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Lest you think for half of half a second that there are not two different rules for our covid world, we are about to bust your bubble.

If you live in Canada, you are under strict rules. Masks anywhere indoors, vaccine passports plus you need to show photo ID, stores under intense scrutiny to follow all of these rules and punished if they don’t. If you dare cross the land border after November 8 and have an unvaccinated child, said child will have to quarantine for two weeks. Rapid test? Any test? Fuggedaboutit.

However. If you are going to the climate summit in Glasgow, aside from saving the world, you do not have to show any proof of vaccination nor do you have to social distance, nor do you have to wear a mask. Why you ask? Blanche, come on. Because the 30,000 people attending that conference are going to save the world, while us plebs continue to ruin it by simply living and breathing.

Never mind that their global footprint is following them like a bad gas. How did 30,000 people get to Glasgow? By plane. Clearly, the carbon footprints of those people don’t count.

If you think that this conference is a crock of you-know-what (the word starts with s and ends with t), you are 100% correct.

Is anyone counting how many ‘apologies’ Justin has made since he became Prime Minister? We lost track. And frankly, does anyone care anymore? Our guess is people are sick and  tired of him apologizing.

It was his idea to have a day of indigenous  truth and reconciliation. He chose the date, time and place. Then he doesn’t show up? Is he that self-centered? It could not have been that he thought people wouldn’t see he was missing. He can’t be that stupid.

Our guess is that as one of the ‘entitled’ people he just doesn’t care about anything except himself and his needs and is giving everyone the middle finger. Simple as that. He just doesn’t care.

Remember the thousands of flights cancelled on Southwest Airlines a couple of weeks ago? When the powers that be said it had nothing to do with covid. Guess what? It had everything to do with covid and today, the airline caved and is allowing unvaccinated pilots and flight attendants to fly after December 8.

According the Biden, as of December 8, anyone not vaccinated will be placed on unpaid leave. Read fired.

Julie Weber, chief people officer – what???? Oy. Ok. Julie Weber, chief people officer said that their employees could continue to work while following mask and distancing guidelines until their request to work unvaccinated has been reviewed. Read between the lines. The requests will never be fully reviewed.

Papa Legault gave his throne speech today. While he no longer professes to be a separatist, he is. Scream and yell all you want that he changed, he didn’t. A hint of that came when he said not to dare try to overturn Bill 21 or 96. Or change a word of those bills. 

He is a sneaky, devious and insidiously deceitful separatist. Calling Quebec a nation? Get a life dude. Quebec is one of the ten provinces of Canada. It is not a nation. Never was. He thinks that if you keep saying something that is not true, people will believe it. Maybe his genius followers will believe it, but nobody in the rest of the world will.

Here’s a headline for Papa Legault: His base will believe him because they are ignorant. Don’t like that word? It’s not politically correct? Boohoo. If most of his base does not speak a word of English they are 100% behind the 8-ball, shut out of the rest of the world save their little towns of Point aux Pic, Saint Pacome, Metis sur Mer or Saint Irenee.

Montreal needs to separate from the rest of Quebec. It needs to be a city-state. It needs to grow and thrive. Papa Legault is strangling it, slowly and painfully and if there is not one French Canadian-English partnership that can’t see this and do something about it, we are going become a backwater, second-rate city.

We’ll talk…

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