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Does anyone remember the big flood of 1987 in Montreal pictured here? 55 millimeters of rain fell over 5 hours in Montreal. There was massive flooding. People's cars were floating along the Decarie Expressway. The Cavendish underpass was totally flooded. One motorist lost his life when his car got stuck in a flooded underpass on Beauharnois St. under Highway 15. Our basement was flooded as the terlits overflowed.

Was that event attributed to climate change? No. Climate change didn't exist then. It was attributed to a long heat wave and a deluge of rain.

Yesterday, 60 millimeters fell over 2 hours. Valerie Plante, Montreal's very green, bicycle-loving mayor is saying that the rain and flooding yesterday was caused by climate change. Pulllleeessse.

Plante said the infrastructures of Montreal and other cities were not able to deal with extreme weather events such as Tuesday’s rain, saying they were built when such events were expected to occur only once every 100 or 50 years.

Wait a minute. 1987 was only 35 years ago. Not 100 years ago. Can we talk? Montreal's underground sewer infrastructure is the same as the Metropolitan mess, the Decarie expressway fiasco and the Big O. All done with inferior products because uncle Giuseppe needed his cut, Jean Guy needed his cut and Drapeau need his cut. Plus all those infrastructures were designed by someone who had one too many beers.

When it rains like that in New York does anyone hear of massive flooding? No. Is the infrastructure old? Yes. But it was done properly, most likely without money put into people's socks in exchange for inferior pipes etc.

Madame Plante needs to drop the climate change bs and figure out the real issues here.

Don't know about anybody else, but we will be up at 6:00 am Monday morning to watch Queen Elizabeth's funeral. We won't be alone. Estimates are that at least 4 billion others will also be watching.

Today we watched as she left Buckingham Palace for the last time. Behind her walked King Charles III and behind him, William and Harry. We were reminded of that sad day 25 years ago when these two brothers, then children, walked behind their mother's coffin.

One thing we can say with certainty: The Brits know how to do pomp and ceremony like no one else. Never mind marching in perfect step with each other. What really got us were the eight dudes who had to lift her coffin from the horse-drawn carriage and place it on a stand where she will lie for the next four days.

None of those guys looked down once. The whole time they were moving her (if she's in that casket altogether), they looked straight ahead. Even when they walked down the stairs no one looked down. All we kept thinking was don't drop her.

UPDATE: The line for the public to pay respects to the Queen is currently at approximately 2.4 miles long. Unbelievable.

Seems we are not the only ones who cannot understand why masks are still mandated on flights emanating from Canada. In fact, Justin's government continues to be an extreme outlier in the Western world on Covid policies.

Before reading the next part, know one thing: If people tolerate and follow what Justin is threatening to do, then you will get what you deserve.

Trudeau recently made a thinly veiled threat that Canadians may face fresh restrictions and mandates later this autumn or winter, unless 80 – 90%of people are “up-to-date” with their vaccinations.

Canadian health officials define being “up-to-date” as having had the last dose within the last three months. In other words, of you live in Canada, you are being threatened with being on an endless conveyor belt of boosters into the indefinite future.

Does Justin know something on the efficacy of vaccines and other restrictive rules around Covid the rest of the world doesn't? No.

Two businessmen are not cow-towing to Justin. The British immigrants to Canada have taken civil litigation against the federal government’s vaccine mandate for travel. Why?

One would think that if the government is forcing the population to wear masks on planes they would have done a risk assessment. Otherwise, why do it? Well peeps - there was no risk assessment. In fact, not one risk assessment report was filed until May 2022, long after Justin began forcing everyone to wear masks on planes.

Now ask why nothing was done until May 2022. Because Justin never created a team for risk assessment until very late in the game. And when he did, it months and months to staff it.

We reiterate: Do not be sheep. There is zero medical evidence that we need to wear masks on planes. Z.E.R.O.

Blanche, did you know that there may be a Bell technician strike? That could be the best kept secret since the coke recipe.

The union for workers at the Bell subsidiary includes 1,830 workers in Quebec, who install and repair Bell’s services. Seems they reached a deal in May, but the union members, rejected it by a vote of 81 per cent in June.

This would not be a good thing if it happened and you better hope all your devices keep working for the next while.

Dr. Google is 25 years old. Blanche, what did we do before google? And what did we do before google maps? Or Waze?

We'll tell you. We read paper maps in the car while our beloved was trying to figure out, while driving 70 mph whether to take the east or west exit because we couldn't read the map fast enough. Top that off with not all roads were on said map and you had wonderful, shall we say very expressive car conversations.

Stop at a gas station to ask directions? Many people were allergic to that.

No google is not perfect. But because of google maps our car conversations are much calmer. Add to that gas stations have no attendants (except in New Jersey) so there's no one to ask there. So dearies, without google maps or Waze we would be driving forever.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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