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Gary Johnson’s Brain is Like the Bermuda Triangle: Information goes In (Maybe) and is never found Again.

The geffulement with Trump vis-a-vis Miss Universe continues to hang in the air. Frankly, Hillary picked the wrong item to dig into as her record of treating the mistresses of her husband is abysmal, basically hounding them into the ground. They were not to blame for her husband’s dalliances which people think are still going on to this day. Actually, Hillary went after some of those women like a rabid pit bull.

In some of the more unsavoury newspapers, it has come to light that Alicia Machado has quite the past – after she became Miss Universe and  ‘miss piggy’. There are, shall we delicately say, very graphic videos of her for all to see now floating around the internet.  If this is the kind of person Hillary is using to go after Trump, Hillary is pretty low herself.

This is a 20 year-old story which her people dug up. It seems that Machado only found out about her new notoriety during the debate when this was neatly planted by Hillary. While Madame Clinton may appear to be presidential, these low-life schemes drag her right into the pigsty with Trump.

Given this, here’s the other side of the story: Trump is an idiot for keeping this story going. He fell right into the trap and because his ego was bruised  (and the size of Trump Tower) he’s falling further and further into the quicksand with no one seemingly able to pull him out.

One thing we have not seen reported anywhere is that the first debate was important as early voting – whether by absentee ballot or in person – starts on Tuesday and it appears that there is going to be a heavy turnout. The debate will most likely push those on the fence one way or the other. As Trump did not win this debate, Hillary may have the edge here.

The last piece on all of this. It appears that nobody in the Trump house or camp can speak to him in a normal fashion. So that means that it is very possible he thinks, as he has said, that he did ‘great’ at the debate. Blanche – can we talk? For the first 20 or so minutes he was ok. After that he looked bad and sounded worse. Who’s he fooling? Oh, right. Himself.

Ever hear of Gary Johnson? He’s head of the Libertarian party, possibly the spoiler for either Trump or Clinton. Given that, this dude is really something special.

About a month ago he was asked what he thought of Aleppo. His response? What is Aleppo? (It’s the epicentre of the war in Syria). Yesterday he was asked who his favourite world leader was. Again he sat with a blank face. “I’m having an Aleppo moment. A brain freeze.” His running mate tried to save him by answering Angela Merkel. Still Johnson sat with a blank stare.

Now get this: he is polling at 8% or higher. Imagine? People are so grossed out by both Clinton and Trump that they would vote for an ignoramus like Johnson. Someone has to save Americans from themselves.

There was a horrific train crash today in Hoboken New Jersey. Nobody knows why, but a train heading into the station never slowed down and just plowed head on into a wall at the end of the station, killing a woman that was standing on the platform. At least 100 people were injured. Sounds like the conductor suffered a heart attack or some other catastrophic episode. It better be that and not texting.

Montreal’s new pit bull bylaw was done as everything else Coderre does – too fast and with little thought involved. While we are certainly no fan of pit bulls, the bylaw’s wording regarding the type of dog they are going after is impossibly vague.

According to the city bylaw, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and American pit bull terriers, any mixed breed dogs that have a part of those breeds, or any dog with similar physical characteristics are considered in the pit bull category.

Here’s the bigger question: Who exactly is enforcing this bylaw? Seems the city is hiring about 8 people to start with. An injunction was filed today by the SPCA and will be looked at next week. This ain’t over yet.

One person who is drawing rock-star crowds as she campaigns for Hillary is Michelle Obama. She’s articulate, charismatic, does not have the baggage of her husband and loves to talk in public. She’s also about 6 feet tall and carries herself very well (except of course when she goes sleeveless). We would not be surprised if, in a few years, she makes a run at the presidency. She will certainly be more liked than Hillary.

On a lighter note, if you’re planning to move anywhere, we can help you decide where to go. Here’s a list of the happiest states in the US. Topping the list is Utah, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii and Colorado.

Three out of those five have pretty nasty winters. Guess people like to hunker down and become hermits for a few months of the year. Hawaii is in a league of its own and Utah? Guess the mormons make it a happy place.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

Round One Goes to Hillary…Trump Needs to Do Some Homework

For those naysayers who think that Trump imploded last night we would suggest you don’t make too many bets just yet. If you recall, people have been writing him off for over a year and look where he is.

While he didn’t win the debate, neither did she completely. He held his own, albeit with a bit of blithering and sniffling. We wanted to give him some Flonase or a tissue but it wouldn’t go through the TV.  Hillary was Hillary. She’s an A-1  student and did her homework, coming uber-prepared and looking rested and commander-like in that bright red pantsuit. But that smile of hers? She looked magnificently bitchy, with that toothy, wide fake smile aka the ice queen.

The moderator Lester Holt was openly in Hillary’s court. He fed her questions on her talking points, made sure to steer clear of anything that would make her look bad like the Clinton foundation, Benghazi or the email scandal and went after Trump like a pit bull. Stupidly, Trump waited for Holt to bring those things up. Dude, that’s why you have to practice –  so you know when to slip zingers.

Hillary may have scored some points and Trump may have been slightly incoherent sometimes, but because he didn’t completely blow it, he will survive and carry on.

The taxi drivers in Montreal are frothing at the mouth. In the past two weeks they have lost two injunctions trying to stop Quebec’s year-long pilot project with Uber. Now they are threatening ‘action’. If action to the taxi drivers means blocking traffic that is already testing the public’s patience to the max, they will incur the wrath of everyone. Someone best get hold of the taxi drivers and bring them into the real world, which in many, many cities includes Uber.

There’s something else coming from Uber which is already in Europe and elsewhere. It’s called Ubereats. Check it out. You simply download the app, find the restaurant of your choice, pick your meal and within 35 minutes it’s at your door. Blanche actually checked this site out and it’s clean and quick. What are the taxi drivers going to do with this one? Boycott restaurants?

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey is heading for some serious trouble. We are speaking of bridgegate – those three days in September 2013 when two of the three lanes of the George Washington Bridge were shut down as a punishment to Mark Sokolich, the mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting Christie’s run for governor.

All along Christie has maintained that he knew nothing about the closure. David Waldstein, the culprit who thought of this genius scheme claims to have told Christie while it was still happening. Christie’s response was laughter.

If this turns out to be a fact, Christie’s career is toast and he can kiss Trump goodbye. Wait a minute Blanche. If Trump gets elected President, guess what he’s going to do? Pardon Christie. Now we understand why he’s such a Trump supporter.

Montreal adopted a bylaw today which includes a ban on new pit bull-type dogs and restrictions on those currently in the city. Blanche did some homework on pit bulls. Here’s what we came up with:

Due to selective breeding for the purposes of dogfighting, pit bulls are highly dog-aggressive. This aggression is not limited to dogs; pit bulls frequently kill other companion pets and domesticated animals. Leading pit bull education websites warn pit bull owners to, “Never trust your pit bull not to fight.”

The dog-lovers fighting this bylaw can jump up and down and do somersaults. Pit bulls can be very nice and sweet until they decide not to be nice and sweet. And then make minced meat out of people. Nothing wrong with muzzling those dogs.

Blanche, did you know that William and Kate are in Canada, with their children in tow? Their tour has not been widely publicized around this area as they are in Vancouver, Victoria and the Yukon. As we have not seen any selfies with Justin and Sophie, it must be that they are in Ottawa.

While the Parti Quebecois has been relegated to the background for now, Jean Francois Lisee, running for head of the party is still opening his mouth to change feet. He said, “We should focus on attracting rapidly employable, educated francophone immigrants from top job fairs in Paris, Brussels and Barcelona because they can integrate quickly into Quebec society.” In case you can’t read between the lines, he doesn’t want any muslims.

Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil had a hissy fit. She should take a pill. Lisee ain’t the leader yet and although they always seems to rear their ugly head every few years, right now things are quiet on the separation front.

We’ll talk…

What Does Diet Stand For in Trump’s Life: Did I Eat That?

She’s baaaaack. Of course we are referring to Hillary. Can we talk? Pneumonia is nasty, as we can attest. Three days off is not nearly enough to get better, even with antibiotic. But she has to get back on the campaign trail. Obama has been standing in for her and he’s having such a good time campaigning if he could do anything to change the law that he can only be president for two terms he would.

Given that, she’s taking a big chance running around the country again as the debate is a week from Monday night and pneumonia is something that can easily reoccur, much nastier the second time around. If she gets sick again – with whatever mysterious other illnesses she has, she’s toast. Alas, us plebs won’t ever know the truth.

Bill said something today that put him into the category of ‘is-he-really-awake when he referred to his wife’s illness as the flu. Dude, she had pneumonia. That’s not the flu even if you try to lie and say it was. Truth is not a word in his vocabulary.

Former secretary of State Colin Powell’s emails – from the last three years no less – were hacked. Doesn’t really matter if the Russians did it, which is totally speculation. The fact is everybody now knows exactly how he feels about both Hillary and Trump. Let’s see. He called Trump a national disgrace and about Hillary he said that while he respected Mrs. Clinton, he would “rather not have to vote for her”. We’re sure that went over well in the Clinton house.

In one of the juicier emails, he wrote that he was sick and tired of Clinton trying to tie him into her email scandal: “I had to throw a mini-tantrum at a Hamptons party to get their attention. She keeps tripping into these ‘character’ minefields.”

The bottom line here is that Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, no longer sends emails about anything except what kind of bread to bring home. If he needs to contact someone he picks up a landline. Take note.

Remember that snake that got away from it’s owner in a suburb of Montreal? It’s still out there. We heard a snake expert – feh – what a job that must be – say that soon it will be searching for somewhere warm to live. Guess what that means Blanche? Someone is going to have a guest in their house.

Donald Trump presented his medical credentials to Dr. Oz. Let’s just say that’s the equivalent of letting the kids babysit themselves. Seems Trump is six-foot-two and ‘slightly overweight’ at 236 lb. Can we talk? Trump stood on the scale with one foot in the air. He’s definitely healthier than Hillary, but he’s not telling the truth about how fat he is. It’s ok to be fat – hey some of our best friends are fatties.

Did you ever notice that he doesn’t close his jacket? Two reasons for that: a) we read he wears a bullet proof vest and b) his jacket is too tight. His buttons would be smiling if he tried to close them.

In case you were wondering what Bernie Sanders was doing all summer we’ll tell you. Writing a book. Zaidy Bernie has to get his memoirs out quickly to be able to get those yummy speaking engagements. Kind of like what Bill Clinton does. We don’t think that Bernie will get $250,000 each, but he’ll definitely make some money.

And how well is he campaigning for Hillary? Quietly, very quietly. He’s not very enthusiastic as one can tell by the fact that he’s nowhere to be found in the media unless you google him. Hillary will have to rely on Obama to get her back into the White House.

Blanche had a meeting in the Ritz Carlton Hotel today. Imagine our surprise when we walked into the lobby to be confronted with a major media scrum. Every Canadian news outlet was there along with RCMP, gigantic German Shepherds sniffing every media person’s purse and camera bag and swarms of police. We walked over an RCMP dude and as a joke said, “Is the Prime Minister coming?” He smiled and said, yes. Doink.

We got our trusty iPhone camera ready and stood together with the rest of the media. We were hoping for a selfie with the selfie-king, but alas, he breezed by escorted by a phalanx of handlers and all we got was a measly picture.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Hillary’s Modus Operendi: Don’t Trust Me. Even Salt looks Like Sugar.

The point is not that Hillary has pneumonia, the point is she lied about it. On Friday her handlers said she was fine. On Sunday her doctors said they had diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday. The big white elephant in the room is this: What does she really have? Is it really pneumonia or does she have a serious underlying condition made her vulnerable to getting so sick? It is her dishonesty that is making her poll numbers go down.

Her darling husband Bill has not been very helpful, telling the media that she has passed out more than a few times. Here she’s trying to keep a secret and, like he can’t keep his pants on, he can’t keep his mouth closed. Blanche, you are seriously dizguzting. Never mind that Bill sounds like he’s 95 years old. Seems he became a vegan. Can someone bring the man a hamburger and fries? He looks like he’s about to keel over beside his wife.

Remember the idiot who is severely – deathly – allergic to fish and went to a restaurant that serves both fish and meat, left his epipen in his car (or dropped it somewhere), ordered meat tartare in a dark restaurant and when accidentally served fish tartare almost died? Well he pressed charges against the waiter which were mercifully dropped today. No kidding.

The onus of responsibility lies 100% on the person with this allergy. If he dies if he eats fish guess what? Don’t go to a restaurant that has any fish at all on the menu. Or if you do, at least go to one with bright lights. Even if he hadn’t been served the fish, there is such a thing as cross-contamination. This dude needs to be counselled.

Edward Snowden, holed up in Moscow, is making a case for Obama to pardon him before leaving office in January. Here’s a bulletin to Snowden: You embarrassed Obama and made him look like a dufus. Take the needle out of your arm, start enjoying the borsht and hunker down in Russia. You will not be anywhere near the pardon list.

The gazebo honouring Mordechai Richler, which cost about $750,000 and took years and years to build, is finally completed. So did the city cut the ribbon to finally open it? Not on your life. They would have looked like the morons they are. Instead they quietly cleaned up the mess they made (physically and figuratively) and walked away. Welcome to the world of Mayor Coderre. If he won’t look good somewhere, he ain’t goin there Blanche. It’s the ostrich syndrome. Bury your head and you think no one is looking.

Today was the 10th anniversary of the Dawson shootings where a young, beautiful innocent young woman was shot dead. Anastasia de Sousa would have been 28 years old today, probably married with her own children. Her parents were robbed of her life by a senseless killing. There are just no words. During the day, on any newscast one listened to, the gunman’s name was never mentioned. Kudos to everyone for that.

If anyone thinks the new iPhone 7, sans the little plug for earbuds isn’t selling well think again. Sprint reported that pre-orders of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are up more than 375 percent in the first three days over last year.

At T-Mobile pre-orders have already shattered sales records in the first four days – up nearly 4x over the smash-hit iPhone 6. And last Friday set a single day sales record for any smartphone ever in T-Mobile US history. Go know.

We’ll talk…

Gary Johnson: I’m Not Stupid. My Brain is on Energy Saving Mode. (Right…)

It’s pretty obvious that anyone who interviews Donald Trump is stumped to put it mildly. He just doesn’t fit the mould. We watched last night as he and Hillary were  interviewed on the Intrepid with an audience of veterans.

Hillary came out wearing her standard pantsuit. Can we talk? She wins the prize for being able to wear the exact same thing for about six months. All she does is change the fabric. We are guessing the outfit is comfortable. Lately, Blanche has started her own personal contest guessing what color she will wear each day. But we digress.

She looks and talks like a president. She is also able to lie with a conviction that is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Not only that, but she gets defensive if you push her. Like asking a question about something she said a month ago and now denies. She makes the interviewer seem like the culprit. And that’s one of the big reasons people dislike her. She’s just plain old dishonest.

Trump on the other hand looks like he relishes his position as the anti-politician. He tries his hardest to mix things up and either throw off the interviewer or make him steaming mad. It’s really quite something to watch. People cannot decide if he is a total idiot and knows nothing or is playing dumb in a very high stakes game.

Ever hear of Gary Johnson? He’s running for president as leader of the Libertarian party. In order to qualify to be part of the debate on September 26 (Blanche, mark that date on your calendar), he needs to poll at 15%.

Well, this genius was on Morning Joe today. In case you don’t know, that program has one of, if not the best and most balanced news. So this dude Gary Johnson is being interviewed and was asked the following question: What would you do about Aleppo? In case you are living under a rock, Aleppo is the epicenter of the refugee crisis in Syria.

Back to the scene: So, Mr. Johnson, what would you do about Aleppo? With the blankest of blank stares, on live television, Johnson asks, “What is Aleppo?” The interviewer was incredulous and asked if he was kidding. No, responded Johnson. What is Aleppo? He was told and then proceeded to fumble through an answer. He makes Trump look like a rocket scientist. Literally.

So Uber is here to stay in La Belle Province for another year. That was part of the deal that was brokered between the provincial government and this company. They have some strict regulations to follow but for now they are staying.

In Montreal, the taxi drivers have their shorts in a snit because they feel that Uber is taking away their business. Really? Here’s the deal dudes. Get in the real world. We used Uber in Los Angeles. No money was exchanged, the car was so clean we could eat off the floor, it came in less than two minutes, the driver knew his way around the city and wasn’t eating curry in the front seat.

Instead of protesting as they are doing, how about upping their game?

Seems Apple shares didn’t do so well today after unveiling their new iPhone 7. The good point: It’s waterproof and has two cameras (big whoop). Blanche, does that mean if we drop the phone in the terlit it will still work? We’re not trying.

The not so good points: No place for earbuds. Got that? Ya can’t have a private conversation unless you drop $159 for their cordless buds newly named EarPods. Let’s just say if you are planning to run or walk very fast with those new pods, fuggedaboutit. They will pop right outta your ears and you’ll be out $159.

If you had the misfortune of arriving in Montreal’s airport any day between 4:00 and 7:00 pm you may have noticed lines that took, oh, about 3 hours to clear out. The airport does not seem to be able to handle people. Wait a minute. Isn’t that what airports are supposed to do? Shuffle people in and out quickly? Not in this town darling.

The reason? Too many students and people coming back from vacation. Get a life dudes. Vacations ended last weekend. Students? School started last week. Our guess? The same ailment as the construction sites. People with IQ’s of a pea creating airport spaces that cannot accommodate the amount of people going through on a daily basis. Poor planning. It’s a disease in Quebec.

Tickets to the Montreal Canadiens go on sale this weekend. Blanche, do you have any idea what it costs to go to a game? We’ll tell you. For a regular game between $150 and $280. For a premium game between $250 and $480. Of course you can always sit in the nosebleed section or stand for between $50 and $100.

It appears that no matter how bad this team is – and last year they stank out the place – there is just something magical about the team.  We’ll see how they do without Subban. In the meantime, save your money and watch them on your couch in your pyjamas with a bowl of popcorn and a beer that costs $2.50 instead of $12.50.

Admit it: Life Would be Boring Without Trump.

Blanche, did you see the coughing fit? You know, the one that Hillary had while giving a speech at a rally. Whilst she choking, Tim Kaine her running mate sat right behind her like an idiot, nodding and clapping. He looked like a bigger idiot than she did.

Why didn’t he get up off his rear end and go get her a glass of water?  He may have been sitting there but was obviously ‘not in the room’. His punishment? Hehehehehe – traveling around with Hillary. Yikes.

So the huge lead that Hillary had over Trump post convention is gonzo. They are now virtually tied. CNN, who is basically in bed with Clinton, did a poll which they had to make public – 45% for her, 43% for him. With the margin of error it’s a dead heat.

The truth is if anyone besides Trump were running against her, she would be dead meat. Alas, such is not the case and the US is stuck with someone who cannot see past his own face. He’s doing a bit better but everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. In English that means if someone insults him he will dump his script, new persona and presidential demeanour and go after said person with both guns blazing.

Last night Blanche watched Citizen Four which is the story of Edward Snowdon. Think what you want of him, what he uncovered and brought forth is nothing short of jaw-dropping. After the docu-movie we decided that it might be wise to purchase a typewriter. Remember those? That way if you want to send something to someone without any chance of interception, you can type it out at your kitchen table clacking away at your new typewriter (maybe in your pyjamas), fold it up, put it into an envelope and mail it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is safe. Not your cell phone, landline, computer, online banking – nothing. When and if the government deems it necessary, they will hack into your life without you having an inkling it’s even happening. They know where you search on google, what you bought three years ago on amazon and what time you called your aunt Bertha four years ago in Minnesota. Got it?

Don’t you find it strange that the government of Quebec has not uttered a word about Uber and the three month trial grace period is over tomorrow? The government said the ‘talks’ are going well. Really? Who knew?

Maybe, just maybe, someone should come forward and give us little people aka the plebs who pay their salaries, some inkling as to what is happening. Like will our Uber app still work tomorrow when we need a car? Nothing like taking the public for granted, eh?

Pressure anyone?  Remember the doctor we told you about last week who, because he couldn’t pass his essay exam in French, his license was revoked. Zut alors – the government retracted their decision and has decided to renew his permit.

Here’s what we would like to see: Take a few pure-laine French Canadians la and give them the same essay to write la. We would bet you anything, la, dat dey would not pass the test la.

The guy speaks perfect French, understands exactly what his patients are telling him, can write down what is necessary and dictate the rest in French for someone to write it out. Hey Blanche, ya think one of the bureaucrats needed his services as he’s the only specialist in la belle province in hereditary retinal diseases – la.

The United States is going to pot. Literally. This coming election will see almost ten states voting to either legalize it or lessen the penalties if one is caught with it. Let’s just say you should be checking which states they are. Why you ask? Well, let’s say you decide to buy some brownies and unbeknownst to you, they were made with a trickle of hash.

Blanche seriously. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll have a yummy chocolate brownie and be laughing your head off. Sounds good, eh?

We’ll talk…

Trump to the World: My Mouth is Not a Bakery. I don’t sugarcoat anything. If you ask My Opinion I’m going tell you what I think. Not what you want to hear. DEAL WITH IT.

One thing we can say in his favour, Trump definitely looked presidential when standing at the podium beside the Mexican president. What was a bit strange to see was a woman standing right next to him translating what Peno Nieto was saying, kind of right into his ear. Hey Blanche, since when do you know the name of the president of Mexico, eh?

Trump also sounded presidential, calm, intelligable and on course. “I love Mexicans. I hired so many of them. I love them.” So did they talk about the wall? According to Nieto they did not. According to Trump they did. In the end we heard that Nieto backtracked a bit from his tweet.

Contrast that to his speech in Arizona that same night. “We’re gonna build a wall,” he shouted to a packed house. “And who’s gonna pay for it?” About 10,000 people screamed Mexico. A direct contradiction to his love-in earlier in the day. Plus he reiterated, after ‘loving’ all Mexicans, that he will remove millions of people living in the country illegally if he becomes president, warning that failure to do so would jeopardize the “well-being of the American people. How he’s going to do that is anyone’s guess. He may be an out-of-the-box candidate, but his rhetoric sounds like every other politician who promises the sun, moon and stars and delivers nothing in the end.

People who we polled last week in California got it right. They can’t vote for Hillary and they won’t vote for Trump. She’s a slime ball and he’s schizo. America is in deep dog doodoo and getting in deeper by the day.

Those idiot language police here in Quebec are at it again. The only eye doctor in the province specializing in genetic retinal disease won’t be able to practice again until at least next month, when he gets another crack at…a written French exam. Got that? Some little missive bureaucrat with a brain the size of a pea, and that’s pushing it, decided that because this doctor could not write an essay in French, he’s not practicing medicine for now. Those waiting for treatment? Zut alors – we don’t care about dat dere.

The 37-year-old doctor, originally from Egypt, has lived in Canada for the last 15 years, is married to a French Quebecer, and speaks fluent French. He has also spent the last year brushing up on his written French — without success. Wait. Here’s the best. He speaks perfect French so he can communicate with his patients just fine.

We’re pretty sure he can write simple sentences, like what’s wrong with his patients. And for the rest? Let’s see. Oh right, he can hire a secretary and dictate what he needs to say – in French – and she can write it.

Although he’s the only doctor of his kind here in la belle province, we kind of hope he picks up, gives the office de la langue francais the middle finger and hightails outta here.
Banana republic.

A couple of terlit stories. The first one is a bit farfetched, but ya never know. There’s a very long python snake loose in the city. While he or she was spotted in a suburb far from Blanche, those trying to catch him have lost track of where he..or she is. Snakes live in slimy places like sewers and because of that can travel. Getting the drift?

Before going to the loo here in Montreal, may we suggest you take a look into the terlit? He or she is going to emerge somewhere.

The other story is again idiotic brought to you by the bureaucrats who live off our tax dollars. To sensitize the population that they have to pick up their dog poop, this is what they did: They paid someone, most likely a lot of money, to create a gigantic, fake piece of dog poop complete with flies swirling around it. And where did they put said fake dog poop? Why on the top of a bus shelter in the heart of downtown which also happens to be the heart of the tourist industry on the last long weekend of the summer when there are sure to be thousands of tourists here.

One tourist thought it reflected the city well. Great. But wait Blanche, here’s the best part: Nobody lives where they put this gigantic pile of s…. It’s purely hotels and office buildings. The dufuses who work for the city have made sure that everyone can easily recognize them.

Hillary’s bump in the polls after the Democratic convention has disappeared. She and Trump in some areas are again very close. Not that Trump is doing much better. It appears that the public dislikes both of them. Here’s something to ponder…those who are voting for Hillary say so. Those voting for Trump however lie to pollsters. It is suggested that Trump has hidden support among voters who are unwilling to say publicly where they stand because they’re fearful of criticism. We won’t know for sure until Election Day. Stay tuned for those debates. If Mexico was any indication, Trump may do well and that doesn’t bode well for her.

It wasn’t a very good day at Cape Canaveral. An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded in a massive fireball on its launch pad during a routine test destroying a satellite that Facebook was planning to use to spread internet service across Africa. The cost of said satellite? 150 pounds. Dats a lotta money Blanche.

The Falcon 9 blew up shortly after 9 a.m. during a test for a planned Saturday launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is next to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre.Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was in Kenya promoting his initiative and discussing AMOS-6’s benefits to internet access when he got the bad news. If you are rolling your eyes, here’s the scoop: SpaceX had been due to launch its 29th Falcon 9 rocket early Saturday, carrying the AMOS-6 satellite owned by Israel’s Space Communication. It was paid for in part by none other than Elon Musk, the Tesla dude.

Either somebody said something to Justin and Sophie or they got the memo. Pictures of them touring the Great Wall of China show them fully dressed. Like he’s in a suit and she’s in a normal dress. They are still hanging around there for a few days so there’s still time to show off a tattoo or abs.