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Cash Cow Coderre…Mooooo

So Blanche, what are you missing in your life? Maybe getting from one place to another in less than two hours? The streets have been so torn up we are starting to look like Aleppo. Or maybe you are missing directional signs that actually direct you instead of making people drive around in circles going nowhere.

For sure you are not missing a rodeo. Wait. You don’t have to miss one. You can go see a rodeo at the old port. Yet another idiotic, total-waste-of-other-people’s money idea coming to you from our Mayor Coderre aka cash cow Coderre aka ccc.

Indeed the man is a cash cow. We needed a rodeo to celebrate Montreal’s 375th birthday like China needs another billion people. Just like we didn’t need those $3.45 million granite tree stumps on the mountain. You know of course Coderre paid full price for that granite. He didn’t even try to get a deal. And why granite? Most likely he wants the stumps to be his legacy. Not that we want to be graphic, but you know which part of your anatomy will be on those stumps. Fitting, eh?

A few months ago, in his never-ending quest to have everyone love him, Justin Trudeau said regardless of who you are or where you come from, there’s always a place for you in Canada. Uh oh. That wasn’t such a smart thing to say and frankly, it’s not true. Plus, much to his chagrin, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will want a selfie with him.

Trudeau later woke up and realized that every Jose, Abdul, Sven and Svetlana were walking into Canada via a ditch near the border. He had no choice but to walk back his words: We’re reaching out to ‘folks’ (nauseously reminds us of Obama), to make sure people who want to come to Canada understand the proper procedures to do so.

It appears however, that Trudeau can do whatever he pleases as he is as popular as ever. Goes to show the shallowness of people. Good hair, tall, thin and pretty face – poof – you win the prize. The fact that there’s air between your ears is a small detail. Oy.

CNN aka the Clinton News Network, did not learn anything from the presidential campaign. Their raison d’être is to run only negative news about Trump. The world could be coming to an end and they would mention it in passing between people they find who are more than willing to spew hatred about the president.

While we didn’t like Trump’s approach on Tuesday night and we thought he went overboard in calling out the media, he’s pretty well spot on. CNN does alter the facts and they have not reported serious news in a very long time. They have talking heads on panels spending their entire day and night bashing Trump. Here’s a headline: It didn’t work during the campaign and it’s not working now.

Remember Colin Kaepernick? He’s the football player (Buffalo Bills) who refused to stand for the national anthem before the games. Well, he’s no longer a Buffalo Bill and it seems that no other team is picking him up.

Here’s a headline for that genius: When you work for someone else and they pay your salary, you abide by their rules. If you don’t like the rules, leave. Standing out and making a spectacle of yourself because you think your ideas are right and everyone else’s are wrong doesn’t fly.

He doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem? Now he can stay home and sit on his couch where he belongs.

In case you thought bribery and putting money in socks in Quebec is over due to the various and sundry commissions, think again. The former president of the federal company that owns and operates two of Montreal’s major bridges was sentenced Thursday to five-and-a-half years in prison after pleading guilty to accepting more than $2 million in bribes.

Michel Fournier admitted to taking over $2.3 million from Montreal-based engineering giant SNC-Lavalin in connection with a contract the company received to repair the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Blanche, can you imagine how much money people are making on the Champlain bridge? Truckloads. Let’s hope they don’t use inferior materials on that construction or we will all be crossing the bridge wearing lifejackets.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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