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Hillary’s First 100 Days

First a correction. Marie Le Pen is not left, rather she  is far, far right. Got that Blanche? And next time dear, get it right, pardon the pun. 

O’Leary’s gone. Poof, just like that he quit the conservative leadership race. Why? Most likely the number one reason was that he has been watching how hard Trump is working and thought to himself, “Kevin, do you need that? Do you need to live under a microscope for four years, in a dump like 24 Sussex Drive which is old and creaky?” And the answer was…no.

But he couldn’t come out and say that so he gave a number of other weak reasons and then threw his support behind Maxime Bernier who looks like he may take it on the first round.

Blanche, do you know Simon the bunny? Too late now as he expired on a United flight from England to Chicago. While we don’t want to sound catty, did you see his owner? Seriously, she looks like a walking clothing malfunction. But we digress.

Simon was a huge bunny, obviously not a commercial for weight loss. He was three feet long and massive. After he died it appears that the authorities at O’Hare airport didn’t want to make rabbit stew so they put him into a freezer. Hey, maybe they were going to make rabbi stew. Nasty.

His owner, a flaming red-head, was selling him in the United States, we are assuming for breeding purposes. We would use a rabbit noise here but rabbits have no vocal chords ergo don’t make a sound.

In the what-was-she-thinking department, a 23 year old woman climbed a massive crane in Toronto, crawled out along the boom, slid down a cable to a large pulley and got stuck. Do you know how high those cranes are?

It took hours to rescue her as the fire department had to get someone up there with a harness, attach her to the guy in his harness and slowly bring her down. What a total loser.

Seems she likes to do ‘dangerous’ things. Oh really? Did no one tell her that she doesn’t live alone on Treasure Island? That there are consequences for being a massive public nuisance. One of her punishments should be to pay every cent for every person who had to rescue her, aside from a hefty fine.

Everyone is talking about Trump’s first hundred days. What about Hillary’s first hundred days after her monumental loss? Her adoring fans are no doubt thinking that had she been in the White House life as they know it would have been absolutely perfect, as perfect as Hillary. Seriously Blanche, go git the big barf bag.

Her political career is kaput. Rumors had it that she would take a run at mayor of New York. Of course that’s not out of the question but we’re pretty sure it’s about tenth on her consolation prize list.  We’re not sure about her speaking career. At least Bill is a former president, making him a bit enticing. But her? A two-time loser? She best find a knitting circle.

Here’s something that may render Obama supporters apoplectic. Guess, just guess how much money Obama is getting for speaking to a Wall Street group? Come on, take a wild guess. $400,000.

The spiritual leader of the holier-than-thou group who slammed businessman Trump for making so much money is now free to do the very thing he said he hates. What are grass roots activists going to say to their children? That their hero was a liar? That he’s just like the rest of them – greedy? Ah, such is life my dearies.

Remember Dr. David Dao who was dragged off that United flight? Seems he has settled with United Airlines and is happy with the settlement. Wise move on the part of United as taking this to court would have not done too much good for their brand. Stay tuned for the amount. It will be most interesting.

And speaking of getting bumped off a flight, get this: In the wake of the United Airlines incident, a number of airlines have announced they are giving their front line staff — counter and gate agents — the authority to go up to nearly $10,000 to induce passengers to volunteer to give up their seat.

Now that travelers know the real financial limits, our guess is that no one will volunteer for a $300 voucher, and overbooked airline cabins will turn into The Price Is Right on steroids. At the very least the inflight entertainment will begin on the ground.

The bigger question is why don’t the airlines set aside two seats for their own employees who must get from one city to another? Why do they overbook planes by five or six seats and then hold everyone up and make them aggravated by starting this seat auction?

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Is the BIG one coming?

First came Brexit. Next Trump. Now Macron and Le Pen. Blanche, you know when something happens three times it becomes part of a new normal? We are speaking of the first part of the French election which took place on Sunday.

Lest you think that Brexit and Trump were mere coincidences, think again. For the first time in the 59-year history of the French Fifth Republic, neither of the country’s two main parties, the Socialists and the Republicans, made the second round of presidential balloting causing  jaw-dropping, stunning losses.

Macron is a thirty-nine year old independent centrist. He made up his own party – En Marche 18 months ago and has at least 200,000 people signed up. He’s middle of the road, leaning to healing the economy and creating jobs. Sound familiar? That was Trump’s call to arms. Le Pen is left of left, calling herself the ‘great alternative’.

There’s a bit more to this dude. People are wondering who is funding his party and are not 100% sure where he really stands on many issues. One thing is certain – he doesn’t sound like the shrill Le Pen.

Le Pen supporters were rioting all over Paris on Sunday night because she is now the underdog. Why is it that all over the world left leaning people cannot accept losing? According to them, if they win it’s a fair election. If they lose, it’s rioting, whining, complaining and endless marches.

Blanche, did you hear about the three cities who lost power last Friday? San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. No? Pay attention.

San Francisco was the only one hit with a huge power failure while New York had some subway stations blacked out and Los Angeles’s massive LAX was out.

While we are certainly not survivalists – people who freeze-dry food that can stay for 25 years (we don’t want to even dream what that tastes like), we are a tad concerned. There are those who think that the entire national power grid has been mapped by adversaries of the United States and it is believed that sleep trojans or malware may exist within the computer systems that maintain the grid. It’s certainly not out of the question. People are hacking into every other part of our lives.

Whether you believe that or not, the three cities hit last Friday, basically around the same time was just a little more than a coincidence. What can we do?

Not rocket science. As we learned from our ice storm, when the power is out, virtually everything else is out with it. Like banks. Grocery stores. Drugstores. Gas pumps. Here’s what do to ‘just in case’.

Firstly, always have a stash of cash available in your house. We’re not talking $100. If you recall during the ice storm, people who had things like diapers and water were gouging the public who were desperate and caught totally off guard. Those who had cash on them got the goods. Those who didn’t…

We are supposed to have a two week supply of dried or canned food, water, batteries, flashlights, personal medication and anything else that is a necessity in your life.

Look, we hope we are dead wrong about this. We hope the big one Elizabeth will never happen. But given  last week’s power failures in three big US cities, it certainly looked like a dry run for the main event.

Is anyone surprised that the towing industry in la belle province is run by the mafia and underworld? That was most likely the worst kept secret known to man. What is disturbing is that it is part of an entire culture – both in and out of the Quebec government – where nothing is what it appears to be. Welcome to our banana republic.

Take the new Champlain bridge being built. Does anyone think that everything is 100% honest in that massive undertaking? If so, we have some swampland for you in Florida.

From the top to the bottom, left and right, from the Premier’s office to the mayor’s office and every bureaucrat in between, people are making money off you and me.

You want a gazebo built in honour of Mordechai Richler? Fah sure. But it’s gonna cost you, big time. Why would the government find a company who actually builds gazebos when they can keep passing the order from person to person, each one making a nice amount of money per hour to keep the charade alive. Keep it going as long as possible until the public gets annoyed and then build it for close to a million dollars. It’s in the papers for a week or two at the most and then everybody moves on until the next scandal.

This is one tiny symptom of the problem. Imagine, just imagine, how much money was made on the side from both super hospitals? Now quadruple that at the very least with the bridge construction.

Face it folks – in order to have a nice quality of living we have to give something up. In our case it’s our bureaucracy and  governments that have never been honest. Ever.

Yesterday was Yom Hashoah – Holocaust remembrance day. Unlike his predecessor Obama, Trump spoke in a forthright tone. “This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism, we will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness and we will act,” he said.

“As president of the United States, I will always stand with the Jewish people and I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the state of Israel.” Nothing more to say here.

Canadian lumber imports are expected to face new duties ranging from three to 24 per cent, starting next week. While we feel badly about the lumber industry, we can’t wait until Trump gets to the dairy industry.

The protectia that the lobbyists of the dairy industry have on the government appear, with some help,  to  be coming to an end. Trump said that he can’t figure out why products are banned from coming into Canada to protect dairy farmers who don’t need protecting.

Blanche, you do know that many, many products never make it here because we can’t produce them ourselves and the dairy industry would rather not have us buy things they can’t make. That would take money out of their pockets.

Picture this scenario: You make the best carrot muffins but your friend has decided that only his, which taste awful and have fake carrots, will be sold in the stores. Why? Because he’s friends with the store owners and you’re not. Is that normal? Is that how retail works? No on both counts.

The magical world of the dairy industry and their lobbyists are up against Trump, an astute businessman. Looks like the lobbyists days are numbered.

Anyone try eating healthy these days? Like having a salad. Fuggedaboudit. Recently we paid $4.99 for a package of three measly, skinny heads of romaine lettuce. And iceberg lettuce? $3.99 per head.

The problem seems to lie in California. First they had a drought. Then it rained too much causing moisture and bugs infesting the lettuce. Ich. So Blanche, you may have to eat french fries until June when local lettuce will make its debut.

We’ll talk…

Bullying In One of Its Most Raw Forms

There comes a time when issues such as harassment of women in the workplace, sexual or otherwise cuts across all lines. This is one of those times.

Bill O’Reilly keeps protesting his innocence. His fans still adore him. His numbers, despite losing almost all of his advertisers, didn’t move. And yet…Too many intelligent, eloquent women have stepped forward to tell their story. There is something very, very wrong in the heart of the Fox News company.

Unless one has stood in the shoes of those women, having endured whatever form of harassment was put upon them, for now, one should simply listen and watch what transpires as the story continues to unfold. There will be more heads that roll. There is no doubt that many people at the top knew exactly what was happening and turned a blind eye. They, too, will be ousted.

Where this story is not being shown also speaks volumes. Drudge, a conservative news sight, has dropped it. They ran it for a day and then it quietly slipped away. Not writing about it doesn’t make it disappear. There are just too many women who have come forward to make it not real. We have seen a few of these women interviewed. They tell their stories clinically and in great detail, as they have been trained to do.

As anyone with half a brain can attest to, this form of put up or you won’t move up goes on in corporations all over the world. Bullying in raw form. Perhaps, just perhaps, this story will give some of other women the courage to speak up without fear of losing their jobs.

In the last Blanche report, we wrote about the way women on the air dress. It’s just not appropriate for the type of work they do. It doesn’t fit with the words. Ah, but men like it. And therefore? This is part and parcel of the entire problem. Appealing to men’s base instincts to garner advertisers and make money, one day will end.

For the moment, O’Reilly seems to have gotten away – with tens of millions of dollars – making the lives of tens of women a misery. So far in the story, the word fair is missing in this equation.

Here’s something sobering: A new study, which it must be said does not show the full picture and more evidence is needed before any definite conclusions can be drawn – says that drinking diet sodas triples the risk of stroke and dementia.

Given the disclaimer above, read this part: A spokesperson from the Alzheimer’s Society said, “This research does not show that artificially sweetened drinks cause dementia. But it does highlight a worrying association that requires further investigation.” Drink water.

Looks like the sixth terror strike on Paris in three years. A policeman was shot dead while two others were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on the Champs Elysees – just three days before the French presidential election. The gunman pulled up in a car and opened fire on a police bus after it had stopped at a red light.

French police said the attack was probably a ‘terrorist act’ and dramatic video footage captured the moment police shot dead the ISIS terrorist – who was known to security services – and had been flagged as an ‘extremist’.Police have now launched a desperate manhunt for a second suspect after heavily armed officers flooded the area in the heart of the French capital. The story is not over.

This Sunday is the first part of the election in France. Marie Le Pen is still expected to emerge on Sunday as one of the two finalists in the May 7 runoff. She’s about as extreme as they come.

Here’s some of her red-flag rhetoric: “Just watch the interlopers from all over the world come and install themselves in our home,” she said. “They want to transform France into a giant squat.”

“But it’s up to the owner to decide who can come in,” Ms. Le Pen continued. “So, our first act will be to restore France’s frontiers.”

Today’s shooting on the Champs Elysees fits perfectly into her line of thinking. Let them in and they will kill us and take over our country.

We will leave this story with her words, which are pretty scary: “Will we be able to live much longer as French people in France, while entire neighborhoods are being transformed?” It is right for us not to want our country transformed into a mere corridor, a giant railway station.”

Too little too late and too many ‘immigrants’ in France now to really change the culture of the country. If she wins, things could get very, very ugly there. Blanche, forget about April in Paris. C’est fini.

Did you know that one of the events for Montreal’s 375th birthday is a rodeo? Seriously. This fits perfectly in the what-were-they-thinking category.

It’s pretty obvious that Montreal has put aside millions and millions of dollars to spend on the this year-long party and they intend on spending every last cent of it. Even if it means building tree stumps, footprints to the old port and a rodeo. Get a grip. It’s only a birthday party.

Guess what’s happening in Washington this weekend? Another march. All of these marches start out the same way – with a theme. This march’s theme is the March for Science.

Activists and scientists are expected to descend on Washington to rally for environmental causes and government policies rooted in scientific research as part of the Earth Day and March for Science rallies. The demonstration comes a week after the Tax March and a week before the People’s Climate March.

So what do all of these marches have in common? They all, every one of them, turn into an anti-Trump march. Snivelling, poor losers who can’t deal with the fact that their candidate lost because she was awful, flawed and there was no one else to run. Get. Over. It.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

King Corderre of Montreal

We watched the press conference with the lawyer for the doctor who was dragged, kicking and screaming off his United Airlines flight last week. The victim was one of the boat people who came from Viet Nam in the seventies. He has five children, four of whom are doctors, as is his wife. He suffered a concussion, broken teeth and a broken nose and needs reconstructive surgery.

One startling discovery during the lengthy press conference was the description of the disdain with which most likely all airlines have for their passengers. Perhaps United is worse than most, but they all have much to learn when it comes to understanding that without their clients, they would all be out of business.

The lawyer described a phone call he received from a frequent flyer of United. He was sitting in first class when he was approached by a steward and told that he was being bumped from the flight as there was ‘someone more important’ who needed it. Seriously?

How about this: Keep two, three or four seats empty to ferry airline employees from one city to the next. It’s obvious that pilots have to get to various cities, but why must paying customers be bumped?

And one more thing. We did some investigation into said doctor by the name of David Dao. We will not write what we read as it is unverified. Let’s just say he’s a very interesting character with an even more interesting story, if what we read is true. Nonetheless, what was done to him is 100% wrong.

Bill O’Reilly, host of the O’Reilly Factor, one of top shows on Fox News is in trouble. He’s another one of those very powerful dudes who have been accused of sexual harassment. Trying to get ahead of the story at the very least or put it to bed (pardon the pun) at best, he has gone on what is termed a scheduled vacation.

Fox News is still recovering from their boss, Roger Aisles having been accused of the same thing. He left his job. O’Reilly’s show had one of the biggest advertiser bases on Fox News. As of now, about 95% of those paying customers have fled, leaving him with about five or six advertisers.

Whether or not these accusations are real will eventually be determined. But this is a good opportunity to voice our opinion on something else that is very irksome.

Why is it that women who host news shows – on every channel – have to be relatively young, thin, pretty, have good hair and wear very little clothing? Men can’t watch the news unless they are looking at a half naked woman? And the women who are on the air fear that their jobs will be lost if they start dressing with a normal blouse or sweater without showing cleavage?

If that’s the case then the accusations against O’Reilly are just the tip of the iceberg in that industry and, as we have learned, in many other places of employment where men call the shots.

We are far from a bra-burning feminist, but the culture of women beholden to men who feel empowered to dictate what they can or in many cases, must wear, needs to change. Perhaps O’Reilly will open the door to that moment.

There is no doubt that the mayor of Montreal, Coderre, thinks himself to be a very important person needing special attention and even more special perks. Every few days another little tidbit falls from the sky about how much of our money this dude is overspending.

It turns out that he has dropped $250,000 on speech writers since he took office. That’s nine times more than his predecessors spent during the same length of time. Blanche, why didn’t you get your CV into his office? He obviously pays well – that is if you make him look like the king of Montreal, which for two cents he would be. King Coderre. Has a ring to it, eh?

Today, Trudeau introduced legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. While he said he was going to do this, we are asking why it was done the day before a long weekend? When a government does that it means they want people to read it and fuggedaboutit.

Our tree-hugging, save-the-whale prime minister must have something up his sleeve to introduce this bill today. Time will tell.

Hey Blanche, looks like you can go to the Home Depot flower department this summer and buy some marijuana seeds. Then when some leaves start to grown, you can add them to the cholent with the kishke. Imagine what an exciting Shabbos afternoon that would be? For sure a lot of laughing. Hehehehehe. Who wants an invitation?

Today, the US dropped the mother-of-all-bombs on a suspected isis network of caves and tunnels in eastern Afghanistan. Truth is, MOAB stands for Massive Ordnance Air Burst. The crater left by the blast is believed to be more than 300 meters wide after it exploded six feet above the ground. Anyone at the blast site was vaporized. Ich.

Trump doesn’t announce these things. He just does them which in the end, leaves the bad guys on their toes. When Obama, the t.h.i.n.k.e.r. aka impotent president was in the White House well, all he did was think and talk v.e.r.y, v.e.r.y. slowly. Blanche didn’t that drive you crazy? Get the words out already.

Again, you may not like him, but Trump is moving the chess pieces around and as no one knows his next move, most likely those with the biggest mouths will continue to espouse their rhetoric, but do little else.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

She’s Baaaaack…

Due to Passover, Blanche will be coming in on a different schedule for a couple of weeks. Back to our regularly scheduled programming once the holiday is over.

With only the threat of a wall and an aggressive immigration policy that is on hold in the courts, fewer than 12,200 people were apprehended in March trying to sneak into the US via borders in Texas etc. This is a 64% decrease from the same time last year, and the lowest monthly number in at least 17 years.

You may not like Trump and think him crass and verbose. But people know he means business.  Who would risk paying close to $10,000 to be smuggled across the border if you’re not sure you’ll get to stay? In the end Blanche, people respond to strong leadership as opposed to what we had the past eight years down and south have now in Canada – all talk.

Last Thursday at the Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton spoke publicly since losing the election five months ago. Blanche, is there such a thing as a men of the world summit? Why do we get aggravated when we see these kinds of ‘summits’.

Make no mistake, a women’s conference on business, making contacts and increasing one’s knowledge is fantastic. But what’s the point of this summit? But we digress.

When asked why she thought she lost the election, her answer was 100% predictable and certainly not her fault: Two of the most important factors were the plunder and release of her campaign emails and the last-minute announcement by the F.B.I. director, James Comey, that the investigation into her use of a private email server could be reopened.

Can we talk? Admitting that she was wrong to have put the government server in her house doesn’t cut it and frankly she should have been prosecuted for doing that. She is the master of her own misfortune. It’s no secret that as secretary of state she made millions and millions of dollars using the old pay for play trick. She would be better to move on from the election because it just brings up the public’s perception that she is dishonest – which she is.

One more thing, which needs a barf bag: After the interview she walked backstage to sign a poster for Women in the World, and scrawled: Hillary Rodham Clinton. She said she’s no longer going to be just Hillary Clinton. She used that name (dropping the Rodham) during the election so as not to o.f.f.e.n.d the traditionalists. Seriously? It’s things like this that make thinking women, who are comfortable in their own skin, cringe at ‘feminists’.

Anyone fly Delta in the last few days? If so, you cannot be happy. Delta cancelled more than 3,500 flights since Wednesday affecting 550,000 passengers. Seems there was the ‘perfect storm’ in Atlanta, Delta’s hub and, following the storm, they could not get the planes and pilots coordinated. It’s now Monday (this happened last Thursday) and there is still a backlog of both people and luggage. Ah, the joys of traveling.

While we are always happy that we don’t live in Toronto, this statistic is proof of why this is so: The average single-detached house in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) sold for $1,214,422 last month up from $910,375 in March of last year — that is a 33 per cent surge, and follows a 16 per cent run-up over the prior 12 months.

Blanche was in Toronto last week and took a short tour of one of the more tony and highly valued areas. The price of the homes in no way mirrors the what the house is worth. Many of them were truly dumps and the lack of any land around said homes is shocking. No front, side or backyard. Nada. If you want to put up a barbecue, one has to set up shop on their very small front steps. Seriously, what’s the deal there?

In the past, Toronto home prices went up at an annual rate of 4 per cent in real terms, in the past year they have surged by nearly 30 per cent. If you own a house in Toronto, want to sell it and don’t need to buy another one, you’re going to make a very nice profit. If you need to buy something else, fuggedaboutit.

Seems Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner don’t get along and had to sit down and try to ‘work things out’. Who’s going to win this fight? Trump’s daughter’s husband aka the son-in-law or Bannon, the outsider? There are no bets on this one as there is no contest.

Neil Gorsuch was sworn in Monday as the newest Supreme Court justice. In case you didn’t know, he’s a conservative judge, not a liberal.

The Habs are in the playoffs. Get those car flags out.

Happy Passover
we’ll talk…

Here’s Our Wallet Mr. Hydro Quebec. Just Take What You Want – You do it Anyway.

After Trudeau supporters read this quote from their hero, they may need to take another sip of the wine that keeps them slightly inebriated in order to support him. Blanche, that’s not nice…hehehehehe.

A reporter asked Justin if individuals expressing extremist views should be allowed to continue working at our country’s airports: “I think that’s part of the kind of conversations we have to have as a society. Keeping people safe is of paramount importantance, but defending our rights and freedoms is as well, and making sure we do that in the right way.”

Got that? He doesn’t want to o.f.f.e.n.d. jihadists, terrorists or anyone else who feels the need to blow up airports, restaurants, music halls, subways, buses etc to make their point. We would say that anybody who voted for this genius deserves him but unfortunately, we are all stuck with him until the next election.

The bigger question in Syria is that the world isn’t doing anything about it. Including the United Nations. Wait, isn’t their mandate to stop such things as putting civilians in the line of fire. Don’t be picky Blanche. The UN’s mandate is to meet about meetings.

Care Canada is telling the world to love each other. That’s going to do a lot to help the people there. Here’s another tidbit we found: A few is a tragedy. A lot is a statistic.

Today we heard that Trump is being lured into another middle east altercation from which he will never, ever win. Much as we don’t want to admit it, could be Obama was right. Stay out of that endless quagmire of tribal warfare.

Don’t you wonder who else is ripping us off in the province? Hydro wins the prize for today, but in la belle province, where it’s pretty obvious by now that politicians and anyone attached to the government, e.g. Bombardier, has their big, grubby hands in our pockets and bank accounts,  it’s anyone’s guess who else is doing this.

Need money? No problem. Steal from the citizens.

Oh wait. The money from Hydro is the government’s anyway and it’s going to fund programs in the province, so what’s the difference how they get it? Blanche, it’s called stealing when you take money from someone without asking their permission.

They say, halfheartedly that they are going to repay the money. Don’t hold your breath.

Steve Bannon may be banned from the National Security Council, but don’t count him out quite yet. He’s a wily survivor. What may do him in is going up against the first daughter and the first son-in-law – Ivanka and Jared. While Bannon may be a very smart guy, Jared is a genius and Ivanka is right up there with him. Could be Bannon found his match in the dynamic duo.

Don Rickles died today. If you’re younger than 30, you probably won’t know who he is. But for us ‘older folks’ – well, he was just very funny and highly insulting but we remember rolling off the couch laughing. Here are a couple of his best one-liners, keeping in mind that they are not politically correct. Got that Blanche? If you are going to be offended, skip the rest of this piece:

Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder?
Asians are nice people, but they burn a lot of shirts.
No matter where you go in this world, you will always find a Jew sitting in the beach chair next to you.
I think if I took therapy, the doctor would quit. He’d just pick up the couch and walk out of the room.

Pepsi just pulled an ad that one wonders if anyone sane person was in the room when it was being written. It fits perfectly in the ‘what where they thinking’ department.

They managed to tick off the police, some minorities and basically half of their brand base. They got so much bad press that it took then less than 24 hours to pull it. Can you imagine how much money they spent making that ad?

By the way Blanche, do you know anyone who actually drinks Pepsi? Ich.

As Passover falls out this year on Monday and Tuesday, Blanche will publish Sunday and Thursday next week.

Good Shabbos,
we’ll talk…

Trump Was Right

Like it or not Blanche, Trump was right. For all the Hillary and Obama lovers, time to mature and admit that your dudes are exactly what people said they were: deceitful, sneaky, poor losers.

Many people were listening into Trumps conversations. And it seems that behind the whole fiasco was none other than Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor.

We will remind you that it was Susan Rice who went on every Sunday talk show the weekend that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered in Benghazi telling everyone that the riots there were caused by a video that made the people riot. Of course it was a huge cover-up (aka a big lie) and she was at the top of the heap protecting her darling friend Hillary Clinton who was then Secretary of State for Obama.

Now Susan Rice is back again, this time getting caught redhanded outing people or, as in the jargon of the intel community, unmasking people who were taped in conversations. No, she may not have actually ordered the unmasking of people, but she sure listened to conversations and knew who these people were.

Here’s what happened: Rice received summaries of U.S. eavesdropping either when foreign officials were discussing the Trump team, or when foreign officials were conversing with a Trump transition member.

The surveillance was legally authorized, but the identities of U.S. citizens are typically masked so they cannot be known outside intelligence circles. Rice also examined dozens of other intelligence summaries that technically masked Trump official identities but were written in such a way as to make obvious who those officials were.

Got that Blanche? Exactly what Edward Snowden said the US was doing. This time however, it was the Democrat party listening to Trump during the transition period. And then, identifying the people they were listening to.

People who dislike Trump, often irrationally, to put it mildly, are now going to have to take a huge step backwards. Rice and company are making Richard Nixon look like a choirboy.

This next piece is a good news bad news story. First the good news: 3% less people were killed in road accidents last year. Now the bad news: There was a 40 per cent jump in the number of pedestrian deaths in 2016.

Here’s some advice from Blanche: Stay in your car. Ok, eventually you have to get out. When you’re walking and/or crossing a street or even more dangerous, anywhere near a bicycle path, try not to walk with your head down looking at your phone. Really? You know, look up once in a while to see if the light is red or green.

And one more thing – if you don’t make eye contact with the driver or the save-the-world cyclist – you have to assume he or she didn’t see you. Splats are not pretty.

When you have a big ego and an even bigger mouth, often things wind up hitting the fan. So it is with Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre.

In a nutshell, when he was a federal Liberal MP, he got embroiled in a lawsuit with an NHL player by the name of Shane Doan. Coming to help him save the day was his friend and, oh by the way, Liberal Party of Canada fundraiser Jean Rizzuto (of the political clan, not the Mafia family). Rizzuto gave Coderre $25,000 as a present to help defray the cost of his lawsuit. Coderre never declared the gift.

Zut alors, when asked about the money Coderre denied knowing anything about it. He must have had a poutine and a ‘ot dog somewhere that helped jog his memory and suddenly he remembered getting the money. As a sitting Liberal MP at the time, Coderre would have been required to report all “gifts” over $500. He never declared the $25,000.

It appears that before asking if the House of Commons would help him, he launched into said lawsuit, accusing Doan of saying the f word when speaking of French Quebecers during a hockey game.

Coderre can certainly not plead ignorance on this ‘gift’ as he was sitting in the House for about 15 years and for sure knew the laws. Plus he was part of the Liberal party during the famous sponsorship scandal.

Le Journal is now challenging Coderre who said in an interview a while back that he’d paid “out of pocket” and would not disclose the legal costs he’d incurred because they were “private.” So what’s with the $25,000 gift taken as a sitting MP?

All of this to say that this story is breaking in an election year which, for Coderre, cannot be making him a happy camper. Here’s a tip for our mayor: You can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to have a loud opinion on everything, you are going to incur the attention of people, including reporters who love a good, juicy story. Oh, one more thing. Rizzuto has interests in Montreal, including a firm involved with a development project and a company that has contracts with the Société de transport de Montréal. Quel surprise.

Seems the TSA has been very busy of late. One day in February, the agency discovered 21 firearms at U.S. airports—the most weapons ever seized in a single day. Blanche, ya think Billy-Bob and Betsy-Mae never heard that they can’t bring their guns on the plane? After all, there’s no squirrels or road kill. But we digress.

Last year, the TSA seized 3,391 firearms at airports across the US, a 28 percent increase from 2015. We saved the best – and scariest part for last. Of the 21 weapons seized on that day in February, all but 1 were loaded. Seriously, people do have pea brains.

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