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Even in the Dog Days of Summer, the News is Interesting Thanks to Trump.

No doubt never-Trumpers are gloating today. We told you so. He’s an idiot. He’s an ego-maniac. He’s a buffoon. Blanche, you think we covered all the bases?

Here is our issue after reading a few non-judgmental articles (very hard to find): In front of all other leaders Trump dominates the situation, or appears to with his body language. In front of Putin he was a marshmallow. He slipped.

One of the reasons people voted for Trump was because he said he would make America great again – economically and politically. He would fill the void that Obama’s total lack of backbone created.

We will remind everyone that America finds itself in a place of political weakness for two reasons: The first because it was Obama who dropped the ball when Syria attacked its own people with chemical warfare. Obama had said to Syria if you cross that red line we will do something and then…Obama did nothing. That opened up a void in the world of political control and Russia began to fill that void.

The second because insiders have steadfastly refused to go after anyone in the Democratic Party for what happened before the election. Did Russia tamper with the Democratic party’s servers? Unless those servers surface, no one will ever know. And because of that Wasserman-Schultz will walk away scott-free after blatantly getting rid of Bernie Sanders and the missing 30,000 Hillary emails, some of which were classified will never be found. Trump is right here, like it or not. The Mueller investigation is one-sided and always has been, making America look weak again.

Another piece of the puzzle that did not emerge yesterday was America’s commitment to Israel’s security as absolute, giving Putin the choice of partnering with America in restraining Iran or being drawn into an Israeli-American war against an Iran with whose forces Russia’s are interwoven. Putin, for his part, seemed to concur with Trump’s priority.

Make no mistake, Trump is not going to crawl under the covers and hide. He will come out as he usually does, deflecting all the ‘treason summit’ rhetoric and go on with business as usual – like it or not.

Our come-to-us-with-open-arms Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has some explaining of his own to do. It seems the government is unable or unwilling to say what happened to the 50,000 Syrian refugees Trudeau so warmly welcomed to Canada.

The Liberals had a plan to monitor whether the mostly Arabic-speaking refugees were learning English or French, working, receiving social assistance and going to school, but the government has failed to follow through. So Mr. Prime Minister, where are those 50,000 people?

Remember that young Democratic woman who got elected in New York beating out the incumbent Crowley? She beat the guy who has held the seat since 1999, had risen to become the fourth-highest leadership position in the House, and was considered a potential successor to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

So let’s say she should stay hidden away somewhere until the November elections. Other than being a socialist and wanting free everything for everyone, there’s not much else there. Oh wait. There is.

In an interview, Cortez was asked about her position on Israel. She responded in non-controversial fashion, calling for a two-state solution and Israel’s absolute right to exist.

When pressed to elaborate, Cortez said: “I also think that what people are starting to see, at least, in the occupation of Palestine is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian condition.”

The astute interviewer caught the word occupation and asked Cortez to elaborate: “Oh I think — what I meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes.” Is like?

She has no idea what she is talking about, laughed off what she said and pleaded ignorance saying she is not an expert on geopolitics. Welcome to the new face of the Democratic Party.

Jeff Bezos may be the richest person on the planet with a net worth of $150 billion, but the little dog on Amazon’s webpage saying ‘uh oh, something went wrong on our end’ did not make millions of his shoppers very happy.

Yesterday was Black Friday in July on Amazon and its website crashed as soon as the day began. Even Alexa was struggling.

To give you an idea of what kind of money is involved…Last year, Amazon’s Prime Day generated an estimated $1 billion in sales from the 30-hour event, which roughly equates to around $34 million every hour. Other estimates put Amazon’s Prime Day haul closer to $2.8 billion, which would mean almost triple that revenue amount per hour.

We have found it almost impossible to determine what the problem is. Some say sabotage, others say that the servers could not handle the traffic, which we find very hard to believe. We went on the site and had no trouble getting to the pay part of our purchase. One thing is for sure Blanche, we don’t have to worry about Bezos losing money. He’ll be just fine.

Couillard, Quebec’s Premier just doesn’t get it. Interviewed recently, he suggested that the province is facing two major economic challenges going forward — a chronic labor shortage, which contrasts with job shortages in the past, and changes to the trade relationship with the United States under president Donald Trump. He’s blaming Trump for his issues? Nice try.

Here’s a headline for Couillard: the biggest problem he has is Barrette, his arrogant health minister. If he dumped him, he might, and we emphasize, just might, have a chance to win in October. If he continues to allow Barrette to talk in a tone that is both demeaning and arrogant, he’s toast. Even if Barrette said that every emergency room would have no wait times, with the way he talks, his demeanour and holier-than-thous attitude, no one would believe him. Why is Couillard so blind? What hold does Barrette have on him?

Time is running out for the Liberals. Right now, one is paying attention to the election. But when September rolls around and things start heating up, if he doesn’t either lock Barrette up or shut him up, he will be gone from his office October 2.

We’ll talk…

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