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Who ever thought Justin Trudeau would be the lead story with the inauguration of Trump tomorrow. Go know.

Our illustrious Prime Minister was at a town hall meeting a couple of days ago in Sherbrooke Quebec. Town hall means anything is game. A woman stood up and asked, in English, about mental health care. He responded in French because, as he said, he’s in Quebec and in Quebec they speak French.

Not only didn’t he give this woman an answer to her question, after listening to the flack in the media for two days wouldn’t you think he would apologize? After all, Canada is a bilingual country and last we looked, Quebec is still in Canada. So here’s the deal.

Justin Trudeau is, as we said in the last report, slowly imploding. It appears that if he is not 100% scripted he’s either not bright enough or not quick enough on his feet to get it right. Taking his jacket off and rolling up his shirt sleeves a la Obama may make him look sexy, but it doesn’t add anything to his IQ. Suivant, next.

Over the past two weeks there have been many lasts for Obama. His last speech, last press conference, last interview, last walk through the White House, last CNN interview, last goodbyes to his staff, last trip to the bathroom – Blanche, that’s dizguzting.

The piece de resistance came yesterday when CNN did full segment on what happens if Trump is assassinated. Wishful thinking? Yes on two counts.

By focusing on a long, drawn-out leaving by Obama they are trying to diminish Trump coming in. What are they really saying? That they wish Obama could stay for another four years. Honestly, we have to agree with Trump on this one. The media is biased, think very highly of themselves and try to manipulate the news. This is not lost on Trump and once he’s in the White House the media is going to have to sing a very different tune or they will be shut out and frankly, rightly so.

Blanche, who do you think was the main source of news for Trump voters? If you said Fox at 40% you are correct. Now who’s the main source of info for Clinton voters? You guessed it – CNN at 14%. Looks like Hillary’s supporters don’t much like watching talking heads.

When a general rating was taken, Fox beat out CNN by 6% – 19% for Fox, 13% for CNN. Hey, maybe that’s why Hillary lost?

Did you ever wonder when and how the Obama’s move out of the White House and Trump et al move in? It’s a military operation.

At 10:31 am right after Obama leaves the White House heading out to the inauguration, two sets of moving trucks with many movers, which have been waiting in the circular driveway on the south lawn, get into action. One set faces one way, the other set the opposite way. One set of movers takes things out, another set takes things in. They have about six hours to complete the move which includes nitty gritty details from putting Melania’s mascara in the right place to hanging family pictures.

It seems Melania wants a well-lit room for her makeup and hair. Michelle had nothing of the sort, opting for a garden with fresh vegetables. It’s gonna be quite the change.

It is interesting to note that when the Clintons left the White House they had to return nearly $50,000 worth of gifts they took with them. No comment.

And now for a random travel tip: Did you know that the minute you walk onto an airplane federal laws apply, and the flight and gate attendants become federal agents in the eyes of the law? That means if you do something that they don’t like they can have you arrested on the spot. Just saying.

Hockey in Montreal is a religion. Carey Price seems to be in a slump and it’s now headline news. Seriously? Trumping Trump? Indeed Blanche.

One thing about Price, his personality is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Ever listen to him talk? Minus expression. So is he in a slump and letting in too many goals? Could be but take note: Ya ain’t hearing a word from him.

And finally, let’s pray that tomorrow’s inauguration follows the script, without any drama. We are not referring to what Trump may say. We speak of  the many nut cases out there. A very big part of living in a democracy is the smooth transition of power and by 1:00 pm tomorrow you should be able to say President Trump and Obama’s long, long farewell party will finally be over.

Good Shabbos
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2 thoughts on “President Trump

  1. Good evening Blanche,
    You continue to impress me with your knowledge and reporting ability…and how much you….. we are on the same page:)
    Please note what I sent to our famous PM Wednesday morning at 11;53am.
    We need to keep the heat on going to help remind him that he is PM for all Canadians.
    “May we hear only good news from each other”
    Good Shabbos
    Larry G R

    Hello again,
    Do you have a couple of minutes?
    I did not expect to contact you so soon.
    I know that you are quite busy running the Country and doing town halls…

    You’re your recent disrespect for English Citizens is beyond comprehension.
    People are concerned because of the lack of services in English and you have the nerve to answer in French because you were in Quebec….
    Your attempt to back track was just as bad.
    MR. PM I would like to remind you that Quebec is part of Canada!
    What a shock it would be for those like our Beloved Departed Fathers to hear your statements.

    Once again you are ” playing to the room”
    You owe Canadians…all Canadians, a sincere apology for this blunder.
    Nothing less will be accepted!
    May G-d guide and bless you.
    Larry G. R.

    1. I very much like the last sentence – May G-d guide and bless you. I’m not sure he will get the rest of your correspondence but good for you for taking the time to write.

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