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Can Someone Please Send a Memo To Michelle to Stop Whining?

Had Hillary Clinton come out and told her supporters  that Trump won the election fair and square, she would have avoided further embarrassment. We are guessing that she’s still walking in the woods near her house, although now that winter has set in it must be a tad on the cold side, eh Blanche?

Over the past couple of weeks the media was harping on the fact that the electoral college was meeting to formally elect Trump. People thought for sure some Republicans would not vote for him, dropping his number from 307 (270 needed) to who knows what. So guess what happened? Hillary lost more people than he did. One voted for Sanders, one for John Kasich, four in Washington state voting for Colin Powell and, ready for this one Blanche: one for a bird called the Faith Spotted Eagle. Oy. Just more salt into the wound.

Chilling is what can only describe the error that an air traffic controller gave to a jumbo jet en route from LAX to Taipei. Seems there was a huge rainstorm and the controller was based in San Diego. The instructions were to turn left instead of right sending the airliner right into the path of an oncoming Air Canada plane and directly in the path of huge mountains.

The controller realized what she had done and had to tell the pilot more than once to change direction. People living in the area never get planes over their homes due to the mountains nearby and were shocked to hear a jet basically in their bedrooms. Yikes.

Isis has claimed that one of their ‘soldiers’ carried out the attack in Berlin yesterday. Pretty scary as all he needed was a truck. As well, the suspect that was picked up seems to be the wrong person. He’s from Pakistan having come into Germany last year with all the rest of the refugees and he’s waiting for his papers to come through.

This does not bode well for Europe as whoever did this latest terrorist attack is well-armed and can cross borders wherever he so chooses as the EU has no formal borders as we do here in North America. It also seems that Germany was told that these markets were soft targets and not to open them. We are guessing that people want to continue living as they did last year before Merkel let in about a million immigrants. They best take the needle out of their arm. Life as they knew it is over and they have Merkel to thank for that.

Can we talk about Michelle Obama’s hair? What’s up there? One time she has streaks and ‘white’ hair, we are guessing a wig. Another time she has hair that looks like it was severely ironed. Whatever.

She was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and frankly didn’t stop whining. She lost hope – bring on the barf bag. Then she lost her anonymity. Oh right. But she got to fly all over the world for eight years on a private jumbo jet. Or if Air Force One was not available they sent another equally large private plane for her. We saved the best for last:

She and the president are supporting President-elect Donald Trump’s transition because “it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander-in-chief.”

She added that the same thing wasn’t done for her husband, but “this is what’s best for the country.” Come on. She sounds, as we said before, that she’d love to have at least another four years in the White House. Darling, it’s over.

Fellow Quebecers take heart. We are not the only ones to endure road construction with nothing to show for it.

Interstate 405, or the 405, as it is known by the 300,000 drivers who endure it morning and night, is the busiest highway in the nation, a 72-mile swerving stretch of pavement that crosses the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. Over the past six years at a cost of $1 billion, people endured detours and delays, highway shutdowns, neighborhood streets clogged with cars — in the hopes of relieving one of the most notorious bottlenecks anywhere. Sound familiar?

It’s finally done and the result: no change in the traffic. In fact, it could be even worse. We can only hope that the reconfiguration and redoing of the Turcot interchange will not suffer the same fate.

Ever since election night—when Hillary Clinton tanked and Donald Trump became the next leader of the free world—the most prominent allies and alumni of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign have maintained a succinct message for Team Hillary: We. Told. You. So.

Hillary was told to go and campaign among the ‘little people’. She refused. Ich. Who needs ‘them’?

So Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania ultimately cost her the White House. And who was most vociferous in advising her? People from Zaidy Bernie’s camp. Never would she have listened to them…at that time. Now? Never would she listen to them. Ergo she’s home knitting an afghan and Trump is on the way to the White House – with the little people.

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