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Couillard’s Pathetic Pandering

Nothing happens ‘by accident’. When was the last time you heard Couillard on English media? Can’t remember? Nobody can.

Today he was pandering to the English population via the radio, saying how much he loves us. How important our English institutions are to him. Seriously? The barf bag won’t even cut it this time.

As there is an election coming next year, he’s starting the pathetic pandering. Aside from professing his undying love for the Anglos here, he proudly said that Trudeau will announce a $1.28-billion commitment Thursday for a major Montreal rail project that will connect the city to its suburbs and to its international airport.

If this rail project ever sees the light of day it will be nothing short of one of the biggest miracles of all time. It’s yet another vote-for-me invisible carrot.

Here’s a headline for Couillard: When you start to undo all the damage that Barette has done in the health system here, some people may actually start listening to you. Until then keep rowing your boat upstream cause nobody believes a word you say.

In the last Blanche report, we stated that the rhetoric vis-a-vis the US political system was abysmal. It’s also no secret that the millions of people who live on the edge are deeply affected by both the tone and words of what is said.

Sadly, such was the case yesterday when someone with obvious mental issues used elected US officials as live target practice, hitting a few of them, injuring them gravely.

One would think that even the right-wing radio talk show hosts would learn something. Or at least remain silent out of respect for one day. As this did not happen, it’s pretty obvious that they are unable or unwilling to stop egging-on the fringe of society. Is life only about ratings and advertisers? Have they lost all semblance of humanity?

Michael Savage claims to have said the night before that the country is at the boiling point, close to a civil war. This is exactly what we mean when we say it’s time to dial back the vicious tone.

Sane, ‘normal’ people either tune out or take all extreme media with a grain of salt. Not so those living on the edge or with mental health issues. They take everything very seriously and, as we saw, tragically act upon their rage.

In the you-won’t-believe-it department, did you know that seven percent of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Got that Blanche? 16.4 million people believe that the chocolate milk in a container came from a chocolate/brown cow. Here’s another one: In a study commissioned in the 1990’s, one out of five people did not know that hamburgers are made from beef. Experts in the agriculture industry don’t believe much has changed today.

We will leave you to ponder these next few little ditties: Researchers interviewed fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders at an urban California high school. They found that more than half of them didn’t know pickles were cucumbers, or that onions and lettuce were plants. And 3 in 10 didn’t know that cheese is made from milk.

There’s something to be said for general knowledge, which as one can sadly see, is sorely missing from the education system.

Here’s a good one Blanche: Vladimir Putin offered to give political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey. Nothing like adding salt to an already festering wound between Comey and President Trump.

“If Comey will be under the threat of political persecution, we are ready to accept him here,” Putin said at a press conference. This guy Putin has kahoonas the size of Texas.

We waited till the end of Blanche to deal with Trump, hoping that perhaps today he would not tweet. No such luck.

His latest issue is that he is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special counsel Robert Mueller.

So what are they looking into: The first is into whether anyone on Trump’s campaign, or associated with it, with him or with any of his businesses, may have had any illegal dealings with Russian officials or others with ties to the Kremlin.

The second is into whether, if any potential offenses were committed, Trump or others attempted to cover them up or obstruct the investigation into them.

Examining such possible charges will allow investigators to interview key administration figures including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and possibly Trump himself.

If only he would stop tweeting about these charges and just let sleeping dogs lie, his life would be so much simpler. He’s not listening to his lawyers, his wife, his daughter or son-in-law. In the end, as many pundits have been saying, he is his own worst enemy.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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