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Everyone Take a Chill Pill

Justin Trudeau is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when everyone thought the SNC-Lavalin scandal was slowly petering out, along comes Justin to add yet another log to the fire. Truly the man, nor his handlers are not the brightest light bulbs in the ceiling. Ooh Blanche, that’s a good one.

At the end of March, Trudeau’s lawyers sent a letter to Andrew Scheer that Trudeau isthreatening to sue him over his assertion that the prime minister politically interfered with the criminal prosecution of Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavlin.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if that suit ever went to court, all the tidbits of the SNC-Lavalin affair would have to be brought out into the open.

Does no one around Justin know this? Rhetorical question. The communication ‘experts’ who surround our Prime Minister need experts around them, perhaps some who know what they are doing.

Today is the Israeli election. As the polls only close at 10:00 pm, results will not be known before tomorrow. Unless there is a spectacular upset, we will wait until Thursday to comment.

People need to take a chill pill. Hampstead’s Mayor Bill Steinberg went a tad too far by calling Bill 21 ethnic cleansing. Nobody’s getting slaughtered here.Lionel Perez went too far by saying he was scandalised by Steinberg’s words. One of the councillors said Steinberg should resign. Just to keep everyone in the loop, said councillor regularly votes against Steinberg. In other words, he’s not a fan.

Here’s Blanche’s advice: get a grip boys. Nobody likes Bill 21, no matter what the polls say. And frankly, we are suspect about how those polls were conducted and how the questions were worded.

For example, if you ask someone would they want to be served by a woman wearing a burka, complete with a picture, of course the answer would be no. Hijabs allow the face to be shown. Turbans don’t cover the face at all. Kippas sit on people’s heads. What’s the issue here?

One thing it is not. Ethnic cleansing. Here’s a tip for Mayor Steinberg. Take a deep breath. In and out, in and out. Then hold a press conference and say you are appalled by Bill 21. Saying it is ethnic cleansing is a stretch.

Remember when our Prime Minister welcomed all immigrants turned away by Trump to Canada with his happy ways and wide open arms? Well, seems he changed his mind.

The Roxham Road illegal crossing is where those who couldn’t get into the US were allowed to cross. Seems that the Liberal party tabled a bill in Parliament and buried in said bill was a small clause saying that if an immigrant has been refused entry to the US, he or she cannot enter Canada. Looks like our happy ways Prime Minister has becoming a tad grumpy.

Bill De Blasio declared a public health emergency on those who do not vaccinate their children with the MMR vaccine. That would be measles, mumps and rubella.Unvaccinated people in several ZIP codes will be required to get vaccinated.

How’s he going to do this? By checking vaccination records. In this day and age, people who do not vaccinate their children are nothing short of ignoramuses.

The Liberal government is kissing you-know-what by giving Loblaws $12 million toward a ‘green’ initiative. The only green thing about this initiative are the dollar bills, which are no longer green here. The money is meant to help Loblaw Companies Ltd. convert its refrigeration systems in approximately 370 stores across Canada so they are more energy efficient,

Can we talk? Loblaws is one of the wealthiest companies in Canada and the largest Canadian retailer. They need $12million? Blanche, that’s pocket change for them. Perhaps Justin is trying to buy some votes in the next election. Wait. Justin is buying votes with your money.

Just when you thought it was safe to go out, another Clinton popped up. Chelsea has accused Trump of cruelty to wildlife and weakening the endangered species act.

Can we talk? This is all Chelsea Clinton has to do with her life and this is all she has to worry about? Turtles? One thing we can say for sure. She doesn’t photograph well, to put it mildly. Guess she takes after her mother.

Jane Philpott, ex Chairman of the Treasury Board, is not taking being kicked out of the Liberal caucus quietly. Yet another way of keeping the SNC-Lavalin story in the media.

She is saying that Trudeau could not throw her and JWR out of caucus without a vote from caucus. Seems the PM did not respect the parliamentary act.

One thing is for sure. Trudeau picked the wrong two women to start up with. They are much smarter, quicker and have surrounded themselves with much better people.

Looks like Pocahantas, aka Elizabeth Warren is done with her presidential run. Seems she polled a distant third to Bernie and and Joe Biden who isn’t even running yet – in her own state of Massachusetts. Too bad. We really would have liked to watch a Warren and Trump debate.

Does anyone know if Justin Trudeau has a breathing problem? Why can’t he speak without always sounding breathless? Maybe he needs to see a respirologist?

We’ll talk…

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