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Always Be Careful What You Wish For…

People in Montreal wished very hard to get rid of their old mayor Denis Coderre, and with good reason. His ego was bigger than the Big O. Alas, their wish was granted and we now have a woman who considers Montreal her personal fiefdom and its citizens her servants.

In her quest to make Montreal more green than Mars, she has taken away fourteen parking spots reserved for her own executive members. She has replaced said parking spots with bicycle parking. No Blanche, this is not a joke. This woman is very real and issues very real edicts at whim.

We are citing this because it is coming to light, more and more, that many people are wishing for the Quebec liberal party, replete with that pit bull Barrette and wishy-washy Couillard, to be defeated in the next election. Many are toying with the idea of voting for the CAQ. The trouble with them is that their leader, Francois Legault used to be a cabinet minister in the Parti Quebecois, known for their penchant to make Quebec a country.

He swears up and down that he’s done with that. While for the moment that may be true, because if he says anything else, he will never get elected. However, as we can see from Montreal’s mayor, if elected, who knows what kind of people he will surround himself with and what edicts he will decide to impose upon Quebecers.

While we were on that bandwagon for a while, we have taken a step back. As we said recently, everyone wanted a change from the steady, but a tad boring Harper. Look what we got – Justin Trudeau, a total farce for a prime minister who runs from one embarrassing event to the next. Same in Montreal. We got Valerie Plante, who is very quickly becoming a mini-dictator.

Be careful what you wish for…

Much intrigue in the palace known as the White House. His very glamorous communications director, Hope Hicks, tendered her resignation yesterday. It came the day after she spent nine hours in a closed hearing of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In case you were wondering, she was making $179,000 a year. Peanuts compared to what she will soon be making when Fox or some other place picks her up. But we digress.

During those nine hours, she said that sometimes she told a ‘white lie’ for the President. Those two words could be very costly. If special council Robert Mueller thinks she has information that he wants, she will be called to testify.

Why is this expensive? Because one phone from Mueller and you best find a lawyer very quickly. Saying hello costs about $50,000. Good morning America.

There was a very detailed article in today’s National Post about Trudeau’s visit to India and how someone close to him could have scheduled Jaspal Atwal to be within four feet of Trudeau. This story is not going away anytime soon.

Lest you not know who Atwal is and what he did, we will enlighten you:

He was once a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, an extremist group aiming to establish an independent Khalistan that was banned in Canada as a terrorist group in 2003. He was one of four men who shot and wounded an Indian cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu, on Vancouver Island in 1986, and was convicted of attempted murder for his part in the attack. He served jail time and was later paroled.

What was also gleaned from this article is that while in India, was another huge blunder.

At the High Commission party in New Delhi, a map of India was displayed. Unfortunately, it was missing two states. That’s like drawing a map of Canada and missing Quebec and Ontario.

We are guessing that Trudeau doesn’t want anyone around that’s smarter than he is. Which would mean his people are seriously dumb, attesting to all the mistakes and blunders.

While the US government can’t decide what to do about the gun issue, corporate executives are feeling the heat and doing something about it.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, the sporting retailer said it’s done selling assault-style rifles and won’t sell guns to anyone under 21 years old. Walmart said they would also set an age limit.

It could be these companies will feel the backlash for taking a stand. So be it. Sometimes doing the right thing supersedes even money. Imagine?

Watch for this: there are plans to boycott Apple and Amazon for continuing their ties to the NRA. It’s not just the students from Parkland who have had enough. It appears that many other Americans are talking with their pocketbooks.

Here’s something that will make your eyes pop: California ranked dead last – 50th (out of 50, not 57 as former President Barack Obama once said) among U.S. states in quality of life, according to a new study by U.S. News & World Report.

That’s right, California ranked lower than New Jersey (49th) and Alaska (which actually comes in at a respectable 19th). Wait a minute. Didn’t Malibu, which is in California just ban straws to save the world?

What were the criteria of this study: health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, and fiscal stability.

Seems California cannot properly take care of their citizens. And they want to become their own country? Best they stay quiet and keep taking money from the feds in Washington. It’s obvious they need it.

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Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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