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Disease Idiotitis: Causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep talking. Looks like PKP has i

And you think you had a bad week. Nothing beats PKP’s week. He has been battling the press about some of his offshore companies evading taxes. Seems people have forgotten he’s leader of the Parti Quebecois. Oh, we get it. He never acted like a leader. We are guessing fist pumps declaring you want a country for your children is not quite the criteria needed to be a leader.

Today it was announced he was divorcing Julie Snyder his wife of 8 months. Of course they have been together for upteen years, split once, married in August but now it appears to be over for good.

The icing on the cake is that a new poll came out and the PQ has dropped 5% under PKP’s watch. Here’s Blanche’s suggestion for the beleaguered leader. Move on. It’s over.

Lest you think the separation issue will disappear with PKP think again. Waiting in the wings to take over is Bernard Drainville. He’s way smarter than PKP, much more cunning, ruthless and insidious. Something to look forward to.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who is currently polling at one percent in Iowa, has a message for those who think she has zero chance of winning the election. “Polls don’t win elections”. Delusional anyone?

The establishment of the Republican party are quickly losing it. It’s not bad enough that Trump may win. What’s worse is that the other candidates are spending gzillions of dollars going after each other tooth and nail while Trump and Cruz cruise – pardon the pun – to Iowa.

A long-time Republican strategist bemoaned that fact that “These guys are so busy fighting one another  they’re only continuing to facilitate the rise of Trump and Cruz.” This same dude said that whoever doesn’t do well in both Iowa and New Hampshire should get the heck outta dodge. In other words, get outta da way and let the chips, or Trump, fall where they may. In the uh oh department, Apple just released its much-anticipated holiday quarter report. Revenue came in at $75.87 billion, below the $76.59 billion estimates. Sales were down in the iPad, iPhone and MAC departments. Steve Jobs, wherever he is up there, cannot be a happy camper.

Did you ever lose weight? You know, shut your mouth and stop eating? Well, Oprah Winfrey did just that and because she is a part owner of Weight Watchers, made a lot of money doing it.

Weight Watchers shares rose 20 percent after their spokeswoman Oprah Winfrey tweeted about losing weight using the program. “I lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day.” While we are not saying what she is has announced isn’t true, the picture that went with the article made her look like a fuchsia hot air balloon ready for early morning take-off. All she was missing was the basket on the bottom. Blanche, dats dizguzting.

The Donald’s wife has surfaced.Or should we say The Donald has brought his wife forward.

Melania Trump, the Russian born drop-dead gorgeous model, proved that she can actually say a few words, albeit with a heavy Russian accent. Although she is his third wife, they have been married eleven years and knew each other for six years before that. There is little doubt that she will be leaving him any time soon as her new address might well be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Blanche, you know that’s the White House, right? This pipeline business is going to bite Codere in his backside. He’s dead set against it as the pipeline has to run under the St. Lawrence River. In that regard he’s right. If there was ever an accident, you can kiss the St. Lawrence goodbye. Given that, there must be a solution other than a flat out no to Alberta.

In case you were not aware, Quebec, as a ‘have-not’ province, receives $9.5 billion in transfer payments from the rest of Canada, much of it from Alberta. Well, it used to be much. Nowadays Alberta is becoming one of the have-not provinces. Interesting to note that the mayor of Quebec City said ok to the pipeline which will run from Alberta to a port on the East coast that never freezes.

In late breaking news, the Donald has announced he will not take part in the Fox News Thursday night Republican debate. It seems he stared down the people at Fox News, did not like that fact that Megan Kelly was the moderator again, claiming she despises him.

For his part, Trump is holding an event in Iowa and claims that Fox News will lose millions of viewers because he has pulled out. Dis will be interesting to watch, eh Blanche?

There is a chance that Blanche will not be able to do a report on Thursday as we will be in New York at a convention. We may have to wait until next Tuesday to talk… Stay tuned.

We’ll talk…

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