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Gnat Brained Municipal Workers in Neon Vests

Has anyone tried to drive anywhere in this city in the past few days? It is an exercise in futility. The construction festival has geared up because everyone is back from vacation. And with that festival come the detour signs.

Blanche, there is no doubt that in order to place the detour signs on the streets around construction areas, one has to be either dead drunk or have a brain the size of a gnat. One minute, are you talking about municipal workers?

In most cities, where an arrow points in a direction, it usually means, hey, that’s the direction to go to avoid the fixing. Not in this city.

Those arrows are part of a scavenger hunt because if you follow the detour arrow you wind up with another detour arrow sending you back in the direction from which you came. It must be then that there is something on each corner that we are meant to find and bring to someone.

The best part of this game is that on each corner stands a guy with a neon-coloured vest waving his flag in no direction at all. Welcome to la belle province.

Steve Scalise, the republican whip who was shot and badly injured while practicing for a baseball game in June, returned to Capitol Hill today.

He walked in using two canes, slowly one foot in front of the other. He then stood and spoke unaided. He got what he deserved – a huge hero’s welcome.

Finally, there are people speaking out against this kneeling business while the national anthem is being played before a football game.

One thinking person is none other than PK Subban who now plays for Nashville. Lest you didn’t know, he’s a black hockey player. He said he would “never” kneel during the Star-Spangled Banner, instead choosing to continue to “stand, respect, and sing along” to it.

As we said in our last entry, nothing will come from this. It’s purely feel good.

How about some black voices starting to come forward? How about someone like Oprah Winfrey? Black people, like all other peoples of the world need leadership. Until one of their own steps forward, it will be people like Colin Kapaernick who will take the lead. And between us, he may be a nice guy, but he’s no leader.

You may not like Trump, but he was correct to put a stop to the kneeling. The issues  are from decades ago. Had Obama been a leader as the first black president of the United States, he would have done something, if not while in office then right after he left. He was and is weak and ineffective, duped everyone and is now laughing all the way to the bank because he sounds good. There is no barf bag big enough for him.

Sorry, we don’t buy that Hugh Hefner, who died today, did anything to help women. In fact, he helped create the false thinking that only beautiful women are worthy. He also helped create a culture where young girls felt they had to pout, wear skimpy clothing and pretend to be sexy to garner attention.

Those men and women who succumbed to his idolization of women are the losers. We will not lower ourselves to say what kind of man we really think he was. Suffice it to say he was not anyone to emulate.

The Montreal Canadiens have lost all of their pre-season games. Again we say when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

The are in good company as the soccer team the Impact are also losers as are the Alouettes. And Montreal wants a baseball team? We have a very boring sports city with no one to cheer for. How about letting someone who knows what they are doing run those teams – French or not.

Trump has to get a handle on those around him using private jets to do their personal business.

Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin requested the use of government plane to fly him and his wife, actress Louise Linton, to Europe for their honeymoon over the summer.

He later defended the action, claiming that a government jet would have provided him with a secure line of communication to the United States and therefore the request was in the interest of “national security. He withdrew the request and not a second too soon.

In case you don’t know how much it costs to run those private jets we will enlighten you. It costs roughly $25,000 an hour to operate its C-37, the military’s equivalent to a Gulfstream jet. It charges outside agencies roughly 10,000 an hour to fly in one.

Ok now, let’s go on.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price wins the prize as he took many, many private jets in the few months Trump has been president. It appears that his flights cost about $400,000 and were mixed with private visits to family and friends. He now said he feels badly and will repay the taxpayers.

No shortage of people with their sticky fingers in the taxpayers pocket. Or, they think themselves so entitled that they don’t even think about the cost. Either way, they need to be punished and at the very least pay back the money.

Kellyanne Conway has sold her polling firm. She owned 100% of it. It is believed that she got between $1 and $5 million. Smart woman.

Those Brexit talks with Great Britain divorcing the rest of Europe are taking a very long time and going very slowly. In case you were wondering what the three main issues are we will tell you: rights of EU citizens in the U.K. (and vice versa), the U.K.’s financial settlement and the Northern Irish border. Even if you don’t care, now you know.

Have an easy fast.

We’ll talk…

The Absurd Kneel Shpiel

The hoopla over kneeling when the national anthem is being played before football games  has now gone  international. And not a moment too soon.

Last we looked, the black athletes who refused to stand for the national anthem are American citizens and get all the perks that come from belonging to a democratic society. Including the privilege of not standing for the anthem. Given that, what message are they sending, mainly to young black boys? We will leave that for you to decide.

Is not standing for your flag, anthem  and in reality your nation going to change whatever ails American society? No. So what’s the point? To make a statement? And so what? You made a statement.

Trump is right although we don’t agree with his language. Had he used less inflammatory wording, perhaps a dialogue would have opened up and he would have been  more effective. Alas, that is his shortcoming and weakness, which, if they are honest, Trump supporters will agree with.

So what’s the next step? Will the players cut up their passports? We highly doubt that as they know their passports are highly valued in the world. Denounce their American citizenship? Doubtful. They live off that citizenship which gives them a salary that is frankly not commensurate to what they do.

There is no doubt that driving while black is a real issue. There is no doubt that there is police brutality against black people. There is also no doubt that Obama was the worst thing to have happened to black people. He pushed them to live off the system instead of encouraging them to  strengthen their own communities and learn to take care of themselves as many other nationalities have had to do in America. As well, by acknowledging black lives matter, he gave credence to a group that is sketchy at best.

Given that, if black football players feel that there is injustice done to them as a people in the United States then there are a few avenues open to them to change things. Kneeling when their national anthem is being played is not one of them. Here are a few suggestions:  a) get involved in politics b) mobilize the population and set up marches in every large city c) dialogue with people – meet face to face with those who you think malign you the most.

Kneeling for the national anthem is self-serving and ‘feel good’. It does absolutely nothing to further any part of their cause. In fact, it is creating negativity and division. Our suggestion is that a mediator be called in who both Trump and the football players will listen to. Communication is always the key to solve any issue. Spoken from a woman’s voice which seems to be silent in all of this. Way to much testosterone here.

Uber seems to be leaving Quebec. We are in good company. Uber was recently been banned in London and is not in many other cities and countries including Italy.

We have never taken Uber here in Montreal but have used the service in New York, Florida and California. It was fantastic. But… In New York there were many incidents of Uber drivers assaulting young women because the drivers are not properly, if at all, vetted.

One of the complaints Uber has is that it takes too long for a police check of their drivers and they want to use a private firm. Their drivers need to be checked and if it takes a long time, so be it.

It is pretty obvious that the taxi industry here is strong and has pull with our mayor. Uber never ingratiated themselves here. They kind of pushed their way in.

Competition is healthy and Uber made it so.  Before Uber the taxi industry was sloppy and often rather disgusting. Because of Uber they had to start taking credit cards. They should also allow people to have a registry system so no money ever needs to change hands and there is a record of what taxi one took in case the driver is eating his, shall we say, ethnic lunch in the front seat creating an interesting aroma in the cab. Blanche, seriously. You are disgusting.

Saudi Arabia announced that it would allow women to drive (June 2018), ending a longstanding policy that has become a global symbol of the repression of women in the ultraconservative kingdom.

Of course the picture depicted of a woman driving is one with her wearing a niqab which hides her entire face and makes peripheral vision all but impossible.

If you really want to have steam coming out of your ears, read on: Many working Saudi women spend much of their salaries on drivers or must be driven to work by male relatives. Be happy where you live. Wait. Can someone please tell that to the kneeling football players. Oh wait a minute. Tell their wives who live in a society that allows them to drive wherever they want to. See how ridiculous what they are doing is?

Ever hear of the party Alternative for Deutschland aka AfD? It’s the right-wing German party that gained prominence in this week’s election in Germany where Angela Merkel was re-elected.

Their leader, Björn Höcke complained in a January 2017 speech about Berlin’s Holocaust memorial, saying “we Germans are the only people in the world who have planted a memorial of shame in the heart of their capital.” Nothing more to say here except that it never ends. N.e.v.e.r.

There is possibly no place that has changed more than the monarchy in England. King Edward VIII abdicated the throne because Wallis Simpson, the love of his life, was a divorcee and the church of england would not allow the marriage.

Then there was Prince Charles who divorced Diana to marry that Bowles woman. Ugh. And now, Prince Harry is in love with Meghan Markel who is not only divorced but has black heritage. In fact, their children could be black with red hair. That would be something, eh Blanche?

Seems the Queen moving along with the times (we are one of her twitter followers) although Harry is about 5th in line to be king. We wonder however, what Phil has to say about this. He is ‘very special’.

Trump was warned to send help to Puerto Rico or risk having it be his Katrina. Today he finally woke up and authorized an increase in the level of federal funding for debris removal and emergency protective measures.

They are a poor country and had little infrastructure before the vicious hurricane hit them. Now they are third-world country with no running water, no electricity and no proper hospitals.

In case you need a history lesson of how Puerto Rico is connected to the United States, here it is: Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory in 1898, when it was acquired from Spain after the Spanish-American War. With approximately 3.5 million residents, Puerto Rico is the most highly populated of all United States territories. People who are born in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens.

If they are US citizens then they need to be helped asap.

We have never posted a joke or bumper sticker here, but this one was way to good not to share. In fact, we encourage you to share it with those you love.

If you want to talk to G-d, stop, find a peaceful talk and talk to him. If you want to see Him, text while you drive.

We’ll talk…

Rocket Man

Anyone see President Donald Trump speak at the United Nations this morning? He was excellent. The CNN talking heads sound like robotic groupies unable to think for themselves any longer.

Looking for something to hang on him, they found two words – rocket man – which he called Kim Jung Un. Never mind the rest of the speech was real and well delivered by the President. He didn’t pander to that den of lies called the UN. He was honest, something Obama never was because he never wanted to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

He called out the fact that the very countries who abuse and enslave women like Saudi Arabia are the very countries who the UN put on the UN women’s commission. What a crock and good for him for speaking out. It’s about time that the truth was exposed in there.

He also said the United States pays 22% of all expenses and their bureaucracy has grown by leaps and bounds. He told the place to get themselves in order without uttering a direct threat that if they don’t the money would start to dry out. Even though the world is slowly imploding and even though the President spoke well, as usual, those who still can’t believe that Hillary lost cannot come to themselves. Time to grow up.

Did anyone notice that Toys R Us filed for chapter 11 aka protection from creditor? Can we talk? Who exactly shops there? Whenever we went in to find something it was like a maze, looking organized but in fact, impossible to find anything.

Chapter 11 gives companies a chance to reorganize. May we suggest that they reorganize their stores so people can go in and find something without searching in vain for the invisible store clerk. Or, if that won’t work, give everyone a map as they enter and number the rows.

Our genius mayor Coderre is pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book and it looks like no one is going to call him out on it.

When asked how much the ePrix aka e-race cost taxpayers he said that it will take until after the municipal election to figure out all the costs. Seriously? Bring on the barf bag.

Obviously the cost is over the top, off the roof and in the moon. The Valerie Planet woman who is running against him is invisible, so Coderre, being very savvy, knows nothing will happen to him for this stunt.

Crazy what’s going on in the world. Between the hurricanes which are particularly intense this year and the huge earthquake in Mexico today, people don’t have time to catch their breath. Imagine that Mexico held an earthquake drill this morning and a few hours later the city was shaken to the core. It happens to be the anniversary of another massive quake.

Try as they may, climate changers cannot blame climate change on the earthquake. Of course they can always hire a private jet to meet on an island that was not decimated by the hurricanes to discuss this. May we suggest calling Al Gore. He seems to know where these jets can be found.

We don’t always want to put items about Hillary Clinton in every blog, but she’s just the gift that keeps on giving. She’s on the road with her book and seems to think this gives her a license to speak out against President Trump.

Today’s tidbit: She urged federal employees who disagree with the Trump administration to stay in their jobs if they can, condemning what she called the “disregard, even contempt, among many in this administration about what federal workers know and what they’ve done, and the advice they can give.”

What’s her business? She cannot seem to get past the fact that she is not living in the White House. Blanche, can you please find someone to pass her a reality pill.

There are some restaurants in Montreal where one simply cannot have a private conversation. Either the tables are too close together or the noise level is so loud that one has to shout to be heard, ergo any privacy is lost.

Well, in Washington Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb sat outside at a table in a tony restaurant and had what can only be termed a frank conversation with another lawyer. And what were they talking about?

A detailed (and loud) discussion of the Russia investigations being conducted by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and various congressional committees, as well as the strategy of Mr. Trump’s team for responding. Nothing to say here except what were these dudes thinking. Oh wait Blanche, they weren’t thinking.

We would like to wish all of our readers a sweet, happy and healthy New Year. Blanche will not be writing again until next Tuesday as this Thursday is Rosh Hashana.

We’ll talk…

Snivelling, Liberal University Students

When we saw this little news item we thought the following – this is what is wrong with liberals. There is now counselling available at Berkley university for students who are stressed by right wing politicians and what is happening in Washington. Can we talk?

If they are stressed from what might be, imagine what will happen with they start working and their boss yells at them. They will crumble, cry and most likely run away. Pathetic excuses for students who are supposed to be the next generation running their country.

Hillary is still at it. Honestly, someone needs to send her very far away for a very long time. She is doing two things simultaneously: Giving fodder to Trump and shooting her party in the foot.

While she is articulate, what comes out of her mouth is the old-school, old boys club Washington which America rejected en masse. She obviously still doesn’t get the point.

Here’s a riddle: What costs $100 for admission, cost $27 million to build, has a ride that lasts 15 minutes and gives you a view of the city? Montreal’s new ferris wheel in the old port. Blanche, that’s  a lot of money to get a view of the city when you can get it for free at the lookout.

And why do we not believe that private money only paid for this? Time will tell, eh?

We are now seeing what Trump refers to as fake media in all its glory. Social media is salivating, saying that his base will desert him. This time the deal is on the DACA issue (The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). He didn’t quite finish the wall business,  but a got a strong policy at borders where people cross illegally,  Get a grip dudes.

His base isn’t deserting him anytime soon and he knows it. Otherwise, the Donald would never had done this deal. He’s smart enough to know that success breeds more success. Two deals in two weeks? That’s success.

His base is watching their republican party squirm and try to wiggle out of the fact that they are, for all intents and purposes, impotent. They best get in the game quickly or Trump will keep bypassing them, deal by deal.

Couillard is making us take out the barf bag. For three years he was an absentee premier. Now that there’s an election looming, he’s making himself visible.

You know who we miss right now? You know who would make sense of this and put Couillard in his place? Jean Lapierre. He knew what was going on both inside the walls of the national assembly and outside.

With his voice of reason and intelligence gone forever, no one seems to be able to make a dent in Couillard’s thinking. He’s bringing the province to a place no one wants to be. He dropped the ball a long time ago and now is trying to pick it up again. He’s a pathetic example of a premier.

We are not a sports aficionado, but we like a good baseball or football game. Lately, Montreal seems to have the loser of loser teams.

Who exactly is watching soccer? Doesn’t sound like too many peeps. To get an idea of where this team is holding here are a few statistics: There are 4 teams in Canada, Montreal is in 3rd place. There are 200 teams in North America – Montreal is in 58th place.

The Alouettes just fired their third coach in three years. The season hasn’t yet started and people are already complaining about the Montreal Canadians.

Here’s something we learned a long time ago that applies here perfectly: When it stinks, it stinks from the head down. The head honchos in all of these teams need some help or need to go.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Hillary’s Blame Game

So there are Canadians who were trapped on islands that bore the brunt of hurricane Irma. No food, no water and no shelter. Seriously Blanche? Didn’t they hear that the ‘big one’ was coming? Yes they did but they thought, hey, we’ll go anyway because we don’t want to lose our money. What? They would rather lose their lives? Geniuses are born every day.

Said Canadians were then complaining loudly that the Canadian government was slow to come and get them. Here’s the deal dudes: You want the Canadian government to rescue you? Fork it over. Why do the rest of Canadian taxpayers have to pay for your stupidity? Be happy you got rescued altogether. It would also be nice for you to take out a full page ad and thank the rest of the country.

Sounds like Premier Couillard is getting the message – well, at least it went in one ear. He fired his chief of staff and replaced him with the second in command in that office.

Unfortunately, Barrette is still there, arrogance and all. Until he goes, Couillard is still living in some kind of alternate world where he thinks he can win the next election.

Watch out for the new and upcoming potential NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. In case you didn’t know, he was the only member of the Ontario legislature to speak out against a provincial vote to condemn the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)movement.

He then went on a trip to Israel with the Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs. In the end, he’s still a snake as he wants to play both sides: He wants average NDP members to think he’s opposed to Israeli violence and supportive of Palestinian solidarity activism. Simultaneously he wants to signal to CIJA and Israeli officials that he’ll play ball.

So here’s the deal: If he wins the leadership race it’s good for the Conservative party as he will split the vote between the NDP and Liberals and poof! Scheer can come up the middle and win.

We don’t want to harp on Hillary, but honestly, she’s making such a fool of herself that it is becoming embarrassing.

She’s now blaming Zaidy Bernie for her loss saying that his reluctance to concede the presidential nomination before the party’s convention was disrespectful and hurtful. We are now 100% certain that she lives in a bubble. Like that was going to make her win.

Incidentally, he never could have done that as he had so many followers they would have revolted because they were revolted by Hillary. It was bad enough he had to get up at that convention and make a speech where they booed every time her name was mentioned. Imagine if he had conceded?

And one more thing. If the democratic party thinks she’s going to ride off on her horse into the sunset they best think again. Here’s what she said at a recent interview: “I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out.” Blanche, go get the big barf bag.

The iPhone 10 was presented today. One of the new features is that there is no home button on the main screen. It opens with face recognition. That’s fine unless you meet your doppelgänger aka your double.

Somewhere there’s someone who looks exactly like you. Also, there are other people who look somewhat like you. The bottom line is that people are a bit nervous that others will be able to open their phone. Of course Apple thought of everything and said that the chances of a random person using their face to enter your phone is about one in a million.

The phone does not come cheap. It’s $999 aka well over $1000 after taxes and set-up charges. Don’t worry. Come November 3 when it will be released, the line-ups will be around the block wherever there’s an Apple store.

Blanche, did you know that Florida has about 900,000 mobile homes? You can guess that they didn’t survive Irma. In fact, some of those mobile homes must have moved to another town without the advantage of being towed. The wind just picked them up and flew them somewhere.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is now saying that they will be giving people mobile homes to place on the front lawns of what is left of their homes until they are rebuilt.

If you are looking to go into a business, may we suggest you start building mobile homes? They are going to be in high demand for a very long time.

Ever hear of Hope Hicks? Google her. She’s for fainting and she’s now the new communications director for Donald Trump. Like Melania and Ivana Trump, Hicks used to be a model. In fact, at 28 years old, she could still be one.

Here are her credentials:
Former director of strategic communications
Was one of the first staffers to join Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign
Served as Mr Trump’s press secretary and handled media requests during his campaign
Worked as a publicist for Ivanka Trump’s fashion label

Blanche, you are not nice. So what that she’s drop dead gorgeous. She can still be his communications director and be good at it. Anyway, she’s a lot nicer to look at then that Sean Spicer dude.

We’ll talk…

Watching, Waiting and Praying…

The Trump naysayers have little to say today. In a month, the United States government was going to default on its debts. With no cooperation from his own Republican party, Trump bypassed them and made a deal with the congressional democrats. The result is that the debt ceiling is now raised and all the money that is needed by victims of hurricane Harvey and soon, Irma, will get to those people.

The republicans are in an uproar. Take a pill.  It appears that those in Washington live in some kind of bubble. Trump vowed to drain the swamp and with it people who think that five minutes on CNN will win them brownie points with their electorate back home.

An excellent example of this is that the Republicans had seven years to rewrite Obamacare. When the time came to vote on the new bill under Trump, there was no bill nor even a proposal. It appears they could not agree, within their own party, as to what kind of health care bill to present.

The swamp is littered with self-centred, naval-gazing politicians and Trump, warts and all, has decided to go around them to get things done. Kudos to him.

Yesterday we were listening to people on vacation, stuck on islands in the Caribbean looking at a direct hit from hurricane Irma. Can we talk?

Many of those people went on vacation from Sunday to Sunday. Well, last Sunday every news and social media was talking about hurricane Irma. Everyone was saying the same thing: it’s the biggest storm we have ever seen. So why would anyone go to those islands?

Perhaps they like to live dangerously.  Oh wait Blanche, perhaps they are idiots.  Or perhaps they live in their own little world and heard nothing about Irma. Either way they became a huge pain to people living on those islands trying to protect themselves from that killer storm.

Many of them were complaining that no airline would come and get them. Really? Here’s a headline: No airline was coming to get them. No airline would risk flying, landing and taking off with such a storm bearing down.

Perhaps next time they will not think that the weather forecasters are over-exaggerating.

Yesterday, the EU’s top court told member countries they have to open their doors to refugees whether they like it or not. Although we have said this before, it bears repeating. Margaret Thatcher was the lone voice that said the European Union was going to be a disaster. She didn’t let Great Britain change their currency. With brexit last year, the country is slowly divorcing the EU and it appears not a second too soon.

Europe has been dealing with the worst migrant and refugee crisis since WWII. Millions of people have fled from countries in Africa and the Middle East for Europe. And many have ended up in Italy and Greece – putting a huge burden on them. The EU set up a system to relocate more than 100,000 refugees to other member countries.

One of England’s biggest complaints about the EU was its bureaucracy and this is a perfect example of that. Anyone thinking that perhaps they made a mistake in voting for brexit must be doing a jig today.

Those pea-brain Quebec bureaucrats are at it again. It appears they don’t read newspapers or watch television.

It seems that six members of the Quebec legislature are in Haiti on a ‘co-operation mission’, awaiting word on whether they would be able to get a flight out of the country.

Parti Quebecois member Diane Lamarre called the situation confusing and said the possibilities of leaving the country were “complicated.” Seriously? Your tax dollars at work.

Hillary’s book, What Happened, is one of, if not the biggest thorn in the side of the democrat party. As they try to find a leader, which she was not and rebuild what she destroyed, she still refuses to take any blame for losing the election. No one will tell her that she was the worst candidate in their history.

We are guessing that it is cathartic for her to talk about her loss. And herein lies the issue. Those two words ‘for her’ are her mantra. When you look up selfish in the dictionary you see a picture of Hillary. In her book, she goes after Zaidy Bernie like it’s nobody’s business. Madame, it wasn’t Bernie. It wasn’t Comey. It wasn’t Trump. It wasn’t Bill. It was you who lost the election.

And one more thing…She always gets money up front for her books which have yet to make a profit. They are as boring as she is. Can someone please lend her money to take a gardening course?

A final word on hurricane Irma. Drudge’s headline said it all – You Have Been Warned. Anybody in Florida who is not heeding the advice of the professionals needs to have their heads examined. We are astounded as to how organized their governor Rick Scott.

He’s an ex-navy guy who is on social media and television every two hours giving his population updates. He’s uber organized and the furtherest thing from hysterical. He is warning people  who have a mandatory evacuation order to leave. Many are not. He warned them that if they stay, they are on their own. They should be listening to him.

We pray for those in Florida, Houston, St. Marten and anywhere else that was decimated by this historic hurricane. G-d should have mercy on them.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Pin-Heads for Brains in Quebec’s Health Ministry

Unless you have been living on Mars today, you no doubt know that Trump is phasing out the DACA or dreamer program. Here are the facts:

What is Daca? It is an acronym for Deferred Action for Child Arrivals. It is a federal government program created in 2012 under Obama to allow people brought to the US illegally as children the temporary right to live, study and work legally in America. Those applying are vetted for any criminal history or threat to national security and must be students or have completed school or military service. If they pass vetting, action to deport them is deferred for two years, with a chance to renew, and they become eligible for basics like a driving license, college enrollment or a work permit.

Who are the ‘Dreamers’? Those protected under Daca are known as “Dreamers” and 787,580 have been granted approval. To apply, they must have been younger than 31 on June 15,  2012 when the program began, and “undocumented”, lacking legal immigration status. They must have arrived in the US before turning 16 and lived there continuously since June 2007.

What happened today? Trump announced he will begin “an orderly, lawful wind down” of Daca, including “the cancellation of the memo that authorized this program”, which was a memo from homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano to immigration chiefs in 2012 telling them not to enforce deportation of Dreamers.

This is a complicated issue. While Trump looks like the bad guy here, in fact, Obama’s administration had the most deportations of any in history.

As well, Obama signed this Daca business as a presidential executive order. It was never passed by anyone. To add to this fray are the ‘sanctuary’ cities. Will the Daca people, who range in age from 15 to 36 years old run to those cities? New York, Los Angeles, Houston etc.

The other legacy Obama left those Daca people was that he encouraged them to give over all their information to the authorities, which they did because they trusted him. Now the authorities know where everyone is, even though many of them tried to live under the radar.

To add to all this misery, illegal immigrant’s homes were heavily damaged in hurricane Harvey and they are not eligible for any government help.

Trump inherited two major issues given to him by Obama: immigration and North Korea. Obama’s legacy went the way of Hillary. His book should also be called What Happened (that’s the title of Hillary’s book). What happened? The democrats had no voice, no plan, no future and no connection with the little people. There ya go and we don’t have to pay $3,000 a ticket to sit in the front row to hear Hillary blame everyone but herself for the fact that she lost.

Yet another nail in the coffin for the Liberal party in Quebec. The budget cuts done by Barrette have caused physical consequences. A nurse on the nightshift was almost strangled to death by a mentally ill patient. Due to said budget cuts, there are no security guards on duty at night. That is insanity.

We were once in the emergency when a patient went ballistic, grabbing a cane and trying to hit someone. In two seconds there were security guards present to stop this dude and subdue him.

What is totally infuriating is Quebec’s allegation that it has a huge surplus in its coffers. Get a life. That is not a surplus and everybody knows it. That extra money is a direct result of all the budget cuts done to the medical system.

Here’s a tip for Couillard: People down south voted to oust the pork-barrel establishment. He’s heading for the same fate. Only difference here is that our choices are even worse than in the US: Lisee who is an avowed separatist and Legault who is a secret separatist. Take your pick folks.

Finally, the truth is starting to come out publicly in Houston. The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) is a very strong lobby group. They boasted recently how they managed to stop any upcoming 2018 building codes they didn’t like. Oh really?

There are some people in that group who have found their voice and courage. According to one such member, their motto is: We’ll rebuild these houses as many times as you’ll pay us to do it.

Someone from the insurance board said – We can’t prevent the event, but we can mitigate the damage. That sentence is only true if there are building codes, which there are not many in Texas.

If people living in known flood zones and covered wetlands had to pay the full cost of that risk, much of those areas would empty out. And who would they pay? The government would create an insurance policy. If you want to live in such an area, then they would pay up front for the damage that occurs when there is a flood or hurricane – which is a given.

Houston has to decide now what to do with all those homeless people. Rebuild in the same area and flood again in two years? Move people to more sensible areas? And who is going to pay for all of this? How much money is each family without insurance getting? They have to start all over again – housing, clothing, furniture, cars etc.

Guess who’s one of the happiest people on the planet? Prince Harry. With the third pregnancy of his sister-in-law Kate, he moves one step further away from ever becoming King of England. He gets the money, some of the engagements but none of the responsibility. How good is that Blanche?

Yet another pea-brain edict from the Quebec government. Blanche, we are beginning to think that a pea is too big to describe the size of the brains of french canadian bureaucrats. Could be they are the size of a pinhead.

The latest genius move is that if a child has lice in a classroom they can come to school and not tell anyone. Only until 10% of the class has it will the rest of the parents be told. Why you ask? Because it will ‘hurt the self-esteem’ of the child.

We have no words. Lice jump from head to head. That’s a fact. If a school waits until 10% of a classroom has lice, the entire school will be infested.

Here’s an idea. Send Barrette into a classroom where a kid has lice. Let him sit beside that kid for a day and watch what happens when a louse to jump onto his genius head. The only term for those people in the health ministry is ignoramuses.

We’ll talk…