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While we have never seen anything like this in our lives, panic is not the right emotion right now. In such situations, clear heads must prevail and that means listening to medical authorities and following their directives. Not the newscasters. Not the political pundits. The medical experts. If you were away, do everyone a favour and self-quarantine yourself…even if you don’t think you were exposed. No one has any clue if and when they were exposed, especially in places with large clusters of the illness. It takes anywhere from 5 to a minimum of two weeks to see any symptoms.

Self-quarantining is not for you. It is for everyone around you, especially if you have elderly parents. Most people will get a mild case of the virus, but there are those who are at higher risk and it is for them that everyone must listen to what the professionals are telling everyone.

The fact that Justin Trudeau does not understand that he has to suspend flights from China and now Europe, including Rome, is simply beyond the pale.

Last night Trump announced all flights from Europe will be suspended for 30 days. We are far from being a rocket scientist, but one can have the brain of a gnat and know that  those who want to come to North America from, oh, say Rome where the country is totally infected, will simply come via Canada.

Our Prime Minister is saying come on down and we won’t even test you at the airport. We’ll take you in with open arms.

Justin is simply unable to process information and it appears that he has surrounded himself with like-minded people. If there was a time to bring down the government, this is it. He is beyond irresponsible.

Here’s some good news. President Trump signed an executive order ending reliance on Chinese medical supplies. Trump is trying to increase domestic production by enforcing buy-American requirements for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, as well as fast-tracking approval from the Federal Food and Drug Administration for coronavirus tests, treatments, medications, and other assorted needs.

China is a key supplier of drug active ingredients, the chemical components that make drugs work, and finished medicines for the U.S. market including the active ingredients for antibiotics and pills to treat common chronic conditions such as heart disease.

Many of those “active ingredients” are eventually shipped to places like India, where they are made into medication, which is then sent to the United States. The supply chain does keep some costs down but in a global pandemic — particularly one that originates in China or southeast Asia — it can make necessary goods scarce. Which is the situation we are now in.

Standing ovation for Trump on this one.

There is no doubt that longevity genes run in Queen Elizabeth’s family. Yesterday she became the fourth longest-reigning monarch in history. Her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria had a 63 year reign and her mother aka the Queen Mum lived to a ripe old age of 101.

Harry and Meghan have left Great Britain for good. Seems it was a tearful goodbye.

Seems very few people liked Trump’s speech last night when he addressed the nation. He tried to calm people, but failed miserably as the stock market is in a total free-fall.

It’s what he didn’t say that didn’t help.  The only serious measure he took was to stop all flights from Europe. He missed out on what do to if you think you have it, where to go, how to handle it etc. etc. Not his finest moment. Justin and Sophie Trudeau are now in self-quarantine as she came back from London and got sick.By the way, that also means their kids are in quarantine with them. Nothing like quality family time.

We hope the two youts are getting along as two weeks is an awfully long time to spend together in close quarters. Netflix anyone?

Good Shabbos, wash those hands and keep calm We’ll talk…

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