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Happy Trails to You…

Justin Trudeau seems to be the hottest leader of any country. How hot Blanche? So hot that he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Not bad except for the headline: Why Can’t He Be Our President? Uh oh.

Fox News got a hold of those few words and basically made minced meat out of Trudeau. One of their political pundits brought up Ottawa’s $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr, calling Trudeau “horrible” over his defence of the payout. She then called the statement the prime minister delivered earlier this month about the settlement money “embarrassing” and “stupid. Notice Blanche it was a she, not a he. Guess the hair and sculpted body didn’t get to her.

Unfortunately for Trudeau, his cover story was compared to two other, not very illustrious covers: Putting Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover in 2013 and the magazine’s botched and untrue campus rape story at the University of Virginia. We are guessing that Trudeau didn’t do to much thinking about whether to be put on the cover. In fact, he most likely thought that he looked very good and was happy with the cover – kind of like the ultimate selfie. Feh.

While Trump and company – Scaramucci and Priebus – fight it out in the White House for power, Iran and North Korea are slowly but surely getting closer to doing some major damage to the world.

Here’s what we hope is really going on and frankly, we better be right: While the soap opera in the White House is going on, in the background, there are those who are doing their job and trying to stop the nutball leaders of both of those countries.

If that’s not the case, we are in serious trouble and everyone best start hoarding water, long-lasting food and cash.

Anthony Scaramucci (Blanche, isn’t that a great Italian name?), is incensed with the leaks coming out of the White House and has threatened to fire everyone in the communications office unless the leaker is outed, confesses or stops leaking which doesn’t seem likely.

Seems last night there was a dinner party at the White House. Present were President Trump, the First Lady, Sean Hannity, and the former Fox News executive Bill Shine. Someone from inside called a reporter from the New Yorker and leaked this juicy tidbit of news.

Scaramucci is right. Imagine if everything you did in your office was leaked out to friends, colleagues and those who want to do you in. You would be crazed and want to find out exactly who the weasel was. Scaramucci will get to the bottom of the leaks or he will indeed fire everyone, including Reince Priebus, chief of staff who he thinks is the mole.

This is really juicy, eh Blanche?

If you are traveling anytime soon, we’re going to do two favours for you. First we’re listing the top five and bottom five airports in the world. Then we’re going to tell you which days are best to buy your airline tickets. No – it’s not Tuesday at midnight. That’s old news.

The five best airports are: Singapore Changi Airport, Munich International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, Helsinki: Vantaa Airport.

The five worst airports are: Kuwait Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, London Stanstead Airport. Uh oh – it looks like England is really in the doghouse with their airports.

Airlines are now updating their computers every night, based on more sophisticated traffic models. So what does this mean?

It means you have to have two best time approaches: One, about 45 days out from your desired departure date, and another window about ten days out—on a Sunday. That’s when the most unsold inventory surfaces.

And finally, you can’t do this online. You have to pick up a phone and call the airline.

Hold onto your hat Blanche, the e-race is this weekend. At least you don’t need earplugs. Seems the only thing you hear is the changing of the gears and the squealing of the tires.

Don’t bother taking your car anywhere near the east end of the city for the next while. It will be blocked up this weekend and two weeks after because that’s how long it will take the city to clear up the fences, cones, dirt etc.

Can we talk? You know the huge party every  New Years’s eve in Times Square? The one with over a million people. Well, guess how long it takes them to clean up? Overnight. You know why? Because they have a plan and hire people to execute said plan.

They have garbage trucks leading rows and rows of people picking up garbage. We wonder what plan Coderre formulated to get rid of the debris and all things needed for the race. Let’s see – no plan.

Now ask the most important question: Why is this race in Montreal at all? Well,Coderre convinced those in charge that Montreal wants to promote its status as a hub for transport electrification.

Who exactly is he kidding? Transport electrification? How about putting air conditioning in the subway? Coderre has one thing going for him: he can sell anyone anything and he does. Problem is, everyone else pays for his extravaganzas. That everyone else is you and me.

One more traveling tip: The news TSA screening for electronic devices has started. That means removing tablets, e-readers and any other larger-format electronics from bags you plan to carry on to flights. All this equipment now has to go through the x-ray machine in their own bins. We also heard that large plugs and extension cords qualify for special attention.

Only those pre-approved by the TSA with a Nexus card will not have to do this. We can imagine that the lines are going to be seriously long and interminable.

Happy trails to you…

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Our Puffed Up Mayor

Did you ever get sick and decide, hey, what the heck, I’m gonna look this up on the internet. Big mistake cause of course you think that you have every symptom on the list.

Well, one of the sites that comes up all the time is WebMD and yesterday a private equity firm bought it for $2.8 billion. Nice, eh? This same firm owns and

So the good news is that you can check your teeth and now go to two sites to find out why you are sick. The bad news is that you will have many more symptoms to choose from. Blanche, stick to calling your doctor when you don’t feel well.

Lest you are still under the illusion that islam a religion of peace, think again. Today, Turkish President Erdogan urged all Muslims to visit and ‘protect’ Jerusalem after violence broke out over metal detectors Israel installed and later removed from a sensitive holy site in the city.

“From here I make a call to all Muslims. Anyone who has the opportunity should visit Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa mosque,” Erdogan said in Ankara. “Come, let’s all protect Jerusalem.”

A couple of days ago in California a lecture was posted with a Muslim preacher speaking in English and Arabic about how all Muslims, not only Palestinians or Syrians, will be called upon to kill all the Jews on “the last day.”

Can we talk? Mecca where muslims pray to and Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia. What does that have to do with Jerusalem and annihilating the Jews? Not much unless you use it as an excuse to go after the Jewish people.

There is no such thing as a two-state solution. It will never happen because, as we have said more times than we can count quoting Golda Meir: when they love their children more than they hate the Jews there will be peace. So far, that has not happened.

In fact, after the butchering and slaughter of the Salomon family on Friday night, arabs were singing and dancing in the street. One cannot negotiate with a people who will not renounce their ultimate aim – to push the Jews into the sea. End of discussion.

Montreal’s puffed up and entitled mayor Coderre decided that an e-race was necessary in our city and it’s costing you a bundle of money dude. He has no issue spending your money like its water. Oh wait. He also has a tree somewhere that dispenses money.

The cost of the Formula E race is $24 million. Did you know that several other cities spent no significant amount of public money on this race, relying on private sponsorships.

Blanche, that would be called responsible and that word does not exist in Coderre’s vocabulary.

We hope that the individual who stabbed his pregnant wife and killed her baby gets taken care of while in prison awaiting trial. It would save us all a lot of money which is wasted on this person. He doesn’t need to be in jail to be ‘rehabilitated’. He needs to be ‘neutralized’.

While we continue to go back and forth in our support of Trump, we really can’t understand why he doesn’t just fire his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Instead, he’s tweeting embarrassing tweets trying to diminish him.

We have heard that Sessions will not leave unless he’s fired which means he’s calling Trump’s bluff. It won’t take long for something to give here. Trump can’t keep this up much longer without looking foolish himself.

Blanche, did you notice how many squirrels there are lately? A lot. And did you know that in Washington DC a woman was jogging and a squirrel jumped up onto her chest. We would have had a heart attack.

We don’t eat squirrel brains or roadkill. That’s not our idea of a supper. Ich and feh. There are hundreds of dozens of squirrels around and we sincerely hope that they start practicing birth control or someone will have to do it for them. Just saying.

The Incredibly Shrinking Airline Seats

Blanche, are we the only ones who think carrying the OJ Simpson parole event live was unnecessary, irrelevant and useless? Who exactly cares whether this loser gets out of jail or stays there to finish his sentence? What a colossal waste of time and money. Interesting to note that the NY Times has this story way on the bottom of their home page. Kudos to them.

Perhaps the US justice department is emerging out of their very long slumber. Or they are finally coming to their senses and realize that Trump is not the only one who did things that need to be seriously investigated. Hillary is still getting away with doing something that others would certainly go to jail for. As well, the Obama administration knew her server was in her house and either ignored it and/or did nothing to stop it.

Can you say collusion between the media and Clintonworld?

The FBI has turned over 7,000 new documents from Anthony Weiner’s private laptop to the State Department as part of a lawsuit related to last year’s Hillary Clinton email case. This was done on behalf of an organization called Judicial Watch. Who are they? A conservative foundation, who fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government. Their motto: No one is above the law! We already love them.

Michael Applebaum can’t catch a break or it seems a job. The city of Montreal is after him again. This time they are looking to recoup $160,000 which is given to given to city politicians to transition back into civil life. Nice if you can get it, eh?

The problem here is that after Applebaum was no longer mayor of Montreal he was transitioning into going to jail. He certainly did not merit the $160,000 as he had to resign following his arrest in 2013 on corruption charges.

The city should have thought a tad quicker at that time and not given him the money at all. Given that, there should be a statute of limitations on this. It’s been too long and the money’s long gone.

We saw an article recently about saving the world. It was one of the better ones out there. It seems that millennials etc are blaming baby-boomers for the environmental woes of the planet. Can we talk?

When we were growing up and needed a drink of water one of two things happened: We got a glass, turned on the tap and presto! we had water. Or, we went to a water fountain. Same with milk. We had glass milk bottles which the milkman picked up weekly, brought back to the manufacturer where they were cleaned and refilled with milk. No plastic milk bottles.

We did not buy cases and cases of water bottled in un-biodegradable plastic that sits in landfills till the end of time. That is the product of those who came after us old-folks. And that is one of the big reasons for all the pollution.

So here’s a headline: Ya wanna save the planet, trees and whales? Start by losing the plastic water bottles and milk cartons. Oh yes, one more thing. Look in the mirror and see who’s really destroying the planet.

In case you are flying anytime soon, here’s something that might want you wish you were a short person aka midget (Blanche, seriously the word went out with snow in the summer). We know you won’t believe this but American Airlines announced plans to squeeze the space, or seat pitch, between three rows on its new 737 aircraft to just 29 inches. Got that?

The reaction however, was so swift and negative that for now, they have scrapped those plans and gave you an extra inch. Go crazy.

So along with the bad news, we’re going to give you advice on how to pick your next seat:
Don’t go for the exit row seats. They’re overrated, and many of them don’t recline.

Here’s a little secret: pick a seat behind the exit row.

The seats in front of you won’t recline, and you’ll get a little more breathing room.

Last but not least: don’t depend on the airline’s online seating chart. It doesn’t reflect all the available seats. Now there’s a surprise. Pick up the phone and call the airline. You might be surprised to learn that there are more seat options than you thought.

Just in case you didn’t remember, today is the anniversary of the moon landing – July 20, 1969. That’s one small step for man, one giant step for mankind… Neil Armstrong.

Trump has been in the White House for six months. He has another 1,279 days left in his first term. Just saying.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Baby-Boomers on Motorcycles. Is That Zaidy Bernie?

Blanche, what gives? It’s a tad on the late side to be sending out your blog? Traveling will do it. That and unbearable heat and humidity gets to the brain. Onward.

May we suggest that you not go to Florida in the next little while. It appears that heavy rain and wind have blown in over a billion mosquitos. That’s gross.

Broward Mosquito Control is applying for a patent for its newest method of mosquito control. They’ve created a nozzle that makes the spray droplets so small that it spreads further and uses half as much product. And you thought a snowstorm was bad.

Who knew? Harley-Davidson’s shares skidded to a more than one-year low after the motorcycle maker cut its full-year shipments forecast as demand weakens among its aging baby-boomer customers and fewer millennials take to motorcycling.

Blanche, didn’t you think that cool dudes rode Harleys? Think again. Seems like bubbles and zaydies are also riding. Hey, maybe even Zaidy Bernie is varooming up the highway with his wife holding on for dear life on the back.

Quebec’s health minister aka bulldog Barrette is smelling an election. Why else would he say it is important to involve the community in the selection process of ten independent board members to replace the first ten who quit en masse.

May we suggest if you have some time on your hands, you submit your application for one of the spots. We even have the email address for you:

One more thing. All applications must be in by Aug. 16 at 5 p.m. That’s certainly time enough to get your CV in order. There must be two candidates chosen for each position so you really have a chance. Of course you have to be able to sit in a room with Barrette and control yourself. That would be harder than anything else one would be asked to do.

Remember Boris Becker, the great tennis star? Well, it seems that his prowess is with the racket and not his brain. He invested his entire fortune, about £100m on a Nigerian oil company.

Can we talk? Is this not in the same ilk as the Nigerian prince emailing us for money because his brother got into trouble? This Becker dude may be a great tennis player, but he’s far from the smartest nail in the toolbox.

Donald Trump Jr. is also not the smartest chip in the bag. Just tell the truth, get it out there, let the chips fall where they may and in ten minutes the news media who is frothing at the mouth to pin something on his father, will go on to the next story.

But no, for whatever his reason, he decided to drag the story out, drip, drip,  drip. That of course just keeps it in the news for days and days.

Everyone looks for dirt on their opponent. Trump’s problem is that the dirt was ostensibly coming from Russia, who wants nothing more than to embarrass those in power. Perhaps they had something on Hillary. It was certainly not a farfetched idea at the time as she was embroiled in many scandals, the least of which her home grown email server.

Given all of the above, Donald Jr. should have spilled all the beans right away. Perhaps though, we are thinking that this is a good deflection away from the health care bill that is about to not be passed. Time will tell.

And one more thing: CNN keeps harping on taking away Jared Kushner’s security status. Only the president can take that away so they best stop harping on that idea and move on to something that may actually materialize. He did not commit a crime. He may not have told the whole truth on his clearance form, but that does not constitute a trial. Next.

We’ll talk…

You Wanted a Liberal Prime Minister? You Got One In All His Entitled Glory.

An edict issued by the government of Canada dated July 11, 2017 announcing a ban on wines coming from the ‘occupied territories’ in Israel has been retracted. It appears the directive was a mistaken decision made at the bureaucratic level with no knowledge or direction from political staff or the Minister.

Blanche, while it may not have reached the appropriate Minister or Trudeau, the bureaucrat who did issue this directive is obviously following BDS directives closely. That person should be called on the carpet.

While the l’affaire wine has bitten the dust, Trudeau has still been nauseatingly busy. He quietly gave $20m of your tax dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Here’s the blurb, which by the way makes no sense:

Clinton Health Access Initiative: SRHR (Sexual reproductive health) for adolescents and young women – Nigeria – $20 million (2017 to 2021) The proposed project will improve access to SRH choices for young women and adolescent girls through an innovative approach that engages both the public and private sector in expanding spaces where services and products are both accessible and meet their family planning needs.

He also gave a total of $40m to ‘Humanitarian and fragile’ settings watched over by the United Nations. That’s like giving money to the wolf who is watching over the henhouse.

Canadians wanted a liberal in power? They got one in spades. He could be the biggest tree-hugging, save-the-whale, climate-saver leader in the world and he’s spending your tax money like it’s water.

And speaking of saving the planet and whales… environmentalists are losing their minds. You know the latest thing that will save our planet? Not having children. You know why? While the data is somewhat sketchy, it appears that the emissions of a child and all their descendants is not healthy for the planet.

No Blanche, this is not an April Fools joke. People actually sat in a room thinking up these idiotic ideas. There’s not much to say here other than tree-huggers have to be saved from themselves.

Ever hear of the Fleuve-Montagne? No? We will enlighten you. It’s a 3.8 km pedestrian link/supposed tourist attraction between the St. Lawrence River and Mount Royal. In other words it’s a fancy sidewalk with trees and plants.

Now guess how much this costs? $56.6 million of your tax dollars.

Politicians are completely and totally unaccountable for anything they do. What a great job, eh? It’s as though they get into office, look at all that money, pull out their starter pistol and start spending until they are out of office. The cost of anything no concern of theirs. We’re the plebs who supply the money through taxes and they are the entitled ones who get to spend the money. We want that job.

Melania Trump got the memo, French President Macron’s wife Brigitte didn’t. The Trumps are in Paris for Bastille day and there was a picture snapped of Melania and Brigitte. No contest there.

Not to be catty – but we will be, Brigitte Macron looked like she was ready to play tennis in her white outfit while Melania looked every bit the elegant first lady. Goes to show that just because you live in Paris doesn’t mean you have good taste.

Verizon confirmed that the personal data of 6 million customers has leaked online. The security issue was caused by a misconfigured security setting on a cloud server due to “human error.”

The ‘error’ made customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes publicly available online. Uh oh.

So what are you supposed to do if you are a Verizon user? For starters – and right now – change your password and don’t use ‘password’ as your password.

It also goes without saying that if someone from a ‘bank’ calls you, hang up. Don’t verify any numbers they may be reading out to you, which will no doubt be correct. Got it?

According to researchers at the University of California, the sense of smell can influence metabolism … in adult mice. They studied three groups of rodents – normal mice, “super-smellers” and mice unable to perceive odour – and found a link between smell and metabolism.

The three groups were all subjected to the same high-fat, “Burger King diet”. All mice gained weight but the “super-smellers” gained the most. The smell-deficient mice burned the excess fat, gaining just 10 per cent of their weight.

This does not auger well for Blanche and other foodies. Almost as good as tasting the food are the aromas. We are super-smellers and proud of it. If we are going to gain weight just by smelling, we may as well enjoy the food and eat it. Mercifully, mice are not humans so this may just be a ‘rodent’ business.

On the other hand, if there is a modicum of truth here, holding your nose to lose weight is a lot easier than weighing and measuring.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr. sounds plausible. What he was thinking to meet with a Russian lawyer is another story.

Given the above, does Billy-Bob in Kentucky care about the Russians or does he care where he’s getting his next fried chicken sandwich with all the trimmins’ or if he will have insurance when his wife Dot has an ear infection. We will let you be the judge of what’s going on here.

When the media starts investigating Hillary and Bill’s secret server in their house, we will take them seriously.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Yet Another Media Feeding Frenzy

We are heading into the dog days of summer and things are supposed to be quiet and unexciting. Nothing could be further from that right now.

Before we launch into the newest Trump media frenzy ponder this: Why did the Donald Trump Jr fiasco surface now? It’s obvious that someone has been sitting on it for a long time as the story is detailed, it was ready to go at a moment’s notice and they have all Juniors emails. Ever think that any time Trump is successful, as he was in Europe, his detractors are ready with a missile?

One may surmise that President Trump’s very long meeting with Putin was a few old friends sitting together and one may be correct. But isn’t that better than the relationship Obama had which was zero. Things always work better when people are able to communicate. Don’t worry Blanche, Trump is not going to be Putin’s new BFF nor is he going to give away the store.

Now to Donald Jr. He’s definitely not the smartest chip in the bag. He seems to be following the adage that when there’s a bad story coming it’s better to get in front of it. Junior however, seems to have jumped the fence and then some. On top of that, his story has changed a few times in the past days.

Did he commit treason? Most likely not. He certainly didn’t give away any information and from the sounds of it, didn’t receive any either. The issue is that the Russians reached out to him with the promised of something tantalizing on Hillary and he was duped. It kind of looks like he was set-up. Wait! He was set-up.

Don’t worry though. In two days something else will happen that will occupy everyone’s attention and Donald Jr. will quietly fade into the background.

Sadly, we cannot say the same about our health system and the sudden resignations of ten board members of the MUHC. This story will not go away anytime soon. In fact, it looks like it’s going to get uglier.

Where is Couillard in all of this? Is it not time to show his face? Perhaps even meet with said board members and get their side of the story instead of only listening to Barrette. Alas, that will not happen. He seems to be very happy hiding behind Barrette and letting that pit-bull be his spokesperson. It’s a big mistake. Big.

One thing particularly irksome about Barrette is that nothing is ever his fault. Any criticism levelled at him regarding the health-care system is always, every single time, someone else’s fault. And he responds in the most arrogant, condescending tone, which is infuriating.

We know that people don’t like to hear this, but ladies and gentlemen, the Liberal party does not really care about their population. Not the English, not the French and certainly not any foreigners.

Everyone suffers when the emergency wait times are 12-18 hours. Everyone suffers when they need surgery and there are no beds for post-surgery because the beds are taken up with long-term patients who were supposed to be transferred long ago but there’s no place to put them – which Barrette promised to fix by the way.

You’re going to vote for them again? They definitely feel that no matter how much they step all over the little people, we will trudge to the polls in the next election and vote them in. Is Francois Legault, head of the CAQ party  a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Is he a separatist or has he lost that dream as he keeps saying? Perhaps it’s time to take our chances with someone like him. The status quo cannot go on.

Google and Facebook are the kings of the Internet. They’ve become the gatekeepers to news and control most online ad dollars.

Finally, large media outlets are pushing back. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post say this business model cuts into their profits. No kidding.

As well, it’s harder now than ever to distinguish between fake and real news. So they want to negotiate with Google and Facebook to push them to agree to new revenue-sharing agreements, support for subscription plans, and beef up intellectual property rights.

Who is going to make sure this happens? Congress. Why? Media outlets cannot sit at a table to negotiate because of antitrust laws. Ergo the media outlets have asked Congress to mix in so they can have some leverage against the Internet monster. We hope they are successful.

Did you ever look out the window when going in for a landing and wonder how the pilot knows which runway to land the plane on? Well, one Air Canada pilot didn’t know. Seriously Blanche. We would have lost our cookies.

Seems this dude was supposed to land on an empty runway  and wound up almost landing on the taxiway – you know where the planes line up to take off. Mercifully, air traffic controllers caught his mistake and the pilot aborted the first landing. Yikes.

Trudeau’s Gift to Omar Khadir = $10.5 Million. Shame on Trudeau.

Of all the inane statements made yesterday by Barrette when he spoke in Montreal (can you say an election is coming?), the following wins the prize regarding hospital funding and we quote: No hospital operates at 100%. It’s as simple as that – 85% is a reflection of the reality. Ergo he has decided that the Quebec government will give hospitals only 85% of the funds they need.

Barrette lives the fantasy world of the Barrette Bubble. Certainly not in the reality of Jean Guy public. Hey Paulette hold dat appendicitis until after da summer vacance. Zut alors all da doctors and nurses are in Wildwood. It’s da 15% of da days when da hospital has no money.

Ever hear Barrette speak? He always sounds like he’s talking to idiots. He speaks v.e.r.y slowly, in riddles and never answers a question. Oh yes. He’s also never wrong. He takes questions that are legitimate, turns them around and points them in the questioners direction. Nothing, ever, is his fault. He’s the cancer of the liberal party.

Omar Khadir won the lottery and Justin Trudeau pulled his ticket. Khadir best not run out and buy a house, car, expensive jewelry and all that lottery winners do.

The American family of Christopher Speer, who Khadir killed, was awarded $130 million but of course Khadir doesn’t have the money to pay. So the family has hired a lawyer in Toronto making sure that any money paid to Khadir by the Canadian government will go to Speer’s widow.

Before we continue with this story, check the bottom of today’s report for a link to an excellent article written about this entire, embarrassing and pathetic scenario.

If we were the American government, we would be incensed at what Trudeau did. He’s lucky they are busy with other things like Trump, Putin and the G20 meetings in Germany. Trudeau is the king of bleeding heart liberals and frankly, this affair is nauseating.

We are moving from our stance on Trump. Perhaps, just perhaps, he’s playing the media like a fiddle. Ever think of that Blanche? Ever think that he’s the master of deflection and the media is falling for his tweets etc like lemmings?

We saw him speak this morning Poland. He was presidential and his message was excellent. We also figured out that if Niki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations is his spokesperson, and she is right on the mark, there’s more to Trump than meets the eye.

Trump is an enigma. It will take a long while for people to understand him. Today, even CNN had to applaud his speech in Warsaw. He actually said the word terrorism, unlike no drama Obama who, in eight years could not utter that word. Remember Obama’s apology tour? When he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia? Ich. We’ll take Trump any day over that.

Trump took a stand, whether you like his stand or not. It’s interesting to note that people who take a stand get into trouble, whereas people who sit on the fence and never find themselves in any uncomfortable situations also don’t know who they are. Kudos to Trump.

And one more thing. The world is waiting for the big meeting tomorrow between Trump and Putin. Some pundits are saying that as Putin is a former KGB agent, he has already sized Trump up. Others say that Trump is almost impossible to pin down and Putin will have found his match. Doesn’t matter. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens.

The G20 Summit is beginning in Hamburg. Since the first meeting in Berlin, 1999, there have been 18 G20 summits between finance ministers and central bank governors. There have been 10 between heads of state or the government of G20 economies. Blanche, you do know all the countries involved, don’t you? No? Ok, here goes: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Along with the G20 summit going on in Hamburg, more than 100,000 protesters are expected in the city for the summit that takes place Friday and Saturday. Hamburg has boosted its forces so that 20,000 officers are on hand to patrol its streets, skies and waterways.

Police say they repeatedly asked a group of hardcore anti-capitalist demonstrators to remove their masks Thursday evening, to no avail. Here’s a tip for them: If they are hell-bent on living in a socialist state, we suggest they all pick up and move to North Korea. They will then be free to be the communists they so heartily desire to be.

And one more thing: A few years ago there was an article posted about the billion dollar waste of time the G20 summit is. That, ladies and gentlemen, is correct. A colossal waste of time and money. Must be where our Mayor Corderre learned his skills.

Here’s something you should know: Naturopaths are not doctors. We hope this is not coming as a surprise to anyone. The scariest part of what they do is how they misrepresent themselves. They never had medical training, yet purport that they did. That’s called lying and fraud.

Here’s a tip: If you’re sick, go to a real doctor. Not someone who will prescribe potions and alternate medicine. You will not only stay sick, you will also be out hundreds of dollars as all their potions are very expensive, with them pocketing all the money. Just saying.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Thunder Thighs

Kim Jong Un, fat-boy dictator of North Korea is pushing Donald Trump’s buttons, pardon the pun. While President Trump may think he has the market cornered on tweets and pushing the buttons on his phone, Un has upped him one by ceremoniously pushing the button that launched an intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday.

Said missile flew for about 40 minutes and reached an altitude of 2,500 kilometers (1,500 miles), which would be longer and higher than any similar North Korean test previously reported. It also covered a distance of about 930 kilometers (580 miles).

Trump’s reaction? His tweet asked if Kim Jong Un had nothing better to do with his time. Here’s a headline: For starters, we would venture an educated guess that Un doesn’t read English and most likely not even Korean. He inherited his position from his father and neatly disposed of his brother, his only potential heir, a few months ago. In the newest terminology, he was neutralized. He doesn’t have to read or care about anything, especially Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Un is trying to make a missile that will fly all the way to North America and, from the looks of things, unless ‘people’ drop a bomb on his nuclear facilities, he will succeed. Lest we remind you that Israel did just that a few years ago, taking out Iraq’s nuclear reactor facility.

Tweeting won’t cut it this time. Trump actually has to converse with other leaders and figure out how to stop this dude. Oh yes. Kim Jong Un has worse hair than Trump.

Denis Coderre, erstwhile mayor of Montreal is looking for money again. Why else would he want to drop the speed limit on streets in Montreal to 30-40 km? In case you don’t know what that means – 30km is 18 mph, 40 is 25 mph.

This could turn out to be one of the biggest cash cows ever to hit Montreal. Try going 18 miles an hour. Right now the speed limit is 50 km which is 30 mph also very slow but not crawling. The only good thing about 30 km is that you won’t feel any of the potholes because you will be driving at almost a walking pace.

Blanche, you may not like Trump calling the media fake news, but he has a point. Seems that there is quite a bit of exaggeration going on when it comes to Trump. Counter this with the pass that Obama got from the media and one can see how frustrated someone like Trump can get.  This does not however, excuse his low-class, infantile tweets about people.

After investigation, a CNN story on alleged ties between a Trump associate and Russia was later retracted. Last week, the New York Times and the Associated Press ran similar corrections acknowledging that reports on Russian interference in the 2016 election had overstated by more than a dozen the number of U.S. intelligence agencies that had signed off on the assessment.

Here’s an even better one: The AP ran into trouble over the weekend after it ran a story about how Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt met privately with the CEO of a top chemical company, then decided to drop a ban on a widely used pesticide that has been shown to harm children’s brains.

The story insinuated that Pruitt had made the decision under pressure from a corporate lobbying campaign. But while the meeting between Pruitt and Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris was on Pruitt’s schedule, it never happened. Uh oh.

Now who are you going to believe? This is a thinking person’s nightmare.

Ever hear of Apple Park? Didn’t think so. It’s Apple’s new home in Cupertino California with the centerpiece being a $5 billion, four-story, 2.8 million-square-foot ring that can be seen from space. It is still getting some final touches, and employees have just started to trickle in. The full squadron, about 12,000 people, will arrive in several months.

In Sunnyvale, a town just across the street, 95 development projects are in the planning stages. The surrounding towns have been remade as well in the last decade, as giant tech companies have transformed Silicon Valley’s real estate into some of the most expensive in the country.

But city officials and residents say this project is like nothing they’ve seen before. The main center features the spaceship ring, the Steve Jobs Theater, a 100,000-square-foot gym and a visitors center in a woodland setting with two miles of running and walking paths. An orchard, a meadow and a pond are inside the ring.

The custom windows were made in Germany and are considered the world’s largest panels of curved glass. One pair of glass doors is 92 feet high. The finish on the underground concrete garage is so shiny it is almost like glass.

Blanche, what do you expect? Apple has more money than some countries without the expenses of those countries. Of course they are going to get windows made in Germany. Wait a minute. Does Trump know about this? Where’s are his made-in-America missives?

Chris Christie, the most unpopular governor in the entire United States at 15% popularity is acting like he’s entitled. Oh right. He is entitled.

Seems there was an issue with paying government employees which led to the closure of beaches and state parks in New Jersey. On Sunday however, when all the plebs were trying to get cool using their sprinklers, Christie was seen sunbathing on an empty beach with his family. Can we talk?

First off, let’s just say he should be wearing pants and not a bathing suit. One too many bowls of pasta. We’ve seen thunder-thighs, but he wins the thunder-thigh prize. But we digress.

When confronted by reporters that he looked like he was acting like Marie Antoinette and telling his population to eat cake when he sunbathed, he scoffed at them. “If I was sitting with a young blonde woman, you would have had a story. I was sitting with my wife and family on the beach.” Seriously? He’s not long for the governor’s mansion.

Celine Dion, Quebec’s darling, has a nice figure. She’s not that pretty but who’s looking, eh? Well, people on Instagram are certainly looking at her because Vogue posted a nude picture of Dion.

Vogue was doing a story on her and followed her into the dressing room where she allowed them to take a picture of her sans clothes.  Did she forget that she has children who will also see this? Are there any morals and boundaries left for parents? Even if they are rich and famous? Obviously not.