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On many levels, this headline is not good. How can you trust the government on any edicts they presented in terms of covid? While it appears the vaccines helped people, it is also very apparent that no matter how many vaccines you got, eventually you will get covid.

'People' are telling us that the vaccines mitigate the symptoms. The same people that are supposedly keeping you 'safe' when you travel. The virus has mutated so many times that it is no longer what it was when everyone got their vaccines. Furthermore, we know many people who did not get any vaccines, got covid, recovered and moved on with their lives.

Wearing a mask while on a plane is another politically-induced Justin edict. How is it that this ridiculous edict is still in place only in Canada? We'll tell you how. Because people are following what the government says like sleeping sheep. Baa. Baa.

Until Canadians wake up and say enough, Justin and his self-righteous government will continue to impose less than useless edicts upon people.

We are traveling on a long flight in a few weeks. You can bet your bippy that we will not be wearing a mask for that flight. Believe it or not, as a thinking adult, we are able to keep ourselves 'safe'. We don't need a babysitter to do that.

Again we say - if you want to wear a mask, be our guest. If you are afraid to travel, go into crowds, shop or do anything around people - stay home. But don't impose your paralyzing fears on those who want to live.

ArriveCAN is another edict designed to keep you 'safe'. How exactly are you being kept safe by using this app? We'll tell you. You are not. It is yet another politically motivated edict to make you think the government is keeping you 'safe'.

Blanche, do you know what it says in your passport? Here ya go:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada requests, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely, without delay or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

Got that? If you hold a Canadian passport, you are allowed to enter the country freely. Not be subject to things like ArriveCAN.

Why do we need a double identification to enter our own country? Do you know how difficult this app is to fill out when you come here for a vacation and don't speak English or French? Peeps - time to wake up and use your voices.

At first we thought who cares that nobody went to see his popeness. Then we had some discussions about it and realized that in fact, it's not a good thing that all his venues were almost empty. Why?

Because that's what's wrong with the world, especially here in quebec. It is devoid of G-d, spirituality and purpose. emperor legault wants a 'secular' society. Well dude, that's exactly what you are getting. A place where G-d is no longer in people's lives and all that comes with it. Just take a look down south and you'll see what's coming our way.

In a G-dless society anything goes because everything is random. Here's the question to ask yourself. Why were you born? Why did G-d put you in this world?

Clearly not to shoot people in a school. Or in a supermarket. Or put out infantile edicts like not allowing people to be openly observant, no matter what their religion. Or try to keep a language alive when your motives are 100% political and once you leave office you won't give a rats what happens.

No. G-d put you here to make our collective world a place where we can all live in peace. And it was done with a blueprint for all of humanity. It's called the Torah and it is for everyone - Jew and non-Jew alike. A G-dless society is not only dangerous, it is devoid of morals. It causes confusion and chaos. It diminishes family values.

Let's pray we can vote this dictator out in October or, at the very least, lessen his grip on power.

Ever hear of Brittney Griner, the female basketball player who pleaded guilty in a Russian court to drug charges that could see her sentenced to 10 years in prison? She said she didn't know she wasn't allowed to bring cannabis oil into Russia. What an idiot.

Aside from her lack of brains, we could care less what happens to her, nor should the American government. Ms. Griner is one of those who hates the American National anthem. She's one of those who took a knee. She wanted the National Anthem removed from being played before each game.

Now she's crying for the American government to get her out of jail in Russia. How about this: Let her stay there for a year, contemplate on how good she had it in the US and when she comes home she should kiss the American ground, kiss the flag and publicly apologize for her disgusting behavior. Feh. Feh. Feh.

A couple of years ago, Canada gave $50 million over two years to Palestinian refugees through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). This organization has been riddled with scandals for years, clearly lost on Justin.

In the past few days, the palestinian authority, which for years has implemented a “pay-to-slay” program that rewards palestinian terrorists who murder Jews, has given a raise to four terrorists around the 20th anniversary of them murdering nine people and injuring 80 others.

Now read this: According to Palestinian Media Watch, these terrorists just got a raise of 14.29%, as their salaries have increased from $2,251 per month to $2,572. For murdering people.

Anyone - including our dense prime minister, who supports anything to do with the 'poor palestinians' needs to be educated. The money earmarked to help them never ever gets to the people. It is not in the interests of their leaders to upgrade their lifestyle.

It is in their interests to keep them dirt poor and then blame Israel.

It appears that emperor legault is quietly creating another covid crisis in this province.

Deceitfully, thinking no one would notice, his government put back in place the order that in hospitals and long term care facilities, rooms can be filled again to capacity. That means three and four people per room sharing one bathroom.

The emperor's lackeys said reopening four people rooms is 'exceptional' and a 'temporary' measure. If you believe that, we have swampland for you in Florida.

Here's the deal peeps: There are not enough nurses, doctors and auxiliary staff to care for patients in multiple rooms. The hospitals have closed entire wards ostensibly for the summer. However...anecdotally, we have heard of many doctors and nurses leaving or retiring, so this temporary measure will become permanent.

Wait for it - the instant the election is over in October and the emperor gets re-elected, another set of edicts will come down on the population due to an increase in covid cases which we will only hear about then. We will then pay the price for incompetent governments.

There is some hope in the United States. Oklahoma public school sports teams must now complete a “biological sex affidavit” to determine whether they are eligible.

What does that mean? Very simple according to their governor Kevin Stitt: “When it comes to sports and athletics, girls should compete against girls. Boys should compete against boys,

Now for the bad news. A save-the-whales-trees-ducks and turtles advocate said the following regarding the passing of this law:

“Do you understand what is happening? This has nothing to do with encouraging girls to be athletes. This is totalitarianism. It is the white nationalist agenda. The anti-LGBTQ agenda. It is all the same agenda.

Spare us. What used to be normal - where boys and girls knew who they were and were not asked to 'identify' their gender at five years old - is hopefully making a comeback. To think this is totalitarianism is insanity, as is the entire woke culture.

We'll talk...


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