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Take a Safe Vacation and Come Home in a Seat Rather Than the Cargo Section

There were a few people who were not happy with our last post, when we called out Oprah Winfrey for looking like the saviour for all the little girls when she gave her speech at the Golden Globe awards. As with many liberals, when they don’t like what is said, they take their toys and go home. One such person unsubscribed from this blog.

Sorry to say Oprah’s speech reminded us way, way to much of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech…And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

We will remind everyone how Hilary destroyed the women in who were brave enough to come forward after her darling husband Bill couldn’t keep his pants on. Monica Lewinsky’s life was ruined because of Hillary.

Our intent was to explain that Oprah is obviously a mentor to many women.  It cannot be, that over the many years of Weinstein’s abuse, not one young woman came to her with some kind of tale about Weinstein. That she stood on stage and preached to little girls to have hope…sorry, she dropped the ball somewhere along the way. (We invite everyone to check out James Woods who posted three pictures of Oprah with Harvey Weinstein. This is a case where a picture is truly worth a thousand words.)

There is  no doubt that Winfrey is a self-made person. She came from extreme poverty and abuse to rise to the heights of stardom and wealth. No one can, nor should take anything away from her tenacity and strength. What stinks here is the forum, timing and kind of speech she made. Now? After all those women came forward?

Lest some people forget, we will remind you that she’s an actress who won an academy award and as such, is able to give the kind of emotional speech she did. Running for president is something she does not need, nor probably does not want in her life.

Perhaps she would do well to start an organization to help not only the women who were abused, but  help those who knew and cowardly didn’t have the guts to stop the abusers.

We are sure that by now everyone has heard about how Trudeau and his group of left of left liberals are totally screwing up the NAFTA talks. Our foreign affairs minister, Chyrystia Freeland didn’t go into those negotiations with much hope. “We tried our best and prepared for the worst.” That instills confidence. Not.

So what’s the problem? Bleeding heart liberals my dear. Trudeau insisted on injecting social issues into the mix: climate change, gender equity, LGBTQ issues, indigenous issues.

Can we talk? Trudeau is again, way, way over his head. When going into negotiations, you better know your opponent. Trump is a pragmatic businessman. For sure he’s not interested in climate change which is a pile of you-know-what. LGBTQ issues? He’s looking for jobs for Americans. He’s not interested talking about cushy, feel-good things.

Trudeau should stick to buying fancy socks and taking selfies and leave the real stuff to people who can handle it, of which there are precious few in this government.

Megyn Kelly is one of those blonde talking heads – a political pundit, or so she would like to be thought of. Unfortunately it appears that she has air between her ears.

It seems that while in university she was gaining weight, a fate, to her, worse than death. In order to stay rake-thin, she had her step-father fat-shame her. Can we talk?

Is this the be-all and end-all? Is this what women want to be remembered for? That she stayed skinny, had blonde hair and wore tight clothes on television?

All of this came to light when she interviewed another genius, an uber-fit mother who posted a picture of herself online with the caption “What’s your excuse?” Kelly should be looking for another line of work if that’s all she can deal with on her show. At some point, people need substance.

Valerie Plante’s honeymoon is over with Montrealers. That was quick, eh Blanche? After promising not to raise taxes more than the inflation rate, she raised taxes more than the inflation rate. Why are people surprised?

People will sell their mother to win an election. She didn’t sell her mother or children, but promised the sun, moon and stars. Unfortunately, she can’t deliver.

Her arrogant comment didn’t help her situation either: “It’s hard for citizens to look at the big picture because it’s a lot of numbers.” You’re kidding, right?

It appears that something in the chair Denis Coderre sat on has seeped into Plante’s body. That, or she’s sitting on her brain and that’s why she’s sounding like Coderre.

Here’s a travel tip: Stay away from Mexico. It’s not safe. In fact it’s a very dangerous place. There’s a reason it’s cheap. Shall we elaborate?

At least two Mexican resorts — Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (home of club med) and Acapulco — are in a do-not-travel state. Last year, the State Department extended a total ban on personal travel by U.S. government personnel there.

Spend a bit more money and go somewhere else. At least you’ll come home in a seat rather than in the cargo section.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Could Everyone Please Get a Grip?

Could everyone please calm down? What’s with the media’s hysteria about Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020? They already have created #oprah2020. Get a grip people.

First of all, where was she during all the years when her friend Weinstein couldn’t keep his pants on? She had to have known what was going on as there must have been women who came to her for advice about him. Now she looks like a hero because she gave a speech sounding like Michelle Obama telling young girls that she will be their saviour? Bring on the barf bag.

Blanche, you think she wants people to dig into her private life with a microscope? Right down to the colour of her interhoisen (underwear)? She needs to be president like we need snow in the summer.

The real issue here is that the Democrat party has no one with any pizazz to lead them. They do have some women that could run…like Elizabeth Warren aka pochahantas or Kristen Gilibrand who makes watching the grass grow look like fun. See the problem?

The only woman in politics right now who could run and win is Nikki Haley and she’s a staunch republican. The democrats have to take a deep breath, take a long look in a mirror and then think for about a year. Maybe then they could come up with someone to lead them.

Given all of the above, imagine this ticket in 2020: Oprah running for president with Michelle Obama as her running mate. Now that would be the mother-of-all-tickets, eh Blanche?

It’s about time that Israel took the offensive. They recently published a blacklist of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) organizations whose members and leaders will be prevented from entering the country. Blanche, do we hear people clapping?

Among the beauties is a French organization that receives taxpayer funds from state bodies, a British advocacy group whose patrons include the leader of the opposition Labour Party, and a South African solidarity campaign that regularly features antisemitic slogans and images in its propaganda.

There are also groups in the United States: The American Friends Service Committee, Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace – the latter an overtly anti-Zionist group that operates outside the formal structures of the Jewish community, with financial support from the US progressive Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Special eh?

In case you are still not convinced that this BDS movement is truly bs, here’s a sample of someone who belongs to one of these groups.

Her name is Rebecca and when she heard that she would be barred from Israel, here’s what she said: “Despite the fact that my grandparents are buried there, that my aging in-laws still live there, and my extensive ties of friendship and family, my support for the BDS movement for Palestinian rights now excludes me from Israel.”

Wah, wah, wah. That’s what liberals do when they don’t get their way. They cry and carry on like two-year-olds. Here’s a headline for Rebecca: You want to play with the big boys and girls then act like one. Why would Israel let you into the country when all you want to do is destroy it? When you support the ‘poor palestinians’. For your next trip, go to Gaza. They’ll let you in.

Bannon’s out at Breitbart most likely due to a power struggle between him and Trump.

The very wealthy Mercers funded Breitbart and also fund Trump. When Wolff’s book Fire and Fury was released last week, there was a nasty comment by Bannon about Donald Trump Jr.

In June 2016 there was a meeting at Trump Tower, which Donald Trump Jr. attended. The Russians were present at that meeting and claimed to have damaging information on Hillary. In the book Fire and Fury Bannon referred to Donald Jr. as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” for going to the meeting.

On Sunday, Bannon retreated from those comments, saying Trump Jr. was a patriot and that he had labeled the actions of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, as treasonous, not those of the president’s son.

The author, Wolff, disputed Bannon’s comment and poof! now he’s gone from Breitbart. Some pundits were asking who exactly controls Trump’s base supporters – Bannon or Trump. Well, it appears that Trump does.

Blanche, bring on the barf bag. The big one. The Oakland Raiders introduced Jon Gruden as their next head coach. The most interesting part of the deal is that the Raiders were willing to make an unprecedented contract offer to entice him: 10 years and US$100 million. Can we talk?

Unless he’s the bionic man, he’s still human. This is exactly what is wrong with the world. A football coach making $10 million a year while nurses and health-care professionals have to fight for a small raise?

Heads up – pardon the pun. On January 11, in 20 days, there will be a super blue moon eclipse, partially visible from Montreal. Unless of course it’s cloudy in which case you can put your head down and look where you’re going.

We’ll talk…

The Mother-of-All Weather Bombs

We hope no one is surprised that Steve Bannon turned on Donald Trump like a rabid pit-bull. He is a pit-bull and his actions are to be expected.

The fact that he has written a book about his time in the White House should also come as no surprise. There is no doubt he kept scrupulous notes while there and now is doing a tell-all, I’m-gonna-get-back-at you book called Fire and Fury.

Such people are erratic at best, out of their minds, as Trump said, at worst. His longtime benefactors, billionaires Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, are actively distancing themselves from him. It appears he has found another sucker to fund him, billionaire benefactor, Miles Kwok, aka Guo Wen Gui. Quite the name, eh Blanche?

It seems that this Kwok dude makes Trump and Bannon look like mickey mouse in dealing with people they think crossed them. Could be Bannon met his match and then some with this guy. In the meantime, stay tuned to the open feud between Trump and Bannon which is sure to keep heating up in the next few days as his book is due to be released tomorrow, despite Trump’s attempt at a court order to stop it.

Blanche happened to be in New York today when the mother-of-all storms – the bomb cyclone, hit New York and its environs. Can we talk?

The storm hit this morning but as of yesterday all schools and flights were already cancelled. That’s a good thing as it gives people time to get their act together vis-a-vis their children and travel plans.

What we found absolutely incredulous is the fact the most New Yorker’s have no snow tires.

Do they not know they live in the north where it snows? This should not come as a surprise to anyone as guess what – it snows every year!  Do they not know when it snows and they don’t have the proper tires they can’t get up the slightest hill?

So what happens when people drive with no snow tires? Everything slows down to a crawl. No wonder they shut down the city. Nothing moves, cars spin out of control, 18-wheelers slide and also spin out of control. We say it’s about time that Americans living on the east coast wake up to the reality that yes, dearies, come January, you will be getting a snowstorm and you best be prepared.

Justin Trudeau blew it again. He’s looking more and more like the Montreal Canadiens on their seasonal losing streak.

In 2012, Joshua Boyle and his then-pregnant wife, Caitlan Coleman, were abducted in Afghanistan and held by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network. They were released in Pakistan in murky circumstances in October. Coleman had given birth to three children during captivity.

Two weeks before police laid 15 charges against Boyle, including eight counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of forcible confinement, and one count each of misleading police, uttering death threats and administering someone a noxious substance, Trudeau brought Boyle, his wife and children to meet him on Parliament Hill.

One minute – bring out the barf bag – there’s a picture of Trudeau cuddling Boyle’s infant daughter. Seriously?

A government official, who would speak only on ‘background’, said the meeting had been requested by Boyle, and that Trudeau would grant the same meeting to any Canadian who had gone through a similarly harrowing experience. Not. We don’t believe that for a second.

Trudeau is the ultimate tree-hugging save-the-whale uber liberal who felt ‘sorry’ for the Boyles. There have been plenty of other hostages who never got a meeting with the Prime Minister, let alone have him hold their baby.

In case you didn’t yet realize it, our  Prime Minister is way over his head in the job he holds. He simply does not have the intellectual capacity for it and unless he is 100% scripted, gets into serious trouble over and over again.

Looks like we’re back to deep throat (the Watergate mole) regarding Hillary Clinton and her foundation.

Speaking under anonymity, the deep throat of our generation said that a probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes.

For years, news media have reported countless stories on donations to the Clinton Foundation or speech fees that closely fell around the time of favorable decisions by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Can we have a little talk here? The person speaking with anonymity values their life. Over the years, people who crossed the Clintons somehow died. Either their car went mysteriously out of control or they were stabbed in a ‘random’ robbery, or pick any scenario. Whoever is investigating them better watch their back, literally.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

Les Habs in a Stupor

A shtikel late, but here it is…

Blanche, just because the rest of the world is asleep at the wheel, doesn’t mean we have to be like them.

Here’s what we scooped: The Quebec provincial election is Monday October 1, 2018. That date happens to be a Jewish holiday. Who knew? Certainly not the planners of the election.

We have written to our local MNA, Mr. David Birnbaum, but are not holding our breath that anything will be done. One of the points we made in our email was that people are looking for any excuse not to vote in the next election and the Liberal party has handed them a reason on a silver platter.

The more we read about the weather, the more we think that those people who can ‘predict’ what the weather will be in, oh, say 200 years are full of it. They can’t tell you what the weather will be in two hours, never mind 200 years.

On Thursday it appears that the east coast of the US is getting a ‘bomb cyclone’. The National Weather Service has posted winter storm watches from Lake City, Fla. to Norfolk, places that don’t normally get this kind of weather.

The storm will then head to the mid-Atlantic and eastern New England. Seems NY will be somewhat spared as will Montreal with both regions getting a dusting of snow that day. Percy Saltzman, where are you when we need you?

Next time you fly, best have a book with you. Airlines are getting rid of those seatback screens. Special eh?

First they squish you in like a sardine. Then they don’t serve you even a glass of water. And now, they expect you to sit like a dolt for two or three hours, staring into space.

It’s not that we need the screens, it’s the principle. Charge more, make the seats and aisles smaller and take away all amenities. Frankly, airlines are pigs.

The Montreal Canadiens aka the Habs are a pathetic excuse for a hockey team. We find it infuriating that they get paid astronimical salaries and are both not living up to any expectations at all and are wimps.

We had occasion to be with someone in the hospital recently. It is the doctors and nurses who should be getting the salaries of those hockey players. What exactly do they add to anyone’s life except sixty minutes of aggravation?

We are officially stating that the Habs players should donate half their salaries to the hard-working doctors and nurses. Maybe that would shake them out of their stupor.

Nikki Haley has it right, CNN and the NYTimes are totally off base. We speak about the Iranian uprisings taking place as we speak. Here are Haley’s comments:

“It takes great bravery for the Iranian people to use the power of their voice against their government, especially when that government has a long history of murdering its own people who dare to speak the truth… All freedom-loving people must stand with their cause.”

A few weeks ago, Politico published a jaw-dropping, meticulously sourced investigative piece detailing how the Obama administration had secretly undermined US law enforcement agency efforts to shut down an international drug-trafficking ring run by the terror group Hezbollah. The effort was part of a wider push by the administration to placate Iran and ensure the signing of the nuclear deal.

Now, if CNN and the NYTimes, both lovers of Clinton and Obama are trying to protect them, they should all be put in jail. Lock them up!

We’ll talk…