And Who Exactly is Blanche?

This is me
This is me

Blanche was the name of a dear friend’s son-in-law’s grandmother who lived in Brooklyn. We loved the name and decided that not only was it the bomb, it was bilingual! Blanche in French means white. So whoever reads The Blanche Report can take a chill pill because we’ve somewhat acquiesced to the
‘language police’ in Quebec.

Blanche tries to stay out of Israeli politics – a no win situation and for sure stays away from anything, shall we say, intimate in nature. It’s just not her style as one can see by her pearls. Anyone who wears pearls has some
modicum of modesty.

We hope that you will comment on her blogs and engage in a dialogue. Most of the world takes themselves way to seriously. Humor is the antidote to that.

Welcome to Blanche’s world. We’ll talk…Smilies

2 thoughts on “And Who Exactly is Blanche?

    1. Hey Naomi – how are you? Thanks for kind words. Greatly appreciated.

      Mazel Tov on Eric’s accomplishment’s. I’m sure you’re very proud, as you should be.

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