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End of the Great Bathroom Debate

So Montreal is now a sanctuary city. In case you don’t know the definition of such a city, Blanche will enlighten you: It allows those without identification or documentation to use city services. While this sounds very touching, it is also very opportunist, pandering to the left,  plow-the-bike-paths before the cars people. You do know of course, that your car is a curse on humanity and is going to destroy our environment?

Of all the items we read about the new rights for undocumented illegal aliens, the following caught our eye:  A call on the Quebec government, which is responsible for the provincial immigration, to ensure access to health care, emergency services and lodging.​

Oh really? What exactly does that mean? They get an appointment with a doctor in less than the two years we have to wait? They get pushed to the front of the line in the emergency because they are the ‘poor refugees’? Unless these people are properly vetted, which they are obviously not if they are illegal, how the he.l does anyone know who they are?

Did they come to their ‘sanctuary city’ with a criminal record? Are they truly refugees or have used the system to get into Canada and then stay here illegally or did they sneak in across the border to avoid criminal prosecution in their own countries?

This edict is born not out of thoughtful, insightful decision making, but from trying to make sure Coderre’s government stays in power in the upcoming election in…when Blanche? What? This November? How convenient.

Marie Le Pen, the ultra right wing politician running for president of France in their upcoming April 2017 election made headlines yet again. This time for refusing to put on a hair-covering when meeting the Sunni leader. As she knew from the moment she made the appointment that she would have to cover her hair to meet this dude, it seems her very public refusal was outright pandering to her far right constituents.

We will not bore you with Le Pen’s background. Suffice it to say she’s pretty much like Trump on many levels, but makes his right-wing stance look weak to say the least.

Lest you cheer her on for not donning the head covering, think again. She also is making noises about people living in France having one citizenship. So, if you have dual citizenship, like an Israeli passport, you have to choose which country you belong to.

According to the polls, she is supposed to win only the first round in the French election. Blanche, remember what the polls said about Trump and Brexit? If we were a betting woman, we would not put any money on what the polls say.

While you may not like Trump and think him a buffoon, he is moving things along in Washington so quickly that people in that city can’t catch their breath.

His latest repudiation of Obama came yesterday when he rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. Obama’s position was that transgender students could use the bathrooms of their choice. Remember the great bathroom debate? Remember how involved the president of the United States was at the time? Busy with bathrooms…

Trump overruled  Betsy Devos, his education secretary on this one. Good for him. It was a debate designed to cover up other much bigger issues in the Obama administration and now it’s dead in the water. End of the bathroom story.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday night. So Blanche, ya think the actors are going to make political statements? After all, they are such smart people and have so much to say, right? Wrong.

As we said recently, their claim to fame is that they are able to pretend to be someone else and memorize text. Criticizing the president is part of democracy. Getting air time in front of millions of people when all you are doing is accepting an award for acting is not your mandate.

If they don’t like the system, they should quit acting and go into politics. In case they didn’t know, that’s how real change happens. Fear not Blanche, the spoiled, entitled actors will never leave their cushy homes or get their little hands dirty. It’s much easier to beat up on Trump from their ivory towers.

File this name: James Okeefe. It seems he is about to expose CNN’s interesting journalism practices. He has hundreds of hours of raw tape which he gleaned from someone on the inside. If this story is true, CNN, as big as they think they are, could wind up like humpty dumpty.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Trump Supporters vs The Feminist Movement – Who’s the Winner?

On Monday morning at 6:00 am somebody at JFK was asleep at the wheel. No less than eleven people sauntered through the metal detectors with no one manning the post. It was a veritable free-for-all and of the eleven,  three people going through set off the alarm with no result. Scary, eh?

To compound their stupidity, instead of reporting their error, the TSA waited two hours before informing authorities. Obviously they wanted to cover up their mistake and no doubt ran like chickens without a head through the airport trying to dig up those dudes.  Alas, they found no one and all eleven people were long gone on their flights by the time the stuff hit the fan.

This of course brought to you by the same people who take away your hairspray, half filled bottle of water, check under your kippah to make sure there are no bombs etc. Here’s the deal and has been this way for years: Unless the TSA starts hiring people with more brains than a squirrel, these incidents are going to continue. Why they refuse to take lessons from the Israelis who have this down to a science is anyone’s guess. Maybe Trump will change that. One can only hope.

Trump’s handlers are not doing their job. Either they are just too slow for him or need to give him crib notes. His error when he spoke about Sweden was unnecessary and had he got the information right, would have been very powerful.

A recent five day period in Sweden saw five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey. Last month, the police chief for the southern Swedish city of Malmo issued a desperate plea for help in combating a slew of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. About 32 percent of Malmo’s occupants are migrants.

Sweden agreed to take in a few hundred thousand refugees from Syria. Their population is about 10 million people. Contrast this to Canada who agreed to take in 25,000 refugees with a population of about 35 million people. While we are not mathematicians, it appears that Sweden bit off a tad than they could chew.

Back to Trump. Had he had his facts straight, it would have helped his new immigration policy, which has been re-written exempting green card holders and permanent residents from the seven countries listed. While Trump’s insiders definitely have more brains than squirrels, they need to figure out how to deal with their boss.

Nordstrom cancelled Ivanka Trump’s clothing line and her perfume has completely sold out on

The National Organization for Women, one of the more rabid ‘women’s movements’, tried to publicly shun of Wegman’s, a smallish grocery store chain in the US that carries Trump-branded wines. It is just one of their many boycotts nationwide. This one however, failed spectacularly.

“Nine of its Virginia stores had sold out of the Trump-branded wine despite efforts to boycott the product and Wegmans for selling it.” Trump supporters are starting to push back.

Yesterday was President’s day in the US. Those hoping to change history had their own holiday called Not My President’s Day. Few showed up for their protests.

Unless these people are planning a coup d’état which is a violent overthrow of a government or they think that another election will be called in less than four years, we have a tip for them: Find yourself a leader. Right now you don’t have one except for George Soros and he’s not running for anything. The Democrat party is in total disarray and they can’t seem to figure out a way out of their mess. Too many egos and agendas. Score one for the Trump team.

Good Morning America. Justin Trudeau finally woke up and realized that when a woman in Quebec asked a question in English and he responded in French, he made a mistake. No s… sherlock.

“Canada is a bilingual country, and as such, I recognize that I should have answered questions in the language they were asked, be it in Quebec or anywhere else in Canada.”

He went on to say the following: “…let me be clear that my personal commitment and love for our two official languages is unequivocal.”

Blanche, go git the big barf bag. This sappy, syrupy drivel is as sappy and full of it as he is. He loves our two official languages? GIVE US A BREAK. How about this: I respect and admire that Canada has two official languages and it makes our country a better place to live for everyone.

Unfortunately, it’s all about Justin and has nothing to do with the woman who asked the question, the two official languages, his personal commitment or his love of languages. He looked like a fool and it took him a couple of months to muster the kahoonas to say he made a mistake. Too little too late.

Trump best get his act together regarding the recent wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centres across the United States. He doesn’t seem to want to address the issue so his daughter did it for him yesterday when she tweeted: America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance. We must protect our houses of worship & religious centers. #JCC

It kind of makes no sense that he is not dealing with this as he is pro Israel and a good friend of the Jewish people. His pretty nasty attack on observant journalist Jake Turx from Ami Magazine, was uncalled for at last week’s press conference. Yes Turx first gave an editorial which was a dumb thing to do because he never got to the question. Trump doesn’t need to hear other people’s opinions of him, good or bad.

It was his first press conference and he wanted questions. Period end of story. The faster people figure him out, the better off they will be. For sure Turx knows for next time.

We’ll talk…

The Mother-of-All Press Conferences

People may not like Donald Trump but yesterday, during his press conference with Bibi, he made sense. He doesn’t care if peace in the middle east means a one or two-state solution as long as there is peace. He’s not there to impose his own ideas or ideology.

Blanche, remember when we said there are no such people as Palestinians? As per one of the women we most admire, Golda Meir… “Palestinian” identity is a shallow political veneer that developed in response to Zionism, that it serves today as a hostile tool kept sharpened for use against Israel, and that Palestinian Arab culture is, at most, a “dialect” of a larger Arab culture.

As Bibi said yesterday, ‘peace’ will come when arabs in the Middle East acknowledge the permanent existence of Israel. One can only wonder how any peace talks ever took place when one side believes the other should cease to be. Boggles the mind. You may not like Trump, but he’s pragmatic, if nothing else.

A new poll came out today showing Trump has a 55% approval rating. Contrast this with Time magazine’s cover – a picture of Trump with his tie and hair flying, papers flitting away. The headline: Nothing to See Here.

Blanche, can we talk? Try as they may, the left wing media is not going to win this one – for one simple fact: Trump is in the White House holding all the cards and they are not. Pitting the media against the president is not going to help them win the next election either.

Aside from George Soros funding different left-wing organizations, the Democrats are leaderless. Better they spend time looking inward than wasting valuable days and months trying to make the public think Trump is not a suitable president.

In case you were thinking of supporting Kellie Leitch to head the conservative party, may we suggest you think again.

This week she posted a pretty nasty picture. The background depicted the shooting of soldiers either in Ottawa or Quebec. Superimposed on that was a woman in a hijab. She’s slightly unhinged to post something like that on her Facebook page. Someone a lot smarter than her told her to take it down, which she did. Nothing more to say here, eh Blanche?

The sub-headline on the Montreal Gazette’s online newspaper reads:The Charter of the French Language allows for bilingual traffic signage for safety, so why is the Quebec government looking the other way? No kidding.

This is not the first time we are writing about this and cannot fathom why serious road signs, which if not understood by tourists could kill them, are only in French. This is what is going to save the French language? Telling someone that there’s a road closure up ahead?

We have an idea. Blanche, send the bureaucrats who make these pea-brained decisions to China without a translator. Then give them a car and tell them to get from one city to the next. Our guess is that they wouldn’t take the keys and run the other way.

So why is it ok to post signs only in one language – en Francais – so that Billy-bob and Mary Joe along with their children Star, Pinky and Goober from Alabama don’t understand a word?

Enough snow for you Blanche? Our city looks like one giant marshmallow. Too bad the city can’t keep up with the cleaning.

Did you try getting from your car to the sidewalk? We did and felt like we were in the Olympic fence jumping competition. Try as we might, we just couldn’t be graceful. In fact, all we could think of was not falling face down on the sidewalk. Now that would have quite the sight. In the end we won the gold medal for jumping off the mountain in one piece.

Remember Kim Jong-un’s half brother who was killed in a Malaysia airport? Well, they caught both of the women who did the deed. Turns out one of them was wearing a t-shirt with LOL on the front. This is truly a case of who has the last laugh. Of course the half-bro is on ice but these ladies have also just ended their lives. We hope they don’t think that Kim Jong is coming to rescue them.

In case you lost sleep wondering what PKP (Pierre Karl Peladeau), erstwhile leader of the parti quebecois was doing, you can rest easy. He went back to his job as CEO of his father’s company Quebecor. He lives the adage thank G-d his father was born before him.

Donald Trump held the mother-of-all news conferences today. Here’s a headline for those media dudes who can’t stomach him and are still trying to undermine his administration: Trump won the election despite their trying to subvert him with every grenade known to man. He’s going to win this fight as well. The media should stick to reporting stories and getting background information on said stories.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

So how polite were Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau (or, if you’re Sean Spicer – Joe Trudeau)? Let’s just say that until Trump, the brash American met Trudeau, he never really understood the meaning of the word polite. And until Trudeau, the entitled Canuck met Trump he never really understood the meaning of the words suck-it-up. Their performances were worthy of a better maple syrup trade deal.

The bottom line? They both know which side their bread is buttered on. It would serve no purpose to bring up stuff that they disagree on. In fact, a question was asked to Trudeau to compare his relationship with Obama to Trump. Guess what he answered? He didn’t. Next.

Charles Taylor, who co-chaired the infamous  Bouchard-Taylor Commission which later gave birth the the Charter of Values no longer endorses and/or is having second thoughts regarding one of the report’s recommendations…  the wearing of religious symbols by state agents (including magistrates and police officers) but for no one else. Can we talk?

Ten years later he’s waking up? He just realized that singling out people who are  observant in their religion would bring out the most racist people, sanctioned by the government. This back-peddling emphasizes under the most magnified magnifying glass that people who sit in ivory towers like university professors or  bureaucrats with little or no interaction with the public should not be the ones chairing commissions or making charters.

And while we’re on the subject, one wonders which ivory tower Quebec’s health minister is living in these days. What he forgets or perhaps chooses not to think about, is that one day he will get sick and need the medical system to work for him. Wherever he winds up, he should be treated to the exact letter of the law.

In what looks like a real-life spy thriller, North Korean’s leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, has been assassinated in Malaysia. He was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport after being attacked by two women with ‘poisoned needles’. Seriously?

He ran away to Malaysia because his uncle, Jang Sung-thaek was assassinated by KJ-un.  Kim Jong-un is one dangerous dude.

Since Trump became president, those in Washington have not been able to breathe. Yet, until yesterday, everybody stayed in place, despite the roller-coaster ride that is Trump’s office. Now they have their first casualty.

Michael Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, lasted only 24 days before his tenure was cut short by an admission that he had misled the vice president and other White House colleagues about the contents of a phone call with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

It was Flynn who flew all over the US with Trump during the campaign, talking him down or just talking to him. They obviously became friends as Flynn was made National Security advisor. Dat’s over Blanche. Now who’s going to be Trump’s friend. Don’t say Bannon, that’s way to scary.

Ever hear of Whole Foods? They are very big into organic, free-range, very clean eating. Their prices are also in the moon.  They prey on mostly very skinny people with pale complexions who think that when they buy organic anything they are saving the planet and themselves. Not.

In an article published in Forbes magazine last year, it was pointed out that many consumers believe that the Organic label means the food has superior nutrition and is safer, especially in regard to pesticide residues. This is not true. Studies have shown no appreciable difference in nutrition between crops grown either organically or conventionally.

Back to Whole Foods. Seems Wal-Mart and other, not such ‘upscale’ stores have jumped into the ‘organic’ market and Whole Foods, grossly overpriced, is now losing their market share. Quel dommage.

The Montreal Canadiens are big into recycling. So big that they recycled their coach. Today Michel Therrien was fired as Canadiens’ coach and Claude Julien returned as head coach. He was the coach from 2003-2006. Ya think this was done to appease their fans but nothing will change. Exactly.

We are a big fan of Ivanka Trump. We think both she and her ideas are intelligent and forward-thinking. We wonder however, what she was thinking when taking a picture together with Trump and Trudeau with her sitting in the president’s chair. The visual is very strange and kind of inappropriate.

we’ll talk…

No Shortage of Slimeballs eh Blanche?

Our apologies if you are getting this twice or have fallen off the list. Wait, if you’re off the list you’re not reading this. Anyway…Blanche is moving to another server, G-d willing by Tuesday. The look will be different but at least you’ll get it once and we won’t have to sweat everytime we send it out. Lotsa issues and no one to talk too. Faceless companies need to get a face.

MNA Gerry Sklavounos, expelled from the Liberal caucus last October due to a few women coming forward that he had been, well, gross at best, held a news conference today. Can we talk?

First of all, why do all of these men (Anthony Weiner for one) have the need to have their wives standing beside them when they apologize for obviously thinking that they are the world’s gift to women. This dude is a particular sleaze ball. Here’s what he said,“To those who I may have inadvertently offended, despite myself, know that it was never my intention, and I sincerely regret it,”

Inadvertently offended? Despite myself? What the heck does that mean? Here’s a line that he should stick on his forehead: No means no. Inadvertently offended? Find us one woman who wants to be touched in an inappropriate manner or spoken to in a way that makes her cringe. Most likely you can’t.

These men, who come forward at press conferences, should grow a pair, put on their big boy pants and stand by themselves. Their wives were not around when they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and should be allowed to retain their dignity through anonymity, if that is possible being married to scissor hands. Ich.

Who wants to be a fly on the wall with Blanche on Monday when Trudeau meets Trump? Now that’s going to be quite the meeting. One can only imagine how Trudeau wishes Obama – his new and forever bff was still there. Alas, sunny ways will have to actually be in the real world. What? Real world? What’s that?

The aim of this meeting, get this one – is that Canada not become collateral damage in trade wars or any other anything else Trump has up his sleeve. Why do we think Trump is going to sound nice and smooth but in reality make minced meat out of Justin.

What’s with the Montreal Canadiens? The cartoon in the paper today said it all – a hockey player skating with a walker. Do they need to be in a senior citizens home?

These dudes get paid a ridiculous amount of money to entertain their fans. They have to do three things: skate fast, score goals and protect their goalie so the other team doesn’t score. If all the pieces are in place in terms of the players, then it’s the coach who has to take a very long vacation.

We had the same story last year with Carey Price out. This year he’s back in and they still can’t get their act together. Spoiled, entitled, whiny and grossly overpaid men.

Madelaine Albright (former Secretary of State) converted from Catholicism to Episcopalianism before learning her roots were Jewish. Blanche, she has now accepted Islam. Can we talk?

She’s not a muslim and never will be. Her words are as false as she is. Plus she doesn’t give a rats about them. If she’s looking for brownie points she should better go hug a tree or save a whale.

It’s no secret that Blanche is no fan of Hillary and therefore rather happy that she’s baking cookies and knitting a sweater in Long Island. Given that, we can’t catch our breath since Trump took office, a mere three weeks ago.

He reminds us of a very fast ping-pong game. Ever try to watch one of those? Two people smashing an empty ball with such speed your head can’t possibly turn  from side to side that fast. Can someone please send him a memo that he can s.l.o.w. down? He’s there for four years and can take his time putting things into place.

Blanche can you imagine working for him? We heard he never sleeps and because his family is in New York must be bored silly. So he works like a nutcase till midnight, sleeps for four hours and then starts tweeting.

Today, the UK House of Commons condemned Israeli settlements activity and affirmed United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 that call on Israel to halt such action. We will remind you that resolution is where Obama tossed Israel under the bus just before he went on his permanent vacation.

England is always living on the edge fearing home-grown terrorists. Said terrorists are not Jews nor are their families from Israel. We cannot fathom why countries go after the little dot on the map and the only democracy in the Middle East called Israel. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk

Go Hug A Snowy Tree Backwards

Rahm Emanuel is the erstwhile mayor of Chicago and one-time White House chief of Staff for his dear friend Obama. Seems he’s trying to be the voice of the Democrat party, who basically croaked during the last election. We saw yesterday that Chelsea Clinton opened her mouth and it was quickly taped shut as the headline read: The last thing the Democrat party needs now is Chelsea Clinton. But we digress.

Emanuel has been living in Chicago a bit too long. Either that or he lost his command of the English language. He was speaking at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in California – one of the hotter beds of liberal democrats. Instead of sounding poised and sophisticated he first said that his fellow dems need to take a ‘chill pill’. Seriously?

He went on:”You gotta be in this for the long haul.” He then said one of the best lines we’ve heard in a long time: Our party likes to be right, even if they lose. Now that’s true.

He’s a bit of a jerk and unfortunately for him, kept going: I’ve never lost an election. It’s about winning, because if you win you then have the power to go do what has to get done. See Blanche, he is a jerk.

The Saturday-Jared’s-not-in-the-White-House business is certainly make waves. Firstly, anyone who didn’t know about Shabbos now knows exactly what’s flying – or not – that day. It’s truly a day of peace and quiet. No phones, driving, watching TV, flicking on lights, cooking etc. Problem is, Trump knows that Jared’s not around and as the saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Trump gets very busy on Saturday.

So what can be done about this? Blanche, we have an idea. Invite the father-in-law to spend Shabbos with them. How easy was that? He’ll have quality time with the grandchildren and his daughter and son-in-law and he doesn’t really have to keep the whole Shabbos. At least they have to try and see if things calm down for a while on that day.

Those nutball cyclists are at it again. This time they are fighting the city because they want to be able to cycle during the winter. That of course means the bike paths have to be cleared of snow. Sidewalks? Who cares. Streets cleared for ambulances or fire trucks? Big whoop.

Are these people normal? You know what happens when you cycle in the rain? The tires shoot the water up and your entire behind and all the clothing on that behind gets soaking wet. Imagine in the winter?

You will never convince me that they like to have freezing hands, snow blowing in their faces like needles and peddling through the slush. Impossible. Here’s a suggestion: Go hug a snowy tree backwards. You’ll get the same cold and wet as when you ride your bike.

Quebec separatist politicians, as we said in the last report, must take a huge chunk of responsibility for their fellow french Canadian who massacred muslims while praying in their mosque. Wait – they didn’t get it yet.

CAQ (pronounce it as you wish Blanche) Leader François Legault said his party is ready to narrow — for now — the definition of public-sector individuals who would not be allowed to wear such religious symbols as a kippah or hijab. Seriously? They are still with this charter of values? They haven’t learned their lesson? Pea brains and that’s even too big now.

Here’s a headline: Quebec is not going to separate any time soon. Drop it. It’s a huge waste of everyone’s time and more than that, continues to keep what could be a great place to live, on the edge of ‘what if’.

Another genius is Kevin O’Leary. While people are being buried he’s shooting a semi-automatic gun? What a dufus.

Steve Bannon, the dude who seems to be crazy glued to the chair opposite Trump is, shall we say, special. If he is indeed the one running even part of the show, he’s gotta go. He’s too alt-right, not quite stable and is, much to his chagrin, not the president. Surprise.

While you may not have watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, unless you are living in Beulah Mississippi, population 337 with squirrel brains on every menu, you know that the New England Patriots were losing 28-3 at the end of the first half. They went on to win 34-28.

Football is certainly not a game played by geniuses, unless of course one is the quarterback. Yet, that game had a huge lesson for everyone. Never. Give. Up. No matter how bad things may seem to be. No matter how far one is from their goal. Sure you may still lose, but at least you tried. Tom Brady is one smart dude with a good sense of himself and an iron will.

On the same subject, if you need some money we have a good idea for you. The jersey Tom Brady wore during his Super Bowl has gone missing, and the Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate (along with the Houston police).

The shirt could be worth $300,000 as memorabilia — maybe even $500,000 — according to an estimate in the New York Post, but only so long as it’s found soon and authenticated. Blanche, start looking.

For those who hate exercise (Blanche, that would be you), here’s a hot, new idea: All you need is a 20 minute intense workout and bob’s your uncle – you’ve exercised for the day. Of course the big question is what does the word intense involve.

Here’s part of the scoop: It only requires that for a brief period of time, you push yourself out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to reach any set percentage of heart rate or anything like that. You just need to feel some brief discomfort. You can achieve that by running hard to the next signpost when you are out on a trail. A trail? Who goes out to find trails?

Right away we get nervous from this. Let’s say we run hard to the next Starbucks? Or maybe to the next bakery. Oy.

We’ll talk…

Tata Sunny Ways

Where exactly is Trump taking everyone? For starters, he’s definitely trying, in a very conscious way, to upset the establishment and anything to do with it. In that regard he’s getting a perfect score.

What is unsettling is that while he is trying to move the chess pieces around, there is heavy resistance in the form of civil disobedience. Going from no-drama Obama to drama-filled Trump is literally unhinging the left. Case in point is last night’s riot at Berkeley university.

An alt-right wing person from Breitbart was supposed to speak. Why he would choose one of the cores of liberal America, in California no less, is anyone’s guess. To inflame everyone? Possibly. What transpired there – fires, smashing windows, hundreds and hundreds of people shouting and demonstrating was not planned only by those students. There are people on the left who are well-versed in organizing such riots.

Kicking and screaming is not going to make Trump disappear, nor will temper tantrums. He’s in that White House to stay for quite a while. If they – the democrats think that he will be moved to change his mind because of a demonstration, they best change their tactics. Not only will be not change his mind, he will be emboldened and energized by all the attention.

Given the above analogy, the sabre-rattling between Iran and US is definitely unsettling. Giving them ultimatums is scary to say the least. They are not going to take Trump’s ‘nothing off the table’ remark lying down.

In fact, they saved face today: “A top adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran will not yield to “useless” U.S. threats from “an inexperienced person” over its ballistic missile program.” Gulp.

Leaks from within the White House are getting to the media like a quick dripping faucet. Reporters just need a phone and patience for information to flow. The question is why is this happening? There are two theories, neither of which are very comforting.

The first is that Trump is addicted to cable TV – CNN, FoxNews, Morning Joe, you name it. Because he doesn’t like listening to anyone giving him advice, in order for his inner circle to reach him, they do it through the media. Oy.

The second theory is that those inside think Trump is unstable as a leader and are using selective leaks to make sure that people know what is really going on inside the White House.

Last piece about Trump – for today. Balloons are floating out there that Melania and Barron  are not moving to Washington at all. They will remain in New York and go back and forth to Washington for the duration of Trump’s presidency. Which of course would put Ivanka in the place of the first lady. Nothing wrong with that.

Justin Trudeau is quickly ticking off not only his detractors, but those who put him into power. During the election campaign he promised (Blanche, do you seriously believe those promises? They are as real as the hole in a cheerio.) that he would reform the first-past-the-post voting system. Blanche, are you rolling your eyes cause you don’t know what this means? Here ya go:

In every riding, the candidate that wins the highest number of votes wins the right to represent that particular seat in the House of Commons. The winner does not need an absolute majority — i.e., more than 50 per cent of the votes cast in the riding, ergo first past the post, like in a horse race.

What does this mean? Three things:

1. Many candidates win their seats with less than 50 per cent of the votes.
2. Two people running in different ridings can each earn the same percentage of the vote but one may win while the other does not.
3. The first-past-the-post system can also encourage what some call tactical voting — casting a ballot not for the person you want to vote for, but for the candidate best positioned to defeat the candidate you most dislike.

So he lied. Now he says that he never promised this. Blanche, he can’t be that dense can he? No. He’s not dense. He just has an over-inflated sense of entitlement  and does whatever he wants. He’s now claiming that he had “always” said no change would be made until they knew what the majority of Canadians wanted. Not true. Tata sunny ways.

One more Trump business. Ever wondered about his hair? Seems the mystery is solved. He takes something to make his hair grow. Who knew? His doctor.

He takes three meds daily:  A prostate-related drug to promote hair growth, antibiotics to control rosacea which is why he sometimes looks red and a statin for elevated blood cholesterol and lipids. So what’s a statin? A class of drugs often prescribed to help lower cholesterol levels. Blanche, look how much you learned today.

Let’s bet Lady Gaga’s half-time show at the super bowl will be political. We say yes. It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. A wardrobe malfunction? Probably not. An in-your-face anti-Trump tirade? Fah sure.

Flying anytime soon? Take a valium before you go. The average plane now has 142 seats as compared to the old 137. Problem is, the plane didn’t get any bigger.

Worse than the smaller seats is the smaller loo. Wait a minute. How can those bathrooms get any smaller? You certainly can’t go outside the bathroom to change your mind. Once yer in bud, you’re in.

So what happens if you can barely fit in the bathroom? How can you pull your pants down? Blanche, honestly you are gross. Better, how can you pull your pants up? This is not pretty. Here’s a travel tip: Don’t drink for 24 hours before flying. Then you will only have to deal with the 17 inch seat and not the 12 inch bathroom.

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