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Blanche, did you know that aliens have invaded earth via balloons? Did you also know that because said aliens or balloons or spheres or whatever were splattered all over Lake Huron, the Yukon and the oceans, it's going to be pretty hard to find out who sent them up there. How convenient.

So how serious is this? Here ya go, Justin at his finest: “The importance of defending our territorial integrity, our sovereignty, has rarely been as important as it is now." Between him and our minister of defense Anita Anand we will be well protected. Fear not. Two buffoons with good hair.

We can tell you one thing with relative certainty: Both Biden and Justin have backed themselves into a corner. To come out now and say those balloons were, oh say, a company doing a geographical survey would make them look like idiots.

So you can bet that for the next week or so, we won't know anything about what they shot down. "It's too early." "We can't find all the pieces because it's too cold to look for them." "They were shot out of the sky and we can't find the pieces."

The US just set up a 'task force' to create a team expected to study airborne objects and the potential security and safety risks they pose. You can be sure that useless team is costing gzillions of dollars.

Given all of the above, you can be sure that every nutcase who believes in aliens is now out in full force. How do we know this? Because the US had to issue this statement: “There is no, again, no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns." We rest our case.

UPDATE: US officials are now saying that because these objects were shot down over very remote areas or the ocean, nothing may ever be found. There ya go. Protecting their behinds.

We tend to stay away from Israeli politics as we feel what right do we have to comment from relatively safe Canada on anything in Israel when Israelis live on the front line everyday? And yet, there are times when voices must be heard. This is one of those times.

There is no doubt that what happened in Laval last week when a mentally ill man rammed a city bus into a daycare was insanity. Two small children were killed and many others seriously injured. Why not just take your own life? Unless he was after someone in that building but so far we know nothing.

Montreal and far beyond are clearly reeling from this senseless attack, as it should be. For days we kept hearing from the czar legault to Justin to many psychologists that if anyone who was there needs help they should get it. Flags all over the country flew at half-mast. Horrific.

What we cannot understand is this: Are the lives of Jewish children any less important than the lives of children living in quebec? We are referring to the intentional car-ramming in Jerusalem this past Friday. In case you didn't hear about it we will enlighten you.

6-year-old Yaakov Yisrael and 8-year-old Asher Menachem Paley - brothers- were killed and their father who was with them badly injured when an arab from East Jerusalem sat in his car waiting until the bus stop was very full of people and then gunned his car into them at full speed. A young man of 20 who had been married for five months and was en route to spend Shabbos at his parents, was killed in front of his wife.

The kicker? arabs in Gaza were rejoicing and giving out sweets and candies rejoicing that Jewish children had been murdered. And the murderer? He's a hero. Barbaric.

Does the world not see anything wrong with this? Are the lives of Jewish children murdered in much the same way as the two children in Quebec less important?

Here's a headline for the rest of the world: Until severe punishments are meted for arabs and their families who laud and make heroes of their brethren who murder Jews - anywhere - the rest of the world best sit up and take notice.

A note to the rest of the world: It appears that the murder of those two Jewish brothers is just another day in Israel. No. It is not just another day.

It is indicative of a sick, deranged, brainwashed society, led by vicious, dictators who have no regard for Jewish lives and even less than zero regard for the lives of their own people, especially women.

It's high time the rest of the world stopped being obsessed with the bs woke culture, the fake climate change crap and politicians who claim they are taking care of you while spending your money as though it's coming out of a faucet. Wake up.

Very connected to the above piece is the following: Israel's world-renowned search and rescue team sent to Turkey and Syria had the second largest number of people. And they did indeed save many lives. But Saturday night they abruptly had to leave. Immediately. As did other rescuers from various countries.

It appears there were threats against different international delegations to kidnap people - that would be those saving lives in very shoddily constructed collapsed buildings.

Not just is the Israeli team is wrapping up, but a lot of other rescue teams have started to leave because of this as well. On Saturday, Austrian military and German civilian rescue workers suspended their search operations in Turkey due to a worsening security situation.

This is exactly what we are speaking about. Turks and Syrians don't care that their people are buried under rubble and Israeli's and other countries teams can save them. The governments of both countries are clearly impotent against what appears to be tribal warfare.

The time is quickly approaching to kiss Disney as a vacation spot goodbye. We have not seen a company self-implode like this one in a very long time.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus will partner with Disney Concerts to present two performances at San Francisco’s “Disney PRIDE in Concert” in March. A so-called “family-friendly” performance will feature both classic Disney songs and chorus members narrating “personal stories of love, LGBTQ+ pride, and family ties.

And if that's not enough for you... Disney movies now have prominent LGBTQ characters - with promises of more to come. Disney is also pulling classics from the children’s section of its streaming service for not being in line with its social justice goals, and promised to promote stories focused on creating “a more inclusive future together.”

Our suggestion is that you park your vacation money as far from Disney as possible.

The Montreal Gazette is another company imploding. There's now a petition being circulated to keep this paper, Montreal's only English paper - alive. Can we talk?

That paper needs a 100% overhaul. From top to bottom starting with getting rid of Aaron Derfel if he's still hanging around like a bad smell. He is indicative of editors too lazy to find real stories. Much easier to try to keep covid alive.

We will remind. you that Derfel bet the house on keeping covid alive and has continued to do so - thanks to the Gazette - until this second. Here's a headline: covid is over. There is other news. Nobody wants to know how many 'covid cases' are in the hospital.

Derfel and the Gazette have nothing else to write about. 2/3 of the paper is the National Post and 1/3 are ads. That leaves oh, about 3 pages for news one of which contains covid information. Unsustainable.

They need to clean house and start over.

We'll talk...

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