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The World is Run By Idiots, Especially Here in La Belle Province.

Our big-mouth mayor Coderre, grinning like an idiot told his plebs that we have another 10 years of road construction. Why? Because inferior products were used for generations and previous administrations were too busy taking money from construction companies to deal with a very old infrastructure.

His announcement got even better. He said that he would try to give compensation to store-owners and companies that will be adversely affected by the construction. We have swampland to sell you in Florida if you believe one word of that.

If you are in need of handicapped parking, you best be in good shape. While the handicapped parking places are close to the stores or corner, they are very far from the paying machines. In some instances, the machines are across streets.

One minute Blanche. Are you saying that if someone needs handicapped parking, chances are they have trouble walking and here in la belle province nobody gives a rats. Indeed.

Pay for parking and walk, often a very long block for the privilege. Ontario has long done away with paying for handicapped parking. It’s free as it is in many places including Florida.

Goes with the rest of the bs here. $44 million for lights on a bridge, tearing down an overpass that was built just last year to the tune of $11 million. Take care of their population? Waste of time.

In the same vein there were two other in-your-face issues that the Quebec government will try to poo-poo or outright ignore.

The first is an autistic child who has been waiting for early intervention for five years. She is symbolic of the abnormal wait times for medical attention. Now she’s too old for early intervention and has been put on another kind of waiting list for group treatment which won’t help her.

Then there’s the $27 a day for the luxury of watching television while you lie sick in your bed in the new hospital. Seems one company has the contract for in-room TV’s all over the province. Can you say collusion? Us plebs are nothing in this equation except a royal pain. What a nerve to get sick or G-d forbid be born with an illness.

But wait, there’s more. The Quebec government has proudly announced that it has made a profit this year. Oh really? They didn’t make any profit – they sliced and diced services, especially in health care so much that a child can’t get, what in any other place, would be normal services.

It’s very obvious that Couillard, our premier doesn’t much like his job. Have you seen him lately? Have you read a quote of his in the paper lately? He doesn’t have the cahoonas to stand up to that bully of a health minister Barrett and he’s impotent in the rest of his job.

One of the bigger issues in the US election is the Obamacare fisasco. As people begin to realize that Obama lied straight out – like you can keep your doctor or insurance company when in fact you can’t, things are hitting the fan big time. It’s one of the reasons the Democrats are happy the election is next week. Too bad Trump can’t stick to the script for a sustained attack on this subject.

While he seems to be a bit better, it doesn’t take much for him to lose his train of thought, something we assume people are watching. Is he fit to be the president? Does he have the brains to concentrate on the highly complex issues that will arise? Will he listen to his advisors? Lotsa strings left unattached.

One thing Trump has which Hillary does not: Unadulterated, unequivocal open support for Israel. While Obama did give money to Israel’s defence, his treatment of Netyanhyu was abysmal. Seems the two men did not like each other at all. Hillary is an extension of Obama so if she’s elected, expect to see more of the same.

The juicy wikileaks drip, drip, drip of Clinton staffers emails is getting juicier by the second.

Chelsea Clinton accused her father’s aides of taking “significant sums of money from my parents personally,” of “hustling” during foundation events to win clients for their own business, and of even installing spyware on her chief of staff’s computer.

Hillary Clinton, another email showed, had promised to attend a Clinton Foundation gathering in Morocco at the behest of its king, who had pledged $12 million to the charity. What Blanche?? $12 million??? Her advisers worried that would look unseemly just as she was beginning her presidential campaign in earnest. Unseemly?? Grossly disgusting would be more appropriate.

Here’s a good one: Just before announcing that she was running for president, Hillary was advised to say the following, which she did: As president, I won’t permit any conflicts between my work for the American people and the Foundation’s good work. Nice try.

Since it’s inception in 1997, the Clinton Foundation has raised about $2 billion. Hillary has claimed repeatedly that they do good work with the money. Got that Blanche?

Here’s where some of the money went: Laureate International Universities, a for-profit education company based in Baltimore, was paying Bill Clinton $3.5 million annually “to provide advice” and serve as its honorary chairman. Don’t think too much of that money went to Haiti. Rather it may have gone to pay for Chelsea’s $10 million apartment in Manhattan.

Americans are choosing the best of the absolute two worst candidates to ever run for president and they should be ashamed of themselves to have nominated them.

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Your Dead Uncle Bernie Can Vote Six Times Because there is No Photo ID required to Vote

We can’t pinpoint exactly what the republican party did to deserve Donald Trump, but whatever it was they are getting paid back in spades.

As bad as one thought his comment was during last night’s debate on keeping the country in suspense whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election, today he outdid himself, if that is possible.

This afternoon he said he was making a ‘special announcement’ and special it was. He stood in front of his adoring fans and announced that in fact he would accept the outcome of the election…if he won. Yes Blanche, you read that right.

Even if Hillary is a cheater, which no doubt she is. Even if she lied, which she did. Even if she got away with illegal actions, which she did – last time we looked America was still a democracy. As such, when an election is held and the results tallied, there is a winner and a loser followed by a winning speech and a concession speech.

Trump’s refusal to say that he will concede and therefore support Hillary if she wins is at the very least his personality disorder talking – one that never allows him to lose and at the very worst a signal to his extreme right-wing supporters to get themselves ready for something after the election.

It is frustrating to read leaked emails and see hard-core evidence that the ‘insiders’ aka those who need Hillary elected to keep their cozy positions – plotted all along – first to get rid of Sanders and now to get rid of Trump. Yet, last time we looked the United States is not a banana republic.

We need the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein who uncovered Watergate scandal. Reporters who will go underground and do what it takes to get the real story and then not be afraid to print it. Of course that would assume that they won’t be made to disappear by Bill or Hillary, as those two are wont to do with those deemed their enemies.

Still three weeks to go Blanche and we may be needing the economy sized barf bags.

It appears that the city of Montreal is projecting a $62.8 million surplus for 2016. Seriously? How is that possible? A surplus?  Are they are playing around with the numbers? Blanche, since when did you become an accountant?

Here’s some of the breakdown of their ‘savings’: $30 million of the savings comes from reduction in the cost of municipal services; $17 million is expected to be saved on professional and technical services and an additional $11 million will come from paying less for snow removal, general maintenance and repairs and fuel and energy.

Paying less for snow removal? We had no snow last year. Now get this one: Due to the traffic issues because of the insane construction on the streets of Montreal, the city paid out $12.4 million in overtime payments to the police for directing traffic. Now that’s something to bury, eh? In other cities, ‘traffic police’ are like crossing guards and paid as such. Not the $75 or so per hour that happens here.

We are not Morris the accountant, but something doesn’t make sense here. Who’s paying for all that roadwork, sewer fixing up and sidewalk remakes? Could someone please get Blanche a calculator?

One more item about the American election. Did you know that no one needs photo ID to vote. That is the one thing that no one wants to change, at least no one in power. Here are some of the times you need to show photo ID: To buy cigarettes, alcohol, to apply for food stamps or welfare, to drive, rent or buy a car. You read enough?

It obviously suits the purposes of those who are in power to stay there and the way to do it is to keep vetoing photo ID to vote. That way, your dead Uncle Bernie can vote six times in different suburbs and know one will know the difference.

And now for something completely different – a travel tip. Did you ever have a connecting flight only to find you had to walk, oh, say about a mile or so to your gate? Or even better, take a train (which means up and down a few escaltors) or even better, a bus to another terminal. Here’s the tip: Anything less than a 90 minute layover coupled with only a carry-on is what is now necessary. This gets even better.

Airports are doing away with those people moving sidewalks. Plus if you happen to need a cart for your luggage, dream on. You can only find those in the luggage claim section of the airport. In transit passengers obviously can carry their stuff. Not.

If you’re a gold medal sprinter, then ignore this post and make a mad dash for your connecting flight. Otherwise, pay attention to your tickets and give yourself plenty of time between flights.

Suspicions are growing that Vladimir Putin has a bomb to throw into the U.S. elections – the complete text of all Clinton’s deleted emails. These 33,000 documents have not been released to the American people and could contain explosive evidence of bribery at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Stay tuned for this because if you thought this election campaign could not get worse, it may get not only worse but very ugly.

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Trump Should Introduce His Upper Lip to His Lower Lip and Start Talking Like A Candidate

Here’s a good one. Anne-France Goldwater, a prominent Montreal lawyer is dropping hints that she may challenge Denis Coderre in next year’s Montreal mayoralty election. If anyone can run against Coderre it’s Goldwater. She’s a pit bull with blonde hair. What prompted her to come forward now is Coderre’s recent, rather secret trip to Iran to make some kind of deal with Tehran’s mayor.

She said, and right so, that going there lends legitimacy to a terrorist regime. Blanche, don’t mess with her…ever.

The guy who took out that full page ad reprimanding the Montreal Canadiens for trading PK Subban has somewhat redeemed himself. Dr. Charles Kowalski and his wife are donating $250,000 to P.K.’s Helping Hand Fund. The couple had originally pledged $50,000 to the foundation.

Kowalski, an emergency room physician living in Ottawa, and until recently a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan, will make the cheque presentation Wednesday at the hospital’s P.K. Subban Atrium.

Thousands of wikileaks emails concerning Hillary Clinton have been leaked over the past couple of weeks and have basically not made a dent in her quest to reach the White House. The Reason? Donald Trump. He is simply unable to make a normal speech. Calling her crooked Hillary is childish. Instead of name calling, instead of calling ex beauty queens fat, how about just saying the facts on the table?

The truth is if anyone else would be running, the outcome might be different. However, Trump is what there is, thanks in part to years of the old-boys club of Republicans ‘knowing’ what’s best for the American population. People are sick of the old boys club which is why Trump is now the nominee. He’s about as far away from that club as one could get. Americans, especially republicans, are getting what they deserve.

Seems Julian Assange is in some trouble in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Ecuador’s government acknowledged Tuesday that it has “temporarily restricted” internet access at its embassy in London for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the website published a trove of documents from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that while it stands by its decision in 2012 to grant Assange asylum in London, it doesn’t interfere in foreign elections or “support a candidate in particular.” Ergo, for the time being, Assange has been silenced.

We have no doubt however, that he has an elaborate system, all over the world, that will still make sure he is not silenced. Unfortunately for him, it’s not helping Trump at all.

Torontonians can keep breathing. The Blue Jays won today which means they are still alive but losing the series against Cleveland 3-1.

Blanche will leave you with some good news – kind of. Although there are few airline crashes than ever before, the ones that do take place come about lately because of suicidal pilots. Dey have ‘issues’. As a result, a new set of medical and psychological checks for pilots has been proposed by Europe’s top air safety body.

Under the new proposal, pilots will undergo more thorough initial and recurring medical checks focusing on mental health. Now, don’t you feel better?

PS: The Election is exactly three weeks from tonight.

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What’s the Most Popular Company on the Most Popular Street (Rue Barre)? A Louer.

Tonight’s headline is courtesy of one of Blanche’s devoted readers Ronald, a senior systems analyst. Blanche, he must be very smart.

If we lived down south and had to witness, hourly, how low this election campaign has gone, we would be embarrassed to show the world what America has become. It seems there is no moral compass left.

Blame can be given to a number of people and circumstances. Obama was a leaderless leader. Because he stood for nothing for 8 long years, so did the office of the president and so did his country. Hence you have someone like Trump who  rose out of a vacuum.

Social media is what it is, again with no moral compass. The result? There are no boundaries. People say and do what they want for all the world to see. There’s something very wrong with that, starting with a lack of parenting.

Whether you like it or not, Hillary Clinton walked away from doing something that a general joe would have gone to jail for. People see that and say to themselves, there really are two sets of laws, one for the very rich and one for everyone else.

This election has become an media mud wrestling match. The smart people are staying out of it. Right now it looks as if Hillary will win but there are three weeks left and frankly anything can happen. If he does lose, Donald will not go quietly as he’s already riling up his supporters that the vote is rigged. He may be right but the end result could be very ugly and it’s not always about being right.

Blanche, did you see the letter a Habs fan printed in the paper today? He was lamenting the fact that PK Subban is gone from Montreal and the ostensibly dismal treatment he received from the Canadiens management. Dr. CK lauded PK as both an amazing hockey player and individual and was a serious role model for his children.

Can we talk? First of all, what a colossal waste of money to put a full page ad in the paper for someone who is gone and not coming back.

Next PK Subban is a hockey player and as such he plays for a team. When one plays for a team they must abide by the rules of said team. It’s pretty obvious PK was making up some of his own rules and that could not nor should not be tolerated.

Given that, he is a great player and he is a role model but… Is PK Subban the sole role model for this man’s children? What about the author who is the father of those children? How about him being a role model for his children?

The culture of the game of hockey is that players know they can be traded at any time. While PK gave a lot of money to the Children’s Hospital, he’s not a doctor saving lives. He’s a hockey player entertaining people. Here’s a tip for Dr. CK: he best not get to emotional about other players as eventually they will also be traded.

On October 3 of this year, which happened to be Rosh Hashanah, the city of Outremont held their regular council meeting despite the fact that the one and only Jewish woman on council, Mindy Pollak could not attend.

Here’s what they should have done: Hold the meeting but waive one item on the agenda for a day which is not a Jewish holiday, when Mindy and others in the community could have been present. Instead they gave the finger to the Jewish community.

The item in question is a bylaw that would ban any future places of worship on Bernard Avenue. Council decided, of course without any opposition, to hold a referendum about this issue on November 20. In case you were wondering, this is in-your-face anti-semitism and nothing less. How this council is allowed to get away with this behaviour is beyond our comprehension. Don’t tell us that the city of Montreal cannot interfere. If they have no power to stop this then they are implicit in outright racism.

Imagine eating a bite of broccoli and having it taste like a piece of dark chocolate? Enter diet cutlery and a device called the Taste Buddy.

The invention exploits the chemical reactions happening in the mouth when we eat. Sour and salty tastes are recognised when taste receptors on the tongue detect the reaction between saliva and the acidity of hydrogen or sodium. What?

In a nutshell, a spoon could be used to allow people to taste something they enjoy while eating a healthy dish, for example making tofu taste like steak or vegetables like chocolate. Sounds rather farfetched but ya never know.

Montreal seems to be trying to fix all the road and highways problems that have occurred in the past fifty or so years in two or three years. As of this weekend, they are closing a major highway going east and west. It will mean serious traffic issues for, oh say the next two or so years. In fact, predictions of traffic jams going from the Villa Maria interchange west until about Dorval – about 7 or 8 miles.

The city has told residents living west to take public transportation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist out there. No metro, a poor train system and busses that will also be stuck in traffic. They then suggested that employees ask their employers to change the hours of operation.

If one decides to heed the city’s advice and take the metro, alas there’s no parking near the metros. The city has known about this for at least a couple of years. They should have made provisions like opening a parking lot in the old Blue Bonnets raceway and other empty lots for the public. The downtown merchants can kiss their west end clientele goodbye for a few years.

Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature today. Blanche, can we talk? What the heck? He won for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Seriously? We looked up where the winning money comes from. Here’s what we found:

When Alfred Nobel died in 1896, he stipulated in his will that most of his estate should be converted into a fund and invested in “safe securities.” The income from the investments was to be “distributed annually in the form of prizes to those who during the preceding year have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”

So Dylan conferred the greatest benefit to mankind? He’s a great lyricist, his songs have certainly stood the test of time. But a noble Peace winner? Come on.

Blanche, go git the very BIG barf bag. Michelle Obama spoke today. It’s like the Queen is issuing a proclamation. Here’s what she said about Trump and women to have surfaced:

“I listen to all of this and I feel it so personally and I’m sure that many of you do, too, particularly the women. The shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our intelligence. The belief you can do anything to a woman? It is cruel. It’s frightening. And the truth is, it hurts. It hurts.”

Can we talk? Where was she when Clinton was ‘busy’ in the White House? Don’t say it was years ago because they are dredging up women who had anything to do with Donald for the past 35 years. She’s hurt by this? How about being hurt by Hillary who went after Bill’s women with fangs and teeth? N.a.u.s.e.a.t.i.n.g.


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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s the Nastiest of Them All?

Blanche, did you see the fly land on Hillary’s face in the first minutes of the debate? How in the world could a fly have the audacity to do that? But we digress. As one media outlet wrote, it was a spectacularly nasty debate.

Over the weekend Trump was written off by every media station and person known to man. His VP was going to quit or take over, his campaign manager was quitting, people were leaving him like the fly that landed on Hillary. The drums were beating to the sound of those who said he would never,  in a million years, win the nomination. Ah but they forgot one important fact. He’s a survivor not a politician. When the naysayers get down into the mud with him, that’s when he really starts to come alive.

Unlike Hillary who, because she  really does have two campaigns – one for the plebs and one for the wall street dudes – didn’t know who to pander to. To bad Trump didn’t really go after her for that.

He held his own, although much of what he says is pure air to put it in a nice way. He’s also lucky that the moderators prevented him from rambling and harming himself as much as he otherwise probably would have by stopping him every two minutes.

She went after him but lies through those teeth and idiotic grin of hers. CNN is in total panic mode today. Their candidate – Hillary did not deliver the fatal blow to Trump.  They can say she won all they want. She didn’t.

After all is said and done Americans have two choices: vote for a lying, sneaking bitch or for a crude, lowlife albeit scrappy businessman. Sadly this is a reflection on the country itself. FYI the debate was live streamed in Iran. So if you think it’s only the US that’s being entertained, think again.

Jean Francois Lisee was elected as leader of the PQ this weekend. He is nothing short of a snake in wolf’s clothing. His mandate is not to call a referendum right after being elected. He wants to create a dialogue with the English community. Can we talk? He will wait it out – even if it takes a couple of decades – to steer the province toward a referendum.

The PQ exists for one reason: to be the master of their own country. Coupled with the arrogance of Couillard and his missives, especially our health minister Barret, there is no doubt that Lisee will use his wily words wisely.

You know those photo-radar cameras? The ones that catch you speeding without you ever knowing it? Well, there are two very special cameras located west and north of Montreal. Take a wild guess how much the one in the west island brings in per day? $20,000. Is that crazy?

Here’s a headline: stick to the speed limit or just above it and you won’t have any issues…or tickets. We’ve had more than one genius fly by us in the left lane, going so fast we wondered if someone had really been there.

If you own a Samsung Note 7 Smart Phone, you may want to consider dumping it. For sure don’t take it on a plane and expect to use it, as the flight attendants will tell you to immediately turn it off as it may catch fire.

Today Samsung has decided to stop production on said smart phone. Good idea, eh? Don’t think they came up with this idea themselves. ART&T and Mobile T have both stopped selling the product. It appears Samsung was able to read between the lines or see the wall with the writing.

The scary clown business that seems to have taken over where pokeman left off is no laughing matter. People dressed as scary clowns, bent on frightening people is a very sick joke, one that has taken the world by storm.

In general, many children are afraid of clowns. Now they are afraid to walk home for fear of seeing one on the street near their homes. The message for losers who think this is funny is this: you’re a loser hiding behind a mask. What possible fun can there be in scaring little kids?

As we were researching this news item it came to light that perhaps the president, as in Obama, was not advised of this growing phenomena. Seriously? He has to know about this? Call the police, have the clowns arrested and let them spend a week or so locked up. We’ll see how much laughing they will do then.

The Mother of All Hurricanes?

Blanche, go git the barf bag. It has come to light that, lo and behold, Hillary has told Michelle that when elected she will continue to tend to her vegetable garden somewhere  around the White House. Seriously? Let’s put it this way: Hillary won’t be tending to any garden. She will have her missives get down and dirty to make sure the garden doesn’t get plowed over. Until of course it gets plowed over.

There is no doubt that Hillary would like to put a muzzle on her husband Bill. Plus it’s very obvious that he despises Obama.

Speaking at a Democratic rally this week in Flint, Michigan, Clinton offered a frank assessment of problems with the health care law that is Obama’s signature domestic achievement:

“So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It’s the craziest thing in the world.” Yes it is the craziest thing in the world and it just so happens to be called Obamacare which he wants as his legacy.

Obama desperately wants Hillary elected so that the parts of his legacy that he wants hidden will remain that way for a long time. Whatever fairytales he has put forth will stay just that – fairytales.

Seems that the three main universities in Montreal are in serious disrepair. We are talking a billion or so to get them up to speed.

Here’s a novel idea…instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on missives going to measure the size of the letter ‘t’ in the word pasta, how about getting rid of the office de la langue francais and divert those monies to fixing the buildings before they crumble. Hey, they could teach the little dolts to be fixermen instead of harassing people all day. At least they would be productive.

Blanche, ya think it’s time to get on the Blue Jays bandwagon? They are the underdogs and against all odds and much better teams keep winning. Only problem is they come from Toronto. Ich.

In the past we have given you travel advisories sent out by the United States. Get these countries who have issued travel advisories for their citizens traveling to the United States.

Citizens of Canada (that would be us) are being warned about pickpocketing in major U.S. cities, and to stay away from some neighborhoods from dusk to dawn. Doesn’t say which neighbourhoods.

The Bahamas warns its citizens to be aware of the recent shootings of black males by police in a number of U.S. cities, and to stay away from political protests.

The United Arab Emirates issued a special alert to its citizens, cautioning them against wearing traditional clothing in certain parts of the U.S.

Looks like the mother of all hurricanes is about to hit. We are referring to the Matthew about to smash into Florida. One thing we can say with certainty, from the governor on down, they are absolutely panicking the population.

One of the reasons for this is the history of hurricane Katrina which it seems people did not take seriously – not the population or the government.

Obama has already declared a state of emergency in Florida and South Carolina  allowing the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate relief efforts. Governor Scott activated 3,500 National Guard troops to help with evacuations and prepare for search-and-rescue operations. Sounds scary, eh Blanche?

Never fear that you won’t know what’s going on. Tune into CNN later tonight and you are bound to see some yoyo reporter holding onto a poll almost blowing away saying how hard it’s raining.

A final word about the election and who votes for who. According to new data analysis physicians’ political leanings tend to vary according to their specialty. Urologists and anesthesiologists tend to be registered Republicans, while two-thirds of doctors in infectious disease, psychiatry and pediatrics are Democrats. Who knew?

Blanche, this is a shtikel nuts. New Yorkers can now remain close to their pets even after death. A new law allows pets to be buried alongside their owners in cemeteries meant for people. It can be a dog, a cat, a turtle — any domestic animal. Wait a minute. What happens to Jerry’s wife when she dies and he’s buried next to Sparky the dog? Oh. She is buried next to Tweety their bird. Phew.

As Yom Kippur falls out on Tuesday night, we will be sending a Blanche Report next week on Monday and Thursday.

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What’s Montreal’s Most Famous Street? Rue Barre (street closed).

Montrealers can rest easy. That python that escaped from it’s owner a couple of months ago and slithered away has been found, lucky for her, alive. Seems that she is a bit thinner than when she began her journey.

If you planned on going anywhere tomorrow aside from the few blocks around your house, best check the traffic reports. The taxi industry has deemed it necessary to go on strike tomorrow to protest Uber and intend to hold not one but two rallies in the city.

We hope that they choose Montreal’s most famous street – rue barre – for their big demonstration. In case you don’t speak French that means street closed. There is so much construction going on in the city that everywhere you turn all you see are signs saying rue barre. But we digress.

It’s not bad enough that getting around the city is a nightmare. Now these geniuses are going to make the lives of the public ten times worse. Here are a few questions they might want to answer: What good do they think this is going to do? Will the public side with them over Uber? No. Will drivers on their way to work be stark raving mad when they get caught up in a demonstration after it took an hour to do a drive that is normally six minutes? Yes. Will they side with the taxi drivers? No. Stupid, stupid, people.

According to the polls, Hillary is up 5 points on Trump. He had a nasty week, going after miss housekeeping (aka Miss Universe), having his tax returns leaked in the NY Times and showing he hasn’t paid tax for umpteen years by taking advantage of the system. Can we talk?

Don’t believe the polls. People in this election are voting against someone, not for a candidate. So if you are called, let’s say on the Upper East Side of New York which could run a tin of sardines for the democrats and get elected and you just cannot vote for Hillary what are you going to do? Lie of course and say you are voting for her knowing full well you either have not made up your mind or are voting for…h.i.m. You’re certainly not going to tell the pollster who you are voting for. So you skew the polls.

Time will tell although he does seem to be unraveling at the edges. Keep one key thing in mind: to his supporters, he’s perfect and can do no wrong. Same thing with her supporters. In the middle somewhere those who have not made up their minds and will be the ones to determine who wins. Plus wikileaks keeps threatening to release stuff on Clinton. He has been crying wolf lately and if he doesn’t do something soon, he’s going to lose his credibility. Stay tuned. This story is what they call fluid – changing by the hour.

In case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t) you most likely weigh less at this time of year. Unless of course you just finished eating four huge meals in a row during the high holy days. Then you feel like a sausage.

Statistics show that during the winter we tend to put on some weight or, if you want to be politically correct, insulation. Like polar bears, eh Blanche?

Tonight is the vice-presidential debate. Unless something insane happens, like Trump jumping out of a birthday cake, we will be reporting on it Thursday.

We’ll talk…