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Colin Kaepernick Hit the Jackpot

Nike has made Colin Kaepernick their new spokesperson. Why? Because he did not stand for the national anthem at the beginning of football games and lost his job. The point here is not what Kaepernick did, but why he did it. As we said at the time, taking a knee in defiance of how people of colour are treated in the United States is not going to help those people. It will make the person taking the knee feel good about themselves. It will get that person in the spotlight and, as we now see, it will get them a plumb job.

Kaepernick will be seen on several platforms, including billboards, television commercials and online ads. Nike also will create an apparel line for Kaepernick and – here’s the key – contribute to his Know Your Rights charity.

Here’s a challenge to Mr. Kaepernick: If you mean what you say, put your money where your mouth is. Give every cent of what you will earn from Nike to inner cities, homeless shelters, food banks, medical assistance – all places where you will find people of colour and, yes, white folks. Not singing the national anthem is fixing nothing for anyone.

Brett Kavanaugh is ‘on trial’ as the next Supreme Court judge. Liberals have literally gone out of their minds as they know that with Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court will be weighed in favour of conservative rather than Liberal thinking.

Kavanaugh is before a senate hearing today and in the audience, or rather above them, stood seven feminists dressed in red robes and white bonnets – simulating the Handmaids Tale. If Kavanaugh’s nomination goes through, they fear that they will revert back to being pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. Along with these beauties was the mother-of-all left of lefties, Islamic activist, hijab-wearing Linda Sarsour. She alone will make people run to vote for Kavanaugh.

“Right now in America, far too many women of color cannot access safe, affordable healthcare and the ability to decide whether, when and how to raise thriving families is out of reach.”

Can we talk? Seriously? Was there not a black president in the Oval Office for 8 years? What exactly did he do for women of colour accessing safe, affordable health care? What did he do to help his fellow people of colour? We will enlighten you. Nothing. He sat in his ivory tower and, when he was not bowing to arab leaders, did zip to help his fellow people of colour except to encourage them to stay on government assistance.

People with a liberal bent cannot – ever – see the forest for the trees. Kavanaugh is not going to keep them pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. That is insanity. Catcalling during senate hearings while dressed like a character in a television show is not going to give you very many brownie points. It will however, show that anyone who supports Kavanaugh does have a brain.

Even those who love summer cannot be happy with the weather we have been having. It’s now September and the for the next couple of days we still must endure this ridiculous humidity and obnoxious heat. Had we chosen to live in Florida or somewhere in the Deep South of the United States or perhaps Africa, this heat would be just fine. As people of the snow, it’s enough already.

Fear not fellow Canucks – change is coming. In two days this heat business will end and for the foreseeable future it appears the weather will be normal. Get your sweaters ready.

Here’s a headline for those running to become premier of Quebec: Either stop promising the impossible or stay on the bus and just wave or maybe hold up a sign – Vote for Me.

Today, Francois Legault of the CAQ who seems to be making the most promises of which zero will be fulfilled, – made more stupid statements.

When visiting a senior home he said he would be building an additional 20 respite residences for caregivers over the next 10 years. Can we talk? Who believes a word of what he says? Where is he getting the money for all the promises he is making? Last we looked, he doesn’t walk around with a bow and arrow so he can’t be Robin Hood.

Wait Blanche. Can you get a memo to his handlers to buy him a Robin Hood costume? That way maybe people would believe what he is saying as Hood’s modis operandi was taking from the rich to give to the poor which is what he would have to do to fulfill even a 10th of this promises.

John McCain was finally buried yesterday. While there is no doubt that he was an American icon, he died over a week ago and had about 3 different funerals. A bit of overkill to make the point that lots of people don’t like Trump, n’est ce pas?

The controversy over emotional support animals flying with their peeps is slowly getting solved with many airlines now issuing their own individual rules concerning which animals can fly on their planes.

Delta Air Lines was the first to issue new rules. United Airlines soon followed suit after someone tried to board a peacock as an emotional support animal. And now, Southwest Airlines has issued its own set of rules.

Only dogs and cats can fly as emotional support animals. This means no more snakes or pigs on a plane. Got that Blanche? Leave your pet snake at home.

Wait – it gets better. Southwest has issued an additional warning: Your emotional service animal has to be well-behaved or face the consequences. Under the new Southwest rules, any growling, scratching or urinating in gate areas (feh) will result in your animal being denied boarding. Really? What a surprise.

Face the consequences on board? Does that mean the old heave-ho out the door while in flight? Splat.

We’ll talk…

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