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Today in England the festitivies began for the Queen’s Platinum jubilee – 70 years on the throne. This is no mean feat and she will most likely be the only such monarch to celebrate such a milestone. And Queen Elizabeth looks like the bomb at 96 years old.

To fully understand how long she has been there, get this Blanche – she has been served by no less that 14 Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher etc.

Who is missing from all the fun? Her son Prince Andrew, now persona non-grata. Seems he has come down with covid – how convenient. Not appearing on the balcony with the Queen were Harry and Meghan as they are not working royals.

We watched the beginning of the ceremonies live. Suffice it to say, no other country does pomp and ceremony like the Brits.

So is the monarchy a thing of the past? While Charles will be king it will be difficult to bear. But once William takes over, we are guessing, if they are still around, things will be very different.

While in private life Charles may be a decent person, his behavior over the years has been pretty nasty. But we are guessing that as he has waited over 70 years for this job, nobody has the heart to skip him and go straight to William. Too bad.

So what’s the real reason you can’t renew your Nexus? Here’s the scoop peeps. This was sent to Blanche by someone who had a baby in March 2021, during covid. He has been unsuccessfull in his attempt to get his daughter a Nexus card, despite applying almost immediately following her birth. Why?

This comes from Anthony Housefather, this person’s member of parliament. For reasons we cannot fathom, Anthony continues to defend Justin and his government who clearly, very clearly no longer gives a rats about the rest of us plebs.

Here ya go:

…With respect to reopening Canadian (Nexus) offices we are all hopeful they will reopen as soon as possible and when they announce that they are reopening it will be included in my weekly update.

Thelma, did you see the word reopening no less than three times in that one sentence? He’s hopeful the nexus offices will reopen? Does Anthony think that saying the word reopen three times will elicit the genie from the bottle and poof! the offices will reopen? And why the hel. are they not open? Where are all the people who used to work there?

If you have any plans to travel and have either an expired passport or Nexus card, stay home. You are going nowhere until Justin and his lazy, entitled, arrogant government decide that the time has come to open those offices and perhaps lift the travel restrictions which have now been renewed until the end of June. How Anthony defends these people is simply beyond the pale.

Woah. How the big mouths fall. Lawyer Michael Avenatti was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday for stealing from adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti represented Daniels in a legal battle against Trump and was convicted of taking nearly $300,000 owed to her from her 2018 autobiography “Full Disclosure.”

The sentencing is scheduled to run concurrently with Avenatti’s sentencing in a separate Nike case that will include two and a half years to be served after his first sentence is complete. How to ruin your life.

Another mass killing in the US yesterday. Some dude was not happy with his doctor as he was still in pain a month after back surgery. So instead of making an appointment with the doctor, he bought an assault rifle, went to the office and killed the doctor and three other people who were in his way.  The United States has a massive problem on their hands. M.A.S.S.I.V.E.

Remember John Hinckley, who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981? He’s finally out of prison after 41 years. Seems he has been rehabilitated. Guess we’ll find out.

It appears from what we have been reading and hearing, that emperor legault’s secret reason for bill 96 is not to lose the PQ vote in the October election. He threw them an elephant so they could hang onto the trunk.

Time will tell but right now, the PQ is challenging him to use the word independence. Let’s see if he bites. You know Blanche, we always say to be careful what you wish for. Our guess is that the emperor doesn’t have the stomach nor the province the money to become a real nation, not the fake one he pretends he has.  He’s really like Humpty Dumpty.

This Sunday is Montreal’s ‘great’ tour de l’isle – the big bike ride around Montreal. It happens to coincide with the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. No problem there except…

It is impossible to cross streets anywhere along the bike route. Three of said streets fall exactly where people must cross to get to synagogue on Sunday.

People have reached out to the city of Montreal for extra police help due to the unusual circumstances and have been given two choices: Use the ‘volunteers’ who in the past were completely unable to control the bikers or b) use the police at your own cost which is $100 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

As there are 3 different corners involved, that would bring the bill for the police to $1200. Seriously? Isn’t this what the police are for? We’ve seen them fiddling with traffic lights for hours and hours. Protecting walkers trying to get to a synagogue on their holiday we have to pay for?

Your tax dollars not at work here.

Elon Musk gave his employees an ultimatum – come back to the office or leave your job. He didn’t mince words: “Everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week. If you don’t show up, we will assume you have resigned.” Gulp.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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