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Of all the things we don’t understand about Donald Trump, it is this: How is it that he cannot see that he is a cornered rat? He is vilified by everyone save a few loser hangers-on and his ‘base’ who are totally ignorant regarding the freedom they have in the country where they live. They are following someone who is no longer, if he was ever, able to discern the difference between evil and good. 

Donald Trump incited and egged on a frenzied mob to destroy a federal building because he didn’t like the results of the election.  That happens in banana republics. Not in the United States of America.  Those people went into that building looking to hang the Vice President of the United States. Trump is responsible for that. He never even called Pence to see if he was alright.

Five people lost their lives due to Trump’s delirious and frantic obsession to be the winner. The fact that the mob was aided and abetted by the police is not only beyond the pale, it is illegal and has no place in our society. As such, neither does Donald Trump. With any luck, he will be impeached again to make sure that he can never run for any office. His bankers have dropped him. His voice is mercifully silenced. He will not be welcome in any neighborhood save his ‘base’ who, for the most part, look like they live in trailer parks.

Whatever good Donald Trump did for the world has been erased forever. He is a pathetic, pitiful narcissist who needs to disappear quickly and never be seen again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s seven minute rant comparing what happened on Capitol Hill to Kristallnact was dead wrong and should not be shared.

Kristallnact was government-sponsored terrorism and a major step that tightened Nazi control and a major step that led to the murder of 6 million Jews. In contrast, the criminals who rampaged through the Capitol last week are being arrested and prosecuted by federal authorities.

Analogies to Kristallnacht reflect a very serious misunderstanding of the vast scope of Nazi Germany’s crimes, and the crimes of its collaborators. They also denigrate the memory of 6 million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.

Could someone please tell Justin Trudeau to shutup? Nobody wants to hear from him unless he’s going to tell us that we will be vaccinated before September. And he can’t do that so shutup. Asked point blank what they paid for the vaccines, his handlers refuse to answer. What’s the secret? Israel paid $30 per vaccine. The US paid $19. What did we pay? $2? $5? Did we bargain for the vaccines, pay less and that’s why are we not getting vaccinated? The longer the silence, the more suspect they are.

Anyone and we mean anyone who votes for him in the next election needs to have their heads examined. He is by far the absolute worst prime minister we have ever had. He has surrounded himself with idiots, incompetents like himself who cannot find their way out of a bathroom.

His procurement people don’t know the meaning of the word. They can’t find a way to get the vaccines from the boxes where they are stored to the people who need them. It is high time to give this over to people who think out of the box, taking it away from bureaucrats who can only think in their little boxes.

CBC radio, never a lover of Israel or Jews, of late has been spreading lies about Israel denying Palestinians the covid vaccine.

Let’s start with the facts. Under the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian Authority is responsible for its own health services. This is part of its long-held intention to function as an independent state. Israel is not responsible for their health-care.

In December, PA officials insisted that they were going to procure the vaccines themselves, in cooperation with the World Health Organisation. Initially, Ramallah set its sights on Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. Then it revised its plans, instead joining the United Nations’ COVAX programme. Both of those organizations – WHO and the UN are corrupt from top to bottom. Clearly, the PA authority figured that one out.

Israel, meanwhile, had been moving quickly. It aggressively pursued deals with Moderna and Pfizer, reportedly paying over the odds to ensure that it would receive early doses of the drugs. Logistics planners made key innovations to ensure the rapid rollout of the programme. When the first batches arrived on pallets in Tel Aviv on 9 December, they were repackaged into pizza-box sized containers holding 100 doses each. This allowed them to be distributed with greater speed and agility to more than 400 clinics across the country. Can someone send this to Justin??

Speaking off-the-record a senior PA official said earlier this week that given the sluggish progress, he would not rule out asking the Jewish state for help. When asked whether he had done so already, he paused before muttering: ‘yes and no’.

The CBC should do its homework before shooting off their mouths with serious untruths.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has decided, after closing down New York for 10 months that it must reopen businesses immediately. To quote him: We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.

To say that people in New York are apoplectic would be then understatement of the year. This is brought to you by the same governor who, at the height of the pandemic in April,  threw elderly covid patients back into senior homes to infect everyone. Then he pretended he never did it.

Of all the comments we read, this one said it best: “Too late. You already smashed every small business in NY. You alone. If this wasn’t so sad, it would be such a hilarious statement.”

We’ll talk…

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