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As Long As A Contender for Mayor of Montreal Has a Pulse, They will Most Likely Win.

While most of the world is having enough trouble dealing with covid, here in Quebec they are very good at multi-tasking. Not only are they able to focus on the pandemic, at the same time they are very worried about  bonjour-hi and saving the french language.  Yes Blanche, it appears that in some stores that are actually bringing people to shop downtown, that dreaded English is being heard way way too much. Especially in Uniqlo, the international store that is attracting hordes of people downtown. That store was so busy when it opened that there was a line to wait for the line to get into the store.

Which of course means people are shopping and spending money.

Alas, in la belle province, that comes second to speaking french. Can we talk? Can someone please tell the government of Quebec that they are beating a dead horse? That the generation up to the age of about 35 speaks English perfectly and could care less if a salesperson says hello before bonjour. Putting a roof over their heads, feeding their families and having a job come eons before bonjour/hi.

This is a perfect case of having no skin in the game, which the politicians in the province do not have. Principles are fine because their salaries will not be affected one iota no matter what idiotic measures they bring in. You can be certain that Jean Guy, the welder will be less than amused if companies realize the red tape here is not worth the effort to set up shop here and he has to go on unemployment.

Who can’t wait until 2035 when all cars in this province will be electric. Come on. Pick up your hand. Wait. You don’t think there will be enough public chargers? You don’t think there will be enough cars to buy?

Psha. Peanuts when we can save the air in the world. If you don’t think like the Quebec government, you’re a small-minded selfish driver who will be responsible for losing lots of trees and whales.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has demanded California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom appoint a Black woman to the U.S. Senate seat  soon be vacated by Kamala Harris.

Got that word Blanche – demanded. They went even further:

Without Kamala Harris they said, there are no Black women in the Senate at all. “We’re going to make it clear to Governor Newsom that appointing a Black woman to this seat is nonnegotiable.”

Or else? Or else what? They’ll burn down Los Angeles? They’ll loot Palm Springs? They’ll riot in Sacramento?

Good luck to Joe Biden with these dudes. Here’s a tip for blm: Ultimatums are the same as bullying and don’t work unless someone gives into you. Newsom of California has no backbone, as is evident by the mass exodus of California. Perhaps Biden can intervene and tell blm that just because they are black does not give them extra privileges, to put it mildly.

And speaking of exodus, NY is at the top of one of the biggest mass migrations in generations. People can thank Bill Di Blasio, the absolute loser mayor of sending out gzillions of dollars.

More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months. From March through July, there were 244,895 change of address requests to destinations outside the city, more than double the 101,342 during the same period in 2019.

The escape from New York is fueled not only by coronavirus concerns but economic worries, school chaos and rising crime. Case in point is Megyn Kelly who, after hearing that her son’s school is promoting ‘reforming white kids’, she had enough and is pulling up stakes and leaving.

The number of murders in the Big Apple hit 344 by October, surpassing the count for all of 2019. The number of shootings through Nov. 8 is up 94% over 2019. In the Upper West Side, where Di Blasio put homeless people up in hotels and then told them to leave, the crime rate is off the charts.

Eventually NY will recover, but it’s going to take a very, very long time and that time won’t even begin to start until they get rid of their more than destructive mayor.

Uh oh. Stacey Abrams, the-black-didn’t-win-her-election-but-is-still lauded woman seems to have lost her hero status.

Right after the election, people thought that she was responsible for the massive black vote in Georgia. According to the NY Times – blm lovers – the black share of the vote in Georgia declined to its lowest levels since 2006.

Frankly, Abrams has a big mouth and is full of hot air. Perhaps Biden will be able to see through her cloud of said air and not give her any key position.

A word about Trump. Can someone please send him a memo that it’s over? That the longer he keeps trying to turn over the election, the more pathetic he looks?

Even if the democrats cheated, it’s over. He can’t catch up. He can’t get even close to Biden’s electoral college votes. Give it up dude.

The new season of the Crown has started and it’s beyond depressing. We lived through Diana’s terrible life and now we are reliving it? She was a pathetic, sad woman who was used by the royal family to produce the heir and the spare. C’est tous.

Charles loved another woman and his family was more than dysfunctional to think that just because he married someone else, that love would end. Why people are saying it’s a ‘good’ series is beyond our comprehension.

Back to Quebec for a moment. It seems Montreal lost about 4200 parking spots, not 8,000. Most likely half of those spots are downtown, making certain that people don’t go and shop there.

We had occasion to make our way downtown today. Seriously? They are putting pave stones on St. Catherine street? One by one. S.l.o.w.l.y. Very, very s.l.o.w.l.y.

What’s wrong with paving the road with normal asphalt? Not the watered down version due to bribing officials. Real asphalt. Wait. That would mean the work would take half the time. Why do that? Keep downtown shut down as long as possible seems to be Mayor Valerie Plante’s mantra.

We’re waiting to see who is going to run against her. Our guess is that as long as the person has a pulse they will win.

We’ll talk…

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