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Couillard and his Missives are Getting Hit with the Stuff from the Fan and It Stinks

So now it’s not only CNN and the NY Times who are nervous about Trump. Wall Street is very jittery, with good reason. This Thursday the House is supposed to vote on the revised Obamacare. If it passes, we move on. If it does not pass, everything gets stalled for about a year, including the tax reforms that Wall Street banked on (pardon the pun). And they are nervous that it won’t pass and therefore the tax reforms will be stalled as well.

The passing of this bill is so important that Trump visited and warned wavering House Republicans that their jobs were on the line in next year’s elections if they failed to back the bill. As one politician said, he wouldn’t want to be the Republican whose vote prevented them from keeping the commitment we’ve made to the American people for almost 10 years now. Stay tuned.

If you think the republicans have a problem, so do the democrats. Right now they are leaderless. When registered voters were asked whom they view as the leader of the Democratic Party, 40 percent said it has no leader. Blanche, dats bad. Wait, it gets worse:

15% named former President Obama as the party’s leader. 12% said zaidy Bernie who has gone out of his way not to join the Democratic Party despite running for the its presidential nomination last year. 11% view Sen. Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas as the party’s leader, and 10 % answered with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now that’s a sorry list of potential leaders especially since only one – Warren, would actually take the job.

Here’s the kicker: 45% of those asked said they wanted to see someone not on the list of possible candidates in the survey. The next logical question is who that person might be it was a veritable hodgepodge of people from Michelle Obama to Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Frankly, we wonder why anyone would want this thankless job. Once the thrill of the win wears off, it is possibly the worst job known to man.

Uber is also in big trouble. Jeff Jones, who resigned as president, clashed with the CEO. Apparently, so did three other key senior executives who also quit. Seems the CEO Travis Kalanick is quite the hot-head and control freak. Here’s a tip from someone who has been at the receiving end of a control freak: people do their job and nothing more. They won’t go that extra mile for you. And in the end, they leave as no money is worth working for someone like that.

This dude Kalanick sounds like he’s going to be running Uber all by himself unless he changes his tactics.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux says he was kept in the dark about the 300 vehicles trapped for hours and hours on the highway. And which dark room might that be? Obviously one with no windows, phone, radio, or social media.

Coiteux’s press aide, Marie-Ève Pelletier, confirmed Tuesday there was a breakdown in communication and that Coiteux never really was informed of how bad things were.

She released two documents — government status reports — showing neither the Ministry of Transport nor the Public Security Ministry had a handle on the situation unfolding on the highway.Really? Could have fooled us.

Wait Blanche, get this one: On Wednesday at 7:15 a.m., the centre referred to a jam on Hwy. 13 but says there were 30, not 300 cars stuck on the road and it never called for reinforcements. If they knew there were 30 cars then they knew there were 300 cars and were afraid to come forward at that time with the information. They are all lying.

Couillard has since apologized as did the Ministry of Transport. Here’s a headline: It’s way to little, way to late. These dudes think that they can pin the blame on their little airhead missives or some poor truck driver who was the tenth truck in line. The stuff is going to keep hitting the fan and smearing them until they fess up and tell the truth.

As we said in the last Blanche report, when it stinks, it stinks from the head down. Couillard has been mysteriously absent from our lives for the past year. You can bet your bippy this is not how he wanted to regain the limelight.

Ivanka Trump is being given a West Wing office, increased security clearance and a government-issued communications device. Some people have their shorts in an uproar from this announcement.

Here’s what we say: Nothing Trump did, does or will do is within the norm of anything anyone in Washington has ever seen. In February Ivanka met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House, where they were part of a roundtable discussion about female entrepreneurs. She met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and when Angela Merkel visited the White House last week, Ivanka Trump was seated right beside her. In fact, if you check out the pictures, the only time Merkel is smiling is when she’s talking to Ivanka.

Here’s the kicker: She is one of the most powerful people near her father because she has no title. Contrary to popular belief, she’s not going to assume the role of first lady. She’s much smarter than to take on that role, especially as there already is a first lady.

It took a couple of months for her to surface and you won’t be seeing her face in the papers or social media, but make no mistake…she’s probably one of the top ten most powerful people in the world right now. Now, if she could only take away her father’s phone on Shabbos.

The United States is barring passengers on flights originating in eight Muslim-majority countries from carrying any electronic device bigger than a mobile phone. Nine airlines from countries in the Middle East and North Africa had been given 96 hours, beginning at 7:00 GMT on Tuesday, to ban the devices from the cabin.

Laptops, e-readers, cameras, tablets, printers, electronic games and portable DVD players are affected by the ban – which applies to direct flights to the US – but they may still be stowed in the hold in checked baggage.

If we were traveling, the last place we would want to put our computer is in checked baggage. What are the chances that it will still be there when we landed? We’ll say 50-50 to be on nice side. We traveling to South Africa and had a small transistor radio stolen from our luggage. Imagine a laptop?

Here are the countries affected: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. You may not like Trump and he may be overreacting, but people are getting the message not to mess with him. And in the Arab countries, the response to strong leaders is much more effective than those afraid to use the words islamic terrorism.

We’ll talk…

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