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Fighting Terrorism with Teddy Bears and Candles

We read an excellent article which sums up how Europe is still, to this minute, dealing with their very real terrorist problem: with teddy bears and candles.

…After every attack, Europe’s leaders recycle the same empty slogans: “Carry on”; “We are stronger”; “Business as usual”. The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tells his people that they must get used to daily carnage. He says he believes that the threat of terror attacks is “part and parcel of living in a big city”, and that major cities around the world “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things”.

Does he seriously mean that they are supposed to get used to the massacre of their own children, as in Manchester?

It appears that for Europe, Islamic terrorism is  a momentary disruption of its routine. Here’s a reality check: Unless they band together and really do something to eradicate the cesspools in their cities, Europe as we know it will be gone in the not too distant future.

European cities have to stand up to islamic terrorism. They have to shut down mosques, deport radical imams, ban foreign funding of mosques and stop foreign fighters from returning home from the battlefront. Until they get the picture, we suggest that you find other places to vacation. Anyone who still thinks it’s still important to be politically correct needs to a strong dose of reality. Wait, they already had that. Blanche, they need to be saved from themselves.

Last Friday we were listening to Tommy Schnurmacher who had an idea that he put forward. Until we had thought the words he uttered, but once articulated, we realized that he was right. What did he say? Stop supporting the Liberals here in Quebec and take your chances with another party.

He’s right. What do we have to lose? Our medical system? We already lost that. English schools? Gone. Signs that should be bilingual but are not? Not happening. In case you think we’re kidding, take this into consideration – the patient’s committee of the MUHC has documented hundreds of examples of services being slashed and the outcomes. Here are a few to ponder:

Someone received a heart transplant 20 years ago. He needs quarterly checkups. Now he will get a checkup once every six months.
Another patient was told to return to the hospital one week after surgery but could not get an appointment for three weeks.

Make no mistake. Couillard is at the forefront of these incidents and thousands of others due to his government’s insistence on stripping the hospitals of money and resources. Barrette works for Couillard.

Afraid of a referendum? Don’t be. It’s not happening and nobody wants to leave Canada save a small percentage of diehards. The youth here knows that the world is a small place, accessible in an instant on the internet.

May we suggest that you send Couillard a short email as to how you feel? Here’s the address: Believe me, they read our emails. Whether anything will happen is another story, but sitting back and complaining really doesn’t help.

How the mighty fall. Blanche, did you see that mug shot of Tiger Woods? Vey. He looks like any other run of the mill petty criminal, certainly not the great golfer that he once was. Pretty pathetic, to put it mildly. He can’t seem to get his act together, to put it mildly.

We hope you were not flying British Airways anytime this weekend or even today. It appears that they had a complete meltdown of their computer systems. This was not caused by hackers, rather, as some believe because in 2016 BA made hundreds of dedicated IT staff redundant (they were fired) and outsourced the work to India. Uh oh.

Blanche, did you ever get someone from India when you called a company for customer service? Did you understand one word they were saying? No? Really? Maybe because English is their fifth language. And maybe because many of them were working from their kitchen tables in their ‘interhoisen’, underwear.

This ‘glitch’ is going to cost BA about 100 million pounds and we’re guessing heads will be rolling out the door.

You may not like this next piece so we suggest you either get a barf bag or skip it. Wait, you’re curious eh? We warned you.

People are comparing the clothes being worn by Melania Trump to those worn by Michelle Obama. Can we talk? What comparison?

Melania is elegant, stunning and inately  knows how to dress. Michelle’s claim to fame are her arms which she insisted on showing at every opportunity. Her arms are not that nice and her taste in clothes was, well, let’s just say very tacky American.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birthday of JFK. Who of our age (baby boomers) does not remember where they were when he was assassinated? Who doesn’t remember his young son saluting his father’s coffin? Who doesn’t remember LBJ being sworn in on the plane with Jackie looking on in her blood-stained pink suit? Awful time.

Sorry Quebecers, the construction strike seems to be ending in two days if the government passes its back to work legislation later today. It’s been nice driving around the past few days without the orange cones blocking streets and men standing in the middle of the road waving flags to stop one while trucks enter or exit a site.

And finally, Maxime Bernier lost the leadership race of the conservative party to thirty-eight year old Andrew Scheer. One of the reasons touted for quite the upset is the dairy board. Bernier threatened to disband it, Scheer was leaving it alone. The dairy board has a mighty strong and long arm and seems to have made sure to enlist many many voters who made certain our milk and cheese prices remain artificially high by signing up enough Scheer people to beat Bernier.

Scheer may be a nice guy but he should take a good look at the price of dairy products in Quebec. Something smells and it’s not blue cheese.

As the holiday of Shavuos begins Tuesday night and ends Thursday night, we are sending out Blanche this week on Monday and late Thursday night… G-d willing. 

We’ll talk…

The Media Microscope

We watched the handshake between Trump and Macron before he met with NATO allies. It was a bit too long and yes, very strong, but certainly not what the media is making it out to be – something way out of the ordinary. And that’s why Trump distrusts the media so much.

They take everything, and we mean everything, and put it under the mother-of-all microscopes. It’s enough already.

Blanche’s take on the leaks that are coming out of the US intelligence agencies are happening for one of two following reasons: a) The CIA and FBI are getting back at Trump for maligning them and they want to embarrass him publicly or b) perish the thought, they have a mole who is brazenly feeding the other side. Either scenario is not good and somehow, those in charge have to get a handle on who’s doing this.

The graphic pictures depicted in the NY Times yesterday of bloodied nails, backpack and other things the terrorist used are useful only to two kinds of people: those who track the bad guys and the bad guys. Anybody else has zero use for that information.

Trump has to stop the leaks coming out of his own office as well. Basically he has to put a mole into his own office and trust that person with his life. Eventually the leaker will be found but Trump better be prepared that when that happens, it could be someone very close to him.

Construction workers in Quebec are on strike and it’s costing you about $45 million per day of said strike. So you have to be thinking, why are they striking? They certainly have enough work to do. Ah, Blanche, that’s the problem. Seems they have too much work and are working too many overtime hours and of course, the main theme of any strike – more money.

Ya can’t win, eh? Either there’s no work and everyone complains or there’s too much work and everyone complains.

Speaking of the strike, our Mayor is highly concerned about the e-race taking place July 29 and 30 in conjunction with the 375th birthday party (yawn). He is very confident that the strike will end quickly so the workers can get back to making sure his beloved race will take place. Seriously?

We do have to report on a video we saw which no doubt will be going viral. In an attempt to get closer to the front of the group, Trump pushed, literally, the Montenegro Prime Minister. Not pretty. It wasn’t a very nice moment for Trump. In fact, he gave the media yet more fodder because he kind of looks like a bully. Vey.

Blanche, did you hear that some rock star singers are saying that we need to embrace terrorists with love and then they will stop attacking the infidels. Can we talk? No they won’t and people who say this are living in lala land.

We were just in California where Liberalism is the norm. Imagine you can’t say the word muslim without someone getting insulted that one has degraded muslims. We have to love everyone. Here’s a headline: No we don’t have to love everyone. We have to be vigilant and rat on people that we think are becoming radicalized.

Of course that’s what people in Manchester did but it appears the terrorist in this case slipped through the net. Here’s another headline: soft targets are impossible to protect.

What’s a soft target? Exactly where he blew himself up – at exit where many people congregate. At departure and arrival areas in airports. What’s the point of standing for half an hour in a security line inside the airport when all these people have to do is stand on the sidewalk outside the airport and wait for the busiest arrival time at the airport. No security there Blanche.

We will say it again. Israel does it right. When the world will wake up and ask the masters of anti-terrorism for help, we will all be safer.

Mercifully, Senator Joe Lieberman has withdrawn himself from the running in the search for a new FBI director. While he’s one of the most honest politicians around, he’s 75 years old and this job runs for 10 years. Let’s just say that he would rather spend more time with his family as he ages gracefully, rather than be on the hot-seat as FBI director.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Go Subban:)

Blanche is currently in California, with the three hour time difference and all. Ergo, this blog will be slightly shorter than the others.

As Golda Meir said, when they will love their children more than they hate us, we will have peace. The world would be wise to heed her words. Manchester is the latest in a string of horrific bombings aimed at not only killing the ‘infidels’, but maiming them and using nail bombs to incur the worst kind of injuries. This time it was children they were after.

Talking to isis is not an option. Pretending that the United Nations, run by the thugs of the world, will bring some kind of truce is not an option. So Blanche, what is the option?

Allowing Israel, with the best intelligence and who lives 24/7 with a knife at their throat to take the lead in organizing countries, as many as possible, to go after isis on two fronts: on the ground and in cyberspace where isis seems to be able to find many of the best recruits. When France, Britain, the US, Canada and many other countries will stop being politically correct and wake up to the realize that what they are doing is not working, perhaps the world can begin to take on the biggest curse and threat we have now.

Trump’s tour of the middle east is going as Trump goes. His visit to the Western Wall (kotel) was moving as he stood before the all, with a kippah on his head, silently praying. Then he had a cringe-worthy press conference where he announced, in Israel, that he had just come from the middle east (meaning Saudi Arabia).

Blanche, we think he meant, as many other people think, that he returned from the enemy part of the middle east and is now in the one and only friendly, democracy in the middle east.

He then reaffirmed the United State’s unbreakable bond with Israel, something Israel has not heard in over eight years. Of course his speech was written by someone else, but he still had to utter the words written, which he did with feeling:

“Israel is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people,” Mr. Trump said. “One message resounds, and that is the message of hope, they have endured and they have thrived. I stand in awe of the accomplishments of the Jewish people and I make this promise to you my administration will always stand with Israel.”

Who doesn’t think that PK Subban is not saying ‘how sweet it is’? His new team, the Nashville Predators, are going to play in the Stanley cup against either Ottawa or Pittsburgh. Can we talk?

Blanche, if Ottawa in fact does play against Subban, who are you going to root for? The Canadian team or Subban who, if he wins, will a) bring the Stanley cup to the Children’s hospital and b) bring the Stanley cup to the head office of the Montreal Canadiens.

Given all of the above, the worst nightmare of Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner is a Nashville and Ottawa showdown. Small city teams that no one from New York, Los Angeles or anywhere in between cares one hoot about are not going to generate very much advertiser income.

Anyone see those signs in the by-election in Gouin? The signs show two women: one wears a toque, while the other wears a niqab. The message beneath reads (in French), “Choose your Quebec: Canadian multiculturalism? No thanks!” Not quite politically correct, eh Blanche?

This ties into the first story here.  True, not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims. What’s a thinking person to do, including muslims? And as we have said more times than we can count, until the muslim community takes hold of themselves and starts monitoring the imams and young men who are prone to becoming radicalized, signs like the ones above will continue to be put up.

We’ll talk…

Hiding Under the Covers

Seriously Blanche, lately we get up in the morning, have a coffee and then wait for the world to implode. Today was no different. First thing in the morning we found out Roger Ailes died. He was the founder and brains behind Fox News and basically all conservative talk radio and TV. Of late, he was accused of sexual harassment, not a very pretty way to make a grand exit. Nonetheless, one cannot take away his achievements.

A couple of hours later we hear a car plowed into Times Square, killing a young woman and injuring over 20 people. Injured means they got hit head-on by the car and some are in critical condition. Seems this was not a terrorist attack, rather ‘just’ another person with ‘issues’. Those individuals (mostly men) ruin and destroy people’s lives forever. They take mothers and fathers from their children and children from their parents. There are just no words.

The final comment of this rant will be to express our unmitigated, pure disgust at the late night talk show hosts who are relentless in going after President Trump. Night after night they mock him. Here’s a headline for those dudes: they are not doing the public any good by demeaning the office of the President. They may despise Trump more than life itself, but we wonder who made them chief judge and executioner.

Trump gives people fodder to make fun of him on a daily basis. But, he was elected in a democracy. His opponent lost and he won. Give it a break. Those talk show hosts are fortunate to live in a country that allows them to deride and insult their president and by extension, their constitution. It’s just wrong.

The light spectacular on the Jacques Cartier bridge re Montreal’s 375th birthday (big whoop)  was, well, light but certainly not spectacular. The music was certainly not inspiring. We heard someone, not sure who, remarking that they should have used some of Leonard Cohen’s music and other people who everyone knows. Instead they paid, no doubt a fortune of money, for someone to ‘create’ a song for this event. It flopped.

Then there’s the double page, full color spread in the Gazette today. That costs in the five figures. We don’t watch local TV and the ad is cryptically cryptic. That’s code for we had not a hint of a clue what this was about until we heard something about giants on the radio.

The ad said something about sleep, nap, wake-up. Who thinks these things up for our tax dollars? Obviously people who don’t care about spending your money like it’s coming out of a tap.

Blanche, you heard that there was a new poll where the liberals popularity fell like a stone? The CAQ replaced them. Can we talk? If the CAQ wants people to take them seriously, may we suggest they change their name so the initials don’t sound like a three-year old asking to go to the bathroom?

We are still holding by the following: As we get closer to the election, Couillard is going to dump Barrette who most people here really don’t like. Then he’ll look like a hero. Couillard best watch himself however. If he falls too low in the polls, could be nothing will help our invisible premier.

We heard Aaron Rand interview Conrad Black (our absolute favourite writer) today. Black made minced meat out of Rand. It was almost embarrassing. Black feels that the media is literally making up stories and getting them out there because of their obsession to get rid of Trump. What they don’t quite get is that Trump is a street-fighter and he’s not afraid to stand up to bullies.

The most cringe-worthy part of the Rand-Black interview was when, half-way through Black asked Rand, “What’s your name again?” Oooh.

Now for Trump. To keep track of who’s who in the zoo,  we’re going to focus on one crisis at a time. The Russian connection to the election is what is on the table front and centre today.

Riding in on his white horse to save the day and possibly Trump’s presidency, is former FBI director Robert Mueller. Of course he can only save the day if what Trump says is true and there was no collusion. You do know of course that ‘they’ have been looking for said collusion, as Black said, under the baseboards, for months and have found nothing. But we digress.

As one of the FBI’s longest serving directors Mueller worked with presidents from both parties. Now, he’s the new special counsel overseeing the FBI’s investigation into whether President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to sway the election. He’ll have broad powers to lead the investigation – while still serving under the Justice Department’s umbrella.

To jog your memory as to what’s flying here: Earlier this year, Michael Flynn was forced to resign as Trump’s national security adviser after misleading the White House about conversations he’d had with the Russian ambassador to the US. Then last week, Trump abruptly fired Comey, who was leading the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation.

Earlier this week, it came out that Comey wrote a memo following a meeting he had with Trump the day after Flynn resigned. That memo details how Trump asked Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Flynn, saying “I hope you can let this go.”

Now for the kicker: Trump can fire Mueller just like he fired Comey – at his will and whenever he wants to. If Mueller comes up with things that Trump would rather not have brought out into the open, there’s no telling what he (Trump) will do. One thing we can say with some certainty: If he pulls that stunt, his goose could be pretty well cooked.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

The Mother-of-All Hacks

It appears that the US went from no-drama Obama for eight years to a president that thrives on and lives from one crisis to another, minute by minute.

We won’t regale you with everything that has gone on since January as that would take quite a few pages and most likely you would be left shaking your head in disbelief.

Let’s just deal from last week with the firing of James Comey, the FBI director to this week’s hysteria that Trump gave away sensitive state secrets to the Russians while they were in the Oval room of the White House.

The bigger issue in all of these dramas is the following: who does one believe? The Washington Post despises Trump, as does most of the media. The right is blinded by the fact that he got elected and beat Hillary, so they excuse everything he does.

National security adviser H.R. McMaster held a press conference today. He said that someone leaked what was said in the room with the Russians and that is the issue. The Washington Post said that Trump gave up not only valuable information, but because he also stated from where that information came from, he put an informer in danger.

It would do the United States well to batten down the hatches and hunker down to try to figure out what they are going to do for the next four years. Right now it’s very hard to know who to trust. Blanche, ya think we’re ever gonna come out from under the covers? Looks like not any time soon.

Seems Canada will soon ( in 2018), pass an airline passenger protection bill. Not a minute too soon, eh Blanche?

Under the bill, airlines won’t be allowed to bump passengers from a flight against their will. Seriously?

Right now flight attendants think they are not only above the law in their attempt to get you off the plane if it’s oversold (which itself is ridiculous), but entitled to your seat, even if you paid for it well in advance. Yup. If they need to get from one city to another and there aren’t enough seats on the plane, someone’s gotta go. Keeping your head down and pretending to be asleep won’t help. If they marked you to leave the plane, off ya go.

There will still be minimum levels of compensation for people who voluntarily agree to be bumped from a flight and if airlines can’t get a volunteer, they will have to decide if they want to up the ante to persuade someone to get off.

While we’re in a traveling mode, beware if you are flying to Europe. Seems governments fear the next terrorist attack will happen on planes with terrorists using laptops. So…trans-Atlantic flights will be what is termed gadget-free. Got that Blanche?

No kindle, no computer, nothing electronic. Guess what you’ll have to do? One of two things: talk to the person next to you – what?? Or if that’s too much to ask of you, bring a book.

What is not abundantly clear is if laptops will be allowed on the plane but not allowed to be opened, or banished completely and in the hold with your luggage. Either way, if your flight is a long one, you best find something to do with yourself for a few hours.

And now for the mega-hack. Now that was very special, eh? As we are somewhat challenged when it comes to understanding the inner workings of computers, we thought to make life easy for everyone we will ‘splain the whole deal in point form:

What does the attack do? Ransomware, known as WannaCry, is spread to computers around the world. It locks down all the files on an infected computer. The hackers then demand $300 in order to release control of your files. That’s why it’s called ransomware.

How it happened: WannaCry took advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. The software tools to create the attack, most likely stolen,  were revealed in April. The tools were made public by a hacking group called the Shadow Brokers.

Microsoft released a security patch for the vulnerabilities in March. But many corporations don’t automatically update their systems, because Windows updates can screw up their legacy software programs. Can you say idiots?

How much damage was done? The attack has been found in 150 countries, affecting 200,000 computers. FedEx, Nissan, and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service were among the victims.

Who is vulnerable? Anyone who hasn’t updated their Windows PC recently is vulnerable. Apple’s Mac computers were not targeted by this ransomware attack so are clear.

How to prevent being attacked:
1. Disable your computer’s Server Message Block service.
2. Install Microsoft’s patch.
3. Back up your data on an offline hard drive.
4. Install all Windows updates.
5. Use a reputable security software to prevent attacks in the future.

Breaking News: The classified intelligence that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week with Russian officials at the White House seems to have been provided by Israel. The revelation adds a potential diplomatic complication to the episode. Israeli officials would not confirm that they were the source of the information.

It also appears that Israel had a feeling something like this would happen so it would not be a surprise if the information leaked by Trump is not even true. Now that would be something, eh Blanche?

The Democrats are apoplectic. They best calm down and take a tranquillizer or six. Israel can take care of itself very well and is mostly likely ten steps ahead of the US intelligence agencies. There will not be any ‘far-reaching consequences’.

We’ll talk…

Did Trump Create Watergate Part 2?

If you are old enough to remember the Watergate scandal that eventually led to the impeachment of Richard Nixon, the current scandal in the White House regarding the firing of James Comey is somewhat similar:  Both are like watching a slow moving train wreck.

James Comey was unceremoniously fired this week. He was not advised that he was fired. Instead, while speaking to colleagues in Los Angeles, there was a live CNN feed on a big screen behind him,  where one of those famous news alerts was read about his firing. Comey’s not exactly a secretarial administrator. He was the director of the FBI. No matter how inexperienced those in the White House are, firing someone like that is not done innocently.

The bigger issue however is that those in the White House did not tell the truth regarding why he was fired. Before we go on, it is important now to know who some of the players are in this story:

Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General who recused himself from the investigation of the Trump/Russia connection during the election campaign.
Rod Rosenstein was appointed US deputy attorney general two weeks ago.
Sean Spicer is the White House Press Secretary who comes out daily to hold a press conference.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the deputy White House Press secretary and has been taking Spicer’s place more and more in the daily press conference.

Now the sequence of events:
…Two weeks ago, Comey testified before Senate committee. During his testimony he said the following: “It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we (the FBI) might have had some impact on the election.” Between the lines he was referring to Trump becoming President.

…When Trump heard that, he lost it. It seems that he watched that clip over and over again all weekend.

…After Comey was fired, the story put out by the White House and told to reporters at the press conference yesterday by Sanders was that Rod Rosenstein took it upon himself to investigate Comey.

President Trump told Comey he’s out of the job for damaging the FBI’s reputation by mishandling its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. It was concluded that he (Rosenstein) could not understand former FBI Director James Comey’s refusal to accept the “nearly universal judgement that he was mistaken” in publicly exonerating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers last year — and that’s why he got fired.

To recap: Trump said the decision to fire Comey was based on recommendations from his attorney general and deputy attorney general.

…That night, the White House was working overtime to get the story straight. At one point, Sean Spicer was seen hiding in the bushes talking to reporters off the record.

…Yesterday, reporters smelled something rotten in Denmark. Last night and early this morning, it turns out that on the morning he was fired or the day before, Comey had requested from Rosenstein more people and funds to investigate Trump’s Russian connections.

…It also appears from insiders in the White House who are talking, that Trump was incensed by Comey’s request and ordered Rosenstein to find a way to fire him.

…Today it was revealed that the acting Director of the FBI will continue to investigate the Trump-Russia collusion if there was any. He will not bend to pressure.

Vice President Pence seemingly knew about this and could be complicit in, what is now being called, a coverup. This does not look like it’s going to end in a nice way. Many politicians, both Republican and Democrat are asking Rosenstein to convene an impartial committee to look into the firing of Comey. He may have no choice but to do this.

Lest you think Hillary Clinton is going to walk away from all of this unscathed, think again. She may still be investigated, especially after what was revealed today.

While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made a personal call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation despite federal ethics laws that require government officials to recuse themselves from matters that could impact their spouse’s business.

The Office of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed that Mrs. Clinton called her office in March 2011 to demand that Dr. Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner, be restored to his role as chairman of the country’s most famous microcredit bank, Grameen Bank.

Read this part carefully: The bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which Yunus chairs, has given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative. Grameen Research, which is chaired by Yunus, has donated between $25,000 and $50,000, according to the Clinton Foundation website.

Mrs. Clinton was told that according to Grameen Bank rules and regulations, nobody can hold the position of the Managing Director of Grameen Bank after the age of 60. He was 70 at the time of his removal.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to fill the coffers of her foundation. Ergo, the email server in her house instead of the White House. We certainly hope she has to pay for what she did, as she deserves to.

This next piece will most likely make you want the very large barf bag. It also boggles the mind how sneaky elected officials can be.

When Quebec municipal officials were told last year about new tools to help them map the risk of flooding in their communities they wanted no part of it over concerns of legal liability and political backlash. Seriously.

Most politicians despise raising the ire of those who voted for them and will in the future vote for them.

Insurance companies are jaw-droppingly stunned at leaders who would hide this from their constituents. The Insurance Bureau of Canada created a mapping tool to figure out where there was the greatest risk of flooding, either from rising waters or overwhelming rainfall.

Imagine spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a house and then finding out that your municipality didn’t tell you that you built in a flood zone? They should all be sued and taken to task for their irresponsibility.

Obama’s pretending that he’s for the little guy, pretending that he wants to save the planet and the water and the trees. And then…he went on vacation on a South Seas holiday with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen on board a $300 million yacht. Wait. He had to get there. So he’s leaving his environmental footprint wherever he goes, hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

Don’t worry, though. He’s still modest and identifies with the little guy, especially if they are black. And if you believe that, you need a lobotomy Blanche.

We watched the interview tonight with Trump. Here’s what we took away: How he can keep track of all the scandals and govern the country is beyond our imagination. Given that, had Hillary been president the United States would have literally had a crook and liar running their country.

The impossible task of voting last November for a nutcase or a criminal is now coming to fruition. It does not make the United States look good that these were the only two candidates that they could come up with. And if you’re going to cite the 16 other Republican candidates who Trump beat, it’s pretty obvious that they were no better. Nor was Zaidy Bernie, the socialist.

Let’s just hope that out of the ashes of this election, someone will emerge to save the day. Perhaps even out of a phone booth.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

A New Level of the Frozen Chosen

In a stunning move, Trump has dumped the FBI director, James Comey effective immediately.

Trump’s letter was terse and to the point: “I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately. Bada bing, bada boom.

Trump and Comey didn’t like each other and Comey must have smelled this was coming. Trump tweeted earlier this week about Comey that he is “the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton,” accusing him of giving her “a free pass for many bad deeds.

This is not quite over yet, as Comey was also investigating the Russia/Trump liaison. Who knows where that one’s going. The next thing to watch of course, is who will take Comey’s place. That should be very interesting.

The new president of France, Emmaneul Macron, is 38 years old. His wife, Brigitte Trogneux is a 64 year old fashionista who will have her own office office and a staff. It is expected that she will be involved in education reform and the needs of disadvantaged children. She will not be taking a salary.

Get this one: Their age difference is 25 years. The difference in age between Donald and Melania is 26 years. Since Brexit, elections are unpredictable and rather exciting. The new world order is slowly changing. Blanche, don’t you want to be a fly on the wall when Trump meets Macron and Melania meets Brigitte?

Don’t you feel like the flooding in different parts of Montreal is almost in another province? It’s amazing that if one doesn’t live in the affected area, it’s just very distant.

Given that, the people affected are suffering, some having lost everything, others with serious damage to their homes and many others with no insurance to cover any of the above.

Once the army was called in, everyone knew this was a very serious situation, one that is not going away anytime soon. CJAD has posted a list of where to get sandbags, how to check water levels, which shelters are open and places to relocate animals. It’s a very nasty situation and we pray that the waters recede quickly so people can begin to get their lives back.

It also appears that many flood victims have no insurance as they live near water and either couldn’t get it or it was just too expensive. It’s also no secret that these floods happen every couple of years. Our guess is that the housing in those areas must be inexpensive. Why else would people take such a risk?

Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles. He held a massive, and we mean massive, military parade today. 10,000 soldiers saluted him, many of whom were smiling women. Blanche, that was seriously weird. Seems he saluted everyone back. Don’t you wonder if he had a little person holding up his arm?

It has started in earnest. What you ask? Obama raking in millions on speaking engagements.

He spoke today in Milan to a sold out audience, taking in a cool 3 million Euro. In English that’s about $3.25 million US.

He has already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for private speeches since leaving the White House. This will make his highest-paying appearance yet at the Global Food Innovation Summit today.

Obama flew into Milan yesterday and headed straight for the Park Hyatt hotel, at a cost of €8,400 – about $9,000 USD a night.

There’s no doubt that an organization that uses the word in their title has many save-the-world, top heavy with people who have nothing to do with their money. Oh wait. They do have something to do with their money. They can throw it at the newest  ex-president who has obviously forgotten two things: where he came from and the little people who got him where he is. Bring on the big barf bag. Feh.

The most popular password for computers, phones etc is 123456. We kid you not. Which accounts for the fact that when something like gmail is hacked, the bad guys get your information.

What’s the answer? No password. Instead, techies are working on both voice and facial recognition. Nexus, the trusted traveler program works on eye recognition. When one applies for a Nexus card, imprints or whatever the term is, are taken of people’s eyes. Then, when you get to the airport there’s a camera that talks to you while you look into the camera: Stand back. Move forward. Click. You’re done. No passwords.

There is no doubt that this morning the tree in the front of my house, the one that blooms every year on May 15, needed a shrink. It is already partially blooming and punkt – this morning it was snowing. We have reached a new level of being the frozen chosen.

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Phil’s Retiring But His Infamous Gaffes will Live On Forever…

Let’s bet you never heard of this guy: Ammar Campa-Najjar. Quite a name, eh? He’s 28 years old,  of Mexican and Arab heritage. As he says about himself: “I’m about never being Arab enough in Gaza, Hispanic enough in the Barrio or American enough in the post-9/11 world.”

So what’s so important about him? He’s a new, fresh face for the Democrat party. He’s good-looking, obviously with his genes has good hair and presents as a white person. Is that not a perfect combination?

The democrats have to start to bring young faces into their roster as the Hillary, old boys and girls crowd bit the dust, literally and figuratively. They are done. Kaput. It seems the Dems are seeing some of the writing on the wall, eh Blanche?

Before reading this next story, calm down. It has affected only one million of the one billion users.

A massive phishing campaign targeted Gmail users today, seeking to gain control of their entire email histories and spread itself to all of their contacts. The scam gave hackers access to the contents of emails, contact lists and online documents of victims.

So what exactly is a phishing scam? It is the practice of sending out emails that purport to be from a well-known source, such as a major bank or utility provider. Clicking any links will take you to a fraudulent site that will harvest any login details you put in and may install malware on your device.

Blanche, who does these things? People who want your personal information so they can  either spend your money or try and dupe your contacts into sending them money for something, or in the worst case scenario, use your information for identity theft.  What we find incredible is that the mighty google got hit and the lowly hotmail mercifully has remained untouched as of yet.

Here’s a good one: Since Trump has  taken to using the term the failing New York Times, said newspaper’s revenues have seen their biggest quarterly revenue growth in six years, up 60% for online subscriptions. This of course goes to show that it doesn’t matter what kind of attention you get, as long as it’s attention.

Trump got his first big victory in politics today when the House narrowly approved a bill to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Blanche, can you imagine how ticked off Obama must be today? Well, not that ticked off cause he’s probably speaking somewhere and making a few hundred thousand dollars to do so.

The happy (not) Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi  warned moderate Republicans who supported the measure: “You have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark.” She’s almost as special as is Pocahontas, aka Elizabeth Warren who may take a run at the presidency in 2020. You know she’s called Pocahontas because she discovered that she’s 2%ish native American, which is why she said she has high cheek bones, which of course she doesn’t have. In fact, she kind of looks plastic.

Phil is retiring. He’s certainly done his share of following behind his wife like a dutiful prince. Of course we are referring to Prince Philip, who at 95 years old has decided to stop doing public engagements. He’s also king of gaffes:

“You are a woman, aren’t you?” he said in Kenya after accepting a small gift from a local woman.

“You can’t have been here that long, you haven’t got a pot belly”. To a Briton he met in Hungary.

“Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf.” Speaking to a group of young deaf people in Cardiff who were standing near a steel band.

And our personal favourite: “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.” To a group of British students during a royal visit to China.

James Comey the director of the F.B.I., testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. We happened to be in the car it was truly fascinating to listen to him. What we are writing here is well worth the read, part of what he said:

Comey would like you to travel back in time with him for a minute. It’s Friday morning, October 28. The day prior, members of his staff told Comey that they had found thousands of Hillary Clinton’s private emails stored on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and needed a warrant to read them, thereby reopening the investigation into the Democratic presidential candidate’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

That morning, just 11 days before the presidential election, Comey saw two possible doors before him. “One was labeled speak, the other was labeled conceal. “To speak would be really bad. There’s an election in 11 days. But concealing, in my view, would be catastrophic.”

And so, Comey sent that infamous letter to members of Congress, explaining that the FBI was reopening its investigation. And the rest will, quite literally, become part of the history books.

We have heard much analysis of Hillary’s email server being in her house. What stands out the most is that she got away with being prosecuted, which any other person would have been. Coupled with the fact that she never mentioned that earlier in the week when she cited the reasons she lost the election leads one to believe that she lives her life in a delusional state of entitlement.

For the past few years, we have been using a word erroneously. A missive is a letter or means of communication. A minion is an underling who follows someone, often not using their own brain. So, from now on, we will be using the word minion to address those such as Hillary followers who find themselves underlings of their all-powerful leader.

Good Shabbos,
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It’s Enough Already…

First there was Hillary lying: “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Nothing of the sort ever happened.

Then there was NBC’s Brian Williams who lied multiple times. One of the better ones is about about being on board a U.S. military chopper which was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, but miraculously managed to land.

Now in Canada we have our own personal liar, none other than our Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan. What exactly are his duties before we tell you what he said: He is a Minister of the Crown and is the Canadian politician within the Cabinet of Canada responsible for the management and direction of all matters relating to the national defence of Canada. That’s quite a mouthful, eh Blanche?

So what did he do? While speaking in India, most likely thinking to himself, who is going to know what I say so far away from home – he said that he was the architect of Operation Medusa which removed 1500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield. He said he was on the main assault.

And what did he really do? He worked as a liaison officer attached to Task Force Kandahar.

What was he thinking by saying what he did? Oh wait. He forgot about social media. He forgot that in ten seconds everybody in the entire world knows what you said in India, Indiana or Ireland. Now of course he’s beyond remorseful. But, there’s a but…

Did he apologize? Not really. He said he’s ‘owning’ his mistake. What’s that? People own underwear, socks, houses. Mistakes people apologize for. Lying people apologize for. We sincerely hope that the fact that Harjit Sajjan wears a turban is not making people feel sorry for him. That because he’s a visible minority, as someone who wears a yarmulka, he will get a pass on this. He’s Canada’s Defence minister and needs to take a leave of absence to make sure he knows what that job entails. And lying is not part of the job description.

If one listens or watches mainstream media, one would think that Trump is halfway to being totally consumed by Alzheimer’s. Can we talk?

He’s definitely saying bizarre things, like he would be honoured to meet Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea. Un is a total nutball and keeps threatening to toss a nuclear bomb toward California. Last week Trump said Un better watch himself and stop saber-rattling. This week he’s honoured to meet him?

Who’s minding the store in the White House? From the sounds of things, nobody can seem to get a handle on Trump. He still thinks that if he sits across someone at a table he can make a deal. While he may be able to have a better conversation than over the phone, he’s not going to change an entire culture doing what he does.

Is he unhinged? That’s pushing things a bit. Given all of the above, he doesn’t have much time left before things really begin to unravel around him. Senators are up for re-election in 2018. That’s not very far away. If there is no new Obamacare and he can’t get the tax reform bill passed and he keeps making ‘out there’ remarks, his days in the White House are numbered and senators are going to bolt from his orbit.

She’s starting to make a comeback. The she is Hillary. Delivering her most forceful critique of Trump’s victory, she took  personal responsibility for her failed campaign but also pointed to the timing of a letter from FBI Director James Comey and Russian interference as factors.

“If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president, she told a CNN interviewer. And if my bubby had wheels she would have been a bicycle.

“The reason I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days.”

No. The reason you lost is because you were a terrible candidate with more baggage than an overstuffed 747. And nobody trusted you cause you lied about Benghazi and your emails. When will they admit the truth? Never. Bring on the barf bag Blanche. We’ve had about as much as we can take from her.

We’ll talk…