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Is There a Nurse in the House?

Margaret Atwood is a prolific and very successful author. No one can take that away from her. Given that, has anyone see a picture of her lately? She looks like she buys her clothes from a second-hand store in Woodstock, leftovers from the festival in 1969. Her hair looks like she just took her finger out of an electrical socket. So why in the world would she remark on how un-fashionable Kate Middleton is compared to Princess Diana?

There was such a backlash to her comments that she ‘kind of’ retracted them. Can we talk? What’s her business how Kate dresses? And how in the world can she even dream of commenting when she looks the way she does? Doesn’t it sound like she’s bored out of her mind? If you see her around, perhaps give her a couple suggestions: stick to writing and buy a mirror.

In a couple of weeks, the super hospital is set to open. One can only imagine the logistics of moving an entire sick population from one place to another. That however, seems to be turning out to be the least of managements problems. You know that buzzer you use to call the nurse when you need help? They don’t work in the new hospital.

Here’s a prediction, not even with a crystal ball: All hell is going to break loose when that place opens. If no one checked to see that a simple buzzer was working, then you can just imagine what else is not working. Remember – do not get sick in the next couple of months. Hold off until they iron out the kinks. Or if you must sick, make sure your car heads for the Jewish General. Or, in the worst case scenario, find someone to pay to take care of you.

The students who disrupted classes today at the University of Quebec in Montreal need a nice lesson taught to them. They hooted in the hallways, hit their fellow students sitting in classes with umbrellas and other things that can really hurt and disregarded an injunction not to protest.

Those students have absolutely zero regard for any authority. That is called a sense of entitlement. Where are their parents? How were they brought up?

They are also cowards as they are covering their faces completely. What are they afraid of? People will recognize them? We went through this before. If they really believed in what they were doing, they would rampage through the halls with their faces uncovered so everyone could see who they are.

The police say they may assault charges. Here’s a memo: if they lay charges then prosecute right away. Not like they did the last time, waiting two years to go to court and then dismissing everything. Don’t you wonder where princess pauline is? She must be so proud.

Looks like Obama has more trouble with his secret service dudes. Russian hackers got into the State Department computer system penetrating sensitive parts of the White House computer system. The White House of course said the breach only affected an unclassified system. That is called wishful thinking.

The bottom line of this story? White House officials said they no longer put very sensitive information into an email leaving it to sit in a server waiting for a russian drinking vodka in his underwear to hack in. Really? We’ve been saying this for about five years. If you want to keep something private, never, ever put it into an email. Pick up the phone.

The Boston marathon bomber Tsarnaev was found guilty today on all charges. What they will do with him is still up in the air. Frankly, we would send him on a one way trip to Mars and not spend a dime putting him up in jail forever. He should not get the death penalty because that’s what he wants. To become a martyr. We do not envy that jury one bit.

Enjoy the second days of Passover even though it’s going to snow…again.

Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov
We’ll talk…

And So It Goes

We are taking our cues from our Prime Minister. Carry on. Be vigilant, share your emotions  but keep going.

While we were dealing with Ottawa yesterday, in Washington yet another brainwave jumped the fence near the White House. This person was especially brilliant as he was immediately caught and then proceeded to fight with the secret service dogs. Like he was going to win.

Every nutcase who has an inkling do to something that would garner them attention is coming out of the woodwork. Notice it’s always he. ‘She’s’ are rare in this venue.

We watched the video of yesterday’s terrorist as he hijacked a minister’s car and sped toward parliament. Chilling. What is incredulous is that he didn’t kill anyone on his way. He could have easily shot whoever was driving that car as well as many people on the street.

One thing we can tell you – nothing you do is private. We watched a few angles of the same sequence of events and found the footage on every media outlet.

Can we talk about the police in our city, specifically about their pants? Given the events of the past week both here and abroad, doesn’t it strike you as juvenile that our police force are wearing army pants as a protest against their contract talks? It’s time to get a grip.

Put on your uniform like big boys and girls and let the union leaders and government work out an agreement. They are demeaning themselves and are an embarrassment to our city.

Things in Jerusalem are quietly heating up. What is now termed the ‘silent intifada’ must come to an end, said Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat. He can’t be happy as this past summer’s tourist industry was basically nil and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t want to lose the Chanukah/winter season.  The city is basically held hostage by looting, rioting arabs.

Then today, the hamas leader (we won’t write his name) praised the murder of the baby Chaya. This is after Israeli doctors treated his daughter and some other relatives. Although it goes completely against our nature to allow people to suffer, obviously including our enemies, it’s time to pull the plug. Their families are sick and need care? Go to a hospital in Gaza or Syria or Egypt.

One of the means they are using to do this are observation balloons. The balloons, equipped with cameras, beam high resolution pictures of the areas to police, who can analyze them and take action to prevent small incidents from getting out of hand.

Sounds like we could use some of those balloons here. Imagine if we had them during the student protests a couple of years ago? Princess pauline would have been on camera marching with her pots. On second thought, never mind. That face? Feh. Remember that sick smile? It would have burst the balloon.

New York is slowly working itself into a tizzy as it appears a doctor who was in Guinea tending ebola patients is now in Bellevue hospital with some acute ebola symptoms. Could be he just has the flu but it could also be that he’s got the real deal. He said he put himself in quarantine but was seen in a bowling alley on Wednesday in Williamsburg. A bowling alley? When was the last time you went bowling? We digress. Besides bowling, he took an Uber car. For a doctor he’s not too smart eh?

In a very quiet posting which we heard on a US radio station, Apple’s iCloud storage service in China was attacked by hackers trying to steal user credentials.
They believe that Beijing is behind the hacking. After that Apple told users to never enter their iCloud password if they get warnings about invalid digital certificates when visiting Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Keeping you in the loop, the world series is happening. Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants. They are tied at one win each.

Keep safe. Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…


Obama interrupted his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to have a news conference today. Awfully nice of him, eh? He decided that there is way to much rioting going on in Ferguson Missouri where a black teenager was shot dead. It’s anyone’s guess what happened, although today ‘suddenly’ an eyewitness popped up.

The chief of police of Ferguson was, shall we say, not impressed that Obama was asking for peace and tranquility in between his golf games. Time to go back to work Mr. President. Oh wait, you’re taking your full two week vacation? Yes, of course it’s coming to you. Ok then, we’ll see you on Monday morning bright and early. Good luck to all those who voted him in. You have a parachute president.

It seems that the state troopers are taking over from the police in Ferguson. Things could get much uglier than they have been up until now.

Tonight in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, 10,000 Israelis rallied, telling the government to ‘Finish the Job’. Left and right are totally united. “Finish the job! This is a universal principle. We want to live in peace.”

The protesters had been asked to wear red, symbolizing the Color Red slogan which is sounded as an alarm for incoming rocket fire. The protesters included residents of the south and Israelis from all over the country who identify with their plight. The residents of southern Israel, who have borne the brunt of Gaza’s terrorism for 14 years, and who recently discovered that they are also targeted by over 30 Hamas terror tunnels led the charge.

Just when you thought he was gone for the summer, poof! he’s back. We’re talking about that genius Bernard Drainville, the mastermind of the charter of values, which tried making the wearing of kippas amongst other visible religious articles against the law. All of his tactics were to get to one thing: the country of Quebec.

Well, Mr. Drainville (Can we talk? We still can’t get over his name. He should better open a plumbing shop with a name like that. But we digress.) had a epiphany a few weeks ago. He went to Scotland, where they are having a vote on September 18 to see if they will remain part of great Britain. He loved their question: Do you want Scotland to remain part of Great Britain or be its own country? Simple, eh?

We will remind Drainville that a few years ago others wanted the same kind of simple question here in Quebec when they were having a referendum. When a poll was taken it turned out that they would have lost by a landslide. So they used a convoluted and confusing question which no one understood. And they lost anyway. Can someone please tell drainville that it’s over? Please?

Ever take a ride on a Bixi bike here in Montreal? Those are the bikes that one can rent by the hour or day, of course without a helmet. In case you were not aware, Bixi is funded by you and me, the taxpayers who live in Montreal. And also in case you didn’t know, the Bixi corporation has refused to show anyone their books. Smells fishy, eh? Dats cause it is fishy Blanche.

What we finally found out today is that there are fewer riders than last year, ergo less money. So guess what? Yes, they want more of our money. “We have confidence that things will turn around.”

Let’s put it this way. If your business was not doing well and you had a money tree to go to, wouldn’t you say you had confidence that things would get better? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here. High Oh Silver Away! And while you’re riding, make sure to sew up your pockets.

Sunday August 24 don’t go to the George Etienne monument on Parc Avenue. Seems it’s women’s topless day. Believe it or not, there are women here in Quebec who want equal rights with men to be able to go topless. What the heck is this world coming to? What woman who has any self-respect and dignity would want to go topless in public? Give us a break. People will literally do anything to garner five minutes of fame. What happened to it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood?  Get a life.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Goodnight America…Forever

Walking to shul this past Shabbat morning in Miami, just in front of his grandsons and son-in-law, an obviously religious Jew was shot to death by two black men. One fled on a bike, the other ran away.

Obama has not said a word about this. You can be 100% certain that if an imam was walking to a mosque and shot dead like that two things would have happened: Obama would be on national television and every media outlet decrying the murder and there would be riots all over the United States.

What do we have instead? Silence from the White House and dignity from the Jewish people. We have just returned from a conference where we heard the story of a woman by the name of Devorah Halberstam. Her son was shot by terrorists on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994, before the word terrorism or muslim was in anyone’s language. It took her almost 10 years to get the authorities to change the charge from a simple homicide to a terrorist attack, which it was.

Make no mistake here. Even if those men were high on drugs, they knew exactly who they were shooting at. There has not been a robbery of a visible Jew on Shabbat in Miami in decades. The authorities are not ready to classify this murder as anything but a homicide. The family has lost their patriarch and if that is not enough, once they get up from shiva they will have to begin the long road taken by Mrs. Halberstam.

The headline in the Washington Post this morning was telling: Obama vacations as the world burns. On Saturday Obama stood on the South Lawn updating Americans on the new bombing campaign in Iraq — and then he boarded Marine One for a two-week trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Over the weekend, his ex-secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, publicly chastised him for his timid foreign policies. “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

Even if he’s only golfing once a day (for the next two weeks) and working the rest of the time, the visual of him at an 8,100 square foot vacation home doesn’t look good. Ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.  We would venture an educated guess that 2016 cannot come fast enough for obama.

We don’t usually write about movie stars who pass away. Somehow though, the tragic and sudden death of Robin Williams is different. He was not part of the glamor Hollywood scene, choosing to live with his wife quietly in San Francisco.

He spent much of his life making other people laugh. Sadly he suffered from depression for many years. Often depression is not something that people pick up on. Or those who suffer from this ‘hidden’ illness are reluctant to come forward. If nothing else, the untimely passing of Robin Williams will, for the short while, bring this illness out in the open.

Last weekend, a young black man was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, a St. Louis Missouri suburb. Since then there have been nightly riots all over the area. An upscale mall called the St. Louis Galleria was looted last night. Anonymous took down the website of the town where this happened. And today Obama called a press conference about the shooting.

Here’s part of what he said: “The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time.”

We have a question for you. Send in your answers and we’ll post the poll on Thursday night: Is Obama the president of only black America or all of America?

We ask this because as stated above, he has not uttered a word about the cold-blooded shooting of the rabbi in Miami last Shabbat. There is no doubt that black youth is targeted by the police. We don’t want to get into trouble here, so we’ll leave it at that. As we have stated here on more than one occasion, Morris the accountant is out at night to buy his wife some ice cream. We cannot always say the same for the black youth of America.

We hope that this next piece is not true and was published in error. It appears that Netanyhu is preparing to give large concessions to hamas. The truth is, some of those concessions will make the lives of the gazans, who simply want to live their lives easier. The problem is that hamas never allows them to do so. It is in their interest to keep the gazan people as pawns for the world media stage.

hamas has recently bragged that even if a truce is reached, it would only be so as to prepare the next terror war on Israel. This is what they have done in the past and we can’t see any reason why they won’t continue. After all, their mandate is the destruction of both Israel and its people and that hasn’t changed. Pray. That’s all we can do.

Blanche, in case this report isn’t depressing enough, here’s one more small ditty. Today is the anniversary of the baseball strike in 1994. After that strike, the Montreal Expos were history.

We’ll talk…

I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends

We cannot figure out how most of the world is forming a negative opinion about what is going on in Israel despite the facts backed up by pictures. The bigger issue on the table that the rest of the world seems not to get is this: Israel, one of the smallest countries in the world, is on the front line defending the ideology of democracy, where we are free to live however we choose. The alternative is ugly to say the least. Just look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Paris – shall we go on?

There is no doubt that the killing of over 1000 mostly women and children is terrible. There is also no doubt that the deaths of almost 60 young men of the IDF is beyond a tragedy.

The difference is our governments feel the pain of the families of our soldiers. If anyone thinks for half a second that hamas cares one hairbreadth about the deaths of their people, it is time to take the needle out of your arm. hamas leaders are not even living with their people. They are safely ensconced in Qatar. Those that are on the ground are putting the most vulnerable people directly in the line of fire.

Tomorrow there will be another 72 hour ceasefire. We hope and pray that although the rockets may stop, Israel will not cease in its effort to ferret out every tunnel in gaza.

Blanche is trying to save the world, the trees and the whales. Like good citizens we recycle all of our glassware. Zut alors! What do we find out today? Since the main recycling plant closed in April 2013, only 34 per cent of Quebec’s recuperated glass has been recycled.

Yes Blanche, your glass jars and bottles are being used for roads etc. But wait. You’ll feel better when you read this: A spokesperson said that the province is working to ensure that glass recycling picks up across the province. Your tax dollars at work yet again. Incompetent and unaccountable bureaucrats produce  mismanaged cities.

On the front page of today’s Gazette there was a picture of a policewoman speaking to a cyclist, trying to make the latter understand that bicycles and cars must share the road.

Last week we were driving on a residential street. We made a full stop at our stop sign and looked left and right along the bike lane. No one in sight. We started to go and poof! out of nowhere a cyclist zooms right in front of our car, shooting us a look like this: you’re polluting the planet and I’m saving it and I hate you.

Can we talk? Can someone please inform those on bikes that if the driver of a car, truck, tractor, dump truck or bus does not make eye contact with them, then the chances are we did not see them. Can someone also please tell those who are saving the world that cars, trucks and buses are much bigger than bicycles? Oh, and one more thing. Can someone inform them that if they don’t wear a helmet and get hit by anything bigger than another bike they are going to get very seriously hurt?

Here’s a flash: Cyclists are not saving the world. They are cycling to their destination and getting exercise. They may take up less room on the streets, but many of them do not obey the rules of the road and wreak havoc for other drivers. Rant over.

In case you forgot about the Malaysian airlines flight 17 that was shot out of the sky, we will keep you in the loop.

Two weeks after 298 people died, investigators have finally been able to get to the sight because of a temporary lull in the fighting in the Ukraine. One cannot even fathom what they are seeing, nor do we really want images. The stench must be unbearable and the sight grotesque. Whoever those investigators are, there is no doubt they will need some counseling when they are done.

In case you thought the wackos of the world all live in Colorado and take pot, you’re wrong. A few weeks ago someone climbed the Brooklyn bridge, took down the American flag and replaced it with a white flag. Guess who did it? The POT party – People against tyranny. Go know. What ever happened to occupy wall street? Oh right. They moved to Colorado where pot is legal and came back to New York, slightly high, to climb the Brooklyn bridge. Special, eh?

Pray for the soldiers defending Israel and the rest of the democracies in the world.

Good Shabbos,
We’ll talk…

The World is Upside Down

Israel was pounded all day with incoming missiles, as per the red alerts on our phone. As of Thursday night Israeli time, Israel has gone into Gaza on the ground. They really had no choice if they are to ferret out the arabs shooting missiles at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sederot, many other places deep in Israel and earlier today, the Golan Heights. Israelis living close to the gaza border were ordered to stay in their shelters tonight.

It was reported that arabs were storing their missiles in a united nations school. Why are we not surprised.

No matter what anyone says about Israelis, the IDF is by far the most humane army in the world. Before going in on the ground, they dropped close to 100,000 leaflets warning people in gaza to leave their homes. As well, hundreds of thousands of citizens from all over Gaza received recorded phone messages warning them to vacate villages. No one else does this. Of course those living in gaza have no where to go as their ‘brethren’ from surrounding countries are not exactly welcoming them with open arms.

In more news about Israel, we read that Obama is urging Israel to be more ‘humanitarian’ with the arabs. Has anyone heard Obama tell those firing missiles into Israel day and night to be more humanitarian? One minute. Do the arabs send leaflets before firing their missiles? No they don’t. Obama always backs the wrong horse. Always.

Who shot down that Malaysian airline with 295 people aboard with a surface to air missile? In an eerie posting on social media, which was quickly taken down, Igor Strelkov, the commander of the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic, appeared to have boasted about the incident. He allegedly wrote: “We warned you not to fly over our sky.”

Air traffic controllers confirmed the plane was flying in open airspace, about 1,000 feet (300 metres) above a restricted zone.

“It raises questions about why the plane was in an area it had been advised not to fly through,” a spokesman questioned. “Did it stray into that area by accident or did the pilot decide it was a risk worth taking, perhaps as a fuel saving measure?” Or, as we could not help think, perhaps the pilot sabotaged his own plane. We may never find out.

Malaysian airlines is still reeling from the missing jet that went down somewhere in the world near the Indian ocean and has yet to be found. Let’s just say that even if the seat were  free, there’s not a chance we would go near that airline.

Mike Duffy, Canada’s most beleaguered senator, is in deep dog doodoo and there’s a good chance he’s going to take many people into that doodoo with him. Two days ago a woman from Peru came forward to say that she was his daughter. Hallo. Yes, her mother was some kind of drug mule and Mike Duffy is listed on her birth certificate as her father. Of course she didn’t do it for the money…right. Tell it to the marines. If she did, she’s barking up the wrong tree as Duffy was charged today with no less than 31 charges including bribery which comes with a prison term if convicted. His money will now be going toward his defense.

Duffy of course claims he is innocent. No matter what, Harper looks bad here, having chosen quite a few ‘winners’ for senate positions. Duffy is an astute, old-time reporter. We bet he has some juicy tidbits about the inner-workings of the Harper government. Stay tuned. This is going to be the mother-of-all soap operas.

So are you noticing the summer polar vortex? It’s pretty chilly outside. If you’re planning to go south or to the midwest for your vacation, bring a warm jacket. From the midwest to the south the temperatures are more like autumn than summer. The days won’t be too bad, but at night it’s going down to the high 40’s.

Remember Tiger Woods? Yes Blanche, he’s still playing golf. Well today he played in the British open and lost it. Seems he was getting ready to swing at a ball and many people were taking pictures. He stopped his swing, turned to the crowd, swore at whoever could hear him and kept going. Seems he still needs some anger management classes.

Summer is supposed to be slow for news items. Not so this year. One thing we can tell you, now that the world is focused on the Malaysian plane crash, no one will be looking at Israel for a few days. We hope they go in and do what they have too without the eyes of the world scrutinizing them.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk

Israel Still Needs Our Prayers…

Finally an article that depicts Obama for exactly who he is using a fantastic analogy: A box office fiasco called Hope and Change. A massive blockbuster that did not deliver the goods, cost trillions of dollars, was the disappointment of a lifetime for many and will depict Obama  as the absolute worst president in the history of the United States.

His latest failure is the middle east. Through John Kerry he had hoped to be the ‘one’ to make peace in the area. Not only did that not happen,  he is in the top five who are responsible for the escalation in bombs dropping into Israel today. In case you didn’t know, Israel is getting bombed all over the country, including Tel Aviv where the iron dome intercepted the missiles.

To get Abbas to the table, the American team asked Netanyahu for a confidence-building measure—either freeze settlement construction or release Palestinian prisoners. He chose the latter and the results are evident. For sure many politicians in Israel are beyond infuriating. But Obama just doesn’t get it. One cannot make a democracy out of countries held together by feuding tribes. He’s in way over his head and we have no doubt that he wishes it was 2016 so he could get the heck outta the White house and start collecting bucketfuls of money on a speaking tour.

Let’s also pray that when the arabs ask for a ceasefire and promise to be good, Israel will show some strength and only stop hitting gaza et al when they are good and ready.

Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Rob Ford is one of those people.
For a seemingly ‘smart guy’ he’s pretty dense.

He now has a ‘sobriety coach’ (also a reformed substance abuser – we wonder where they met?????) accompanying him on his campaign stops. Seems that there are a few people (to say the least) who would rather see Ford in another country. Those dudes are protesting loudly wherever Ford stops to talk, making his life pretty miserable. Not only that,  they are shirtless, mocking Ford’s nasty shirtless exchange with a jogger on Canada day. Today his sobriety coach kicked one of those protesters. Uh oh.

Doug, Ford’s brother is poo-pooing the protesters. We figure it won’t take very long before Rob Ford lands a punch on those annoying him. It’s exactly what they want and will most likely get it from someone with a fuse the length of your fingernail.

Blanche is allergic to roller coasters. Shooting along a very narrow track at breakneck speed, open to the elements with little or no protection is not her idea of a fun time.

Yesterday in California a roller coaster hit a branch on the track while going full speed. You can guess what happened next. The ride derailed and the thrill-seekers were left hanging, literally,  for hours and hours. People had to be rescued one at a time. One can only dream how they had to climb out of the ride, somehow make it to a ladder and then climb down from waaaaay up on the top. If that was us, we would have to be tranquilized.

Guess how many hours are wasted in traffic? Depends on the city. The worst: Milan – 33.8 hours a year. Montreal at 21.6 is worse than New York at 21.3. No surprise there. What these stats don’t tell you is how much damage is done to cars from potholes. For sure we would win the prize there.

The GOP, Grand Ole Party aka the Republican party in the US is selling the domain name .gop. They though that ‘normal’ republicans would create nice .gop names. Uh oh. How about or or our personal favorite, is not available. Just thought you should know about this. hehehehehehehe.

We prayed for Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, of righteous memory. Now is not the time to stop praying. The IDF called up 40,000 reservists. Reservists are married men with children. As well, thousands of people have been fleeing to their bomb shelters all day and night because close to 200 rockets have been fired at our small country. Israel still needs our prayers and mitzvahs. Don’t stop now.

We’ll talk…

See The USA In your Chevrolet

Do you have a fat dog? Oy – is that politically incorrect? Ok. Do you have a dog that is overweight? If so we have a solution – a fat farm for dogs.

Yes Blanche, your furry little friend can go on a five-day-long fat farm program that includes everything from “pawlates” and “doga” classes (canine versions of pilates and yoga) to “treadmill trots.” Activities are followed by organic granola treats. The camp’s itinerary also includes nature walks and swimming. Can we go too?

Obama continues to outdo himself in making the most infuriating and uneducated comments. We are beginning to wonder exactly who his dearest and closest friends are. Obviously they are all like-minded people in their common disdain for Israel.

Yesterday a palestinian teen was found murdered in a Jerusalem forest. The immediate conclusion was that it was a revenge killing. If you recall, it took Obama a few days to react to the kidnapping of children in Israel. This incident? Instantaneous reaction: US strongly condemns the heinous murder  in Jerusalem. US sends condolences to his family and Palestinian people. Perpetrators must be brought to justice. US paying close attention to investigation.

In fact, the boy was well known to police sources in Jerusalem, adding “it’s a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years.” There is no information yet confirming that Jews were behind the vicious kidnapping and murder.

His ‘brilliant’ secretary of state, John Kerry echoed Obama: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the despicable and senseless abduction and murder… It is sickening… There are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.”

Contrast that language with Kerry’s initial response to the kidnappings of the Jewish boys: “The United States strongly condemns the kidnapping… We are still seeking details on the parties responsible for this despicable terrorist act.”

One can only hope that Netanyahu will do whatever is necessary to find those responsible for the death of those three boys – without a hint to Obama what he is planning. Imagine, Obama doesn’t support the only democracy in the middle east. The man is in way over his head.

Unless you’re preparing to watch the July 4 fireworks somewhere, no doubt you have heard about Montreal’s Eugenie Bouchard who is now in the finals in the Wimbledon tennis championship. So who is she and what’s with the name Eugenie that is causing many pure-laine French Canadians to become apoplectic?

She lives in Westmount and has a twin sister named Beatrice (as well as two other siblings). If Eugenie and Beatrice sound like familiar names they are. Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York have two daughters with those exact names. Zut alors. Turns out Eugenie’s mother is a huge fan of the royals in Great Britain and gave her twin girls the same name as Andrew’s girls.

Now about her French lineage. Although her parents have French names, they seem to be kind of, perish the thought, Anglos. Eugenie herself speaks in English. Her father’s name is Michel but he wants to be called Mike. Now here’s the best and of course juiciest part:

A fan asked her if she could speak French with a real ‘French accent’. Here’s her answer, verbatim: “I think my accent is more of an English one because I don’t speak in French much. But at least I don’t speak with a French accent, which is good.”

Now what do you think the hard-core French Canadians thought of that? We’ll tell you. Not much.They don’t like her and don’t care if she wins Wimbledon or not. She will have the last laugh here.

In case you are not nervous flying, we’ll give you a chance to get nervous. Terrorists are plotting to use new stealth bombs in laptops and even humans to bring down a US-bound passenger plane, it is feared.

Airport security was increased across the UK, US and other countries amid fears al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed a new explosive that can bypass current checks.

Most likely or G-d willing, nothing will come of this latest threat except very long lines to get through security. See the USA in your Chevrolet…but make sure it’s an old model that wasn’t recalled. Hehehehehehehehe.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…



Git The Barf Bag Ready Blanche…

It looks like Israel has identified some of the kidnappers of those three boys. The parents of one of those kidnappers said their son was a family man with a wife and three children. The mother of the kidnapper chillingly then said, if her son did take part in the kidnapping, she was proud of him and hoped he would continue to evade capture, both by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces. Not much to say after that except those people are simply animals who hate us more than they love their children.

Wait, we have more nauseating news. Did you know that the Palestinian Authority grants all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary from the PA. Yes Blanche, you read that right. And all those bleeding heart liberals who feel ‘badly’ for the poor arabs, like that loser Obama, continue to give money to places like Gaza  to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Doesn’t Obama find it odd that an infrastructure never got built? Don’t they wonder where their money goes?

Now here’s the scale of payment:
$400 per month for those who have served up to three years. In addition, the P.A. covers the living expenses of the prisoners’ families. (the average salary for a regular worker is $640 per month)

$3,429 per month for those serving more than 30 years.

Upon their release from prison, they also receive a grant based on how many years they served up to a maximum of $25,000 or possibly $50,000.

For this Blanche, there is no barf bag big enough.

We’re keeping you in the loop as to how Hillary’s book is selling. It’s not. They’ve sold about 85,000 copies. Sounds good until you hear that they thought they would sell a million copies the first week. It looks like Simon and Shuster is going to be taking a serious haircut on the $14 million they advanced dear Hillary.

And now for a Blanche scoop: It seems that the air conditioning system in the new hospital is sick and it’s not even open to the public. It was powered up in the past few days to make sure all systems were working. Guess what happened? It made such a racket that anyone living in the area couldn’t sit outside. Can we talk?

That new hospital, built by SNC Lavalin has been fraught with fraudsters like Arthur Porter, skimming gzillions off the top. Whadda think that they used inferior equipment for the air system? What are the chances? Certainly better than Hillary’s book is selling. Stay tuned to this story. It could get very interesting and very hot in that building, if you get the drift.

Today, more and deeper cuts were announced at Canada’s radio national station, the CBC. Employees held a noontime demonstration decrying the cuts. Hello??? Why don’t they advertise like everyone else and actually generate an income? Why do our tax dollars have to pay for a radio station? CBC needs to get a life, get in the game and get advertisers on the air like every other radio station has to do. The time has come for their hand to exit our pockets.

The soccer world cup got a bit (pardon the pun) more interesting after the dude from Uruguay was banned from playing for four months for biting his opponent. Yes Blanche, he took a big bite out of his opponent’s shoulder. Ich.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. New York’s highest court ruled that no one can ban people from drinking 40 ounces of coke or any other beverage in one sitting . So next time you go to the big Apple and order a massive drink, know that you won’t get a ticket nor will anyone yank it out of your grasp.

Another story that we will begin to follow in earnest is Scotland’s referendum on September 18. They want to secede from  Great Britain. We signed up for updates etc and will keep you posted on this story.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

Know Your Enemies & Do What Must be Done

Here’s what we’re dealing with: Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal on Monday noted the kidnappings, but denied his group being behind them. While Mashaal offered no details other than to say that “something happened in the occupied West Bank,” he lauded the abductions,noting, “If it turns out the kidnapping really happened, I welcome it.”

As we have said before, until the arabs love their children more than they hate us, there is nothing to talk to them about, those ‘peace talks’ are a complete sham and Netanyahu should give the finger to the rest of the world and do whatever it takes to find those boys. So far, the IDF has not been successful.

Not that anyone here really cares, but from news reports it seems that Hillary’s health issues are far more serious than she is letting on. That would actually make sense given her reluctance to announce her candidacy. We are not going to give you the gory details. Suffice it say her heart is part of the problem, as is clotting.

Yes Blanche, those geniuses who escaped from jail in a helicopter two weeks ago are firmly entrenched back in their little cells. As one would have thought, they did not run from the country. Rather they holed up in a swank apartment in old Montreal with about $100,000 cash at their disposal. Who woulda thunk it?

Don’t you think that if they were are already planning such a daring escape, by helicopter no less, they would have taken the plan to the end and figured out where they would be staying while the police were hunting them down? Didn’t they think that maybe, just maybe, someone would recognize them if they hung around here?

They obviously had help from the inside because not only were they not handcuffed and shackled on the day they escaped,  mysteriously there was no video of the episode. So one would think that those same insiders would help them stay outside the prison gates. Goes to show ya can’t buy brains.

You heard it here first.
Watch out when you fly with a carry-on. It seems that some airlines are shrinking the size of the carry-on you can bring on board and you don’t find out till you get to the check-in. There, they have one of those ‘put your suitcase in this metal form business’ which is considerably smaller than the one that was there a few months ago.  If your carry-on fits, you can take it on the plane, of course with a hefty fee. If not, it goes into the hold of the plane and you pay even more money, plus lose all that time waiting for your bag.

We don’t know about you, but this whole world cup business is quite the yawn. Firstly, we don’t understand how the teams stay in or are eliminated. And those fans?? Meshugah. We thought hockey fans were nuts. The soccer fans are completely ballistic. The sun sets and rises with their team. Today Italy lost and are out of race for the cup. We are pretty sure that there will be a national day of mourning tomorrow in Italy.

So what did we learn from the Charbonneau commission into bribes and money-laundering so far?

We learned about gifts of hockey and concert tickets, golfing holidays and fancy kitchen appliances in exchange for political favors, about straw-men and shell companies and socks stuffed with cash, about ridiculously inflated water meter contracts and the difference between cement and concrete, and what really goes on at political fundraisers and who pays for all of it. Us loser tax-payers.

So are things any better? You be the judge: car repairs and badly-built bridges and highway overpasses are still falling down; sinkholes and potholed roads never seem to get any better, no matter, how many times they have been repaved. Basic maintenance is backlogged, allowing major systems to deteriorate, because of all the emergency patch-up work that needs to be done in a hurry.

Someone besides France Charbonneau is making lotsa money from this commission. What will come of it? Let’s bet. We say nothing. Once it’s over it will take five years for the commission to render its report. By that time, all those who have been receiving cash in their socks will be retired, sitting in Fort Lauderdale reading La Presse and laughing.

We’ll talk…