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Blanche is now a card carrying member of the CSI team: Can’t Stand Idiots. Anyone want to join

Is there no one out there in Quebec who is willing to stand up to the government and gas companies and ask why, if oil is down to $33 a barrel gas prices Quebec continue to go up and not just stay down? Did you know that in Toronto they are paying anywhere from 85 cents to $1.00 per liter? Why are we here in Quebec paying up to $1.39 per liter? And why do the gas prices go up on certain days or near the weekend or vacation times?

This place, aka banana republic, is corrupt from top to bottom as we have said on many occasions. We just cannot figure out why nobody has taken on both the gas companies and the government on this one. It doesn’t make sense.

To say that the stock market is not for the faint of heart does not do justice to the billions of people affected around the world. Given that, this is certainly not the first time that we have seen the market crash with a thud that reverberated around the world. Give it time and it will be back up. In the meantime, if you have the stomach, now’s the time to buy.

You can say anything you want about Donald Trump – good or bad. The only thing everyone agrees on is that he is 100% a showman. Tonight he is speaking in Burlington Vermont, which is Bernie Sanders territory.

He chose a venue that hold 1400 people yet printed about 20,000 tickets for the event. While there are certainly not 20,000 people there, the place is full and there are hoards of people outside.

Before being allowed entry, people were asked if they were Trump supporters. If they answered no they were not allowed in. (By the way, Harper did the same thing at events here in Montreal.) Two dudes managed to try to disrupt Trump’s speech by yelling up and down the aisles Dump Trump. They were quickly escorted from the hall but not before Trump said that he loves these kinds of disruptions as it is the only time the media shows the kinds of crowds he’s getting.

The only issue that we cannot fathom is his hair. Whoever is doing that dye job (farbing), needs to get a new color chart.

One more little ditty about Trump: He brought out a video today showing Hillary with both Bill Cosby and Anthony Weiner (aka sexting scandal ). This video was taken at a 2000 at a campaign rally for Clinton’s New York Senate campaign. To be fair, no one new what a sleazeball Cosby was and Weiner still had his pants on. Blanche, you’re getting very close to the line here. It looks like Trump is starting to get warmed up.

Anyone thinking about going to Egypt to see anything including the pyramids need to have their heads examined. Israeli tour buses were attacked and shot at. It seems that protesters aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood opened fire at and shot fireworks towards a tour bus and the hotel. Who in their right mind would venture directly into the line of fire, especially Jews and Israelis. We are giving them the benefit of the doubt and saying that they are so stupid that they are not accountable for their actions.

We have more news on the dodos holed up in Oregon. It seems they are cold and hungry because they are asking for things on Facebook. Yes Blanche, they need cold weather socks, underwear, snacks, energy drinks etc. We would very much like to meet the yahoos bringing in those supplies.

Wait it gets better. Law enforcement people are allowing these brainwaves to come and go at will but they don’t want to be recognized. So…they are covering their heads with plastic tarps. Now that’s a sight, eh?

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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