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As the holiday of Shavuot begins tomorrow night and ends Thursday evening at 9:43 pm, this will be the only Blanche Report we are sending this week. Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.


50,000 people showing up for a march in Toronto is something to be reckoned with. We know Justin likes parades because he never misses the gay pride parade.

Ah, but this past Sunday when over 50,000 people - Jew and non-Jew showed up to march in solidarity with Israel, Justin nowhere in sight. Where was he? Hiding in his cottage?

No, he was not hiding. He was showing his true colors which are that he does not believe Israel should be fighting hamas. He does not grasp at all that Israel is fighting for the rest of the world.

He has surrounded himself with fools who believe that Israel is commiting genocide. That Israel had a right to defend itself after October 7 - to a point. Israel was right for a while but...

Did you hear Justin, not as a prime minister but as a human being, comment on Israel's miraculous rescue of four hostages? No. You heard nothing. Radio silence.

Did you hear Justin comment about Noa Argamani, who was kidnapped from the Nova festival not by hamas but by the 'poor palestinians' and held as a slave for a wealthy family?

Did he bother to check that those 'poor palestinians' were paid by Hamas? That the father was a known doctor and the son is a 'journalist' for a United States newspaper called The Palestine Chronicle - registered in Washington state. And that he also writes for Al Jazeera.

You heard nothing from Justin. Not a peep.

And this is the party that Anthony Housefather chose to stay with.

Here's a headline peeps: You vote for Housefather, you vote for Justin and the liberals who do not support Israel or the Jews in Canada.

Time to move out of the box.

Time to wake up and realize that we have lost the luxury of voting for a nice guy who belongs to a party that has no moral compass whatsoever. That ship sailed. The alarm is ringing. Listen to it.

And if you want your blood to really boil, read these next two piece tweeted out by Justin on Sunday:

My heart goes out to the Muslim family in London whose home was attacked last night in an act of hate.  Canadians have seen how dangerous and ugly Islamophobia is. We have to keep confronting it—wherever and whenever we see it.

His heart goes out to a family in London? What about the Jewish kid in Ontario whose parents had to take him out of school because he was being attacked daily for being a Jew?

His heart doesn't go out to him?

And antisemitism isn't dangerous and ugly?

Now read this one:

The Trudeau government has given Paramount Foods' Mohamed Fakih the Order of Canada and sought-after locations for Paramount Foods at Toronto and Montreal's airports. Fakih has said he doesn't want Jews in his restaurants, has offered to pay legal fees of protestors - protestors who support Hamas and accused the Jewish state of genocide

Justin is an open antisemite. And he's your prime minister.

Madame Valerie Plante is running Montreal like the gong show. Tourists - most with a lot of money - actually know this as they were witness to the big gong on Friday night.

We wonder which gnat-brained bureacrat gave the order to shut down restaurants at 9:30 pm on the Friday night of the once-a-year grande prix. Why? Restaurant terraces were three inches too big. Or too close to the building.

Here's one scenario that most normally run cities do: A month before such a huge event everybody meets in one room. The grand prix peeps, police, the fire department, hydro, gaz met, heads of all construction sites downtown, restaurant, bar and hotel owners.

And then guess what happens? Everybody is on the same page. If there is a problem, it is discussed then and the problems dealt with before the event.

Having police and firemen storm restaurants and kick people out in the middle of their meal on the busiest weekend of the year is totally, 100% bush. It's small minded, most likely on the take bureaucrats who have less than zero vision for Montreal.

And that is exactly Valerie Plante. So why are people so shocked? She is simply unable to do her job.

A few days ago, isis made 'lone wolves' threats to the Paris olympics this summer. It came complete with a scary photo of a drone attacking the Eiffel tower.

Welcome to Israel's life.

Drones are being sent to Northern Israel from Lebanon to start fires in fields and forests. And if officials in Paris don't think this can happen to them, they are living in a fantasy world.

It gets worse.

The July 26 opening ceremony along the River Seine — the first not held in a stadium — has already been scaled back from 600,000 spectators to 300,000. They fear a massive terrorist attack.

The 10,500 athletes from 203 nations will take to boats on the Seine, watched by one billion globally.

There will be 30,000 police, 15,000 soldiers and 22,000 security guards on duty.

Alternative plans include switching the ceremony to the Stade de France or Place du Trocadero, across the river from the Eiffel Tower. Paris is already at the highest level of security, meaning that an attack is imminent.

Our suggestion is that if you want to watch any of the summer olympics, you do so from the safety of your own home.

Its time for people to start paying attention to Neil Oberman. He's a lawyer, clearly Jewish, who has been going after McGill for allowing the protests to continue and now Dawson college for its willful blindness to what is happening to their Jewish students.

Last week Oberman sent a letter to Madame Pascale Dery, Minister of Higher Education on behalf of a student of Dawson who has suffered purely for being a Jew.

This student has been repeatedly faced with numerous incidents of overt antisemitic content, hate speech, harassment and abuse both inside and outside the Dawson campus.

Madame Dery is the minister of higher education like we're a brain surgeon. She's a useful tool of legault when he has to go after the English community. That's where her job starts and ends. If that were not true, then why is she not protecting the Jewish students at Dawson, McGill and Concordia? And do not forget she is a Jewish woman.

We can tell you something with 100% certainty. If black or gay students were subjected to what Jewish students were subjected to since October 7, she would have raised the pride flag and painted BLM on the streets.

Lest you think only Canada is run by morons, think again. One of the biggest imbeciles around is kamala harris.

She mourned the Palestinians who were killed in a successful Israeli hostage rescue operation this weekend during an address delivered Saturday.

If you are looking for a reason not to vote for biden, she is at the top of the list.

Clearly she was not fed any intel.

When leaving the buildings after rescuing the hostages, the teams came under fire from Hamas fighters armed with rocket-propelled grenades. Hamas of deliberately fired at the Israelis from streets full of civilians.

Israeli airstrikes and ground forces had no choice but to fight back which is how many died including hamas and bystanders.

Here's a headline for all the bleeding heart liberals: hamas wants civilians killed so they can go to the world using their fake hamas health ministry bs and cry that Israel killed civilians.

And dufuses like Justin and Harris are taking the bait.

Happy Shavuot,

We'll talk...

PS: If you never went to a synagogue on Shavuot, this would be a good year to show solidarity with the Jewish people world-wide.

We celebrate the giving of the Torah on Wednesday June 12. Call or go online to whichever synagogue is near your home and find out what time the Torah is read. Then go.

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thank you for another excellent commentary,

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