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While the invasion of the Ukraine is vicious, deadly and heartbreaking, what is happening in Israel is barely getting a mention on any major news media stations. Israeli arabs  murdered 11 Jews  over the past week – in the middle of Israel. Not on the west bank, not near gaza. People not at war. People just going about their daily, mundane business. 

Last week, an arab killed four people in a stabbing and car ramming attack in the southern city of Beersheba. On Sunday an Arab assailant, a resident of a town in the north of the country, shot and killed two police officers in Hadera.

The latest attack took place today in Bnei Brak. Some of those murdered  were simply sitting and talking in their car.

It appears that the ‘holy’ month of ramadan, April 1-May 1 is a time to kill Israelis. If the days leading up to their holiest time of their year is a time to murder Jews, they are sick, warped people.

At long last we have heard a few words from the supposed leader of the modern world. Biden went ‘off script’ and said the following: “For G-d’s sake, this man cannot remain in power” – referring to Putin.

While late in the game, with the unwanted and unwarranted invasion of the Ukraine by Russia now a month old, it’s about time someone said something that was real. And his office, trying to do damage control, are all weaklings.

Somebody has to save the world from itself and if that means a suicide mission, putting a bullet in Putin’s head, so be it. He won’t go any other way. Whoever does that will not live to get a medal, but will be doing the world a big favor.

All the liberal bleeding hearts are tsk-tsking about Biden’s comment from their safe homes, sitting in their armchairs. Easy to do when your city is not being bombed into oblivion. Time to show some leadership and finally Biden said something worthy.

Truthfully, we were not going to comment on the Will Smith slap during the Academy Awards. And then we thought – isn’t Will Smith supposed to be  a role model for young black men? That’s over. Overnight he became a role model for men to beat up people when they feel that they or their woman were insulted.

Smith grew up poor in Philly and clearly understands what it means to be a black teen with a white police force. He made it big. And then, the first shoe dropped. Here’s a quote from a July 2020 interview when discussing his admiration for BLM:

“Rage is justified under oppression. But it also can be really dangerous. You got to be careful not to be consumed by your own rage, and that’s something that I’ve worked really hard on.”

Clearly not hard enough. Morris the accountant is not going to go up on stage during the Academy awards with millions of people watching all over the world to smack someone in the face for making a joke about his not-so-attractive wife Florence.

We also can’t help but think about the comedian Mike Ward making fun, over and over and over again, of Jeremy Gabriel, at the time a 13 year-old boy with very visible disabilities. Did Jeremy go up and smack Ward across the face? Did anyone? No.

So what’s with black men who profess to be a) role models and b) feel entitled to defend the honor of their woman not being able to control themselves? Young black boys and teens deserve much better role models than this lowlife.

This doesn’t even deserve to be in Blanche, but as it falls under the category of news, we are putting it in. It is Quebec’s 50 point health care plan.  If you think for a millisecond that one of these things will be implemented, take the needle out of your arm quickly. It was created purely for the upcoming election. 

Training, retention and mass recruitment of staff. Really? We heard they are looking for 3000 recruits. Have we not heard this line before? And who exactly is coming to Quebec? The emperor shot himself in the foot when he killed the Dawson plan that was supposed to train said people.  Getting people from overseas? Who wants to come here? No one.

Elimination of mandatory overtime. Impossible. There are not even enough doctors and nurses for the current overtime.

And our personal favorite: Renovation of outdated CHSLDs. Like the emperor gives a rats about old people. Let him first face the music on how he killed thousands of seniors in chsld’s at the beginning of covid and then maybe, just maybe, we will give this half a second of credence.

Emperor legault must think that we all have the brain of a gnat if we believe one word of this plan. He has an insatiable need to get elected again. End of story.

Thelma, can you tell everyone what the definition of a woman is? Seriously, this is not a trick question. Ok. We’ll help you. A woman is an adult female human being. Pretty simple, eh? Well, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, currently nominated for the Supreme Court would not answer that question, saying she’s ‘not a biologist’. Really? Someone has to be a biologist to answer this question?

We assume that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson knows that she is a woman. It’s pretty obvious because she sits, not stands when she goes to the bathroom.  And she has breasts and, get this, can give birth to a child. Pretty clear.

This is woke culture at its finest. Jackson is supposedly a very smart woman. What or who is she afraid of? What or who is she trying to impress?

She doesn’t deserve to be nominated. However, Biden promised the next Supreme Court judge would be a black woman so here ya go. The fact that she is clearly not the woman for the job is of zero consequence. She’s black. She’s a woman. Bingo. She wins the prize.

We’ll talk…

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