependents of personnel to leave several regions in Turkey—a move which will affect at least 670 people who are mostly at Incirlik Air Base.

The decision to order U.S. military dependents to leave Turkey is based on “the changing security environment” and the “potential increase in threats and risks.” This next part is well, a tad on the silly side: The 670 military dependents and 287 personal pets will be flown out of Turkey by U.S. military transports or charter flights. Personal pets on a charter flight? Dats a lotta arfing and meowing.

The circus that is called the republican candidates competing to run for president just keeps getting more insane by the day.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with simple battery today for allegedly manhandling Michelle Fields, a reporter for the conservative news outlet Breitbart. One of the criminal attorneys representing him in these matters is a former U.S. Attorney who left office after it became public that he had bitten a dancer at a strip club.

Got that? His campaign manager hit a woman hard enough to cause a bruise and the lawyer bit a dancer. How special is this? Policies? Terrorists and what to do with them? The economy? Pshhh. Immaterial. The best line is that Trump will figure all of this out once elected as he will surround himself with ‘advisers’. Blanche, there are not enough advisers in the United States to help Trump.

The Ghomeshi trial and its outcome is not a simple matter. It is complex and treading into unchartered judicial waters.

In an article we read about this case, one statement stood out: men co-operate; women collude. It has been proven that those who have been abused react differently than someone who has not been abused. Emotional trauma plays into this. Had the women in question truly cooperated with the police, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Their failure not to tell the whole truth has allowed someone who may have indeed assaulted them to go free.

We are saddened to report that the wife of Joe Schwarz, passed away.

As well, Jean Lapierre, the unbelievably clear, honest and brilliant political commentator heard daily on CJAD died today in plane crash together with members of his family. They were en route to make arrangements for his father’s funeral.  Truly a loss…

We’ll talk…

Special Edition: Breaking News

It seems that Ted Cruz, running in second place for president of the United States of America had no less than five affairs in the not so distant past.

Why you have not seen this on mainstream TV news outlets, on the internet, on twitter or anywhere else is complicated and we will do our very best to make sense of this story. Before we continue we would be remiss if we did not do a special call-out to Blanche’s deep throat for alerting us to this story.

It was the National Enquirer who broke the story about multiple sexual ‘trysts’ that Cruz had with women. Lest you shudder to believe the National Enquirer, we will remind you that they broke the John Edwards scandal as well as Gary Hart’s ‘Monkey Business’ yacht story and a story about Jesse Jackson.

We will try to thread together the strange parts of this story:

1. Ted Cruz’s twitter account has been silent for two days, leading people to believe he knew this was coming.

2. Twitter is silent about this scandal although tweets are coming in at 100 per minute. Did they know and are trying to protect Cruz?

3. Amanda Carpenter is one of the women cited. She is a CNN contributor. Her twitter account was silent for 18 hours, tweeting a few minutes ago as though nothing is happening.

4. Sarah Isgur Flores is another women cited. In in addition to being a well known political operative, was also the campaign manager for Carly Fiorina. And that little factoid brings an earlier discovery into question; Why did the Super-PAC for Ted Cruz send the Super-PAC for Carly Fiorina $500,000? Could it be money for silence?

5. Breitbart, a well-known online news outlet knew about this story long ago but chose not to disclose it. Why? Read this next part carefully:

Breitbart is owned by pro-Cruz Super-PAC funder Robert Mercer who it seems was one of the roadblocks to the story. The editor, Ben Shapiro, is also being named as one of the political advocates who would not allow his chosen candidate – Cruz – to be ‘outed”. Shapiro is also the Editor of The Daily Wire, which is also owned by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC team, The Wilks Brothers.

We are guessing that the Republican establishment is beyond panic mode. If these allegations are true, Cruz, the holier-than-thou evangelist is gone. That would almost 100% ensure Trump as the candidate for president.

Unfortunately, silence is not going to make this go away. Although we cannot completely confirm this story, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Stay tuned as it could turn the US election campaign on its head yet again.

While Europe Burns Obama Tangos

Part of the Gian Ghomeshi case is over. It seems he is facing another trial in June. Today’s verdict was not guilty on all counts. Whether or not he is a pervert was not on the table. What was on the table was physical violence and impropriety. The women who brought forth those charges let their sisters down because they were just not honest.

They had sent Ghomeshi intimate emails after he had done what they said he did. What were they thinking? That he wouldn’t hold onto those emails? And why didn’t they tell their lawyers about those emails? Sending lewd pictures after someone has tried to choke you is insane. The feminists don’t have a leg to stand on here. They can hold up as many placards as they want, run through the streets bare-chested, scream and curse but they are dead wrong here and were duped by their friends.

The Belgian authorities are completely over their heads.
They have basically no anti-terrorist plan or group and appear to be fumbling in the dark. They were looking for one man, then two men, then they didn’t know how many men.

The dude they caught was living right near his mother’s house under their noses for weeks or months and they couldn’t find him. His mother is still there as was pointed out to a reporter on television.

It also seems that Israel warned Brussels that their airport was at risk. Wherever ELAL planes fly, Israeli agents go into the airport to assess its vulnerability. Airport authorities were told in no uncertain terms that the airport was ripe for a terrorist attack. No one heeded their words and sadly they were right.

What the country of Belgium now has to do is reach out to those countries who know which end is up. Israel, the United States, England are a few that come to mind. There is no shame in asking for help, especially when they are waiting for the next shoe to drop and have no way to stop it.

It is also telling that the US issued a travel alert to Americans. What was so unusual about this alert was that it was not aimed at a country or city but an entire continent. Americans are being told to stay out of Europe and if they do go stay away from tourist attractions, airports, subways, restaurant etc. What’s the point of going?

Sadly, isis seems to be winning this battle. With a few strategically planned attacks they have paralyzed not only the tourist industry, but entire countries.

Do not get sick from June 24 onward for ten weeks. It seems the brand new super hospital is going to close many beds for the summer. Hey, maybe they think getting sick goes on vacation?

Again and again we say that we live in a backwater place where bribes and dishonesty rule the day. These closures only foment these truths. The fact that the government has no money to fix this issue is proof that they are in bed with everyone else.

The US election race has gone from ridiculous to dangerous. Both Trump and Cruz sound like total nutcases. We are loathe to write this but Hillary is the only one who made any sense yesterday. She looked like a president and spoke like one. She ripped apart what both Trump and Cruz said making them look foolish and inexperienced.

We can’t believe we are writing this, but after all is said and done, Trump would be an unmitigated disaster, Cruz is a loose cannon and Kaisch is so far behind that he can only hope to be asked to be a vice president. What does that leave us with? Not Sanders the socialist. In the end, it leaves one almost no choice but to vote for Hillary.

While Belgium and the rest of Europe burns, where was Obama last night?
At a state dinner in Argentina doing the tango with a very scantily dressed woman. It was bad enough that he went to baseball game on Tuesday the day of the attacks. Last night’s fiasco was in such poor taste as to be off the radar of poor taste.

Some say that Obama didn’t know this woman was going to haul him out of his chair and in front of an entire room do a sensual romp around the room with him. But his handlers certainly knew this was coming. No one touches the prez without them knowing. Somebody didn’t use their head, to put it mildly. The visual is off the negative charts.

Only in America can Bark and Borrow become a business. For people who don’t want the whole shpiel of owning a dog or live in tight quarters where sharing anything but a mosquito would be an issue, along comes Bark and Borrow. People lend out their dogs for a day or overnight. Believe it or not, there are 50,000 users nationwide, about 10,000 of them in the New York area. Arf. Arf.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Yet Another Tragic Day In Europe

Make no mistake. The attacks today in Belgium were a direct hit on western civilization. European nations knew something  was coming but it is impossible to protect every soft target, which the departure area in every airport in the world is.

Security starts after one has checked their luggage in. The terrorists did their homework, methodically and meticulously. The departure area is a soft target with little, if any security. Same with the subway. People run in and out on their way to work. Little if any security is there save a few soldiers watching hundreds of people with backpacks.

You can bet your bippy that departure areas in all airports will look very different the next time you travel. And that will be just the beginning.

Like it or not, the more these attacks happen, the more people will look at muslims one way: not every muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim. The headlines everywhere are the same: Europe is under seige. Here’s another headline for everyone: The world is under siege. We in North America are not immune from these kinds of attacks. The difference is that  EU has open borders, although of late the borders have been better monitored.

Although it has been kept relatively quiet, it is no secret that Germany lost track of hundreds of thousands of refugees. They simply vanished. Coupled with open borders, Europe has set itself up for these attacks. We wonder if our liberal Prime Minister Trudeau will be singing a different tune vis-a-vis bringing in ‘Syrian’ refugees.

Rob Ford, the illustrious mayor of Toronto died today at the young age of 46.
No matter what stupid things he did in his life, it’s way to young to die.

You may be asking where the president of the United States was today.
Well, he’s still in Cuba, hobnobbing with Castro who has not much use for him. There are rumors floating around that Cuba is going sue the United States for billions for reparations for years of abuse. Did you know that Obama commented on the terrorist attacks in Belgium while watching a baseball game? Really, he’s special.

Blanche will fess up. We looked at the Federal budget tabled today and got dizzy.
The only thing that caught our eye was the Robin Hood business. Take from the rich to feed the poor. A classic Liberal action. If you need hard-core information on how much you will save or be taxed, call your accountant.

We watched both Kasich and Trump speak at the AIPAC conference.
When Cruz began to speak we got hives and left the room. By far Kasich spoke the best. It seems it’s the first time he gave a formal speech and although he read much of it, he sounded believable.

Trump was Trump although he also had a prepared speech. He actually made some sense and spoke a lot less about himself.

We had to get the barf bag out when we read today that AIPAC wants to apologize to Obama after the crowd there cheered when Trump opened his speech with a celebration of Obama’s impending end to his presidency. Here’s a headline for the heavy-hitters in AIPAC: Obama is not getting re-elected again. He’s out. Kaput. Done. And one more headline: He doesn’t give a rats what AIPAC thinks or does. Honestly, Blanche cannot stand people who pander to those who sincerely don’t care what we do or don’t do. Bleeding heart liberals, save the whales, save the trees.

We have to return to the Belgium terrorist attacks. Can you take a wild guess what Cruz said Americans should do? Increase police patrols in Arab neighborhoods in America. And that’s why we get hives when he speaks. What a stupid thing to say. Like terrorists are leaving a note on the door in homes where they are planning attacks for the police to see. Oh wait, from a police car they can check who’s who in the zoo. None of the above.

With remarks like he just gave, it’s pretty obvious he’s outta his league and has given zero thought to the fact the ALL of western civilization is under attack.

A group of former contractors who performed construction work at the Jewish General Hospital were charged on Tuesday with 78 counts of tax fraud and are accused of engaging in false billing and obtaining illegal tax refunds from the government.

The charges followed a marathon investigation by provincial police that included raids at several Montreal businesses.  We ask you: do people not think they will get caught doing these things? How greedy can one get? From the sounds of these charges, very greedy indeed.

No Matter How Much I Eat, My Shoes Still Fit

The internet nudniks are alive and well. Blanche’s internet provider went down today for hours and hours ergo we’re very late tonight. Our apologies.

Just when you thought maybe the politicians in la Belle Province were a bit more honest and didn’t use our tax money as their own personal bank, poof, huge arrests today.

Quebec’s UPAC, the anti-corruption squad executed a series of arrest warrants in the Quebec City region this morning. Sitting in a squad car was none other than the former Deputy Minister Nathalie Normandeau. They are looking for former minister Marc-Yvan Cote who is most likely sitting with his lawyers. Normandeau’s Chief of staff Bruno Lortie also has a warrant out for him.

So who remembers what these people did in Charest government? Nathalie Normandeua was MNA between 1998 and 2011. She was also Deputy Premier in Charest’s government.

This is not the first time Marc Yvon Cote has caught using our money for his own purposes. Remember the sponsorship scandal? This dude was busy there and his membership to the Liberal party was revoked when his name was circulating among those who were involved in money contributions for Liberal election campaigns via defunct programs.

He mentioned during the Gomery Commission that he accepted $120 000 in $20 bills – dat would need a big suitcase Blanche – for the Liberal campaign of 1997. Don’t you wonder how much of that $120,000 stayed with Cote?

All of this is taking place on the day that Couillard’s government is tabling its budget, under the cloud of closing hospital beds in a brand new hospital.

Here’s the moral of the story: Ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks especially when the old dogs are teaching the new dogs the same old tricks. Face facts. We live in Quebec/Cuba. Nothing is straight, no one is honest, everyone is on the take and it’s every man for himself.

John Kerry, Secretary of State and his boss, Obama finally woke up after a very long hibernation. They announced today that isis is committing genocide. Really? They just figured this out? This kind of birdbrained governing is one of the reasons Trump is succeeding. Can it be that Kerry and Obama are so out of touch with reality? Apparently.

No one knows who to blame anymore for Trump’s meteoric rise in the primaries.
Did you notice that he always has his suit jacket open? Know why? He’s wearing a bullet proof vest. But we digress.

The republican establishment is blaming the media for too much coverage of him. What can they do when there’s a debate every second week and he is placed smack in the middle of the stage? It’s like putting him on the Ed Sullivan show at 8:10 for the opening act. Of course he’s going to dominate the debate.

Trump’s language is nasty, but make no mistake, he’s not a stupid man. He knows exactly what he’s doing – infuriating everyone so they will eventually say something more stupid than he did. The newest mantra to be sung is that it has now become the media who must stop him. Seriously?

There is a reason Trump is so far ahead of the ever-shrinking pack. Instead of pointing fingers, American politicians should be looking inward, deeply, to figure out why they have failed. When they find that answer, they may be able to make a dent in Trump’s numbers. Unfortunately for them, time is not on their side.

Remember the back-and-forth between Apple, and the federal government? Where several engineers said that they will fight back if the F.B.I. wins a court battle to force Apple to unlock an iPhone that belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, the gunman who killed 14 people in San Bernardino last December?

Well, it seems that the FBI is after another 12 phones that they want Apple to unlock, all connected to terrorist cases.

A while ago we sided with the government. Now we’re not so sure. While we agree that the information on terrorist’s phones is crucial, we fear that the FBI will use this terrorist guise to unlock other kinds of phones as well. This is a very tough decision to make but one thing we can say – if Apple does not abide by what the judge says, they are dead wrong. Apple is not above the justice system…last time we looked.

Senator Lindsay Graham said recently that he would rather be shot or poisoned rather than support Ted Cruz. Guess what? He’s quietly raising money for him. Guess he bought a bullet proof vest and got someone to taste all his food.

In case you think other parts of the world are sane, think again.
One of the latest crazes in China is to see how small a woman’s waist is. How do they measure it? They take an 8.5×11 piece of paper and hold it in the length down the back to the waist. If the paper and the body match – bingo! she’s the right size. Nothing much to say here folks except get a life.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

The Fat Lady Sang For Rubio

Rubio finally took his campaign out of its misery after losing his home state Florida to Trump. Kaisch won Ohio which means Trump still has to carry on even though he won Illinois. Ted Cruz was shut out of any delegates tonight. He may very well go the same route as Rubio sooner than later. The big question is where those Rubio supporters are going.

The number of delegates needed to win to be the official presidential candidate, before the convention is 1237. If no one gets to that magic number, the convention will be crucial, especially to the establishment of the Republican party.

The political pundits are ballistic. They simply cannot believe that so many Americans are supporting Trump. In a poll taken recently, people were asked why they supported him. Ya know what the answer was by far? 63% said they liked him because he’s not politically correct. Not for his trade, tax or immigration policy. But because he is saying what people are feeling. He’s resonating with them.

This statistic reminds us of the movie Network where the famous line was yelled out the window: I’m mad as he.l and not going to take it anymore.

While this whole election campaign is playing out, Blanche is reading The Big Short. We need a dictionary to explain many of the stock market terms, yet we do get one thing: the little people were duped and discarded then and still are now.

The middle class in America is just tired of being taken. By Wall Street. By the politicians. By the United Nations. By the special interest groups. By people who just don’t care how hard they work and yet still cannot survive.

That’s why Trump is winning. He’s nuts. He’s a narcissist. He’s most likely not capable of running the country. But until someone else comes forward, not a political insider, he’s going to continue to push ahead.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Anonymous came out against Trump…again.
They tried at the end of 2015 because they didn’t like his proposed ban on muslims entering the United States.

They are going to try to take down his website and while they may make a small dent, Trump does not rely on his site for donations. Last we checked, his site is still up and running.

Quebec’s pet company called Bombardier that la belle province keeps bailing out is really something special. Buried in Montreal Gazette’s Financial Post today was this little ditty: Bombardier was awarded a contract to upgrade London’s Underground automatic train system. They said they could do the job by 2018 at a cost of $670 million or 354 pounds. Zut alors they couldn’t do it.

The contract was cancelled in December 2013 and given to a French transportation company. London claims that Bombardier duped them from the beginning, that they could never produce those trains on time or not on time.

And yet, the Quebec government keeps on filling their bank account because the company is the ‘pride and joy’ of la belle province. Can we talk? We have plenty of other places that could use that money and actually run their company very well.

The new super hospital in Montreal has been open for a very short time and already there are huge issues thanks to under-funding from the Quebec government. Blanche, do you think the bureaucrats in Quebec know that a hospital is about sick people? Do they think people go there for a few days off work? Maybe a bed and breakfast in the new hospital? Not.

People are grateful to be able to live in a first-world country and get first rate care. Now we find out that the government will only fund 85% of the beds. What happens to the other 15% of the people who are sick and need care?

It appears that the MUHC recently hired 28 nurses for the neonatal intensive-are unit at the Glen site. However, those hirings are now in jeopardy because of the latest funding cut.

The moral of this story is to be careful not to get sick or need a hospital bed when it’s very busy there.

We’ll talk…

While Consoling the Tires on Our Car, We Watch the Workermen Filling the Potholes with Pebbles and Spit. Welcome to La Belle Province.

The great love-in’s culmination in Washington will take place tonight at the state dinner in honor of Justin and Sophie. We will admit that the two youts are putting us on the map and giving a command performance.  No matter how much money Canada would have spent on marketing, nothing could give us the press coverage we are getting in these two days. Staid old Canada is looking much younger these days.

We also have to admit that both Justin and Sophie are great ambassadors and have not made any gaffes so far. So, Blanche will eat a bit of crow and give the couple kudos for their Oscar winner performances.

Wait a minute. We can’t just wilt. The slobbering over each other – Barack and Justin is slightly gross. And Justin’s face when they were at a news conference together was beyond smug. There ya go Blanche.

As much as Hillary wants to put Benghazi behind her, it’s going to keep coming back to haunt her. The mother of one of the soldiers killed in the 2012 attack came out swinging today, throwing some words back at Hillary saying that there’s a special place in he.l for people like Clinton.

Before saying those choice words she accused Hillary of lying…”She told me it was a fault of the video. … And she knew full well it wasn’t at that time. And then she says, she was going to check, and if it’s any different, she would call me back. She would let me know. She has never once spoken to me, or her office.”

Trump doesn’t need to say anything with people like this attacking Hillary.

Read this next piece very carefully. Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can’t make this stuff up.

It seems that Neil Bush is not as straight as his father or brothers. If we were Ted Cruz we would not be parading him around as a supporter. It’s no secret that Ted’s a tad sleazy. This endorsement adds much fuel to that fire.

Trump again today proved why he is so popular.
When asked what he thinks of Islam, his response was they all want to kill us. When the reporter asked if he really meant radical islam, Trump concurred. He doesn’t mince words and is not politically correct. He says what people are thinking, like it or not. Radicals Islamists do want to kill us. We are the infidels. Trump doesn’t seem to have any kind of filter. Or, he has a great filter and knows what to say that will get him more votes. Either way Rubio should sit up and take notice cause in about 10 days he will be looking for a new job.

Hot Off The Press: Looks like Ben Carson will endorse Trump tomorrow. Don’t say Blanche doesn’t know what’s flying.

Obama is going to skip Nancy Reagan’s funeral.
What could be more important? Lots of things, amongst them the SXSW. Blanche, are you name dropping? What the heck is SXSW? Fear not, we’ll tell you.

It’s an annual set of film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It seems that Barack is going to be interviewed in a keynote conversation, whatever that it is and will drop the pill that he’s launching his post-presidential messaging app, We’re not 100% sure this is correct, but knowing the narcissist that Obama is, we can definitely believe that he’s skipping the funeral to pump his ego.

Anyone driving on Montreal’s roads in the past week or so, has become a slalom driver. There is almost no street that one doesn’t have to swerve to avoid the mother-of-all potholes. It makes no sense to Blanche that just across the border in New York the roads are just fine.

They keep filling potholes here and they keep coming back. Now Coderre issued an edict that if a pothole is fixed and doesn’t last more than a month, the contractor has to repair it again for free. Can we talk?

We have said this more times than we can count. This place is corrupt from top to bottom, left and right. The bureaucrats run the province and the corrupt bureaucrats run both the province and the other bureaucrats.

Everyone needs a cut off everything which makes everything more expensive. How do they cut costs? By using inferior products. That way everyone gets their cut and the guy doing the work uses pebbles and spit to fill the potholes cause there’s no money left for asphalt.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

The Republican Party Needs a Clothesline Because They Are Airing Their Dirty Laundry in Public

Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public. Yeeesh. As the media wrote, in an extraordinary display of Republican chaos, the party’s most recent presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain went after Donald Trump with both guns blazing.

This is a feud between the insiders of the party and the little people, the outsiders. While Romney may be right in some of what he said about Trump, one of the underlying messages is that those supporting Trump are stupid if they can’t see through his rhetoric. Romney is saying that they are being hoodwinked, lied to, they are being conned by a fraud. Can we talk?

Obama hoodwinked everyone.He turned out to be the exact opposite of hope and change, hopelessness and stagnation or worse. He has not uplifted the misery of the poorest in the US, did not help his fellow black people and reduced the US to a sniveling country, not the leader it once was.

Who knows what Trump can do? For sure Cruz ain’t the right candidate. And Rubio is just too scripted. Here’s what we’re looking at: Romney riding in on a white horse during the convention. He’ll combine all the delegates from Cruz and Rubio and take the nomination. Nice gig if he can pull it off.

Rubio put his foot in his mouth in an interview on Super Tuesday. He said that Florida is an important state to win, as it’s winner take all  delegates. But ‘northern Florida is much less important than southern Florida’. Lest you forget, Marco Rubio is a Senator of the entire state of Florida. In that silly comment he reduced part of his state as irrelevant and no one wants to feel like they don’t count.

Now he’s backtracking but the damage has been done. That’s what we mean by scripted. When he’s not touting the party pages, he flubs and gets lost.

Carey Price, the Habs erstwhile goalie has been out for basically the entire season. Just as the season is ending, he’s back. Dude, it’s too late. The Habs have all bought golf clubs cause they are going golfing in a couple of weeks.

How about a shakeup of management instead of the players? There’s an old saying that goes like this: When it stinks, it stinks from the head down. Get it Blanche?

Hillary’s email debacle keeps following her like a bad smell. Bryan Pagliano, the person who set up Clinton’s private server and email apparatus, was just given immunity by the Justice Department.

Barring any unforeseen changes, the F.B.I. investigation could conclude by early May. Then the Justice Department will decide whether to file criminal charges and, if so, against whom. And one more thing Blanche.

Did you notice how silent the media is about this email business? Why oh why are they protecting her? And don’t forget that at the heart of this issue is the attack on the American government outposts in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, that killed four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens. This chapter in Hillary’s life is far from over. In fact, it’s hanging over her head like a black cloud. Anyone have an umbrella to lend her?

Can anyone fathom that someone would want to spend a year in outer space? Two weeks sounds good. Ok, a month. But a year? Never mind that you can’t walk or do anything normal because of no gravity. What about the bathroom business? Feathers floating through the air are nice and pretty. Other things floating…ich. But we digress.

After living for nearly a year aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is two inches taller than his identical twin brother Mark. Yes Blanche, he grew two inches while away. Wait, there’s more. He has the mother of all jetlag as there is no 24-hour day/light cycle in space so the Kelly’s body clock has to readjust to day/light cycle after return to earth. That should be fun, eh?

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Special Super Tuesday Edition

Donald Trump trumped super Tuesday. As of this writing he has won 5 states and will most probably take another 2 or 3.

We watched Hillary speak tonight at a staged rally. We cannot fathom what people see in this woman. She reeks fake. How people can believe one word of what she is saying is beyond us. What totally blew Blanche out of the water was looking at the people behind her as she tried to rally the crowd. There was not one white face. Front and center behind her was a woman with a hijab. There were black people, Asian, Indian and Native Americans. Anything but a white person.

Every move she makes is staged and with an agenda. She is loathsome. And guess what? If we lived in the US we would reserve our special place in he.l because we would not vote for a woman like that.

Trump on the other hand looked and sounded presidential. He did not hold a rally, rather a press conference where he was introduced by Chris Christie, a very unusual move. No rah, rah. No pumping the crowd. He has done that for weeks. He was gracious and congratulated Cruz on winning his two states. After speaking briefly he fielded many questions from reporters. His answers were straight, honest and he sounded normal. He said what many people feel – fed up with governments that use their money with reckless abandon and say they care about the ‘little people’ but do nothing to show it. It’s called contempt.

People may not like Trump’s brash manner, his hair color which is nasty and the long comb-over. But he has come in at the right time, after eight years of Obama who took his country for a long ride nowhere but downhill. His lack of leadership both within the US and worldwide has left a huge void which Trump is willing, ready and able to fill. Guess who we would vote for?

Trump is finding support where he doesn’t necessarily want it. Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader and prominent black activist and minister, is a fan of Donald Trump. Guess why?

Trump is the only mem­ber who has stood in front of Jew­ish com­mu­nity, and said I don’t want your money. Before you roll your eyes, get this: Could any other presidential candidate wrangle the vocal support of Farrakhan with one hand and former KKK grand wizard David Duke with the other? No one. It’s like two negatives making a positive.

Michael Applebaum, Montreal’s erstwhile mayor is getting the short end of the stick. While he may in fact be guilty of white collar crime, the fact that he has to wait years and years to get to trial is a travesty of justice.

He was arrested very publicly in May of 2013 and will not go to trial until September 2017. That is insane. Do the courts need a new building here because so many people have trials? Or do we need more lawyers and judges? What’s up here?

One member of Hillary’s family has been conspicuously absent. Her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s spouse and only Jew in the family.

Lest you think he’s shy, think again. Mezvinsky was born into politics and grew up surrounded by political ambition and the scandal that sometimes accompanies it. Both his parents were members of Congress, and his father later served time in federal prison for fraud. What are you saying Blanche? He was in the slammer? Yikes.

Here’s the kicker: Mezvinsky is a wealthy hedge fund manager and alumnus of Goldman Sachs. Let’s just say he’s not the poster boy Hillary Clinton is seeking to project right now. Coupled with the fact that Hillary won’t release the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs, da son-in-law best stay very far in the background.

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