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Everybody Take a Chill Pill

Everybody should take a chill pill regarding Stephen Harper’s upcoming trip to Washington. For starters, Harper is now a private citizen. He is allowed to go to Washington if he so choses. The fact that he’s going to meet with American National Security Adviser John Bolton, who was the U.S. ambassador to the UN when he was prime minister can only be a good thing. Bolton has Trump’s ear and right now, we can use all the help we can get. Relying on Trudeau and his cohorts has gotten us all into a huge pile of you-know-what.

If Harper can ease the tensions between the two countries, good for him. The biggest issue between Trudeau and Trump is that they cannot communicate with each other. Trump is a difficult person, no doubt about that. Instead of assessing the situation, Trudeau rankled him from the get-go with purposeless requests during the NAFTA talks. So if Harper can undo some of the damage done by Trudeau, good luck to him.

And once we’re on the subject, what’s with the Canadian media asking if we are going to boycott taking vacations in the US. Seriously? The lineups at the border last weekend were longer than ever.

As long as we can buy cheese for $1.99 instead of $8.99 for the exact same cheese, you can bet your bippy we’re going south. Waste of conversation and totally out of touch with reality.

If the democrats thought they were in serious trouble before the NY primary, they are now drowning in it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old former Bernie Sanders organizer who defeated Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) in a stunning primary upset Tuesday, made her Queens-Bronx district’s diversity — and the hot-button issue of immigration her talking points. Cortez is an avowed socialist, constantly espousing the same word zaidy Bernie did – free. Free tuition. Free rent. Free medical care. Here’s a headline for Madame Cortez: communism failed miserably in mother Russia.

Who exactly is paying for all of this? Did she bring forth even one idea of where the money will come from? Of course not.

The issue for the democrat party is that Bernie et al already started to dividing the democratic party. With Cortez winning – and her mother announcing she wants to eventually run for president, the party will split apart into two distinct groups, which will ensure without a shadow of a doubt, Trump’s second term.

We apologize for bringing Trudeau’s name to fore in this edition of Blanche, but many of his idiotic ideas are now coming back to haunt him. Case in point the refugees he welcomed here with open arms. Come to Canada – we’ll take you in. Oh really?

Sure, he let them cross the border but then he dropped the ball. Toronto is completely ticked off with Trudeau as they now have a massive influx of refugee claimants who are overwhelming the city’s ability to house them. Is Ottawa helping them? No.

One option, the ingenious idea of an journalist, would be to bus new arrivals to Trudeau’s doorstep. That might succeed in turning the ‘problem’ into a ‘crisis’. Trudeau doesn’t get that if you say something as Prime Minister, they you better have a plan that takes you from the saying part to the very end. So far, he hasn’t found one plan that does that.

Prince William is definitely his mother’s son. Of course he may have few vestiges of his father’s stiff personality, but on a recent tour of Israel, the prince wowed the crowds. He’s just real.

After touring Yad Vashem, the Prince sat with two elderly men who had been whisked out of Germany at the 11th hour on a “Kindertransport”: trains that removed young children from imminent disaster and into the arms of strangers in the United Kingdom. One man explained to the Prince that he was five years old at the time. The pain reflected in William’s face, body language and questions, the father of three very young children, could not be feigned.

And then, there were all the little gestures. Like his mother, Prince William gets up close and personal. Unscripted, he sat on a simple bench, in order to engage, eye to eye, with these survivors. Kudos to him.

Here’s something very scary if you are part of Homeland Security. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Claire Grady, issued a dire warning to officials Wednesday, cautioning them to remove their badges in public and lock doors and windows in their homes after the personal information of thousands of DHS employees appeared online.

The security breach came over the weekend; anti-immigration activists scoured LinkedIn and other social media sites and created a “data list” of Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees and DHS officials connected to the country’s immigration system. Blanche, we would not be happy if we worked for Homeland security.

There was a front page article in today’s paper regarding Trudeau and his refusal to address an old groping allegation. Instead, he is leaving this to his media people. We are waiting this out for a few more days to give him a chance to say something on the subject, which, for his sake, he better do. If not, he may incur the wrath of the #metoo movement, with Trump at the helm.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Beginning this Saturday, if you’re caught with a portable electronic – not just a cellphone but a tablet or music/mp3 player – in your hands, you now face a fine ranging from $300 to $600 (up from $100).

If you’re a repeat offender you’ll be subject to an immediate license suspension of three, seven or 30 days depending on how many times you’ve been caught in a two-year period. The number of demerit points will increase from 4 to 5.

Here’s a suggestion: Put your phone, the main culprit, in the back seat of your car. Impossible to touch it there, eh Blanche? Unless of course you are an acrobat in which case we suggest you stop at a park and play on the monkey bars. A lot cheaper than checking your phone.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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