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Could It Be Another Clinton Will Run for Office?

Blanche, did you know that Bombardier’s senior executives saw their compensation rise by nearly 50 per cent last year at a time when it laid off thousands of workers, sought government aid?

CEO Alain Bellemare received US$9.5 million, up from US$6.4 million in 2015, including US$5.2 million in share and option-based awards and a US$1 million salary. The total compensation for the top five executives in 2016 amounted to $32.6 million.

Bombardier is in the midst of a five-year streamlining plan and are laying off over 14,000 employees. So Blanche, it seems you are remembering that year after year Bombardier comes calling to both the provincial and federal governments looking for ‘loans’. Last year for example, the Quebec government gave them US$1-billion in exchange for a 49.5 per cent stake.

Seems Bombardier needs to hire a management consultant. It can’t get its act together when delivering products. Toronto and Edmonton are prime examples. They were late in both cities delivering trains for their expanded subway systems. The delay in Toronto was just one part of a huge production snafu for Bombardier, which blamed supply chain issues for epic delays in delivering vehicles from its plant in Thunder Bay, Ont. Those problems appear set to ripple across the country. Altogether, six rapid transit systems across Canada have ordered trains from troubled Bombardier Transportation.

Of course we were not born yesterday and know that top executives get bonuses, otherwise they would leave, right? Well, maybe there needs to be a shake-up not at the bottom, but at the top. The ‘let-them-eat-cake CEO’s should be the ones eating cake.

Michael Applebaum, Montreal’s erstwhile first Jewish mayor, is going to jail. The truth is, others have not done any time for accepting bribes as he did. The difference here, we are thinking, is that Applebaum became the mayor. We will never, in a million years, figure out why he took that position, thinking, obviously erroneously, that no one would find out what he had done. It has cost him a few years of anguish in his life, certainly not worth the measly $32,000 or so he took.

It appears that European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker is a very poor loser. How poor Blanche? So poor that he said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if President Trump does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU. He doesn’t like that Trump has no issues with Brexit.

Another speaker at event, Antonio Tajani, the EU Parliament president, received a rapturous ovation as he launched an impassioned defence of Europe’s “Christian values”.

In a series of thinly veiled comments about immigration, a major political issue in his homeland and Malta, the Italian official said Europe should do more to defend its historic identity. He said: “We shouldn’t be ashamed of saying we’re Christian. We’re Christian, it is our history. “If we leave our identity we will have in Europe all identities but not European identities. For this we need to strengthen our identity.”

Ya think they’re nervous about both Britain leaving the EU and the huge influx of muslims recently, plus those who never assimilated in their European cities? They are mighty nervous. Dudes – it’s a shtikel late for being nervous.

Sometimes, nice guys finish first. British-based Monarch Airlines has decided to launch a new year-long promotional campaign to highlight traditional values and basic good manners for its passengers. Got that? If you say hello, smile and act like a nice human being, you will be rewarded. How?

The airline has announced that it is offering free upgrades to passengers simply if they are nice. Imagine? Effective immediately, the front line counter and gate folks at Monarch are now allowed to give away free upgrades and priority boarding to passengers who are simply nice.

There’s an unintended benefit as a result of this: more Monarch planes are leaving on time.

Blanche, could it be? Shall we say politely or not so politely, that the homely looking Chelsea Clinton, heir apparent to her parents’ political dynasty, is repeatedly being asked if she will be running for office. Seriously, you can’t fault someone for how they look even though she got the worst of both her parents. Honestly Blanche, you are gross.

Ok, so guess what her answer is? Today it’s no. But… She’s a Clinton and they never, ever give a straight answer to anything. As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, here’s her response:

First she denies that she’d ever run, then she’s shocked anyone would even ask, followed by praising her current elected officials, and then at the very end leaving the door open to the possibility which, of course, brings us back to the beginning. Guess she learned from both her mother and father. Don’t you wonder if she’s keeping that Clinton Foundation going? After all, she’s going to need zillions to run.

Remember we told you about the few dudes at the airport checking out how to make bombs, looking a jihadi websites etc? Nothing to fear here boys and girls as the Ministry of Transport has said our airports are very safe. Blanche, don’t you feel safe now? What? You don’t? Quel surprise.

It’s those same geniuses who are responsible for the fiasco on the highway during the last snowstorm when people were stranded for 13 or so hours. We would rather hear them say we are  looking into this matter and will get back to you. Not, in 10 seconds say we are safe. They don’t know.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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