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Justin Trudeau just screwed the entire economy. He is continuing to give people money to stay home until the end of October. So if you can’t get people to work for you, here’s an idea: Pay them cash. That will allow them to still collect Justin’s money (actually your money) while you will have workers. He has no skin in this game. All he cares about right now are votes. Selfish and self-serving.

Here’s a question: Why are we still being held under a state of emergency in both Quebec and Canada? Where exactly is the emergency? There are 60 people in the hospital with covid in Quebec. Another question: If we are still under a state of emergency, where is Papa Legault? Have you heard from him in the past month? Nisht. Not a word. Shtilket. Silence. You know why?

Because he’s on vacation, hoping for a fourth, fifth or sixth wave so he can justify keeping us under the emergency measures act. He likes power and that’s why he is still keeping his little finger on the emergency button. Here’s a headline:   The emergency is long over and he and Justin should both end this charade.

It appears that the United States is shooting itself in the foot and we will all eventually pay the price. We refer to the thousands and thousands of immigrants crossing into the US via southern borders. 90% of these people are not vaccinated for covid nor are they being tested. They are simply being put on buses and shipped off all over the country.

Forget the CDC, masks, vaccines, stay-at-home orders. If nothing is done to stop these people or at the very least, have them tested or at best vaccinate them, the US is going to be in a continuous loop of a high percentage of people getting covid or the various variants.

Biden and Harris are a lousy team. It appears he doesn’t understand what’s happening and she doesn’t care. Lethal combination.

Rich or poor, it’s good to have money. Barack Obama is turning 60 and having oh, about 475 of his closest and dearest friends, along with 200 servers and a special ‘covid’ coodinator.

If you are asking where he’s holding this mega-bash, it’s in his home $12 million 30-acre waterfront ‘summer’ home on Martha’s Vineyard. He’s smart enough to be holding it outside although we hope he has plan b as the weather looks very iffy.

Blanche, we know you were not worrying about how the Obama’s were doing after leaving the White House. If you see a picture of their summer home, everything will become very clear. Oh yes, Biden passed on the invitation. Seamus O’Regan Jr. is a liberal MP. He tweeted a conversation he had with Justin that put  people over the edge. Truth be told, if you want the definition of brown-nosing, this is it. The picture posted on Twitter is O’Regan Jr. gazing lovingly at Justin saying:

Whenever we have asked you to be there for us, you have been. Whenever we’ve asked you to step up, you have. Every time. Thank you Prime Minister.

If this is not begging for a cabinet post, we don’t know what is. Get the dude a box of tissues.

Last Friday’s National Post cover page featured a huge picture of Stephen Harper. By huge we mean it took up the entire top half of the front page. Why was Harper there? Because he was interviewed for a podcast by the American Optimist.

Harper is a leader. Everyone knows that. He doesn’t need to be on the front page of the National Post for people to acknowledge that. Perhaps, just perhaps, if the conservative party had a strong leader, the candidates coming forward to run in the upcoming election would be stronger. Alas, such is not the case. We have weak, limp candidates chosen by  by weak, limp ‘advisors’ who are surrounding the leader of the conservative party.

The International Olympic Committee is overhauling its rules for transgender competitors after the Tokyo Olympics, saying the current regulations are outdated.Really? Good morning. Laurel Hubbard who was a he who became a she and looks like a he truck driver is a weight lifter at the olypmics in the women’s division. If he’s is a she, I’m a chipmunk.

Clearly Andrew Cuomo lives in an altered world. No less than 11 women came forward saying he sexually harassed them and he continues to deny all the allegations.

He dismissed women’s complaints about him kissing them on the forehead and the cheek in public, saying he has been kissing people in public all his life as a gesture meant to convey “warmth.” If anyone kissed us without asking they would not be happy campers.

We would somewhat believe him were it not for the fact that he is also denying that he is responsible for hundreds of deaths in senior homes at the beginning of the pandemic. If you recall, he sent people sick with covid into those senior homes to ‘recover’. You know the result –  elderly people got infected and died.

Cuomo and his brother like to write their own narratives. Well dudes, the timer has run out.

Montreal is seems to becoming another gun toting city. Last night there was a gunfight in a regular neighborhood. At 7:00 pm, just after the dinner hour, people had to take cover in their homes as a car with guns pulled up and shot into a home, killing three people and injuring others.

Mayor Valerie Plante has woken out of her slumber or got off her bicycle and reacted to the shootings and increased gun violence. Nice of her, after all she is the mayor.

And one more thing. Who needs a gun in the city? To shoot raccoons? We can tell you from experience if you throw a chair at them, they run away.

We’ll talk…

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