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The Horror in Europe Continues

The world has been spared horrific terrorist attacks for the past couple of months. That peace ended today in Barcelona when a truck mowed down people in a busy tourist area. It appears there were multiple attacks beginning last night. The driver of the truck is still at large. At least 13 people were brutally murdered, dozens gravely injured.

While everyone says we should not feel like we are being held hostage by isis, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that. As we have said on more than one occasion, Europe is closing in.

When the world will wake up and take heed from the tiny country of Israel, who have lived with terrorism since 1948, we will all be safer. Until then, we wish everyone good luck when traveling the world.

Over the past few days, we, as many other thinking, decent and moral people have had our faith in leaders tested.

Trump erred when he did not call out the kkk and white supremacists. Why he balked is anyone’s guess. Given that, one wonders had he indeed called them out on Friday night or Saturday would people have found something else to dump on him? Nothing he does is ever right.

It is pretty obvious that there are those in the US who want him out of office and are doing everything in their power to bait him, knowing that his weakness lies in his inability to control his mouth. This seems to be systemic, stemming from social media and media in general.

Blanche’s take on this never-ending story: Over our long and often painful history, we have learned that as Jews we do not put our hope in a person. Rather, as a people we have figured out long ago that there is a G-d in the world and He has the blueprint. We have survived much worse than what is going on in the United States today.

No matter what he says or who he supports, Donald Trump will not change the minds of neo-nazis, white supremists or their ilk. Nor will he change the minds of the far left, who by the way also are not lovers of Jews.

Sane, decent people have to live moral lives, not deviate for a moment from our convictions and stay well above the fray and noise. The chips will fall where they are supposed to.

Steve Bannon gave an interview yesterday that he thought was off the record. Spare us. Bannon knows very well that he if calls a journalist to ‘talk’, instituting the conversation, his words will be recorded and then published.

It’s also not a secret that his position in the White House is tenuous. After his remarks yesterday, could be he knows something more than he’s letting on.

Bannon called Robert Kuttner, co-founder and co-editor of the American Prospect, a leftwing political magazine. Among his remarks: ‘In Kim, Trump has met his match. The risk of two arrogant fools blundering into a nuclear exchange is more serious than at any time since October 1962.’

He openly contradicted Trump on North Korea: “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

Our guess is that Bannon will be gone by the weekend. He’s obviously taunting Trump and pushing the envelope as far as he can.

In the midst of all this drama, an even bigger drama is unfolding which could have real ramifications on our lives. We are referring to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) negotiations now taking place in Washington.

What’s on the table that can make a difference in your life? Mostly getting rid of the dairy quota aka Canada’s dairy supply-management system. While this is not on the official list of contentions, it appears that America is going to ask to eliminate “non-tariff barriers to U.S. agricultural exports,” which could refer to dairy or to Mexico’s domestic sugar subsidies.

We certainly hope this happens which will the borders to dairy imports from the US resulting in a significant drop our grossly inflated prices, made to ‘protect’ dairy farmers who need no protection.

Canada made the top stories of the Drudge Report today. Why you ask? Because over 3,800 migrants crossed illegally into Quebec in the first two weeks of August. Got that?

It took a few weeks for Trudeau and his cast of missives to wake up. Both provincial and federal officials are concerned that misinformation about Canada’s refugee system is being propagated through social media, helping fuel the influx. Really?

Wait, it gets better. They have now stated that asking for asylum in Canada is not a guarantee for permanent residence in Canada. Good morning.

In case you didn’t know why mostly Haitians are coming, here’s your answer: In May Trump announced that the US would end the programme that extended temporary protection from deportation to Haitian citizens after the devastating 2010 earthquake. That protection is due to expire in January 2018.

He woke up and we went to sleep.

We wrote about the solar eclipse last week. Well, ladies and gents, it’s this Monday night. The main information piece about this eclipse is not to look at it without special glasses. Seriously, it could blind you.

Now for some more tidbits of information: Don’t look at the eclipse while driving. Sounds sane but lotsa nutty people out there.

Tons of pedestrians will be walking and looking up. Don’t run them over.

During a total solar eclipse, the moon is literally blocking the sun, turning day into night. So some extra visibility is probably in order: don’t rely on your vehicle’s automatic lights and position your sun visor to block your view of the Sun.

It’s going to be a mess on the roads, so if you want to get to a good viewing spot, do it early. If you live in the path of totality and don’t have to be on the road during the eclipse, put the keys down and chill out.

And were exactly can this eclipse be seen? In Montreal, the eclipse starts at 1:21 pm and continues until 3:50 pm. The maximum eclipse is at 2:38 pm.

Kansas City, Missouri and Charleston, South Carolina, fall in line with the eclipse’s path of totality. These areas will see nearly a 100% obscuration of the sun, weather permitting. In cities like San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California, the moon will block between 60% and 70% of the sun.

In the rest of Canada, the best views will happen in and around Victoria, where as much as 90 per cent of the sun will be blacked out. Vancouver and Calgary will both enjoy over 80 per cent coverage, while a host of other cities, including Toronto, Regina, London, Edmonton and Thunder Bay will see the moon occlude more than 70 per cent of the sun.

Good Shabbos
We’ll talk…

Couillard’s Thoughtless, Empty Gesture

We would never have voted for Hillary. That’s a given. Trump was the chosen candidate, became president and everyone in the past seven months has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Looks like it dropped this past Saturday.

To say that what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend is the fault of both groups is absurd at best, pandering at worst.

To cut to the chase and what really is bothering most thinking people is that on Saturday David Duke head of the klu klux klan thanked and praised Trump. It was at that exact moment that Trump needed to tweet that he does not stand with, support nor tolerate duke or his people. He didn’t do it. Whether he is listening to Bannon or not listening to any reasonable people is up for grabs.

When Trump announced he was running for president, he took on a role that we are guessing he never thought he would have to face. Yes he is the president of all Americans and that includes the alt-right. But there is a fine line between being the president and defending the actions of groups with a history that is painful, bigoted and filled with hatred. And that’s why he had to distance himself from duke and anything to do with any extreme right organizations.

Trump is defending the indefensible, wading into a quagmire from which there is no quick nor good escape route.

What exactly was Couillard thinking when he asked Quebecers who have left to return to build a better future? Wait. He wasn’t thinking. He was campaigning.

Like people are coming back to have their signs examined with a ruler to make sure the french is larger than the english. Oh wait. They’ll come back to greet the new ‘refugees’. Or maybe they’ll come back to visit the Big O. Darn, they’ll run into the refugees there as well. Ok, then they can go to the old Royal Victoria hospital. What? There are refugees there also.

He said he understands anglophones’ worries over our language laws, and when pressed said “let’s see what we can do.” Seriously? Let’s see what we can do? That’s his answer?

We are guessing that he has taken Barrette and put him away in a closet for the next while, for he is truly infuriating. Couillard is in the same boat as Trump – he’s defending the indefensible. He’s looking for the English vote whom he must have heard is fed up with both him and his party. Here’s a headline Premier Couillard: Dump the Office de la Langue francais and then go make that statement asking people to return. You might actually sound sincere, which right now you do not. Your gesture was thoughtless and empty.

Bill and Hillary have arrived in the Eastern Townships for a summer vacation. Can we talk? Who picks her clothes? Black and white horizontal stripes a la jail bird? Blanche, close your eyes. She doesn’t have a mirror or if she does, it only goes to just above her neck. Hold on. She doesn’t have that mirror either. Looks like she forgot the makeup at home. Frightening.

If you are planning a vacation, may we suggest you don’t go to the Paradies Hotel in Switzerland. We are assuming they mean Paradise, but in Switzerland it appears anything is game.

Their first edict brought a hue and cry from the Jewish world: Jews were singled and told they had to shower before stepping into the pool or they would not be allowed in the pool.

Then guests were told that although the hotel will store their kosher food in the freezer, they were only allowed to access it twice a day: Between 10 and 11 a.m. and 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Lest you think this is not anti-semitism, think again. It is in-your-face anti-semitism.

If you are planning to vacation in London anytime soon, we have some advice for you.

Russian hackers who infiltrated the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee in the US are now focusing on the wifi networks of European hotels to spy on guests.The state-sponsored Fancy Bear group infected the networks of luxury hotels in at least seven European countries and one Middle Eastern country last month.

The hackers gained access to a computer in each hotel’s network using a “phishing” email disguised as a form for employees to complete. Once the machine was compromised, the malware moved through the hotel’s network to infect other terminals and the hotel’s wifi — enabling the hackers to steal guests’ login credentials for email accounts and other programs. Those Russians are serious busybodies to say the least.

We’ll talk…

A New Level of the Frozen Chosen

In a stunning move, Trump has dumped the FBI director, James Comey effective immediately.

Trump’s letter was terse and to the point: “I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately. Bada bing, bada boom.

Trump and Comey didn’t like each other and Comey must have smelled this was coming. Trump tweeted earlier this week about Comey that he is “the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton,” accusing him of giving her “a free pass for many bad deeds.

This is not quite over yet, as Comey was also investigating the Russia/Trump liaison. Who knows where that one’s going. The next thing to watch of course, is who will take Comey’s place. That should be very interesting.

The new president of France, Emmaneul Macron, is 38 years old. His wife, Brigitte Trogneux is a 64 year old fashionista who will have her own office office and a staff. It is expected that she will be involved in education reform and the needs of disadvantaged children. She will not be taking a salary.

Get this one: Their age difference is 25 years. The difference in age between Donald and Melania is 26 years. Since Brexit, elections are unpredictable and rather exciting. The new world order is slowly changing. Blanche, don’t you want to be a fly on the wall when Trump meets Macron and Melania meets Brigitte?

Don’t you feel like the flooding in different parts of Montreal is almost in another province? It’s amazing that if one doesn’t live in the affected area, it’s just very distant.

Given that, the people affected are suffering, some having lost everything, others with serious damage to their homes and many others with no insurance to cover any of the above.

Once the army was called in, everyone knew this was a very serious situation, one that is not going away anytime soon. CJAD has posted a list of where to get sandbags, how to check water levels, which shelters are open and places to relocate animals. It’s a very nasty situation and we pray that the waters recede quickly so people can begin to get their lives back.

It also appears that many flood victims have no insurance as they live near water and either couldn’t get it or it was just too expensive. It’s also no secret that these floods happen every couple of years. Our guess is that the housing in those areas must be inexpensive. Why else would people take such a risk?

Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles. He held a massive, and we mean massive, military parade today. 10,000 soldiers saluted him, many of whom were smiling women. Blanche, that was seriously weird. Seems he saluted everyone back. Don’t you wonder if he had a little person holding up his arm?

It has started in earnest. What you ask? Obama raking in millions on speaking engagements.

He spoke today in Milan to a sold out audience, taking in a cool 3 million Euro. In English that’s about $3.25 million US.

He has already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for private speeches since leaving the White House. This will make his highest-paying appearance yet at the Global Food Innovation Summit today.

Obama flew into Milan yesterday and headed straight for the Park Hyatt hotel, at a cost of €8,400 – about $9,000 USD a night.

There’s no doubt that an organization that uses the word in their title has many save-the-world, top heavy with people who have nothing to do with their money. Oh wait. They do have something to do with their money. They can throw it at the newest  ex-president who has obviously forgotten two things: where he came from and the little people who got him where he is. Bring on the big barf bag. Feh.

The most popular password for computers, phones etc is 123456. We kid you not. Which accounts for the fact that when something like gmail is hacked, the bad guys get your information.

What’s the answer? No password. Instead, techies are working on both voice and facial recognition. Nexus, the trusted traveler program works on eye recognition. When one applies for a Nexus card, imprints or whatever the term is, are taken of people’s eyes. Then, when you get to the airport there’s a camera that talks to you while you look into the camera: Stand back. Move forward. Click. You’re done. No passwords.

There is no doubt that this morning the tree in the front of my house, the one that blooms every year on May 15, needed a shrink. It is already partially blooming and punkt – this morning it was snowing. We have reached a new level of being the frozen chosen.

We’ll talk…

The Mantra Continues. Get. Over. It.

We are certain there are far more qualified people with much less baggage than Donald J. Trump who could be president. But those people didn’t run and he did and won.

As the inauguration creeps closer, the hysteria over Trump’s dealings in Russia are reaching a fever pitch. The New York Times, who has not yet given up on trying to make Trump disappear, ran a full front page story yesterday about Trump’s dealings in Russia. It’s not going to help. This Friday, January 20, Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. Unless Trump does something impeachable, he’s moving into the White House and staying there for at least four years. Here’s the mantra: Get. Over. It.

Yesterday, one of the more genius members of Congress stepped forward to voice his ‘opinion’. Congressman Jerry Nadler, who represents more Jews than any other member of Congress (Brooklyn and Queens), said that that Trump is not a “legitimate” president. Oh really?

While Nadler acknowledged that Trump had been legally elected, he said that the election had been “tainted” by interference from the Russians and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and that Trump is “not legitimate.”

Seems he was upset by Trump standing up to John Lewis, an icon in the civil rights movement who echoed those same sentiments. Lewis is not attending the inauguration, after doing so for decades, because he also doesn’t think Trump is legitimate.

Obama himself said that Trump was elected in a fair election. He told America to give Trump a chance. Unfortunately the media continues to foment the Russia connection. Can someone please come forward and say, in a very loud voice to all Americans, that they should be very honoured and proud to be part of a peaceful transition of power? The alternative is rather ugly.

A new CNN poll came out today, stating that Trump is going into office with one of the lowest approval ratings at 40%.

Blanche, were you born yesterday? Are they not polling the exact same people who said, with great confidence and a poll of about 90%, that Hillary was going to win? How can anyone take this media outlet seriously? One minute. You can’t.

Remember those new Bombardier-made metro cars in Montreal that were ordered and came in the wrong size, too big to fit into the tunnels. There were adjusted. Then someone realized the grab bars overhead were 5’10” from the ground. Oops. Then people realized that the vents blow air right into your face as you ride. Another oops.

The cost of these cars was around $1.2 billion and came in very, very late, in fact they were delayed years.

Since they have been in use, we have been hearing, almost on a daily basis, that line after line is shut down for a few minutes to a few hours. Seems something hit the fan and all 12 of its new Azur trains were pulled from service indefinitely following last Saturday evening’s 10-hour shutdown. Bombardier strikes again. Could be the worst managed company in history, funded by your tax dollars.

Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways seem to be very quickly dissipating. Very quickly. Life ain’t so sunny anymore.

His public unsunny way came at a town hall meeting in Peterborough Ontario. ““I’m asking you, Mr. Trudeau, how do you justify to a mother of four children, three grandchildren, with physical disabilities, and working up to 15 hours a day, how is it justified for you to ask me to pay a carbon tax when I only have $65 left in my paycheque every two weeks to feed my family.”

Following her question, the audience broke out into 10 seconds of applause and shouts of support for the woman. Uh oh.

Trudeau was flustered and gave a weak, weasly answer saying that he has not brought in the carbon tax yet. Technically that’s true. It won’t start until 2018 but was mandated by his government.

Seemingly, the carbon tax will save us all from climate change. Perhaps it will also save the trees and whales. In the meantime, many of the products you now purchase will rise in price because the carbon tax to save you will be trickled down to you and eat away at your income. It will be especially hard on low-income earners. Blanche, don’t you wonder what world the saviours live in?

Trudeau seems to be running away from Ottawa to escape questions about his vacation with the Aga Khan by doing this town hall tour. Ottawa now looks like a piece of cake compared to what he’s being faced with.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said the threat environment for this Friday’s inauguration and the campaign that led up to it is “different” from previous ones.

Washington is always one of the main targets of both terrorists and lone wolves and the secret service is always on guard. So what’s different now? The willingness of lone wolves and terror organizations to develop more creative plots.

The biggest threat is probably coming from anti-government/anarchist groups who are likely to try and disrupt the inauguration, and may engage in violence to do so. Let’s pray that none of this materializes and that the inauguration goes on without a hitch.

Obama’s rather nasty attitude toward Netanyahu and Israel is coming back to haunt him. He applied for membership at the very elite and very expensive golf club in Washington called the Woodmont Country Club. Initiation fees are $80,000 plus almost $10,000 in annual dues. Hefty, eh Blanche? Ya certainly have to have money to play there.

Get this: It is primarily a Jewish club and members are fighting with each other over whether to accept Obama’s membership with many saying that he should not be allowed to join for blocking an anti-Israel vote at the United Nations.

Some members thought they would get Obama in through the back door. Almost not-president Obama is finding out that there are prices to pay for rather blatantly stabbing Israel on his way out.

We will leave this piece with a quote from one of the members: “Can you imagine how angry I would be if I had paid $80K to have to look at this guy who has done more to damage Israel than any president in American history?”

We’ll talk…

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Trump’s press conference, the first in 24 weeks, was nothing short of a circus thanks to a document published by BuzzFeed the night before.

The former British spy behind the Trump dump, Christopher Steele, was hired by a company called Fusion GPS, a Washington firm. Now get this tidbit:

“The story began in September 2015, when [an unknown] wealthy Republican donor who strongly opposed Mr. Trump put up the money to hire Fusion GPS to compile a dossier about Trump’s past scandals and weaknesses.”

“For months, Fusion GPS gathered the documents and put together the files from Mr. Trump’s past in business and entertainment. After Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee in the spring, the Republican interest in financing the effort ended. But Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were very interested, and Fusion GPS kept doing the same deep dives, but on behalf of new clients. Ergo this new, unconfirmed story.

Steele is now in hiding because he’s afraid the Russians are coming after him. Why you ask? Because Steele is the co-founder of a London based company alleging the Kremlin colluded with Trump’s campaign. As well the Russians have stuff that could be used to blackmail him.

Does anyone remember Salmon Rushdie, the dude who had to run for his life for about 30 years due to a fatwah taken out on him? Steele is in the same, rather unenviable position. He can run but he can’t hide forever.

Someone has created a countdown timer as to when Obama leaves office. At this writing it is at 7 DAYS 05 HOURS 26 MINUTES 05 seconds. Ya think they don’t like him?

Not that anyone is surprised, but an investigation has been opened into the decision in October, ten days before the election, by James Comey, the F.B.I. director, to inform Congress about a new review in the Hillary Clinton email investigation — a move Mrs. Clinton has said cost her the election.

Did he seriously think the Clinton machine was not going to get him?

The inspector general’s office said the investigation had come in response to ‘complaints from members of Congress and the public’ about actions by the F.B.I. and the Justice Department during the campaign that might be seen as politically motivated. Seriously?

Blanche, who do you think was behind all those ‘complaints’? Hillary is a bitter loser and even more bitter person. She makes people sucking on lemons look happy. Blanche, that’s really low.

Trudeau admitted today that he used the Aga Khan’s private helicopter to get around the Bahamas when he vacationed with the billionaire philanthropist, an apparent violation of federal law and his own rules. So guess what’s going to happen to him after all is said and done? Come on, try to guess.

Let’s see…he’s pretty, his hair is perfect and thick and luscious, his wife is stunning, his three children are perfect. Oh, you got. Nothing will happen. He will apologize and say he will never do this again.

This Barrett dude, Quebec’s health minister is going to be the downfall of Couillard if he doesn’t watch out. He sounds like a dictator par excellence.

He’s now fighting with radiologists. He wants to pay them $70 per ultra-sound. They want $100. We checked the prices in New York: $150-$300 in US dollars. There is no doubt that there is a two-tiered system here. Yes mainly those who can afford to go private do so, but that also helps the backlog in the public system.

We had heard that private colonoscopy clinics were being forced to shut down. We checked Rockland Medical and one can still book an appointment there. But why is he going after these doctors? Not enough have left the province? His manner is provocative, demeaning and rude and Couillard should find the cahoonas to get rid of him, unless of course he himself is scared of Barrette.

Yesterday, Trump held what can only be dubbed the mother-of-all press conferences. The highlight of the show was the confrontation between a CNN reporter and Trump. Here’s the issue: The news media simply cannot get a handle on how to cover this new and unprecedented president. He doesn’t need them and they can’t get that through their thick hair and often thicker egos.

It better figure things out, fast, because it has found itself at the edge of the cliff. Democracies need the press for checks and balances in government. While we don’t completely agree with Trump’s tactic yesterday, he certainly has every right not to trust the press, especially CNN which, we will remind you, during the election was rightly dubbed the Clinton News Network. One of Trump’s mainstays is his sharp and very long memory. CNN best find another way to respond other than digging their heels in cause that’s not going to work this time.

Oh, and one more thing. As he has not yet been sworn in as president, his supporters are still cheering their candidate Trump. Once he gets into office and has to actually make some nasty decisions, the mood may change but that will take a while. Until then, hold onto to your chair Blanche, cause it’s going to be quite the ride.

So who watched Obama’s farewell speech for over an hour? It was quite the performance eh? Especially as he walked out bowing and nodding to his adoring fans. Honestly, he really thinks he is a gift to the world and without him things will collapse.

Everyone was crying that their saviour is leaving. It was hard to watch. The best review we saw: preening. It was beautiful, he was beautiful, his wife was beautiful, life is beautiful, his legacy is beautiful and for two cents he would overturn the constitution and run for a third term. Beautiful.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

450 Kilometers of Bike Lanes to be Plowed This Winter. Another Genius City of Montreal Idea.

In case you thought that maybe vegans are, shall we say a tad on the extreme side, wonder no more. Blanche, could it be because they eat like birds and they are humans? We digress. The Bank of England put out some new polymer banknotes because they are harder to counterfeit.  Sounds normal, eh?

Well, it appears that vegans got wind (Blanche, don’t confuse that with passing wind), that these new banknotes contain minute quantities of tallow, a hard beef byproduct. Lest you think that England is the only one using tallow, we can tell you that virtually all of the world’s plastic bills have this ingredient. Can we talk?

These people are not normal. Are they eating the money? Is it the first ingredient in the plastic? Do they not wear leather shoes or have a leather wallet or perhaps a leather belt? Is someone going through their life with a microscope make sure they own zero products that may contain traces of tallow? No. Blanche, people are just plain bored with their lives.

In the past few months in Montreal there were two pit bull attacks that we know of. In the first attack a dog got lose from his backyard, ran into the neighbours back yard and mauled a woman to death. In the second case, a young child was playing in the park and was attacked by a dog of this breed.

Yesterday, the Crown decided not to lay charges in the attack last summer that killed the woman. The other case will have charges. Are these people normal? Is this province run like a banana republic? Indeed.

The man who’s dog killed the woman also suffered said the judge as he lost his dog. What? Can you say that again? A woman died because a dog bit her to death and the owner is not responsible?

The ex-mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillaincourt is off to jail for 6 years. Well not exactly six years. As he’s already 76 years old, he will most likely get out for good behaviour in, um, let’s see, 2 months? Ok. Maybe a year.

The best part of this story is that he has to pay back $9 million. One minute.  If that’s what he has to pay back from ripping off anyone who did anything with the city of Laval, how much more money does he have stashed away? And where is it?

We are pretty sure that such practices take place in many other cities all over the world. It’s called pay for play. The difference is that here they are very stupid and get caught.

In case you thought that Trump and Obama are having a bromance, think again. Today Obama filed what appears to be a standard edict stopping the move of US embassy to Jerusalem for 6 months, weeks before Trump takes office.

This was done of course because Trump said publicly that he wanted to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Obviously Obama is not happy with this decision, to put it mildly. So much for being friends.

This next piece is serious shtus – nonsense, but we couldn’t resist. It appears that Megyn Kelly is set to move from Fox News to CNN. What is holding back the announcement is the $20 million she is demanding. In case you forgot who she is, we will remind you that she had a huge fight with Donald Trump on the air. In the end of course, he won the election. Can we talk?

The only people worth $20 million are doctors who save peoples lives. People who value news anchors over doctors and surgeons need to re-examine their own values. She’s a talking head with a pretty face. What is she contributing to the world aside from some news analysis? That she fought with Trump? Spare us. The world is sheker – one big lie.

Jill Stein head of the green party is another beauty. The world is done with the US election. It was ugly, loud, in-your-face and lower than low. Everybody voted and Trump won. So what’s the problem here?

Jill Stein has demanded recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Stein didn’t lose the election so much as she disappeared in it. More than 134 million ballots have been counted so far. Stein received fewer than 1.5 million of them. That’s barely a percentage point of the overall popular vote. Even Hillary said to give it up.

It appears however that there is an ulterior motive in requesting a recount. By asking people to fund her recount, she inherits their email addresses. Way more email addresses than she got during the campaign. Always a reason people do things, eh Blanche?

What would Blanche be without something about Trump? Here’s a good one. Seems he got flack for going directly to Carrier to negotiate a deal to keep most of the jobs in America instead of letting them go to Mexico. By the way, in the USA union workers get between $15 and $20 per hour. In Mexico workers, not unionized, get between $15 and $20 a day. But we digress.

He was told it’s not ‘presidential’ to go directly to companies. People just don’t get it. He’s not going to do anything presidential or if he does, it will be on his terms. His response: “I think it’s very presidential. And if it’s not presidential, that’s OK because I like doing it. We’re going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they’re leaving this country because they’re not going to leave this country.” Good for him.

It’s about time bureaucracy got turned over on its head. And there would be no better place for that to happen than here in Quebec, where we are to absolute kings and masters of bureaucracy. In fact, the government is our main employer.

Mayor Coderre is back again with another insane statement. Seems this winter they are going to be able to plow 450 kilometres of bike paths. For exactly who are they doing this? The ten people who ride their bikes with sleet hitting their faces and slush hitting their backside making them completely wet. Sounds like fun, eh Blanche?

How about putting normal sand on the sidewalks instead of those stones which do not melt the ice. That would be money well spent.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Free Hugs from a Stranger? Ich.

We don’t want to bust anyone’s bubble, but the geffulement with Trudeau and his inane remarks about Castro are going to come and go like the wind. After all, he’s a chip off the block of his father, who was very friendly with Castro.

Unless Trudeau  suddenly loses his hair, gains a tremendous amount of weight or begins to age badly, he’s not going anywhere for a long time. Sounds shallow? It’s the truth Blanche. Even if he says things that put every world leader’s shorts in a uproar.

Is he their prime minister? No. Does he care what they say? For five minutes. Once castro’s five final minutes of fame are over, it will be business as usual here in Canada and Trudeau’s popularity will not budge one point.

Some dude got a $100 ticket for not getting a permit to give free hugs in the subway here in Montreal. Can we talk? Who exactly is hugging a stranger while running to or from their train? Dizguzting. When was the last time he washed? Does he have lice? Did he wash his T-shirt? Ich.

If someone needs a hug so badly, as this dude appears to need, may we suggest he find some friends or perhaps seek counselling. Standing in the metro with a sign on your chest that you are offering to hug someone is absolutely nutty. Even if it’s done in other places it doesn’t mean it’s normal. Sorry.

Can someone please tell Jimmy Carter to give it up and go back to being a peanut farmer? He is urging Obama to grant diplomatic recognition to ‘Palestine’ before his term ends, stressing the importance of securing a two-state solution because of continued ‘settlement’ activity.

Can we talk? Where exactly is palestine? It’s nowhere because it doesn’t exist. There is no Palestinian language or culture. It is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated and kept going by people like Carter. What does he really want? To get rid of Israel and that’s not happening anytime soon. Maybe Carter should start using Mr. Google to find out what ‘palestine’ has given the world. It will keep him busy for at least ten minutes.

While Obama still cannot say the words islamic terrorism, that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Ohio State University.
Imagine you are sitting in class or teaching or in the bathroom and you receive a text saying Run. Hide. Fight. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

This attack was done almost exactly the way the head of isis said to do it. No gun? Use your car. Use a knife. Inflict as much harm as possible on soft targets. The somalian dude who did this is now dead and still, too this minute, the investigators are grappling over the wording of what happened.

The islamic state news has posted his picture as a hero. He ranted on his Facebook page  just before the attack that muslims are being attacked in Myanmar aka Burma.

In truth it is impossible to protect soft targets. We live in a free society and unless we are in a parade or taking part in demonstration, life is one big soft target. Given that, denying the obvious makes the authorities look either very weak or very inept. Blanche, we pick the latter.

Last night there was a horrific plane crash into the mountains of Columbia. Of the 85 people on board, 6 survived. What was particularly terrible about this accident is that it killed an entire top flight Brazilian soccer team, the underdogs, en route to their championship game. Really awful.

Blanche, we are at story #6 and it’s the first mention of Trump. Things must be improving. He’s going on a victory tour beginning Thursday. Although he dances to his own tune, such a tour is an invitation to every nutball from the far, far right to the extreme off the charts left to go and protest. He has to announce the place otherwise how would people know where to go and cheer their hero?

To this minute, the media still doesn’t get Trump. They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that while he watches all the news shows (especially our personal favourite, Morning Joe)  all the time and gets crazed when they ditz him, he has them running in circles.

He tweets day and night, uses Facebook videos to reach the people and guess what – it’s working. He has shown he doesn’t need the media except to keep them guessing which he is a master of. The people did not want the establishment and made that very clear. Seems the media did not yet get the memo that things are going to change, with them or without them.

Keep your eye on the election in Austria. The far-right party, founded by former Nazis, is courting Jews. The head of the party, Hofer, has said on many occasions that islam is not part of Austria. Hofer went so far as to visit Israel who is very wary of him and the party and did not officially welcome him. If he wins however, which looks good, Hofer said his first official visit will be to Israel. Keep close tabs on this story.

Blanche, did you notice that it was almost night all day? Looks like we are in the dog days of winter. Time to hunker down and make a soup. Then find a blanket and curl up in a chair with a good book. Either that or go to Florida.

We’ll talk…

Israel is Burning

Israel is burning.

Fires are burning in the forests west of Jerusalem, around Haifa, on central and northern hilltops and in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Residents in eight Haifa neighbourhoods had been told to leave due to six separate fires.

One forest fire, maybe two can be caused by the weather. But when there are multiple fires like this, as Bibi alluded, it is arson terrorism. There is no doubt that the Israelis will find out if these fires were set deliberately. What is unknown is that if they were, will they find out who started them. Blanche will not speculate here. Rather, we will leave it up to you, our readers to come to your own conclusion. In the meantime, pray for those in Israel who, at a moment’s notice must evacuate their homes.

The Arab world is rejoicing about this. The most disgusting social media post that we saw came from the the imam of Kuwait’s Grand Mosque: “Good luck to the fires #Israel_IsBurning.” This was accompanied by a smiley face. Grotesque.

In case you thought the pope and the vatican are friends of the Jewish people, think again.

Did you know that Catholic tourist maps and pilgrimage brochures routinely omit the name “Israel”, using instead the sanitized expression “Holy Land”. What is a new thing is the following what was recently viewed on a bus in Rome. The Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi was advertising a trip to “Palestine”, “the holy land”. Israel and Jerusalem were neatly omitted.

Don’t be misled or be naive. Mr. Nice Guy Pope Francis ain’t such a nice guy if he tolerates this language.

In the 1970’s, 5,000 residents were booted out of their homes in the east end of Montreal so the CBC could put up an ugly, way to big edifice on Rene Levesque to house all the people who get paid by you, the taxpayer.

Seems the building is old and outdated so the Board of Directors of the CBC approved a new building right near the old one. Of course the transaction must be approved by the Treasury Board because, again, your it’s your tax dollars at work.

Here’s something to chew on. Did you know that the CBC gets a $1.1 billion annual subsidy from the taxpayers of Canada as our national broadcaster? Yes Blanche, you are paying for the cushy jobs there. Wait, it gets better.

CBC management, the union and a group called Friends of Canadian Broadcasting are lobbying the government for substantial increases in the subsidy. Can we talk?

One of the reasons Trump got elected was because Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pleb were sick and tired of losing their jobs while watching government dudes whistling down the street on their way to work, knowing their salaries come from the public money tree. When will this entitlement end?

Anybody lucky enough to have a house near Trump in Palm Beach Florida is certainly going to have an interesting four years at the very least. To start with they will be very happy when they discover that whenever Trump is there the entire area becomes a no-fly zone. Seems those commercial airlines were a nuisance when they were floating in their pools while drinking a martini. A dry one of course.

Coast Guard boats toured the water that surrounds both sides of the road, while a tent was set up nearby where delivery trucks were searched. Federal officials, led by the Secret Service, oversaw an array of security restrictions. The Coast Guard established three security zones for the Intracoastal Waterway and offshore areas near Palm Beach. Life, as the rich and famous new it on that coast, is over for now.

In Trump Tower on 57th and Fifth in New York, the secret service is about to take over two floors of the building. The federal agency and the NYPD plan to run a 24/7 command post out of the space that would be housed at least 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse triplex. Not bad. Seems hizzoner diBlasio the mayor of New York is not going to pick up the tab for four years of this. Hillary would have certainly been easier to protect. Oh well.

Blanche, can you hear the slow, laboured breathing of some poor soul in an oxygen mask? No? Well, you may not hear it but Clinton supporters are on life support. They just can’t let go.

Her disciples  are urging her to challenge the vote count in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Come on. It’s over. You lost. Give it a rest already. We will also give them another reason to let sleeping dogs lie.

If they think that Clinton’s side didn’t pay off people, a la Obama, to go and vote, well, we’ll eat our hat. Do they want to uncover yet another Clinton scandal? We think not which is most likely why Hillary has been silent about this. Let’s bet nothing happens.

Black Friday. Seriously, who in their right mind would stand in the middle of an insane group of frenzied shoppers, pushing against a door until the store opens only to save $100 on a television or computer. Trampled, pushed, punched, bitten – sounds like a fun day. Blanche, go put on your pyjamas, sit down at your kitchen table with a cuppa tea and shop  in a civilized manner.

Good Shabbos
we’ll talk…

Million Woman March? We Can’t Keep Up With These Sore Losers.

The next few days will mark the birthday of Moishe Holtzberg as well as his parents’ yahrzeits. Moishe will be ten years old, his parents are gone for eight years, murdered in the terrorist attack on the Nariman House on November 26, 2008.

Because his birthday is so close to the yahrzeits, little Moishele goes to the cemetery each year at this time. We cannot fathom the life of this child. Hashem should give his grandparents, Rav Shimon and Rebitzen Yehudis Rosenberg with whom he lives, many more healthy years. Ach… Makes the rest of the stuff going on in the world pale in comparison, eh Blanche?

On January 21, 2016 there will be a million woman march in Washington. We checked out their website and gleaned the following information:

On January 21, 2017 we will unite in Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington. The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us–women, immigrants of all statuses, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslim, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native and Indigenous people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, the economically impoverished.

Can we talk? Were there not two people running for president? And did not one person win? So why exactly does the liberal left think that what they believe has more validity than what the right conservatives think? Hillary was a lily white angel during the campaign? We think not.

Both Hillary and Trump were flawed candidates and she lost. Get over it. He’s not leaving. When the next election rolls around  march, protest and go out and vote for your candidate. Right now is the time to give him a chance to govern. Marching, crying, being depressed and needing therapy is not going to make him go away. Grow up.

Yesterday, president-elect Donald Trump gathered the executives of the major news media together. It had all the trappings of a high-level rapprochement, inviting the leading anchors and executives of television news to join him for a private meeting of minds. Heavy hitters like Lester Holt, Charlie Rose, George Stephanopoulos and Wolf Blitzer trumped into Trump Towers.

Although they all agreed that this meeting was off the record, news trickled out. Trump was ‘candid and honest’. Blanche can you read between the lines? Let’s just say that these people must have felt they were in the principal’s office. To add salt to the wound, last night Trump put out a Youtube video on what he plans to accomplish on his first days in office. Normally this is done via press conference and then put on the major networks.

Having read a fantastic article about Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who taught himself, with the help of some geniuses, how social media works and made it work for the Trump campaign, it’s time mainstream media starts to get it. If not, it looks like they will get left behind in the dust because Trump will no longer tolerate how they operate. They are paid to first give the news – truthfully. Then they can give their opinions. They are not paid to just give their opinions and try to skew the outcome of elections.

Yesterday Montreal had it’s first taste of winter. Everyone knew it was coming. That is everyone except the City of Montreal workers. Blanche, do you think they live in an underground bunker with no internet or access to da weather, la? Or maybe they only listen to da weather in Fort Lauderdale, waiting dere vacation?

No snow plows, no salt trucks and no sidewalk clearing. And then there were bus drivers who decided that they were not going to work yesterday because they had to fill out a form and were mad about that. So people stood outside in the cold, blowing snow waiting for busses that never came.

And the mayor? Why he’s busy getting the Grand Prix back to Montreal. Let them eat cake – that’s his motto. We can’t wait for the vote next November. Blanche, can you please find someone who can run against this dude?

In a gesture of niceness, Trump said he would drop the threat of new investigations against Hillary et al. That concerns the email scandal. What will happen with the investigation concerning the Clinton Foundation is anyone’s guess. As Trump also has an ‘interesting’ foundation, it would most likely serve him well to drop that as well. Whether the FBI will cooperate is another story. Stay tuned.

Today, November 22 is 53 years since President Kennedy was assassinated.

This week marks an end of an era. The daily 9-noon Tommy Schnurmacher show is coming to a close this Friday. Tommy has kept a generation of people company in their cars, offices and kitchens and all those people will now have to find a new friend, which he was to everyone.

While he’s not completely retiring, he’s certainly cutting back as his new time slot is 12-1 Monday – Friday.

Having read many of the comments on social media, we can only echo what everyone else has been saying: Thank you Tommy for all the years of normal, decent, intelligent and honest words, humour, commentary and opinions. You will be missed.

We’ll talk…

Sanctuary Cities? Suck it Up.

The PROtests continue in New York, Chicago, LA, Boston etc. Blanche, can you believe that the mayors of these cities are encouraging the protests to continue? Those geniuses are saying that they are ‘cities of refuge’ or sanctuary cities which means if you are illegal and have committed a crime – come on down – we’ll protect you from mean old Trump.

Now imagine that you are a store owner on, oh, let’s say 5th Avenue. Like Gucci, Versace and other interesting places. Alas, your customers cannot get to you because not only are people protesting a democratic election, but the mayors of those cities are supporting this behaviour.

Those who supported Hillary Clinton are beside themselves that she lost. Poor pathetic creatures. They were duped by both mainstream media and of course Hillary herself. She blames James Comey, FBI head for her loss. Can we talk?

Hillary darling, you are the one who decided to put a server which contained highly classified information in your broom closet instead of where it belonged, with the rest of the government servers. For much less, people have gone to jail. It’s not Comey’s fault that this investigation kept going on and on during the campaign. May we suggest a mirror?

We would be remiss if we did not report on the extent to which the losers are going to ease the pain of their loss and the glass ceiling that fell on them, especially in universities. Let’s see, grief counsellors, play doh and colouring books in special rooms, classes cancelled deferring to sad feelings. Can we stop now?

What are these people going to do if they lose their job? Or, perish the thought, fail an exam?

The fact that the media is playing into this insanity completely and totally discredits them, like CNN – the Clinton News Network wasn’t discredited before this. President elect Donald J. Trump won the election. Do they think he’s going to say, “Oh Hillary, here, you take over because your followers are spineless, wimps and can’t take the fact that you lost the election.” No, he will not do that. On January 20th 2017 he will become the 45th president of the United States. Suck it up and grow up.

Blanche, ya gotta let go of this. Ok, but after one more line. Conrad Black, one of the public supporters of Trump wrote the mother-of-all columns this weekend. The best line: …It was magnificent watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) robots on autocue, scurrying around like asphyxiated roaches as it became clear that Trump would do the impossible and win…” No, we’re not gloating. We’re enjoying the moment after a long, long campaign.

Where were you on November 15, 1976? Most likely depressed because that’s the day Rene Leveque’s Parti Quebecois first took power in this province.

That date began the biggest exodus of Anglos, head offices and money out of Quebec and frankly, we have never recovered. Not that the PQ is in power today, but they hang around like a bad smell, reminding people that they are here. They are able to cause just enough instability to keep the big companies and serious money from moving back or moving here at all. Quel dommage.

Blanche, in case you were looking for the mother-of-all hypocrisies, here it is: Approximately 225 Canadians will jet to Morocco to denounce the use of fossil fuels. Got that?

In fact, Canada’s contingency is so big that it takes up 8 pages to list. So here’s a suggestion. How about a conference call? Or video call like Edward Snowden did in front of about 500 people. This is what is called bloated bureaucracy.

Leonard Cohen passed away last week. Frankly, aside from a living legend or icon, we cannot find the words to describe him. We have been listening to his songs for days. Haunting, spiritual, deep, honest, moving – are some of the words to describe them.

We wonder if Mayor Coderre will act quickly to name something after him. This time he can’t drag out an embarrassing gazebo for three years as he did with the Mordechai Richler debacle. This time the world is watching him. Blanche, did you know that Richler and Cohen are buried near each other? Ach…

While we don’t really want to write anything about Michael Applebaum, right now he looks awful. His trial started and his executive assistant has recounted, in graphic detail, how money exchanged hands to make the political system work more quickly.

After being collected from different construction companies to make sure they won the contract, it was left for a few days in a car. Then it was counted by the EA and Applebaum’s portion was left in his glove compartment.

How Applebaum is going to extricate himself from this is going to be very interesting. Imagine that Blanche went to city hall for his swearing in ceremony?

we’ll talk…