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If anyone puts a toe into water at a ‘beach’ in Montreal, they need therapy. Maybe the water isn’t polluted now which we don’t believe. The problem is when it gets very polluted again, we will only find out, say, a few months later.

To say we don’t trust anyone in this city with anything to do with keeping water at ‘beaches’ clean is the understatement of the year. Let’s just say people go to Ogunquit Maine, or Miami or Jamaica for a beach. Montreal? Not for the beaches dearies.

No surprise that Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference to refute the charges of the Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen. Neither she, nor her information is to be taken lightly and Zuckerberg knows a problem when he sees one.

For starters he said “accusations that it puts profit over user safety are “just not true.” Really? Not true? Prove it. So far, she has the upper hand as she has data to prove her accusations. Frances Haugen is a big problem for Mark Zuckerberg.

When Donald Trump’s approval rating was at 38%, that’s all CNN focused on. How everyone hated him.  How terrible he was. How Americans disapproved of what he was doing.

Well, the shoe is now on the other foot and Biden’s approval rating has dropped like a stone to 38%. To put that into perspective, in July he was at 52%.

The Afghanistan fiasco is still going on with Afghani’s who helped Americans for the past 20 years still trapped in Kabul and small villages all over the country. It seems they are systematically being killed (a clean way to put it) by the Taliban.

Then Biden entered into an alliance with Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. Problem was, he seems to have ‘forgotten’ about France.

According to John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (pick a title, any title) Biden had not been “fully aware” of the negative impact a U.S. submarine deal between the United Kingdom and Australia had on France after it was announced. “He literally had not been aware of what had transpired”.

Can we talk? If John Kerry doesn’t have early onset Alzheimers, then he threw Biden under the bus. He is a seasoned politician and did not ‘slip up’ by pointing a finger directly at Biden.

Then there’s the ongoing immigration issue at the southern border, with tens of thousands of people entering the United States, unchecked and certainly no covid testing.

Now, do you hear a word from CNN? Nada. Zip. Zilch. They can protect him all they want. Biden is either completely senile or on the way. The biggest issue facing Americans is that, by very very far, the alternative is way worse. Kamala Harris taking over. Perish the thought.

While we are neither an anti-vaxxer nor a pro-vaxxer, we feel that Justin’s newest edict – forcing anyone wanting to fly out of Canada to be vaccinated, is akin to what is happening in Australia, where they have been shut down for almost two years. If Justin wants to kill the tourism entertainment, convention and many other industries, he’s well on his way.

What’s wrong with asking people to take PCR test before flying – vaccinated or not? That will tell the airlines who is sick immediately.  Last we looked, Canada was not yet governed like China, but we, like Australia, are quickly getting there. Over 80% of the population has been vaccinated and more have had covid.

Justin is ‘keeping Canadians safe’. Feh.  That is a crock and everyone knows it. This newest edict is draconian, socialist and uncalled for.

Blanche, if you think keeping covid narrative is alive is because of covid, think again. There are plenty of beds in hospitals in Montreal. What there is not plenty of are nurses and orderlies to take care of patients. And it seems that our illustrious health minister made sure there are also not enough doctors either.

He sent one-third of the new family doctors slated to work on the island of Montreal to surrounding suburbs.

Our health system is on the verge of collapse not from covid but from people like Dube and Barrette who systematically decimated Montreal’s hospitals. They are responsible for people waiting months and months for hip replacements and many, many other elective surgeries.

One thing we know for sure. When Quebec politicians get sick, they run – not walk – to the Jewish General Hospital because they know the Jewish community finds a way to take care of their own and is not like a third world hospital, say in Laval or Montreal East.

They will be treated very well if they get sick and should be held accountable for what is happening now.

Don’t you wonder what Papa Legault is going to do with Quebec coroner Gehane Kamel? She said, unequivocally, that the death of Joyce Echaquan was an “undeniable” example of systematic racism in the province.

Legault can stamp his feet, throw the biggest temper tantrum known to a two-year old, but the facts are the facts.

Quebec is a racist province, coming directly from the government. It is going on unchecked and has done so for decades, traced back again to the lovely catholic church.

What’s he going to do? Fire all the people who have said Quebec is racist? Throw them out of the province? Let’s see what happens to Kamel who had the kahoonas to say the truth.

If you are a muslim woman who wears a hijab or a Jewish man who wears a kippah you are shut out of government jobs. That comes directly from Bill 21. And that is racist. Period. End of story.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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