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Free Hugs from a Stranger? Ich.

We don’t want to bust anyone’s bubble, but the geffulement with Trudeau and his inane remarks about Castro are going to come and go like the wind. After all, he’s a chip off the block of his father, who was very friendly with Castro.

Unless Trudeau  suddenly loses his hair, gains a tremendous amount of weight or begins to age badly, he’s not going anywhere for a long time. Sounds shallow? It’s the truth Blanche. Even if he says things that put every world leader’s shorts in a uproar.

Is he their prime minister? No. Does he care what they say? For five minutes. Once castro’s five final minutes of fame are over, it will be business as usual here in Canada and Trudeau’s popularity will not budge one point.

Some dude got a $100 ticket for not getting a permit to give free hugs in the subway here in Montreal. Can we talk? Who exactly is hugging a stranger while running to or from their train? Dizguzting. When was the last time he washed? Does he have lice? Did he wash his T-shirt? Ich.

If someone needs a hug so badly, as this dude appears to need, may we suggest he find some friends or perhaps seek counselling. Standing in the metro with a sign on your chest that you are offering to hug someone is absolutely nutty. Even if it’s done in other places it doesn’t mean it’s normal. Sorry.

Can someone please tell Jimmy Carter to give it up and go back to being a peanut farmer? He is urging Obama to grant diplomatic recognition to ‘Palestine’ before his term ends, stressing the importance of securing a two-state solution because of continued ‘settlement’ activity.

Can we talk? Where exactly is palestine? It’s nowhere because it doesn’t exist. There is no Palestinian language or culture. It is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated and kept going by people like Carter. What does he really want? To get rid of Israel and that’s not happening anytime soon. Maybe Carter should start using Mr. Google to find out what ‘palestine’ has given the world. It will keep him busy for at least ten minutes.

While Obama still cannot say the words islamic terrorism, that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Ohio State University.
Imagine you are sitting in class or teaching or in the bathroom and you receive a text saying Run. Hide. Fight. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

This attack was done almost exactly the way the head of isis said to do it. No gun? Use your car. Use a knife. Inflict as much harm as possible on soft targets. The somalian dude who did this is now dead and still, too this minute, the investigators are grappling over the wording of what happened.

The islamic state news has posted his picture as a hero. He ranted on his Facebook page  just before the attack that muslims are being attacked in Myanmar aka Burma.

In truth it is impossible to protect soft targets. We live in a free society and unless we are in a parade or taking part in demonstration, life is one big soft target. Given that, denying the obvious makes the authorities look either very weak or very inept. Blanche, we pick the latter.

Last night there was a horrific plane crash into the mountains of Columbia. Of the 85 people on board, 6 survived. What was particularly terrible about this accident is that it killed an entire top flight Brazilian soccer team, the underdogs, en route to their championship game. Really awful.

Blanche, we are at story #6 and it’s the first mention of Trump. Things must be improving. He’s going on a victory tour beginning Thursday. Although he dances to his own tune, such a tour is an invitation to every nutball from the far, far right to the extreme off the charts left to go and protest. He has to announce the place otherwise how would people know where to go and cheer their hero?

To this minute, the media still doesn’t get Trump. They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that while he watches all the news shows (especially our personal favourite, Morning Joe)  all the time and gets crazed when they ditz him, he has them running in circles.

He tweets day and night, uses Facebook videos to reach the people and guess what – it’s working. He has shown he doesn’t need the media except to keep them guessing which he is a master of. The people did not want the establishment and made that very clear. Seems the media did not yet get the memo that things are going to change, with them or without them.

Keep your eye on the election in Austria. The far-right party, founded by former Nazis, is courting Jews. The head of the party, Hofer, has said on many occasions that islam is not part of Austria. Hofer went so far as to visit Israel who is very wary of him and the party and did not officially welcome him. If he wins however, which looks good, Hofer said his first official visit will be to Israel. Keep close tabs on this story.

Blanche, did you notice that it was almost night all day? Looks like we are in the dog days of winter. Time to hunker down and make a soup. Then find a blanket and curl up in a chair with a good book. Either that or go to Florida.

We’ll talk…

Israel is Burning

Israel is burning.

Fires are burning in the forests west of Jerusalem, around Haifa, on central and northern hilltops and in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Residents in eight Haifa neighbourhoods had been told to leave due to six separate fires.

One forest fire, maybe two can be caused by the weather. But when there are multiple fires like this, as Bibi alluded, it is arson terrorism. There is no doubt that the Israelis will find out if these fires were set deliberately. What is unknown is that if they were, will they find out who started them. Blanche will not speculate here. Rather, we will leave it up to you, our readers to come to your own conclusion. In the meantime, pray for those in Israel who, at a moment’s notice must evacuate their homes.

The Arab world is rejoicing about this. The most disgusting social media post that we saw came from the the imam of Kuwait’s Grand Mosque: “Good luck to the fires #Israel_IsBurning.” This was accompanied by a smiley face. Grotesque.

In case you thought the pope and the vatican are friends of the Jewish people, think again.

Did you know that Catholic tourist maps and pilgrimage brochures routinely omit the name “Israel”, using instead the sanitized expression “Holy Land”. What is a new thing is the following what was recently viewed on a bus in Rome. The Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi was advertising a trip to “Palestine”, “the holy land”. Israel and Jerusalem were neatly omitted.

Don’t be misled or be naive. Mr. Nice Guy Pope Francis ain’t such a nice guy if he tolerates this language.

In the 1970’s, 5,000 residents were booted out of their homes in the east end of Montreal so the CBC could put up an ugly, way to big edifice on Rene Levesque to house all the people who get paid by you, the taxpayer.

Seems the building is old and outdated so the Board of Directors of the CBC approved a new building right near the old one. Of course the transaction must be approved by the Treasury Board because, again, your it’s your tax dollars at work.

Here’s something to chew on. Did you know that the CBC gets a $1.1 billion annual subsidy from the taxpayers of Canada as our national broadcaster? Yes Blanche, you are paying for the cushy jobs there. Wait, it gets better.

CBC management, the union and a group called Friends of Canadian Broadcasting are lobbying the government for substantial increases in the subsidy. Can we talk?

One of the reasons Trump got elected was because Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pleb were sick and tired of losing their jobs while watching government dudes whistling down the street on their way to work, knowing their salaries come from the public money tree. When will this entitlement end?

Anybody lucky enough to have a house near Trump in Palm Beach Florida is certainly going to have an interesting four years at the very least. To start with they will be very happy when they discover that whenever Trump is there the entire area becomes a no-fly zone. Seems those commercial airlines were a nuisance when they were floating in their pools while drinking a martini. A dry one of course.

Coast Guard boats toured the water that surrounds both sides of the road, while a tent was set up nearby where delivery trucks were searched. Federal officials, led by the Secret Service, oversaw an array of security restrictions. The Coast Guard established three security zones for the Intracoastal Waterway and offshore areas near Palm Beach. Life, as the rich and famous new it on that coast, is over for now.

In Trump Tower on 57th and Fifth in New York, the secret service is about to take over two floors of the building. The federal agency and the NYPD plan to run a 24/7 command post out of the space that would be housed at least 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse triplex. Not bad. Seems hizzoner diBlasio the mayor of New York is not going to pick up the tab for four years of this. Hillary would have certainly been easier to protect. Oh well.

Blanche, can you hear the slow, laboured breathing of some poor soul in an oxygen mask? No? Well, you may not hear it but Clinton supporters are on life support. They just can’t let go.

Her disciples  are urging her to challenge the vote count in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Come on. It’s over. You lost. Give it a rest already. We will also give them another reason to let sleeping dogs lie.

If they think that Clinton’s side didn’t pay off people, a la Obama, to go and vote, well, we’ll eat our hat. Do they want to uncover yet another Clinton scandal? We think not which is most likely why Hillary has been silent about this. Let’s bet nothing happens.

Black Friday. Seriously, who in their right mind would stand in the middle of an insane group of frenzied shoppers, pushing against a door until the store opens only to save $100 on a television or computer. Trampled, pushed, punched, bitten – sounds like a fun day. Blanche, go put on your pyjamas, sit down at your kitchen table with a cuppa tea and shop  in a civilized manner.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Million Woman March? We Can’t Keep Up With These Sore Losers.

The next few days will mark the birthday of Moishe Holtzberg as well as his parents’ yahrzeits. Moishe will be ten years old, his parents are gone for eight years, murdered in the terrorist attack on the Nariman House on November 26, 2008.

Because his birthday is so close to the yahrzeits, little Moishele goes to the cemetery each year at this time. We cannot fathom the life of this child. Hashem should give his grandparents, Rav Shimon and Rebitzen Yehudis Rosenberg with whom he lives, many more healthy years. Ach… Makes the rest of the stuff going on in the world pale in comparison, eh Blanche?

On January 21, 2016 there will be a million woman march in Washington. We checked out their website and gleaned the following information:

On January 21, 2017 we will unite in Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington. The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us–women, immigrants of all statuses, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslim, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native and Indigenous people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, the economically impoverished.

Can we talk? Were there not two people running for president? And did not one person win? So why exactly does the liberal left think that what they believe has more validity than what the right conservatives think? Hillary was a lily white angel during the campaign? We think not.

Both Hillary and Trump were flawed candidates and she lost. Get over it. He’s not leaving. When the next election rolls around  march, protest and go out and vote for your candidate. Right now is the time to give him a chance to govern. Marching, crying, being depressed and needing therapy is not going to make him go away. Grow up.

Yesterday, president-elect Donald Trump gathered the executives of the major news media together. It had all the trappings of a high-level rapprochement, inviting the leading anchors and executives of television news to join him for a private meeting of minds. Heavy hitters like Lester Holt, Charlie Rose, George Stephanopoulos and Wolf Blitzer trumped into Trump Towers.

Although they all agreed that this meeting was off the record, news trickled out. Trump was ‘candid and honest’. Blanche can you read between the lines? Let’s just say that these people must have felt they were in the principal’s office. To add salt to the wound, last night Trump put out a Youtube video on what he plans to accomplish on his first days in office. Normally this is done via press conference and then put on the major networks.

Having read a fantastic article about Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who taught himself, with the help of some geniuses, how social media works and made it work for the Trump campaign, it’s time mainstream media starts to get it. If not, it looks like they will get left behind in the dust because Trump will no longer tolerate how they operate. They are paid to first give the news – truthfully. Then they can give their opinions. They are not paid to just give their opinions and try to skew the outcome of elections.

Yesterday Montreal had it’s first taste of winter. Everyone knew it was coming. That is everyone except the City of Montreal workers. Blanche, do you think they live in an underground bunker with no internet or access to da weather, la? Or maybe they only listen to da weather in Fort Lauderdale, waiting dere vacation?

No snow plows, no salt trucks and no sidewalk clearing. And then there were bus drivers who decided that they were not going to work yesterday because they had to fill out a form and were mad about that. So people stood outside in the cold, blowing snow waiting for busses that never came.

And the mayor? Why he’s busy getting the Grand Prix back to Montreal. Let them eat cake – that’s his motto. We can’t wait for the vote next November. Blanche, can you please find someone who can run against this dude?

In a gesture of niceness, Trump said he would drop the threat of new investigations against Hillary et al. That concerns the email scandal. What will happen with the investigation concerning the Clinton Foundation is anyone’s guess. As Trump also has an ‘interesting’ foundation, it would most likely serve him well to drop that as well. Whether the FBI will cooperate is another story. Stay tuned.

Today, November 22 is 53 years since President Kennedy was assassinated.

This week marks an end of an era. The daily 9-noon Tommy Schnurmacher show is coming to a close this Friday. Tommy has kept a generation of people company in their cars, offices and kitchens and all those people will now have to find a new friend, which he was to everyone.

While he’s not completely retiring, he’s certainly cutting back as his new time slot is 12-1 Monday – Friday.

Having read many of the comments on social media, we can only echo what everyone else has been saying: Thank you Tommy for all the years of normal, decent, intelligent and honest words, humour, commentary and opinions. You will be missed.

We’ll talk…

Hillary – “It’s been a rough week.”

Last night Hillary had her first public outing since the election and we actually had pity on her. She looked so bad we could not help but think that she just got up from shiva – which is a period of seven days of formal mourning for the dead, beginning immediately after the funeral. Not a drop of makeup, her hair not done, pale lipstick. It looked like just leaving her house was a huge undertaking. The shiva part came because it was exactly a week since losing the mother-of-all-elections.

What happened to Hillary was in fact like a death. The dream of her life is gone forever, a bitter pill to swallow.

No matter how hard mainstream media tries to spin the news that Trump is out of control or his handlers can’t get a handle on their current situation or they are over their heads, he always comes out on the winning side. When, oh when, will the media learn their lesson?

We can’t figure out if they are either very dense or they really think they are going to pin him into a corner. What else, after winning the presidency of the United States does he have to do to make them understand that he does not nor will not play by their rules. That claim belongs to Hillary and look where it got her.

People may not like how he operates but the fact is, he is successful. We are watching as he slowly surrounds himself, for the most part, with good, smart and decent people. He got rid of Christie who was like a noose around his neck. Bannon – the jury is still out on him. It appears that his son-in-law Jared Kushner has the final word and if Bannon gets out of line or causes embarrassment, you can be sure he will be on the other side of the door.

Give them a chance. They never thought they would win and didn’t put their ducks in a row beforehand, unlike other people.

We met a local rabbi this morning who told Blanche that he received a call from Concordia University that they are in need of more grief counsellors of the religious kind. Grief counsellors to deal with the Clinton loss. Wait a minute. Don’t we live in Canada Blanche?

In fact we do, but the university communities are having a very hard time wrapping their heads around what a democracy is. Ironic, eh?

In case you thought flying was expensive, United Airlines is giving you a chance to spend less money – sort of. If you are a skinny pretzel you may be happy with this. If you are a semi-normal sized person you may not.

So how do you save money? First you can’t choose your own seat which means almost 100% that you will be in that dreaded middle seat most likely with Moose on one side and Milly-Mae on the other, both having eaten a big bowl of chili with lotsa beans at an airport restaurant. Get the drift Blanche?

Secondly you can’t bring on any carry-on bag. Which means it will cost you between $50 and $75 to check your bag. Unless you’re saving at least $150, this doesn’t sound very enticing. Oh yes, one more thing. No changes or refunds. At all. If you need to change your ticket, you will have to pay again. Don’t you love airlines?

In a very interesting analysis of the election, the obvious became more obvious. Clinton overwhelmingly won the cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, but Trump won many of the suburbs, isolating the cities in a sea of Republican voters. Small-town America woke up and spoke up. Hillary’s campaign managers completely and totally didn’t get it and missed the boat. We are guessing that this ideology comes from the top down, ie. who needs the plebs.

In land area, Clinton has 15% or 530,00 square miles. Trump? 85% of the land area and 3,000,000 square miles. Obviously many people live in those millions of square miles. In small towns that she did not bother to go to. Even Obama said that he went to all those small towns, to their fairs and farms.

This is also why we are seeing protests in the big cities and nothing in rural America. By the way Blanche, it seems the protests are petering out. Thanksgiving is coming up next week and people are now turning their attention to turkeys and travel.

Time to start keeping a close eye on Turkey which is fast becoming the next China or North Korea. If you are a journalist there and dare to go up against Erodgan, you best be in hiding. As of now there are 120 journalists in jail awaiting trial for treason.

The government and its supporters are behind a wave of demands to Twitter to remove offending posts, more than all other countries in the world put together. So says Twitter itself.

Failing to mention how many people were killed in the attempted coup, in any article about it, is also considered proof of terrorist sympathies.

Said one journalist, “There is no more critical journalism, 90 percent of the free press is destroyed directly or indirectly. Investigative journalism is considered treason.” Pretty scary. It will definitely be something that Trump will have to address once he takes office. Unlike Obama, we hope he actually gets off the fence and does something.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Sanctuary Cities? Suck it Up.

The PROtests continue in New York, Chicago, LA, Boston etc. Blanche, can you believe that the mayors of these cities are encouraging the protests to continue? Those geniuses are saying that they are ‘cities of refuge’ or sanctuary cities which means if you are illegal and have committed a crime – come on down – we’ll protect you from mean old Trump.

Now imagine that you are a store owner on, oh, let’s say 5th Avenue. Like Gucci, Versace and other interesting places. Alas, your customers cannot get to you because not only are people protesting a democratic election, but the mayors of those cities are supporting this behaviour.

Those who supported Hillary Clinton are beside themselves that she lost. Poor pathetic creatures. They were duped by both mainstream media and of course Hillary herself. She blames James Comey, FBI head for her loss. Can we talk?

Hillary darling, you are the one who decided to put a server which contained highly classified information in your broom closet instead of where it belonged, with the rest of the government servers. For much less, people have gone to jail. It’s not Comey’s fault that this investigation kept going on and on during the campaign. May we suggest a mirror?

We would be remiss if we did not report on the extent to which the losers are going to ease the pain of their loss and the glass ceiling that fell on them, especially in universities. Let’s see, grief counsellors, play doh and colouring books in special rooms, classes cancelled deferring to sad feelings. Can we stop now?

What are these people going to do if they lose their job? Or, perish the thought, fail an exam?

The fact that the media is playing into this insanity completely and totally discredits them, like CNN – the Clinton News Network wasn’t discredited before this. President elect Donald J. Trump won the election. Do they think he’s going to say, “Oh Hillary, here, you take over because your followers are spineless, wimps and can’t take the fact that you lost the election.” No, he will not do that. On January 20th 2017 he will become the 45th president of the United States. Suck it up and grow up.

Blanche, ya gotta let go of this. Ok, but after one more line. Conrad Black, one of the public supporters of Trump wrote the mother-of-all columns this weekend. The best line: …It was magnificent watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) robots on autocue, scurrying around like asphyxiated roaches as it became clear that Trump would do the impossible and win…” No, we’re not gloating. We’re enjoying the moment after a long, long campaign.

Where were you on November 15, 1976? Most likely depressed because that’s the day Rene Leveque’s Parti Quebecois first took power in this province.

That date began the biggest exodus of Anglos, head offices and money out of Quebec and frankly, we have never recovered. Not that the PQ is in power today, but they hang around like a bad smell, reminding people that they are here. They are able to cause just enough instability to keep the big companies and serious money from moving back or moving here at all. Quel dommage.

Blanche, in case you were looking for the mother-of-all hypocrisies, here it is: Approximately 225 Canadians will jet to Morocco to denounce the use of fossil fuels. Got that?

In fact, Canada’s contingency is so big that it takes up 8 pages to list. So here’s a suggestion. How about a conference call? Or video call like Edward Snowden did in front of about 500 people. This is what is called bloated bureaucracy.

Leonard Cohen passed away last week. Frankly, aside from a living legend or icon, we cannot find the words to describe him. We have been listening to his songs for days. Haunting, spiritual, deep, honest, moving – are some of the words to describe them.

We wonder if Mayor Coderre will act quickly to name something after him. This time he can’t drag out an embarrassing gazebo for three years as he did with the Mordechai Richler debacle. This time the world is watching him. Blanche, did you know that Richler and Cohen are buried near each other? Ach…

While we don’t really want to write anything about Michael Applebaum, right now he looks awful. His trial started and his executive assistant has recounted, in graphic detail, how money exchanged hands to make the political system work more quickly.

After being collected from different construction companies to make sure they won the contract, it was left for a few days in a car. Then it was counted by the EA and Applebaum’s portion was left in his glove compartment.

How Applebaum is going to extricate himself from this is going to be very interesting. Imagine that Blanche went to city hall for his swearing in ceremony?

we’ll talk…

White Lash? Street Demonstrations? Get a Grip.

Blanche, was there an election in the democratic United States? And didn’t Donald Trump win fair and square despite the mainstream media’s effort at every turn to thwart him? So what’s with the demonstrations in all the major US cities?

Honestly, do you think that between Tuesday night and Wednesday there was time to get all those cities organized as one cohesive unit? Even with social media? Not on your life. This was planned and funded and is a massive set-up. We don’t yet know by whom, but there’s no doubt that this was meticulously planned.

For those who think if they march in the streets chanting dump Trump he is going to leave the office and give it to Hillary here’s a headline:  he’s not.

He was elected democratically. Perhaps those people should visit Russia or China or North Korea where elections are not fair and are rigged. Enjoy the plane ride. They certainly would not be able to march in the streets yelling to throw out the president of their country. One genius was yelling that Hillary should sue the United States of America. Someone had to dig deeply to find people with squirrel brains.

Trump won the election. Case closed. It’s over. And guess what? It’s November and it’s going to get cold and wet and snowy soon. Let’s see how long those ‘protesters’ last in the winter.

One more thing: What was the made-up flag of the non-existent-let’s-destroy-Israel-State-of-Palestine doing at their protest? What does that have to do with Trump winning the election. Nothing.

There is no doubt that had Zaidy Bernie been the running-mate of Hillary, she would have had a much better chance of winning. Like Trump, Bernie had a movement. All those people who lined up for hours and hours and hours to listen to a 30 minute speech would have voted for him. In fact, Trump had the same phenomenon.

People would line up for six or seven hours just to hear him speak. Do the genius pollsters think that they were then not going to vote for him? And how many people lined up to hear Hillary speak? Much of the time her venues were almost empty.

Hillary can thank Debbie Wasserman Schultz for making sure that Bernie got pushed out. Blanche heard that she may be taking some of the heat for the loss – which is correct.

Blanche will also rant for a moment about black and other visible minorities who keep using the white-lash term. In case you need a translation it’s like back-lash. Get it?

It gets better. They are fearing for their lives. Can these people get a grip? They know very well that nothing is going to happen to them. They also know that under the Obama administration nothing good happened for them. Certainly not for the middle-class black people who got caught just like everyone else in the Obamacare bs.

If these pundits continue the rhetoric they are spewing on social media, they will bear the responsibility for unrest in the country. Why don’t they put a cork in it and wait to see what happens. Everyone knows what is said during an election campaign, especially the one everyone just went through, is exaggerated – on both sides.

Blanche, is there any other news in the world? Seriously. Wait, we haven’t even touched Hillary.

We read a stinging, yet very honest piece about Hillary which sums up exactly why she lost:
Hillary Clinton lacked self-awareness about her baggage and liabilities. To the detriment of the Democratic Party, she overvalued credentials and undervalued charisma, especially at a time when the latter is increasingly the winning ingredient in electoral contests.

Here’s the best and most juicy part: …Many more are angry and blame Clinton’s relentless determination to be the first female Commander-in-Chief—even after having been appropriately rebuffed for the role in 2008 — as a case of one colossal power-seeking ego having enabled another even more colossal power-seeking ego. Bingo.

Ok. This will be the last on this topic:

Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, is not only refusing to apologize for giving debate questions to candidate Hillary Clinton. She’s also saying she would do it again if given the opportunity. Can you say entitled?

Brazile can put herself in the same category as those marching to dump Trump. We live in a democracy and cheating during election campaigns is not allowed and should require a huge fine. She would do it again? We would make sure she never had a position – private or public where she deals with people. That way she could never skew anything.

If you are planning to move to Vancouver here’s something you should know. There is a crisis there in housing as there are almost no rentals available. Ah, but there’s a bit of a issue here.

Seems people buy homes and then leave them empty. The government found out about this and if you buy a home and leave it empty you will be paying a $10,000 fine per year. And if you say you are living in the house and they find out you’re not? $10,000 a day.

May we suggest that Americans not move to Vancouver? Montreal is very nice. Toronto is too much like an American city. Halifax has great views of the ocean. Cape Breton is very small townish. They can always go to Newfoundland. By the bay bye.

Twitter is now erupting with tweets calling for the assassination of Trump. Somebody better get hold of this situation. Every nutball is coming out of the woodwork. Remember when we didn’t have social media and people just lived their life quietly?

Remember to watch the super moon on Monday night. It won’t be back again till 2038.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

President Trump

The pollsters were wrong. The exit polls were wrong. The people spoke loudly and very clearly – We’re fed up and not going to take it anymore.

Hillary didn’t speak tonight and did not concede the election.  Instead she sent out her campaign chairman John Podesta who told everyone to go home and get some sleep. Seriously? She thinks herself to be above speaking to the ‘little people’? There are separate rules for her and her people? We think not.

She should have come out and said there is one president of the United States and we have to support him. Try to unite the country she says she loves. She’s spiteful and her true colours are showing. She did call Trump to concede.

The three big losers tonight aside from Hillary Clinton? Obama, mainstream media and Ted Cruz.

Obama’s legacy will be demolished along with Obamacare. Ted Cruz’s political career is over. He best find another occupation. The media? CNN, NBC and all the others who were openly in favour of Clinton will now have to eat their words and take a long look at themselves.

Trump’s work will start immediately as he will have to calm the markets which crashed tonight – worldwide –  when it became obvious that he was going to win.  The world is jittery and guess what? Sometimes what is needed is to turn things completely upside down to be able to start all over again.

As for Hillary…she’s dishonest, secretive, disconnected from the people and part of the old boys club. The ‘simple’ folks were done with those kinds of politicians. They were done with politicians making promises that were never kept. It’s obvious now that every time Michelle and Barack came out to campaign with her was another nail in her coffin. Those in the ivory palace all misread the people.

Many got Obamacare bills over the past week and realized that they were lied to by Obama. They could not keep their doctor or insurance companies and their rates went up over 100%. He lied to the people and that will be his legacy.

One of the ‘pundits’ on CNN, an African American said that Trump’s win is a ‘white lash’. Guess what? He had a black president for 8 years who did nothing for him. He’s right. It was a white lash. But it obviously also a lashing from many other segments of the population which the media said were not supporting Trump: women, latinos and yes, even black people.

Another bite in the behind moment for Hillary is when she called all of Trump’s supporters deplorable. She was speaking about Americans, who, whether or not they supported Trump, were still Americans and not a basket of deplorables.

On a very interesting note, Canada’s immigration site crashed tonight due to the incredible amount of hits.

Then there’s James Comey, head of the FBI. Most likely he will now keep his job. The question remains is whether President Trump will pardon her or continue with the investigation.

Last but not least, may we suggest that the democrats move to California where marijuana was made legal tonight. A coupla puffs and you won’t know who won or lost.

We’ll talk…

Special Edition of Blanche

This is a special edition of Blanche as tomorrow we will be focusing on the election and have no clue what time it will end, ergo what time Blanche will leave this computer. So we will give you the rest of the news today. Or, whatever else there is to write about together with the US election. 

As we have said on more than one occasion, just because someone is loud and abrasive does not mean that they are correct. Such is the case with Montreal’s mayor.

This has to do with phone tapping yet again. Seems a couple of years ago our mayor (before he was mayor) received a $444 fine for driving a car that didn’t have a valid licence plate. Happens to the best of us, eh Blanche?

Well, two years later, after Coderre became mayor, Patrick Lagacé, who’s phone was bugged once before, got wind of rumors at the police department suggesting that Coderre was attempting to use his power as mayor to have the ticket cancelled.

Being a diligent reporter, Lagace began snooping around. The mayor has admitted he telephoned then-police chief Marc Parent to talk about journalist Patrick Lagacé, just before police obtained search warrants to look at Lagacé’s cell phone logs.

Turns out da mayor paid his ticket but his behaviour is, again we say, reminiscent of Richard Nixon. Everyone’s out to get him. He needs either a pill or a shrink or both.

Can someone please splain to Blanche why da Pope is sticking his nose into the US election?
He’s in the religion business last time we looked. And what’s he going to do if Trump wins? Call home  for advice?

Depending on which news site one looks at, both Trump and Clinton are winning or losing. What is particularly nauseating is how much Obama wants her to win and that sickening grin on his face while he runs around campaigning for someone he hates. He’s protecting his ‘legacy’. We wonder when Obamacare falls dead on its face if he will accept blame for it. After all, it has his name on it.

Here’s another interesting tidbit: Both candidates are headquartered in Manhattan, a first. She’s at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and he’s at New York Hilton Midtown. They are a few blocks from each other.

Hillary is certain that she’s winning as she’s building a stage shaped like the United States, complete with outlying pillars for Alaska and Hawaii. To top it off, pardon the pun, the ceiling at the Javits centre is glass, a metaphor for her breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ by becoming the first woman president. Honestly? It’s obvious money is absolutely no object. Spend, spend and spend some more on herself and her friends.

Rumor has it that James Comey, head of the FBI is going to be getting the boot by none other than Loretta Lynn, Attorney General. How sweet that will be for the Clintons, Obamas and Lynn. It will also give the green light to Bill to get those engines revved up for their foundation once his wife is safely in the White House. Ya want to see madame president? Pay up.

It’s pretty obvious that Trump isn’t going to win this election unless all the stars and then some go his way. What is 100% a crap shoot is what will happen if he loses. Will he concede graciously? Will he say the election was rigged and ask for a recount? Will he not only ask for a recount but a new election? Here are some scenarios:

1. At least half of all Trump voters already think that a) the election is rigged or b) their votes won’t be counted. If he does not concede and keeps going on as to how the election was rigged it will be very difficult for her to govern.

2. It could incite violence. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke encouraged his fellow Trump supporters to take up pitchforks and torches following claims of a rigged election. He’s a real genius. Hee Haw. Giddy-up.

3. He will undermine democracy at its core. Peaceful transfers of power have kept America a stable democracy for centuries. If that tradition ends, it could shake the belief that democracy is effective and cause voters to become more apathetic or adopt a more extreme political ideology.

The biggest question of all is who will be able to stop him if he goes this route? Hopefully his daughter Ivanka who will help him get TNN going. That would be the Trump News Network. At least he would be busy.

Blanche, now you can get the barf bag for real. Here’s a partial list of how much money the airlines made on ancillary revenue aka ticket change fees, penalties, and upgraded seat fees. In total they made over $40 billion.

The winner is United Airlines at $6.2 million. Runners up include: American Airlines at $4.7 million and Delta at $3.8 million. To give you a better taste of what we are talking about, the $6.2 million is 16% of the United Airlines revenue.

Blanche, when this election is over we will be very happy.  It’s been an exhausting, divisive and lower than low few months. The United States is going to need a collective vacation.

We’ll talk…

Can You Say President Trump? Try it. Nothing Happens to You.

Blanche, ya gotta stay in the loop.  The Chicago Cubs won the world series last night after a 108 year drought. It was a classic 7th game, going into extra innings, the Cubs won 8-7.

Over the years we have been saying, tongue in cheek that we live in a banana republic. Guess what? We live in a banana republic where the government spies on journalists with warrants given by judges. Vive la Quebec. Let’s bet that it ain’t only journalists the government was spying on. Stay tuned for the ‘inquiry’. Your tax dollars at work.

Last night around 9:00 pm Blanche found out that the Montreal Gazette was live-streaming the Edward Snowden event. As it happened, the event started 90 minutes late so we got to hear the question and answer period, both an eye-opener and very chilling.

Up until this week one may have thought Snowden a traitor. For sure that’s what Obama thinks of him and you can bet your bippy he will not be pardoned before Obama leaves office. However, after hearing that the Montreal police spied on journalists since 2008 just to find out who within different police departments were speaking to journalists and perhaps looking for a mole, Snowden made a lot of sense.

In August we watched the documentary of how Snowden escaped from Hong Kong and were left looking over our shoulder. After last night we know with certainty that whenever they so choose, any government can get into your life. Although we are not a terrorist cell and have nothing to hide, nonetheless this is still disconcerting. They can find out when you wake up, when you go to the bathroom, how often you check your emails, who you send your emails to, who answers you, what they say, where you buy your cream online, who you met for coffee at Starbucks, what you had in your coffee there and what colour your favourite underwear is. Get it?

While we are not overly fond of either candidate down south there are a few reasons why we would like Trump to win. The first and best reason is that it will kill totally Obama’s legacy. As it is, Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. People are receiving their bills and their yearly payments are rising anywhere from 20-100%.

On a personal note, someone close to Blanche has a mother who is ill living in the US. When Obamacare came in, they could not keep their insurance company. Obama lied and said they could. The new company would not insure them as the woman has a medical condition and took away their wheelchair, lift and commode. The family had to go out and buy all the equipment.

Obama said people could keep their doctors. They cannot. Again he lied.

Obama said he didn’t know about Hillary’s server at home. Seriously? Does he think people were born yesterday? He had an alias to email her. He knew very well what was going on and went along with it. If Trump is elected, all of this will come out and we hope it does.

We hope he wins so he can  stick it to Ted Cruz. What a slimy low life. He’s campaigning for the republicans but refuses to say Trumps name. If Trump wins we hope he digs very deeply into this guys life. There is no doubt that people who are so vociferously against one person have something to hide.

Brexit is back in the news. The High Court ruled today that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU. This means the government cannot trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – beginning formal exit negotiations with the EU – on its own.

What does this mean? Simple. Those in parliament have to vote again regarding the issue of Britain leaving or staying in the EU. Imagine? Just when you thought things were getting back to normal, some yold comes along and says, hey dudes, one minute – you are going to fight this all over again. Keep a stiff upper lip Brits. Either that or go get some good vodka. It’s going to be a rough ride.

Did you ever wonder what was really in those emails that Hillary got rid of? And what the FBI found on Weiner’s computer? Ya think it was about her daughter’s wedding and her exercise classes and if Bill should have oatmeal for breakfast? Blanche, we don’t think so.

We think, as we have heard in the past few days, that those emails deal with the Clinton Foundation and how they accumulated – while she was Secretary of State, a cool $300 million. We think that there is incriminating evidence that the Clintons made people pay to play. And that’s illegal.

Get this one: For the second time in less than a month Politico chief political correspondent has been caught sending stories to Hillary Clinton staffers for approval.

An email was sent to Clinton communications director on April 17, 2015 with the subject line: “pls read asap — the bits — don’t share.” This was revealed in Thursday’s WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails. It’s getting worse by the minute.

Wait, there’s more: The chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta, said he “agreed” that Sen. Bernie Sanders needed “to be ground to a pulp,” according to a newly released email. Podesta asked an influential Democratic Party operative and lobbyist with ties to an array of powerful corporations where the campaign should “stick the knife in” Sanders, Clinton’s rival in the Democratic primaries. Pleasant individuals, n’est pas?

In case you thought that the office de la langue francais fell into a never-ending abyss, think again. They’re back.

Today, new rules for businesses with English names were announced. As of three weeks from now, on Nov. 24, all such new businesses, or businesses which put up new signs, must have French descriptors to their trademarked names somewhere on their storefronts.Everyone will have to comply with the law after the three-year period has elapsed.

Why you ask? Because the head of the office de la langue francais says that more needs to be done to protect the French language in business. Can we talk?

How about people buying online? How about stores giving the Quebec government the middle finger and saying – do something, we’re not adding a single letter to our sign. Like someone doesn’t know what Walmart is. Oh wait. Maybe nobody knows what Costco is. Stupid, pea-brained missives.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Hillary to James Comey, FBI Director: I Was Going to Give You A Nasty Look, But I See You Already Have One.

For those who don’t what Watergate is, the link will be at the end of this report.

When Woodward and Bernstein needed to speak to  Deep Throat, their source in  the Watergate scandal (which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon) they met him in an underground garage in the middle of the night.

They contacted him when they needed to discern if information they received was accurate. How did they do this? They had a plant which they would put on their balcony when they needed to speak to him. As he lived and worked in Washington, he would see the plant and meet them at their appointed time and place.

Looks like in Montreal reporters are going to have to be doing the same thing to deal with their sources. Email is out of the question as are cell phones. Beginning last January, Montreal police bugged the cell phone of journalist Patrick Lagacy, recording all his calls, texts and tracking all his movements. Is Lagacy a criminal? No. So Blanche you must be wondering why the police went to such lengths to keep tabs on him – 24/7. Certainly not to find out where he eats his poutine.

They was an internal probe of anti-squad police officers who were suspected of fabricating evidence (which they were subsequently convicted of) and hoped they would call or meet with Lagacy. This is nasty stuff as the last time we looked we live in a Democracy where, if journalists cannot be free to talk to their moles, well, we may as well go live in Cuba or mother Russia.

You know Trump is doing well when the stock market starts to tank. That happened today when one of the polls had him leading Hillary by one point. Before we get to what’s going on today, a bit of background information is necessary:

Normally, Friday is not a good day to drop a bombshell. However, if you are James Comey, head of the FBI, any day is a good day. On Friday Comey announced to the world that during the FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner aka the dude who couldn’t keep his iPhone camera away from his southern parts, they found some very interesting metadata.

What’s that you ask? Metadata is the address at the top of the email – who it came from and where it’s going. It seems that on Weiner’s computer there were many emails addressed to Why on his computer? Because he was married to Huma Abedin, right hand, left hand and everything in between to Hillary. She used her husband’s computer to send stuff, forwarded from her computer, to Hillary. Seems it was easier to print out from Weiner’s computer.

That is what Comey announced on Friday. There were no specific emails so many Democrats were furious with him that dropped this 11 days before the election. Given all of the press coverage we have watched about this, we have deduced the following: Someone saw something of great interest on those emails, something they could not divulge. And so, the inquiry into Hillary’s illegal server, which was kind of buried in July, was brought to the fore yet again.

For once, Trump was able to stay the course, keep his mouth in tact and focus on the matter at hand. Then, punkt – came a Wikileaks bombshell: It turns out that Donna Brazile who works for CNN, gave one of the debate questions to Hillary before the debate. Can you say stupid? She’s been let go but the damage was done.

There is still a very long week to go before the election. Blanche’s bet? Something jaw-dropping spectacular is going to come out about Trump, probably Friday or Saturday. Hillary is not going to take this week’s events and go quietly into the night. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and she has not come close to singing the final song.

Picture this scenario: A city spends a few billion dollars to build a super-hospital. It is state-of-the-art and brings the best of the best doctors. So what happens? People go there to be treated especially for cancer and to the amazing emergency room. Sounds normal, eh Blanche?

Along comes the health minister, himself a doctor and says too many people are going to this hospital and it must stop. What?? Yes. The patients are a nuisance and cost way to much money. Off with their heads, give them cake and let them die elsewhere. They will not be treated at this hospital as it is too costly.

Here’s our suggestion: There’s a $2billion surplus in the Quebec government coffers. Give a few million to the hospital so your citizens can actually get care in the hospital that was built for just that. We looked up the definition of a hospital: an institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people. Can someone please send this to our moronic health minister?

Hold this date: November 14. 

On November 14 the moon will be at its biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years and won’t be seen this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

A supermoon, technically called a “perigee moon,” occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth all line up and the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth. It’s super because it appears up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the average full moon. Get your cameras ready.

Blanche, file this travel tip, pass it on to as many ignoramuses as you know and then don’t forget it.

A few months ago, an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 crash-landed in Dubai. Miraculously no one was killed. Ah, but get this one: The evacuation process took much longer than it should have because passengers tried to leave the burning aircraft with their carry-on luggage. Even worse, other passengers didn’t leave the plane quickly because they stopped to shoot videos on their cell phones of the entire scene.

If, G-d forbid, your plane crash-lands, get the heck outta there. It’s bad enough to have to slide down that shoot. People who shlep their interhoisen and makeup in their carry-on risk tearing it, leaving those behind to jump. Idiots.

We’ll talk…